Birthday Girl Gets Lucky! Twice!

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I had spent the previous year anxiously waiting for this day to come. I was turning 21, and I was as excited as a young girl getting her first Ken and Barbie set, but maybe a little more excited than that. I was the second of my sisters and brothers to turn 21 and my parents were thrilled for me, but I could tell they had a bit of sadness in planning my party.

My older sister, Kelly, turned 21 a few years ago and since then has gotten married and had a set of twin boys. My brother was still just 19, and I was sensing a bit of jealousy on his behalf. He knew how excited this day meant to me but he seemed disinterested in coming to my family birthday party.

I wanted a small, but elegant birthday bash here at home then follow it up with an ever more so, down and dirty, night out on the town with the friends. It wasn’t the thought of being able to legally buy a drink that built up my spirit, but just the simple idea of not feeling like a kid anymore since the majority of my friends were of age already.

I was the popular girl in high school. I was on the Varsity cheerleading squad from sophomore year through my junior year only to be kicked off due to my grades, or lack thereof, during my senior year. I have been dating one of the star basketball players off and on going on 7 years, so yes, other girls wanted to be me. I have a dark naturally tanned complexion with straight dark hair a little past my shoulders and a fresh sexy smile now that my second round of braces has come to an end and were yanked a month ago.

I stood there in my bathroom, leaning over towards the mirror putting the finishing touches on my face when my brother comes walking into my room yelling my name.

“Lindsay” he was shouting with his typical arrogant tone. “Lindsay, hurry up so we can go eat dinner” he continued to voice to the direction of my opened bathroom door.

Shaking my head in a disgusted manner I calmly replied to him saying “I am almost done dude, just be patient.”

Rolling my eyes back and forth at my brother wasn’t anything new. Ever since he started acting like he was better than me, our conversations didn’t last but one or two lines back and forth at each other. I have always loved my brother to death, but dude has been pissing me off a lot lately and I was starting to wonder if something was severely wrong. But, tonight was all about me! He can wait, I thought to myself as I shut my powder case finishing up with the final touches.

I turned the lights off, grabbing my purse that was hanging on the back of my hair and shut my bedroom door and started to head down the stairs to greet my family who seemed to be waiting impatiently.

As soon as I came through the Kitchen walkway, cheers rang out and smiles were on everyone’s faces as they were shouting with joy about me being 21 now, and that we were finally going to eat.

I chose “Olive Garden” for us to dine at. I was a sucker for Italian, and even though I liked to watch what I ate regularly, tonight none of that mattered. I wanted a good, family dinner and hoped all 5 of us would enjoy it.

I was the first one out of the door, followed by my brother who actually gave me a bit of a compliment catching me off guard a little. “You do look really good tonight, and I hope your birthday is good for you” he said to me as we walked to my dad’s Escalade.

“Aww thanks” I looked back at him and said with a smile.

As much as he had been mean to me as of late, there have been occasional friendly conversations mixed in as well, but very rarely. But it was nice that tonight he was showing me some respect due to my birthday.

All through dinner, we all laughed, and talked about all the fun memories we all have had together and the night was going exactly as I envisioned it would. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I started to hear clapping and singing voices coming to my direction. I began to snarl at my brother because I know he was the one who did it. He was sitting next to me so I reached under the table and grabbed his leg and dug in with my nails as the wait staff was finishing with the total embarrassing birthday song, but the cake they set down in front of me looked freaking delicious and I had no intention to share with anyone!

As I was eating the cake, my brother decided he wanted to get me back for my digging my nails into him and he started to poke my side knowing how ticklish I am. We went back and forth as I ate my cake but it was all in fun and games. To see me and my brother smiling and having a good time was probably a great thing to my parents.

We arrive back home and I started texting all of my friends about going out and we were making arrangements. My best friend Carla was swinging by to pick me up around 10pm. Downtown venues around here do not get busy until 11pm but I wanted to hit a few bars up before hitting up the dance clubs.

