Billy Jo Loves Her Son

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Billy Jo McBride woke up from her very shallow sleep when she heard people talking in her home. A weak orgasm from using a dildo had allowed her to finally fall asleep, but it didn’t last very long before the voices awakened her. She listened carefully. Almost immediately, she recognized Jake, her son, and the female voice also sounded familiar. To her extreme disgust, she realized it was that nasty bitch, Trixie, the town whore, who was at least twenty years older than her 18 year old son. Billy Jo jumped out of bed and pulled her shapeless flannel nightgown back down over her plump legs. On her way out to the hall, she grabbed a baseball bat that was kept handy by the door.

“If that bitch doesn’t get her slutty ass out of this house, she’ll be carried out, feet first,” the angry mother swore to herself.

She stormed down the hall and slammed open the door to Jake’s bedroom. There she saw Trixie, bare-ass naked, bouncing up and down on top of the tall, equally naked man, who was young enough to be her son. “You fuckin’ slut!” Billy Jo screamed. “Get your ass out of this house!” Brandishing the bat, she advanced on the couple.

Quick as a red squirrel, Trixie pulled her pussy off Jake’s cock and cowered on the other side of the bed. For a split second, Billy Jo stared at what the bitch had been fucking. Her son’s cock was big and hard, and stood up from his pubic hair like the Washington Monument surrounded by brown weeds. The brief distraction was enough to allow Trixie to leap across the bed and make a dash through the bedroom door and down the hall. Billy Jo chased her, shouting and waving the bat, but she was too short and pudgy to catch the slut. Trixie knew she was running for her life and was out the front door, still naked, and sprinting down the street as fast as she could go. Smiling grimly, Billy Joe watched her run, wishing she would trip. She wasn’t worried about Trixie’s welfare. Some guy would see her, and offer her a ride, and they would end up in bed together.

She wasn’t through raising hell yet. As she brushed her brown hair out of her eyes, she told herself “I’m gonna give that son of mine a good bawling out. The god dam nerve, bringing that skank into my house.” Even as she contemplated what she was going to say, Billy Jo found it hard to keep her mind off the big stiff cock she had seen sticking up from his crotch.

Jake was hiding under the bed covers when his mother came striding back into his room. Trixie’s clothing and his, including his pants and underwear, littered the floor, so Billy Jo knew he was still naked, although covered up. The baseball bat was still in her hands, but she had no intention of hitting her son, at least not very hard.

Prodding a lump that looked like a hip, she asked “What the hell you doing under there?” No response was forthcoming, so she grabbed hold of the covers and yanked them away. Her son was naked and lying on his side, but what was most noticeable was his cock. It was still erect, and the biggest one Billy Jo had ever seen. Her husband, bless his soul, had been hung pretty well too, but what he had was nothing, compared to what was sticking out from between Jake’s legs.

Since her husband’s death, almost six months ago, Billy Jo had been celibate, except for what she could get out of her dildo and, as she stared at her husky, brown-haired son and his massive equipment, she realized what had been missing from her life. Lust replaced her anger, but she knew she had to be careful. After all, a woman can’t just tell her son she wants to fuck him, even if it is the truth. From that thought, she could feel her pussy stirring, and droplets of moisture forming.

“Jake, what the hell were you doing with that dirty whore in here? She probably gave you the clap and cooties and I don’t know what all.”

“I was wearing a rubber, Mom.”

Billy Jo observed he still was, probably Isparta Escort the biggest size available. “Well, take it off. If it was in Trixie, it’s contaminated.” She kept staring at her son’s huge cock, which he was trying to cover with his thigh and hands, while she thought about what it would feel like plunging in and out of her. The droplets in her pussy were starting to merge and drip out onto her lips.

“I can’t, Mom. Not with you watching me.”

“I’m your mother, and you’ve got nothing to hide from me. You’ll do what I say, if you know what’s good for you.” She brandished the bat in her son’s direction.

Jake didn’t really believe his own mother would hit him with a baseball bat, but she was mad enough that he wasn’t certain she wouldn’t. He turned onto his back, giving his mother a full view of his big, semi-erect cock and slowly rolled the condom up and pulled it off.

“Okay. That’s better. Now, go and flush it down the toilet and scrub your hands and come back here.”

“Can I put some clothes on first?

