Birthday Surprise

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My brother came in my mouth as I sucked on his fat, uncircumcised cock. I stroked my clit in a frantic circular rubbing as his cum assaulted my taste buds with its salty goodness. I squealed on his thick dong as my pussy contracted, some hot cream streaming over my clit and fingers in the process. I normally didn’t cum this hard masturbating, but this hot and wild sex with my little bro as of late had really been turning me on. It was forbidden, illegal everywhere, in fact, and that’s what made it explosive.

I popped my mouth off the tip of his bulbous cock, some semen dripping from my sultry lips. I was twenty-three now, just turned twenty-three last Friday, and my little bro was twenty-one, and right now…he was the only man for me.

Both of us were attractive. I had thick, straight black hair in a pixie cut, an hourglass body, a cute and innocent (HA!) face, big D-sized breasts with chocolate brown nipples in the middle of their pale centers, and a heart-shaped butt that was to die for. If I could clone myself, I’d fuck myself in a heartbeat, and I was not the bi-curious type. Jason, however, was the perfect athlete in build. He was tall with well-toned muscles, tanned skin, wavy black hair, and a dreamy face with smoldering brown eyes. I had always thought he was a looker, and sometimes I’d masturbate to the thought of fucking him, but I never thought that any of those fantasies would come true. Now we were an item, a secret and taboo item, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

His chest is a board of well-fit muscle. Every time I stroke his chest, pinch his small brown nipples, I feel my stomach twitch. His arms, his legs, his skin…they’re all like magic made into reality, like some master wizard had crafted him out of perfect clay and breathed life into him. His face is square but cute, with those bright and intelligent brown eyes and lines of black brows above them, his broad lips always so cheerful and fun when he smiles. His ears are specimens in themselves, unblemished and perfectly symmetrical. I even love licking his little brown butthole, and I revel in it when I stroke him off and feel his anus tighten around the middle finger of my left hand when the tip of his thick cock starts squirting hot cum.

One of the most surprising and most incredible things about my little bro is his cock. It’s a thick beast, as wide around as a golf ball when swollen with erectile blood, and it’s a little over eight inches long. Plus, Jason had been shaving his crotch for two years now, so when I looked at his huge bald cock that first time…I nearly came right then. In comparison, I had never shaved my pussy; it was a big hairy thing that I considered kind of ugly, but Jason loved Isparta Escort to eat it out, and he loved to fuck it even more.

The first time he slid into me was last Friday. We were both drunk after my party with my friends down at the East Wing Pub on Lake Street, but we were driven home by my sober best friend, Karey. You see, Jason and I lived together in an apartment we both shared rent on while attending the local State University. Most people considered it bad for a brother and sister to live together while attending college, but we’d already lived together with our parents for all of the time we’d been alive, so living together now to save money just made sense.

We’d stumbled into our apartment that night laughing and joking around. He went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed, but I followed him in because…I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was drunk, and I had a fetish for him, so I followed him in against my own common sense. He asked me what I was doing, so I made up the excuse that he hadn’t given me his present yet. He really hadn’t given me a present yet, and I knew he was going to get me one as soon as he could, but I gave him that excuse anyway.

Jason told me he’d get me one that weekend. I told him I wanted my present now. My heart was pounding in my chest, my breathing was fast even though I was drunk, and I had an erection, wet between my legs. He repeated himself about getting me a present over the weekend, but I ignored him. I got onto the bed with him and draped my body over his. He gave me the strangest look as I straddled his muscular right leg and locked my legs around it. I kissed him square on the lips, moved my tongue into his mouth, but he didn’t try to push me off. His breathing quickened as I rubbed myself against his leg, and my clit was as hard as a rock, vibrating underneath the rose-leaf hood that protected it.

I stopped kissing him, and he looked up at me as if seeing me for the first time.

“What are you doing, Trish?” he asked.

I moaned a little as I rubbed against him like a dog would hump its master’s leg. I opened my lips to let out a slight gasp of pleasure as I closed my eyes and raised my head for a moment, then I lowered my head and stared directly into his dark eyes.

“I’m opening my present,” I said.

I slid down his body until my head was between his legs. I undid his black leather belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and pulled hard on his pants, but he didn’t move or protest. He just stared at me with wide eyes, some confusion on his surprised face. I pulled down his boxers, but I could already see the bulge of his thick cock before his underwear came off. Isparta Escort Bayan

Now it was my turn to have eyes as wide as saucers. His big, thick, beautiful bald cock was right in my face, fully erect, twitching as if it needed some desperate attention, and quickly. I took the thick bulb of his glans into my mouth as I pulled up on his dong like it was a lever. I licked down into the folds of his foreskin, and Jason simply moaned and closed his eyes. I slurped along his cock for a couple of minutes, tasting his delicious precum. I was throbbing between my legs, soaked in my white cotton panties, my pussy puffy and swollen and yearning to swallow this huge monster in my right hand.

