Birth of a Goddess Ch. 06

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I was a little surprised to see my mother and brothers’ appearance in the doorway. My father chuckled as he started taking the pins out of my hair to let my long tresses fall down over us both. My mother came in and gathered them up and put them aside. “Your mother is joining us to seal this ritual and your brothers are acting witnesses since they have already been gifted as well. This is to ensure that no one tries to fake their transition into womanhood or manhood. Plus, it is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated by our whole family, that our DeAundra is now a woman.”

Mother sat on the edge of the bed as she reached out and stroked my bare bottom. “I listened to the sounds of your triumphs. I could hardly wait to enter.”

I glanced over my shoulder and saw my four brothers line up at the foot of the bed, almost standing like soldiers or guards. Their hands clasped behind their backs. They weren’t smiling as normal, and were not looking negative either, but in fact looked a tad bit nervous. It was hard for me not to stare as I had never once seen Rupert, Roman, Aaron and Allen all completely naked before, or together in a line naked. Heck, this was my first day seeing a male naked period, and now I had five of them in a room with me? The thought made me a little lightheaded.

My father drew my attention back to the goal at hand by taking hold of me and turning us over to where I was now on bottom and he on top. He started kissing me all over. Mother repositioned herself so that she could lie on her side beside me. As Dad moved to my mouth, kissing me deeply, forcing his tongue inward and I eagerly sliding my tongue along his, I could feel Mom running her hand over my stomach and then cupping my left breast until her grasp increased and her touch turned to kneading. Bakırköy Escort He used his knee to spread my legs apart and then moved to where he was kneeling between them, still leaning over me, kissing more intensely and passionately.

I could feel his penis, so long and so hard pressed to my mound as he kissed me more hungrily. He took my arms and placed them above my head. His body weight held up by his hands were pressed against my elbows, pinning me. I was completely at his mercy, but believe me I offered myself to be the virginal sacrifice more than willingly.

When he had me in position I felt his tip start pressing into the entrance to my life portal. I gasped into this mouth. It had not even entered yet but just the anticipation of it made my body jolt with an amazing desire like I had still never felt before. He slowly used it to part my nether lips and slide slowly and gently in farther. I gasped louder as his extremely thick cock pried the walls of my vagina further open like it had never been before. It was being transitioned into womanhood. It hurt a little at first being spread by such thick flesh, but this was the most pleasurable discomfort I had ever known. He kept pressing it in further and then stopped kissing me long enough to whisper in my ear, “Darling, this may hurt a little as I rupture your virginal seal, but the pain won’t be long. I promise.”

I responded in a breathless whisper, “Okay, Daddy,” and then in one swift movement he powerfully thrusted his pelvis hard and his manhood burst through my virginal seal causing me to cry out in a wave of sharp pain. But he was truthful in saying that the pain would be over quickly as it faded just as quickly as it had happened and was replaced Başakşehir Escort by intense pleasure. My moment of womanhood had come to fruition.

Daddy then began to glide his penis back and forth inside me, causing delightful friction. I began to moan with the feelings of heightened ecstasy, which only began to climb as he picked up his pace. They increased even more so when I felt my mother remove her hand from my breast and slide it down to my mound. She then took her index and middle finger and started rubbing my clit while Daddy was pounding me. I gasped with every slam he made into my cervix. My Mom started rubbing me with a frenzy. The pleasure was getting to be overwhelming yet I didn’t want it to stop for anything in the world.

My pleasure kept escalating more, surprising me that I could handle so much, until it finally peaked and I cried out as my body felt like it was experiencing a cosmic explosion. I screamed and tried to wriggle as my body convulsed and muscles contracted all over. And hardly a moment after that my father’s body slammed against me in one final pound and his whole body contracted as he let forth a deep and animalistic growl of a groan. It felt like he was trying to push his penis up further into my body, and he gave a few little more pelvic thrusts into me.

He collapsed onto me gasping. I was still trying to recapture my own normal breathing, but it was a little difficult with his weight on top of me and his hands still pinning my arms over my head. But yet, I didn’t mind it one bit.

My Dad laid there for a while, his penis still within me, but eventually spoke up, “Welcome to womanhood my beautiful daughter,” and then he placed his lips over mine in a tender kiss. “How Bebek Escort are you feeling?”

I stretched and smiled, “Oh so good Daddy, that was amazing! But I have one question.”

“What is that my dear?”

“Can we do it again?” I asked sheepishly.

My father laughed in return, with my mother and brothers all joining in.

Honestly, I had forgotten my brothers were even in the room while I was experiencing the ecstasy. And now suddenly, I was a little self-conscious.

“Sadly, my love, I am only to give you the gift of womanhood, the rest of my work goes into pleasing your mother, though I am by no means complaining,” he said as he looked up at my mother and winked, “Or gifting others who lack a father in our faith and need a surrogate to gift them.”

I felt a bit upset at this because this ritual had been amazing. My father responded to the disappointment on my face.

“Don’t worry lovely, I felt you were sensational and I too will miss having this experience with you again, but as custom and faith decree, now it will be a gift to enjoy between you and your brothers so that you all may practice your gifts and newfound powers to be ready for your chosen mates in the near future.”

I looked at my brothers who I noticed were all now standing a bit differently with smiles on their faces and their penises extremely erect and engorged. I blushed.

But first, my girl,” he said, as I felt his penis twitch every now and then as it grew softer, starting to relax, “your mother will clean us up because it is unholy to let any seed that I have gifted with you be wasted outside the body.

I was confused what he meant as he pulled away and then leaned over and kissed my mother deeply. My mother then slid lower and placed her mouth over his cock and began to lap up all the glistening cream that he was coated in. His cock started to grow again, but after she had licked it all up she changed positions with him until she was between my legs.

She leaned in and then started to clean my pussy and clit with her tongue. I laid back and closed my eyes. I had a feeling I was about to see more stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32