Birth of a Cuckquean

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It had been years since I had broken off with gorgeous shapely blonde Anna. The sex with her was pretty good. I only knew a bit about BDSM in those days (it was before the internet), but I had started lightly dominating her. I had also warmed her up to the idea of threesomes with other girls and we came close a few times, but I broke up with her before it ever panned out. I didn’t really love her, and the kinky sex wasn’t coming along as fast as I wanted. I was young and not so dominant yet, so I didn’t realize I could have easily had my way and just move things along.

Anyway, I broke her heart and felt awful. We remained friends though, and kept in touch. She had mostly been single throughout the years (work over relationships) and whenever we talked she flirted with me and let me know she was opened for action, but I didn’t want to lead her on and hurt her feelings again. We lived in her house in the country, so when I broke off with her I moved to Montreal. A few years later when I needed to attend the funeral of a friend from the town where I lived with Anna, I asked her if I could stay at her place overnight. She enthusiastically accepted, but told me that her friend Beth, her new roommate, would be sleeping on the couch downstairs beside the guest room.

When I showed up, Beth, a cute little brunette whom I had only met once a long time ago, came on strong as soon as she saw me; she loved my deep voice and joked to Anna that she would have never let me go if I was her boyfriend. She was a bit weird (choosing a couch over a bed for example), and talked too much, but she certainly was fuckable. Being alone with two lovely ladies who I knew wanted me had my mind racing about the possibilities, but I still didn’t want to lead Anna on. So there was a lot of flirting during the night, but I didn’t try anything and we all went to bed frustrated: Beth and I downstairs, and Anna alone upstairs.

At some point in the night a noise woke me up, and once up I decided to go to the bathroom. When I opened my door Beth shouted to wait, she was naked. I never asked her, but I realized later that she must have been escort izmir in my room naked doing who knows what while I was sleeping, and had made the noise that woke me up (maybe on purpose). Anyway, I was horny and hard as hell at that point. I decided that the bathroom could wait, and to have my way with Beth instead. I walked in without waiting (she had quickly covered herself with a blanket), and ordered her to get on her knees on the floor; she obeyed. I removed my boxers and stuffed her mouth with my cock. I came rather quickly, making sure she swallowed my cum like a good whore. I fucked her after I recuperated, finishing in her ass like I like it. We tried to be somewhat quiet not to wake up Anna.

The internet was a big thing by now so I had learned a lot about domination at that point, and had learned about a kink called cuckqueaning: which I absolutely adored. So the next morning I decided that I didn’t care about leading Anna on anymore. I showered and had a silent quickie with Beth (who had slept on the couch so Anna wouldn’t find out what had happened). Then I told her to tell Anna that she was going out for a few hours because I wanted to fuck her. Beth was already a good little obedient slut and did as she was told. So there I was, alone with Anna in the kitchen drinking a coffee standing up, a couple hours away from leaving for the funeral.

l hadn’t bothered getting dressed yet so I was wearing only my boxers. I flirted with her, told her how she had never stopped being hot, and complimented her on her cute pj’s. She thanked me for the compliments and turned around to face the counter. I put my coffee down and got behind her, pushing my chest and dick against her. I told her that her pj’s looked really soft and asked if I could touch. I didn’t wait for an answer and reached around, grabbing one of her tits over her top to confirm that her pj’s were indeed really soft. She giggled nervously, but didn’t try to get away so I knew she was mine to take. I kissed the nape of her neck as I groped her tits and wet pussy under her pj’s, then told her to get naked on her knees and suck me.

After izmir escort bayan a minute or two of that I brought her to her room. There, I had her lay on her back on the bed with her cunt on the edge so I could fuck her while standing. We went at it like animals, she was really rubbing that cute clit of hers and juicing up like crazy. I pulled out at that point (which made her moan plaintively), fingered her cunt, used my wet finger to prepare her ass, and then went back to fucking her hard. She had been staring at me throughout, but seemed to be in a haze; I knew she would cum fast. That’s when I decided to move my cock to her ass, and as soon as I was in there I told her I hoped Beth and I were not too loud when we fucked in the middle of the night.

Her body jumped a bit when I said that, and her stare became more focused as I stared back with a sly look on my face. She slowed down rubbing her clit, but didn’t stop. I asked her if Beth’s juices had tasted good on my dick when she sucked me. She moaned with embarrassment, but continued rubbing. I told her it was okay and not to be embarrassed, to just let herself go, adding: “cum for me sweetie, show me what a good girl you are.” She did show me what a good girl she was and resumed rubbing herself, like a maniac, as she stared at me trance-like. I went on to describe what a good cocksucker Beth was, how nice her juicy pussy felt wrapped around my cock as I fucked her hard, and how creamy she was.

We both came at that point. She moaned loudly, deep from inside her: sounding like some weird animal or something. I also groaned loudly, as I filled her ass full of my spunk. Then I got on the bed beside her and held her, and asked her if she was alright; she didn’t answer, but held me really tight. After that I took on a warm, yet assertive tone to let her know that I would come back in her life, but in a dominant way; she didn’t argue. Beth was added to the cuckqueaning fun at the end of the day when I came back from the funeral. Things were awkward, they seemed shy with each other so I simply started groping and kissing both of them and orchestrating more izmir escortlar fun. Anna was introduced to the delicacy of creampies. They had both been vanilla up to that point, so eating each other’s pussies was kind of a big deal for them.

I eventually moved back with Anna, and have been living with her ever since. I guess being with a woman I wasn’t really in love with wasn’t so important to me anymore; I certainly had a lot of affection for Anna, and I’m not even really sure what being in love means exactly. Anyway, a few months later, she commented at one point that she had heard “A Whiter Shade of Pale” during the day and it had reminded her of our early courtship. So when the anniversary of the first time we made out came up a few weeks later (Canada Day), I told Anna that I would rent a room in a nice hotel and plan a fun couple of days for us: that would include Beth.

I had chosen a bigger town, far away, where I knew there was no way anyone would recognize us. Once there, amongst other things, I took them to a sex shop to get Anna a chastity belt and discreet slave collar. I had them walk around holding hands while Anna wore her sexy new items. We went to a restaurant where I had Anna sit across from me and Beth, and watch us be affectionate with each other. Then I took them to a movie and fingered Beth while Anna, still wearing her chastity belt, watched. At the end of the day I made Anna get naked, her chastity belt still on, and serve me and her best friend as we made out while listening to “A Whiter Shade of Pale” before getting down to the fucking. I did fuck Anna too of course.

I had her ask Beth nicely to have her chastity belt removed, which Beth kindly granted. Then I had her get on her fours on the bed and ask permission to rub her clit. She asked, I acquiesced, and she finally got some relief. I told her she had been a very good girl all day long, but reminded her that she was a slave now, and to make sure she knew her place I needed to fuck her in the ass. She must have been very horny at that point because both her holes were quite opened, so my cock slid in rather easily in her ass: making her moan very loudly. “Aren’t you going to thank me for your anniversary day sweetie,” I asked; she thanked me as she rubbed herself to a mighty orgasm. Beth was involved in our games for a while after that, and then moved on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32