Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 55

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 50). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 55 – New Sex Partners At The Party


She was moving like a determined woman, but in a slow and methodical way. Her body was writhing around my cock that had speared into her small pussy – a round long peg in a deep round hole, both full of arousing nerve endings that were sending continuous pleasure and bliss sensations to the core of our brains.

Izzy was in seventh heaven as she rode me. She was naked from the waist down and only wore the leather vest she’d arrived in, only now it wasn’t buttoned and the breasts that turned out to be slightly oversize for her small body were swaying beautifully directly in my line of sight and inviting me to suck and fondle them on a constant basis.

Izzy moaned, “Oh, boss, you have the nicest cock EVER. I may just do this all night long … all month long. I hope you start to do this in the office real soon.”

“Well, Izzy, you’re pretty nice too. Do you know that men call girls like you spinners?”

“A spinner? What’s that?”

“It’s a petite girl like you that I can sit atop my cock like this with me deep inside you, and then I can spin you around and around on my shaft.”

Izzy giggled. “I like being a spinner.” On that note she awkwardly turned around while remaining completely and deeply impaled on my shaft. The feeling was amazing, and sent some further startling sensations up my rod and spinal cord to the pleasure center of my cortex. Izzy paused, pumped her pussy a few times in the reverse cowgirl position, and then continued to spin around back to her original position.

Izzy said, “I prefer this position. You can feel my tits better, and I like that, plus I can kiss you and rub my tits across your chest. You have a very manly chest.” She lowered her torso to me so we could kiss and make out while she continued to pump her pussy up and down on my shaft; and, yes, her rigid nipples that I’d been toying with etched little random designs on my chest.

Izzy soon had another orgasm on my cock. I didn’t think women were supposed to be able to have orgasms from a vaginal fuck, but Izzy seemed to be another exception. I lifted her off of my shaft and sat her on the sofa beside me.

I started to finger her slit as we kissed. I soon had my right hand completely inside her – an amazing feat given her size and the span of my hand. Izzy came from my G-spot stimulation as I fanned her clit with my left hand and sucked on her nipple.

A few moments later I’d established a carefully choreographed rhythm on her A-spot right near her cervix, and Izzy’s body was arching and she was moaning so loud I thought someone would come to see what the commotion was. Beside us, Brita and Greg were fucking, but watching how I gave The Experience to a new girl.

Izzy’s moans and her little scream were lost in the similar sounds from around the room. She came in a BIG way, her body collapsed and she lost consciousness for a couple of minutes. As others had done, Izzy awoke and pledged her undying love and devotion to me. I accepted that and returned her affection. I realized as I did that I felt a special connection with the small Hispanic woman. I remember thinking that we were probably part of the same soul group and had been lovers many times in the past in other lives.

We made love after that right there in my living room. I filled Izzy’s tight little cunt with a huge load of jizz. Much to her surprise, after I extracted from her pussy, I went down on her and sucked up a goodly portion of the mess between her legs and then I shared it with her. Izzy watched me in awe, praising my work and telling me how much she loved me some more. She relished snowballing with me.

When we both seemed sated, I gave her my short speech about the possibility that she’d feel awkward working in my office, assuring her that she could have another position if she thought that would be better. I made sure she knew I wanted her in my life, but I didn’t want her to feel compelled to do anything especially sexually with me.

Izzy was thoughtful, and then pledged her love to me again, assuring me that the best place in the world for her was in my arms as we made love repeatedly. She wanted to be with me and Melanie and Sheila at work. escort ankara Perish the thought that she’d have to work somewhere else. She loved me.

Izzy would have stayed with me all night, but I urged her to go off and find other friends and lovers for the evening in the true spirit of the party. I explained that open sexuality was part of fun of the party as well as the ethos of our family. She reluctantly parted, only to be swept up immediately by Jon, another or our friends. He whispered some words to her, and they must have been just right because I saw her break into a broad smile as they went off together.