“No. Just do what I say.”

With satisfaction, Billy Jo heard the toilet flush and the water start to run in the bathroom sink. When Jake returned, there was a towel wrapped around his waist, and his cock was still erect enough to make the front stand out.

“Okay, now get back into bed,” Billy Jo ordered him. As he walked past her, she reached out and snatched the towel away, leaving him naked again. “Lay on your back.”

When he did as she said, Billy Jo joined him, kneeling on the bed by his side. One hand reached under his balls and the other held his shaft as she bent over him and started to lick the tip of his cock.

In amazement, Jake asked, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Billy Jo raised her head to answer her son’s stupid question. “What the hell does it look like I’m doing? I’m sucking your cock. Now, just you stay where you are and enjoy it. I’m your mother and I know how to take good care of you. A lot better than that bitch would have, I’ll grant you.”

Actually, she wasn’t strictly telling the truth. Jake’s cock was too big for her to get it into her mouth far enough to suck it, but she was holding it between her lips and licking the head, while her hand pumped the shaft up and down. She had almost forgotten how good the velvety tip of a cock would feel to her tongue. The shaft felt good too, the way it filled her hand so full, and Billy Jo could feel it getting harder even as she held it. It would feel even better once she got it into her pussy.

She couldn’t wait any longer. While her son watched in dismay, Billy Jo pulled her nightgown up, over her head, and off, leaving her as naked as her son. She swung one leg over him so she was straddling his thighs. Usually, she wears panties under the garment, but she had taken then off before using her dildo, and hadn’t put them back on. If she had, they would have been soaked by that time, because the juices dripping from her pussy had become a steady flow. With one hand holding her son’s erect cock, she walked on her knees until its head was pressed against her clit.

Jake started to protest what she obviously intended doing, but Billy Jo wouldn’t let him speak. “I’m your mother, and I know what’s best for you. I can fuck you a lot better than that slut, Trixie ever could, and I’m gonna prove it. Hold onto your cock and let me get it inside my pussy.”

Tentatively, he reached down and held the base of his shaft while his mother moved her grip to near the head. With her other hand holding her pussy lips open, Billy Jo raised her body until she was above the stiff monster that was waiting to pleasure her. Juices ran down both her legs and, dripped all over Jake as she rubbed the head of his cock against her wetness, preparing to impale herself. Slowly, she lowered her body until the tip was between the fingers Isparta Escort Bayan that were keeping her lips apart.

Jake looked almost frightened at what was about to happen, but his mother smiled at him to put him at ease. “Don’t worry about a thing,” she told him. “I’m your mother. A boy can always trust his mother to treat him right.”

Having said that, Billy Jo lowered her body just enough more to let the head of the big cock wedge into her. She sighed happily, as bursts of pure delight throbbed out from the place of entry, realizing fully what she had been missing, and hoping to make up for some of the good times she had foregone over the last six months. For a few seconds she stayed there, reveling in the wonderful feeling, before lowering her body again, and taking another inch of thick, hard shaft into the place that yearned for it so much.

Jake knew there was something wrong with what was happening in his bed. He knew that he and his mother being there naked together was very wrong, and for her to be astride him and taking his cock into her pussy was even worse. Wrong as such things may have been, it felt so good that he didn’t want to stop, and he eagerly waited while his mother, with her much tighter pussy, took over doing what Trixie had started to do for him. The wait was not a long one.

The head of her son’s cock had spread the opening to Billy Jo’s pussy, and the first part of his shaft stretched it even more. After another brief pause, she lowered her body far enough to take almost two more inches inside her. Bolts of pleasure coursed through her body from where Jake’s cock was burrowing its way into her love channel and stretching it more than anything ever had. She was already sighing from the extreme pleasure, besides producing a wealth of lubricating juices.

Ripples of joy were flooding Jake’s body too, from his mother’s tight pussy. The only one he had ever known besides hers was Trixie’s, and that one was already so distended from constant use that it didn’t really feel much better than his own palm and fingers. He smiled up at his mother, and rested his hands on her thighs to encourage her to continue enveloping his erection.

She didn’t really need any encouragement, and wanted to take it all inside her. Billy Jo lowered her body again, until more than half of Jake’s cock had been engulfed. Just as hers was the best pussy of his limited experience, his cock was the best she had ever known. Billy Jo could feel currents of bliss coursing throughout her body from where her tight channel was crammed so well.