She came and got me on time, and we left to go meet some more friends and finish this 21 year old birthday party off the only way it needed to be finished. By getting my dink on! And we did bar after bar, up and down Broadway and 2nd avenue for a few hours before casino siteleri going to Coyote Ugly. I loved this place. I had no fear of getting on the bar and dancing with hundreds of guys staring at me. I had changed from my dinner attire into my “going out” attire as soon as I got home from eating with the family. I now had on a skirt that came just below my butt cheeks with wedged heels and a ruffle embellished floral top that split above my belly button showing my belly ring.

We got to dancing and drinking and having a good ole time when a bunch of guys started to approach me and my friends trying to get with us. None of them matched my taste of me so I wasn’t that interested to say the least but Carla appeared to have different plans. She was all over one of the guys. I wasn’t sure if it was her being stupid or if she actually was into him. Either way, it wasn’t my position to judge her.

Many drinks later, we were definitely drunk and feeling it, but none of us cared. I had seemed to lose Carla into the crowded earlier in the night and I started to get worried for her. I was able to locate my purse on a bar stool beside me and whipped out my phone and started to text her to find her where about. Just then, a message indicator icon lights up and it was a message from my brother that read “Hey hope you are having a fun time and make it home safe tonight babe.” I instantly responded back to him informing him that Carla had seemed to disappear on me.

“That sucks, do you need me to come and pick you up” he wrote back and asked.

“I am sure I will find her but I will let you know in a few minutes if I don’t” I responded to him.

I kept looking around for Carla but she seemed nowhere to be found and finally a response from her through a text message read “Hey, I am down at Graham and then I’m going back to Mark’s apartment with his friends if you want to come” she wrote me.

I was pissed. It was my birthday and that Bitch is going to just leave me hanging like that, I thought to myself. So I just said fuck it, and I texted my brother to come get me and I told him what she did.

I stood outside on the curb in front of the Bar with a few friends when Justin pulls up and opens the door for me. I get in and he starts to drive off.

“Hey put your seat belt on. The cops are crazy down here” he stated to me as he slapped my leg just above my knee. I reached around and did just that. I was not in any mood to get pulled over and waste my time.

On the way back, we were talking about a lot of things and I kept mentioned to my brother how I must have tweaked a neck muscle dancing tonight. My brother reaches behind me and asks me “want me to massage it for a few moments”

“Sure” I said to him and I really didn’t mind and came to a stop at a red-light as he just started to massage my neck.

“Hey I am sorry for all of the attitude I have been given you lately” He randomly said to me as he continued to rub the back of my neck.

“Don’t be, Shit happens” I looked at him and said as he smiled at me after hearing my response.

“Hey, do you want to go and sit down by the lake” he asked.

“Why not” I responded?

He drove us down and parked his car on the river side of the Damn. There were a few other cars down there and it looked as if the couple in those cars had steamed up the windows. We made a few jokes back and forth regarding what those couples may have been doing.

I had Justin crack my window to get some fresh air in when he started to say “Yeah we don’t want anyone thinking we are in here fucking and stuff.”

His comment bought a big smile to my face and I looked at him and said “yeah you know it.”

There was silence in the car for a moment but you could hear from outside, the river water pouring through the damn causing mist to land on the front windshield. “You wouldn’t want to fuck a girl like me anyways” I said to him jokingly.

“And why not” he asked?

“Come on now, you are my brother” I said to him

“Well duh, I know that much” he said to me.

“Besides, with my luck you would probably knock me up and then we would have to tell Dad and mom” I said to him and then sticking my tongue out at him.

“They make condoms Lindsay for a reason” he stated in a serious tone.

“Are you being serious, those fuckers don’t always work though” I stated.

“And I hate condoms” I added

“Yeah, me too” he said.

I don’t know why, but the conversation I was having with Justin was actually starting to turn me on a little. I started to feel a little antsy in my body movement and a bit of nervousness in my stomach. It had been a few months since the last time I have had sex, and it wasn’t even that great. Ever since my boyfriend went back to college, my sex life has sucked. I had a one night stand about two weeks after my boyfriend left, and have regretted it since. But inside of me, my emotions and sexual tension was starting to flare up.

“Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we had sex” I asked him as I peered out the window not trying to make any facial or eye contact what so ever.

“You slot oyna know Lindsay, believe it or not I have and I think it’s normal” he said back to me.