I got a glass of wine and wandered the condo to see what was happening. There was a lot of fucking going on in every room and out on the balcony. I found Vanessa with Tom, the head of my Silicon Valley operations. After they finished up, I went and joined them so I could be next in line with the pretty porn princess. We had talked earlier for quite some time as we ate dinner, so the introductory ice had been broken.

She asked me, “Where’s Anna?”

I pointed to a wall, “Next room over with two guys being spit roasted.”

“Oh, good. She likes that. Can we fuck now? I’ve been looking forward to this since Wes told me about this party. I hope you invite us to others. We like this kind of stuff.” She gestured around the living room at the other couples engaged in sex in some way.

I smiled at the blunt invitation, but I expected it from her in a way. I had a stereotype, and she was playing to it. Maybe that was on purpose, or was this the way she really was all the time?

We didn’t fuck, at least right away. I gave Vanessa The Experience. She fainted from too much pleasure, awoke about two minutes later, pledged her undying love to me, and then had me fuck her into oblivion as she continued to have little orgasmic aftershocks.

I repeated the process with Anna about a half-hour later, with similar results.

I felt on a bit of an ego high. The only two porn stars I’d ever met had declared that I’d been their best fuck ever. I knew, of course, that it wasn’t the fuck we ended our session with; it had been The Experience that brought them a peak pleasure experience so intense it made them briefly lose consciousness and probably gave them an immense dose of oxytocin into their brains – the cuddle hormone – that made them wake up and pledge their love to me.

Anna got voluble when we were through, very uncharacteristic for someone so shy. She proceeded to berate so many men for not doing anything to improve their lovemaking performance with their mates. “They don’t read, watch porn, use the Internet, or anything to improve; they still fuck and treat women just the way they did when they were eighteen or twenty, and that’s just the sex. They do the same thing with love – do nothing to learn how to improve. This is why I love Scott so much and now you; you’ve both moved far beyond high school sex and puppy dog crushes.”

I took that lesson to heart. It struck a resonant chord. I had six women who I intensely loved, and many more I cared about a great deal, but I had fallen back into doing little to express that love in a way that appealed to each woman. I knew it wasn’t just a matter of a little gift, and in fact for some women that wasn’t at all what made them feel loved. For most of them, it was a matter of spending some personal time with them, doing nothing but paying attention to them.

I needed a break so I went into the kitchen again to get some refreshment, in that case some homemade chocolate chip cookies. One of the cute French waitresses Elsa and Cindy had hired was there, almost naked and looking very appealing. She came over and kissed me and fondled my cock. She whispered in a cute French accent I took to be genuine, “You don’t have to cum, but please fuck me until I do.”

She sat on one of the high bar stools at the kitchen counter, and I followed her request to the letter. I gently fucked her as she moved up the thermometer towards a climax. I used my thumb on her clit, and that seemed to drive her wild. A minute later, she exploded into my arms with not only a climax, but also a billion kisses and praise for my ministrations to her adorable body. As we parted, she dropped to her knees and cleaned my cock back to its pristine state.

We both enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay at that point. I held Chloe in my lap as we sat at the kitchen table. As she’d sat, she’d tucked my cock back inside her tight pussy.

I asked, “What happened to Zoé? Wasn’t she your partner tonight?”

Chloe smiled, “Oh, yes, she was. She is with a man named Scott and another named Deke and they are doing a double penetration of her body while she sucks on a man named Carter. I learned that the men call it being made airtight. They did that to me just before you found me here, and Zoé was going to be ankara escortlar next.”

“You are adventuresome. Is this what you normally do? Parties, that is?”

“Oh, no. I work at the investment house with Cynthia or Cindy as you call her. I am an analyst specializing in corporate bonds. Zoé works there too, only she specializes in options trading. We’re both working on becoming certified financial analysts; we take classes together. We both have MBAs too; Zoé’s is from MIT and mine is from Wharton.”