She raised her pussy slightly, pulling it part of the way from the cock that was immensely pleasing her body. Some of the plentiful lubricating juices that had been plugged inside her ran out, covering Jake’s shaft and, when she lowered herself again, their slickness helped it surge deeper into her. Three more times she raised her pussy, dripping juices all over her son’s cock, using them to help impale herself on its entire length, until his curly, dark brown pubic hair was tickling her swollen lips. She remained in that position for almost a minute, letting the deliciously blissful sensations crash back and forth through her entire being.

Once again, Billy Jo and her son exchanged lewd smiles, and she started to slowly raise herself, pulling her pussy from around the cock that had been stuffing it so full. When just the head was still inside, she lowered her body, moaning from the incredible feeling of having it filled so thoroughly. Once again, she stopped her movements with Jake’s entire cock inside her.

“Do you like that, Jake? Do you like what we’re doing here?”

“Yeah, Mom. Better’n anything.”

“Good. I do too. Next time you feel me coming down like that, shove your cock up to meet me and push down on my legs. Ya got that?”

“Yeah. Go ahead.” Escort Isparta

Billy Jo raised her body again, paused and lowered it. This time, her son thrust his big cock up into her, and pushed on her legs, making their meeting more solid. Their bodies came together with a wet, squishing sound, which was almost drowned out by their combined moans of bliss.

Many more strokes followed, just like the combined one. Jake’s cock didn’t shrink and Billy Jo’s pussy remained just as tight, but her juices continued flowing heavily, and spreading themselves perfectly, and doing the job they were meant to do. There was no friction as she raised and lowered her body, and the big shaft surged in and out of her. With every combined stroke, Jake’s body writhed on the bed, from greater pleasure than he had ever experienced, and it got better every time their bodies came together. He knew he would cum soon, but hoped it wouldn’t be too soon.

Billy Jo’s movements were steadily becoming more erratic and she also knew her climax was approaching. “Hold on to me, Jakey. Don’t let me fall when I start cumming.” She hadn’t used that nickname since her son was ten years old.

She leaned back slightly, so his cock massaged her clit better when she moved. It was so thick and long that it had been rubbing her there every time she raised or lowered herself, but with the slight change in position, the contact was even stronger, sending out what seemed like tidal waves of pleasure, to inundate her body. Eager to cum, Billy Jo fucked herself faster and faster on Jake’s cock.

“Uh! Uh!” she whimpered in time to her movements up and down on her son’s shaft. Suddenly, she felt an explosion inside her body, as the mountain of ecstasy that had built up suddenly exploded. “Oh, God! Oh God!” she called out joyously. “Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

Even if he had wanted to, Jake couldn’t have stopped; he was too close to his climax for that. He partly sat up and grabbed his mother’s hips to guide her wild movements as she bounced up and down repeatedly impaling herself on his cock. Just as all the muscles in his mother’s body clenched simultaneously, Jake felt a great volcano of ecstasy welling up inside his body and exploding out his cock. With a happy cry, he climaxed, squirting a big gob of his cum into his mother’s pussy. He still couldn’t stop, and kept thrusting his cock into her suddenly limp body, ejaculating three more spurts of semen before stopping.

Billy Jo sagged forward, and Jake caught her and hugged her against him. He had always loved his mother, but he was feeling a new kind of love, even greater than he had felt before. Rather than try to figure it out, he just enjoyed it, and kissed her cheek. She turned her face to him and smiled, and he kissed her lips. After that, they lay quietly until his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, covering them both with a mixture of his semen and her juices. They were much too relaxed and blissful to care about that.

Jake was the first to speak. “Was this right, Mom? I mean, you and me doing this?”

“Son, your mother knows best. I want to keep you out of trouble and keep you happy, and the only way to do that is for you and me to do what we just did a lot more often. And, don’t do it with anybody but me.

“Okay, Mom But what about Rachel?” he asked, referring to his semi-steady girl friend.

“You can take that little chippie to the movies or take her dancing,” she replied, “But when it comes to fucking, there’s nobody for you but me. Ya got that?”

“Yeah, Mom.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Jake and Billy Jo did on this night, and as much as they will be having in the immediate future. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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