I sat up and pulled off my shirt, undid my bra, and tossed the undergarment to the side. Jason goggled at my large breasts, both of my dark nipples firmly erect from both excitement and the chill in the air. I cupped my left breast into my left hand and craned my neck downwards to lick the tip of my left nipple. Jason gave a little choke of inhaled breath as I released my breath and undid the button on my jeans. I unzipped my pants and then got off the bed. I pulled off my shoes and socks, pulled off my pants and panties, and stood there in dripping wet silence before him, fully nude, my breathing like a frightened rabbit’s in expectation. I had a little of my cream running down the inside of my left leg, and that was new, because I had never been so excited to have that happen before.

I quickly yanked off his socks and sneakers and then pulled off his pants and boxers. Jason did nothing during all of this. I think he was too shocked and confused to do anything…that and the fact that he was drunk helped him from coming to his senses.

I moved forward on the bed and kissed him on the lips, moved my tongue around in his mouth again, and then pulled up on his shirt. He moved his arms up in acquiescence, signaling that he was handing over the entirety of his body to me. This excited me to the point where my body was on fire. I tossed his shirt to the floor and stared down at him with an open mouth heavy with my lustful breathing.

“It’s my birthday,” I breathed in a husky tone. “I’ve unwrapped my present, little bro. It’s just what every girl needs. Now I’m going to use it. I’m going to use it a lot.”

I straddled his naked body with my own and moaned as I slid his thick penis into my wet hole. It hurt as it stretched me open, but sliding down the length of it hurt even more as the thick bulb of his cock’s head rammed up against my cervix. I deliberately ignored the pain and concentrated on the pure pleasure of his giant dong.

“You fill me up, Escort Isparta little bro,” I gasped. “You spread me wide and bulge my belly. What a birthday gift you’ve given me. I think I’ll use my new gift and get some late-night exercise.”

I bent over and rested my fingers on his bare, tanned chest. Jason was sweating now, and the look on his face was…odd. He looked stunned and confused, true, but he also looked excited and…happy.

“You’re the best little brother in the whole wide world,” I moaned.

I moved my wide bottom up as my pussy slid upwards along his throbbing wet cock. A thick white cream was already coating him, my contribution to our little birthday celebration. I slammed down onto his cock, onto his big hairless balls, and I cried out, we both did, because this action was the signal for the fun to begin.

I pounded up and down in rapid strikes, my big butt moving in a whip-like motion. His engorged penis stroked me up and down, up and down; it was like no sex I had ever had before, and I was feeling myself climax within a matter of minutes.

“Oh my God!” I cried out in pure ecstasy and surprise.

My pussy squeezed his cock over and over again as multiple orgasms rocked me. I had never, ever had sex like this before. Hot cream squelched out of me onto his big hairless balls, and he immediately reached up with both hands and grabbed me around the waist. He hadn’t moved before this, before my explosion of orgasms, but now he clutched me and thrust upwards with all his might. He closed his eyes, grit his teeth, and groaned.

I looked up toward the ceiling, my mouth as wide open as it could go. I had the widest grin on my face at that moment, because my little brother’s cum shot up into me, his hot semen coating my insides like the gooey filling in a freshly baked cream doughnut. It felt so warm, so good, and so special, that I laughed. I laughed and then shone my wide grin down at him.

“I love you, Jason,” I said out of the blue, and I meant it.

“I love you, too, big sis,” grinned Jason in return. “Happy birthday. If I’d known this was what you wanted…I would have given you this present years ago.”

I laughed and collapsed down onto his bare chest. His thick penis was still inside me, but that’s what I wanted. I wanted his most private part in my most private place…I wanted that more than anything.

“The best thing about this gift,” I said in a hushed voice, “is that you owe me for all those years you missed. You’ll have to pay all those years back with more presents.”

“That’s going to be hard,” grinned Jason.

“I’m counting on it,” I grinned in return.

We laid there and held each other until we both fell asleep.

It’s been one week since then, and our normal daily routine has changed. Now when we come home from school, we come to his bedroom, and then we cum in bed. We share one bed, share one body, and share one mind now. This is why I have the best little brother in the whole wide world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32