I immediately turned to him and asked “You think it’s normal to what? Have thoughts or to actually have sex?”

“Thoughts” he said quickly as he appeared caught off guard with my question.

“Yeah thoughts are one thing, and doing it is another” I said to him.

“Yeah but people out here do it all the time and just never tell a soul” he said to me

“I am sure they do” I said.

Inside of my head, I was starting to think that for some strange reason I was about to have sex with Justin but I kept trying to prolong our conversation, but I wasn’t sure how long I could do it. I knew I wanted it but didn’t want to admit it to him. I was in the mood now for sure.

“Justin” I said

“Yeah” he muttered back to me.

“What would you say or do, if I told you that right now this conversation actually made me horny for some reason” I asked him?

“I don’t know, what would I do” he asked me in response to my question?

“I have a skirt on, you know” I said to him as I let out a smile towards him.

“Lots of girls wear skirts” he said to me causing me to reach back and softly slap the backside of his head.

“Yeah I know they do, but what I’m saying is, hello…easy access” I said to him.

“Are you for real Lindsay, seriously…are you for real” he asked me.

I slowly reached up to his face and leaned towards him and kissed him on his lips opening his mouth and pushing my tongue inside his mouth. We embraced and kissed each other for a few minutes. I moved my hand to the side of his face and to the back of his head as our kisses developed more passion by the second. His tongue maneuvered back and forth, inside and out of my mouth as mine did his. He broke our kiss, and went for my neck just below my left ear to softly kiss it.

“God that feels so good babe” I said whispering to him.

He kept kissing on my neck and under my chin and he reached down his hand and placed it on my lap. I could feel that he wanted to go further with his hand but he wasn’t sure of what my response would be.

“Justin…easy access…remember” I said”

“OK” he said in between the kisses he was giving me on my neck.

His hand rubbed across my thigh and down to my knee and softly back up my inner thigh. I opened my legs for him as he maneuvered it under my skirt and found my thong that was not moistened from everything that was happening. I felt his finger rub across my clit and back down to where the entrance to my pussy is. He pushed my thong to the side and his fingers began to explore around pressing and poking into my pussy. He started to finger me working his way in as deep as he could.

“Ohh God Justin, this is amazing” I said softly.

“I don’t know how long I can wait, I just want it bad right now” I added as he continued to finger me and kiss my neck.

Suddenly I feel remove his finger from my pussy and reach across my body and pulled the seat lever back to lower the seat I was in. Just as I got settled again, Justin starts to unbutton his pants and slide them down to his knees.

“Don’t take them all the way off just in case Justin” I said trying to stop him before he did.

He took a quick look at me and maneuvered his way over the gear shift and came to rest in-between my legs. There wasn’t a lot of room for me to move around but I tried to open my legs as much as I could while resting my feet up on top of his dashboard. I reached down with my hands and adjusted my skirt enough by trying to slide it up as high as I could for him. My thong was still pushed to the side of my pussy and he lowered his body completely down on top of him but supporting himself with his arms on each side of me.

“This is between me and you” I said to him as he nodded back at me.

“Do not tell a single soul about this” I added.

I started to feel him working his dick around and pressing against my pussy trying to find my entrance. I lifted up my face towards his face and gave him a stuck out my tongue and he did the same. Our tongues met again and softly explored each other. The more he pressed into me, the more open I became and eventually he found the right spot and his dick slipped into my hole. Our tongue kissing ceased for the time being as Justin was trying to working his way inside of me. With the right amount of force in his pushes, he inched his entire length inside of me. I could not believe we were fucking. After all these years, and everything we have been through, here we were in his car, in the middle of the night, having sex.

His dick filled me up completely every time he pushed it entirely inside of me. I laid there with my head flat on the headrest closing my eyes and occasionally glancing up at him. Justin was acting quiet. I do not know if he was quiet because he was just quiet or if he didn’t like how I felt so I asked him “does it feel ok to you?”

“Yeah” he said also nodding his head.