“But your French accent is so strong. I thought you were from over there and a recent arrival.”

Chloe shook her head, “I was home schooled by French parents, and we spoke the language a lot at home. I didn’t get the immersion in English like most kids do until high school. I apologize for my accent, but I have been laying it on a little thick tonight and now I can’t stop. You men like fucking little French women. I can be more American but I have to think about how I am speaking to do that.”

“No. No. I find it delightful. Zoé too. So, the party …”

Chloe blushed, “The party was our chance to experience a lot of sex for the first time.”

I frowned, “First time?”

“Well, not that first time. We aren’t or weren’t virgins, but we’ve never had such open and wild sex with people we just met, as I just did with you. This was our fantasy. Cindy hinted about the party and we wrangled these jobs. She then told us what it would be like and what would happen if we stayed after the dinner. I love what is happening tonight. I am being a slut I know, but I find I love this side of me. I don’t want to be the staid little French girl.”

I told her, “Well, I hope you come back to some of our other parties. I think you are a nice addition to what we normally do. I’ll speak to Cindy about it.”

Chloe kissed me again and humped my tumescent cock with her pussy. She said in her cute accent, “Please, you must find Zoé and make sex with her. She will be so happy. Thank you for the return invitation. I am excited about coming back. She will be too.”

“I think I will do just that. Do you want to come and join us?”

“For real? Oh, I’d like that. I think she would too. Would you want us to do things to each other?”

I smiled, “Absolutely.”

Chloe had a pensive expression for a minute, but then broke into a broad smile. She liked that idea. She told me, “I’ve never done anything with another girl before. This is going to be good. I’ve developed some feelings for Zoé.”


After making sure all the details of the party were taking care of themselves, I could relax and enjoy the festivities.

My first choice for a partner for the even was one of my flight instructors. I’d had sex with all the other men except Wes and Scott.

I did Wes … or he did me.

I did Scott … or he did me.

I then organized the two of them together, and they both did me, and then Cindy who came along and joined us and got done. She and I then put on a little sapphic cleanup show for the two men and did each other. There was a lot of ‘doing’ going on.

The four of us were lying on the bed recuperating. Cindy got bold and asked, “So, might we qualify to be porn stars?”

Wes groaned, “Of course. You are two hot women. You each have a unique style of fucking that makes being on this side of things a real pleasure.”

Scott added, “I second that. You both have a little flutter inside you as you cum. I felt as though you were milking every last drop of cum from me when that kicked in.”

Cindy and I looked at each other. I said, “I didn’t know we did that.” She agreed.

I got Don and then Jon later in the evening. I knew they weren’t staying over, so I wanted to get to some of the men I didn’t regularly see, and who wouldn’t be staying overnight. Amber joined us for a short while and sat on my face so I could eat someone’s cum from her pussy as she made out with her husband of all people.

After those rounds, I sat with a glass of wine in one of the living room chairs looking over the festivities. It was about midnight by then and things were quieting down. Even with the Cialis the men were pretty well spent, at least in the cock department.

I did watch some amazing cunnilingus and fingering being delivered to some of the hot women. A few of the women were now partnered or in a threesome with other girls to continue their sexual enjoyment.

Troy and Dan came and sat on either side of me. They looked limp when I sized up the potential for further intercourse.

Troy saw my glance at his junk, “Oh, God, Elsa. Don’t make me feel inadequate by checking out my wilted flower. I’m done until morning. I set a new personal record, but I am done; for once in my life I am really and truly done, kaput, finished.”

I leaned over and kissed each man. “I’m fine. Don’t ankara kaliteli escortlar worry. I’m not grading your performance. Last night you were wonderful – both of you.”

Troy said in a dejected tone, “I learned something tonight that still has my insides in a knot.”

“What’s that?”