Every time Justin pushed into me the car would bounce a little, canlı casino siteleri and I knew people had their eyes on us, but Justin’s car has tinted windows so I wasn’t too worried. He laid there on top of me fucking me slowly and deeply. It was very passionate. More passionate than anything I have ever experiences sexually. I wasn’t nervous anymore. I wasn’t antsy anymore either. I was purely loving the feeling of his sex.

A few moments later, Justin had found the right spot inside of me and I kept pressing up with my hips every time he found it to give a little extra internal massage inside my pussy.

“Justin you are going to make me cum” I said to him. “Don’t stop” I added.

My pussy started to clinch tighter onto his dick and I kept tried to open my legs wider each time he pushed in. I took my left foot and wrapped it around the right side of his body and quickly I was cumming harder and faster than I have ever come in my life. I squeezed and held on to his shoulders with my hands as my pussy muscles retracted over and over until they slowed down. When I was finished, my hands released from the tight squeeze and I placed my foot back up on the dashboard. Justin knew to slow down so it wouldn’t create a harming feeling inside of me as my orgasm halted.

“You are good” I said to him with a smile.

“Did you like that Lindsay” he responded back to me as I answered with a nod of my head.

“I don’t want you to be finished yet babe” I said to him causing him to start moving in and out of me slowly. “And it’s ok too, you can cum inside of me” I added as he started to pick up the pace.

I laid there taking every inch of him inside of me just waiting to feel his dick throbbing and cumming inside of me. I wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant. I knew my birth control was a good one so that thought didn’t even cross my mind. His pace had now doubled and the car was bouncing harder up and down. Just before Justin was beginning to cum, out of nowhere a bright light begins to shine through the back window and lights up Justin’s face.

“Oh shit we are busted” he said to me as he flipped up off of me as fast as he could and climbed back into his eat.

“Who is it Justin” I said loudly as fear begin to rise inside of me. I couldn’t believe this was happening to us, right now. We were busted. People were going to find out. I was so embarrassed. I had so many thoughts inside of my head I started to cry.

“Don’t cry Lindsay, it will be ok” he said trying to calm me down.

Just then a knock on his window and Justin rolled his window down half way. I heard a deep serious voice.

“You know you guys aren’t supposed to be doing this out here. You can get in a lot of trouble. I can write you a ticket and take you two to jail for this. It’s called public indecency. How old are the two of you anyways” he asked us?

Justin responded first with “nineteen” and I followed with “twenty one today.”

“Not a good thing to happen on your birthday is it now” he asked directly at me as he shined the bright flash light.

“No sir it’s not” I said back to him.

“Why don’t guys just head on out of here and go home and do not come back out here this time of night. Besides, the lake is closed at dusk anyways” he said to Justin.

“Yes sir” Justin responded back to the officer as he started his car.

“Let’s get out of here quick” I said to Justin in a panic.

I was freaking out and trembling so much that I had basically forgotten the feeling I had just experienced with Justin. We drove off down the road and I told Justin how sorry I was for everything. He told me it was no big deal and that he still had fun. He also reiterated how stupid he was over the past few years with him being mean to me.

“I think you should know now you are forgiven man” I said to him with a smile trying to enlighten what just happened to us and how close we were to really getting in trouble.

“I am sorry I didn’t get you off” I also said to him.

“Yeah it’s ok, but I was so close” he said back to me.

Just then I reached down between his legs and started to rub him. He had gotten soft quickly with what just happened with the police officer but he started to get hard with my touching him. I reached up and unbutton his pants and undid my seatbelt.

“You better not wreck Justin” I said as I leaned down over him and placed the head of his dick inside my mouth. I could taste myself on him and it tasted just like sex. I started to suck up and down on his dick slowly engulfing it in mouth and flicking my tongue across the base of his dick. I sucked more and more intensely picking up my pace while guiding my hand up and down stroking him. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and stroked him for a few minutes before leaning back down to suck some more. I kept repeating my actions over and over for about 5 minutes before I felt the base of his dick start to harden and his cum spraying into my mouth and down my throat. I paused there for a moment swallowing his cum with the head of his dick just inside my mouth waiting for his last squirt. Once I knew he was finished I released my mouth and sat back up in the seat. I reached down and reclined my seat back a few inches just to relax a little and we were both in complete silence and we stayed that way until we got home a few minutes later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32