“My wife is a real slut – a Grade A, first class, prime, top of the line, best there is, high quality, excellent slut of the extreme variety. I got a taste of that last night and this morning, but tonight … well, I am frankly and totally blown away. She’s still in our bedroom fucking two guys who are sticking it to her in every way you can imagine and they don’t look as though they’re going to stop anytime soon.”

I laughed. “You did kind of open the door,” I teased.

Dan opined, “I’m in the same boat. I opened fucking Pandora’s box. I may never get the genie back in the bottle. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men will never put it back together again. Sandy had three guys tending to her in the next bedroom down the hall; she was being fucked eight ways from Sunday, and that’s now. I doubt there is a cock at this party that she didn’t have at least a couple of orgasms on, if not a pussy full of cum. I think she’s on her third round with the men who are still capable.”

“And that bothers you?” I asked in a slightly more serious tone to both men.

Troy thought, “Yeah, kind of. I’m worried that I’m a has been.”

I hugged him, “Oh, Troy. You don’t know how women think. She loves her sluthood tonight. Yes, she wants every cock in her that she can find a dozen times. If you took her to the bar down the street she’d fuck every guy in the place and still want more. She wants cock. She wants you to notice that she’s all woman and has what it takes to turn men on, and to be their sex toy. BUT, she loves YOU and YOU will be the one that she comes home to when it’s all over. Don’t take tonight away from her, or the other tonights that follow. Praise her for what she’s done, for the transformation she’s made. Tell her you like the new person she’s become. Express your concern, but do it out of love. Lose your ego. Don’t try to rein her in. Let her confirm what I just said, and then roll with it – with your new slut wife. Love her.”

Dan said, “You mean Sandy is going to want to keep doing this?” He waved his arms around at the remaining sexual activity.

I chuckled, “Probably. Don’t you?”

The men were quiet for a while.

Troy finally smiled, “Kind of. Yeah, I guess. This has been like a fantasy come true, being able to have wild sex with any woman within reach – and all the women here are hot. I loved all the sex, but in the process I realize how much I love Janet.”

I said, “Then come back here frequently. Start your own circle of friends. But most of all, talk to Janet and Sandy and find out what it is that THEY want and what they’re feeling.” I paused, “This is about sex … not love, but sex. As you think about all the pussy you’ve been able to get at tonight, also think about who you love, why, and what you intend to do to prove it. Remember that actions speak louder than words. In your mind, renew your love for your wives and then do something about THAT. Show them that they’re the girls you love the most in this world.”

Cindy had come up and stood behind me with her hand on my shoulder and Dan’s. She picked up my theme but in a different direction. “Right now, your wives are feeling sexually sated, but they are wondering if you went off and fell in love with somebody else because you had better sex with them. They know guys will follow the best pussy home, and they’re feeling as insecure as you are. Don’t leave them feeling that way. Go collect them and make them feel like the most important people in your lives. Reveal your own vulnerabilities to them. Go say ‘I love you.’ Be the last person they make love with before you go to sleep.”

Troy stood. “You’re right, both of you. I am so grateful for this night and for last night and yesterday and all of it. Tomorrow too, I hope.” He gave both of us a lecherous grin. “We are going to go and build some new bridges. Come on Dan.”

The two men trooped off towards their bedrooms. I knew they’d have a hiccup when they found their wives still in the process of getting the living shit fucked out of them, but they’d get through that.

Cindy leaned in and kissed me. I loved my sister at many levels. She said, “Are all the men fucked out?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go on a search for the last ripe cocks on this dark continent. Come on, through the nasal passage with gun and camera.” I stood and pointed in dramatic fashion at the arch to the bedroom wing. The two of us wandered off holding hands.

As we walked I said, “You know, I was really attracted to Janet. I wonder if it’s too late to have a little sapphic love affair with her before everybody crashes in bed to sleep.”

Cindy smiled, “I’d love to do Sandy. Let’s go see what we find. Maybe we can even get Troy and Dan excited enough to benefit from their cocks while we eat their wives into another dozen or three orgasms.”

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