Billiard Surprise

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After a wonderful time at the concert & the firework display celebrating the 4th of July, Tifani was wondering what Todd had in mind for their night out. Sipping on her beer, she gazed at him as they casually walked back to the truck. Todd not only looked amazing, he was amazing. It took a great deal of thought on his part to take a Friday night and turn it into a magical occasion…..complete with Joe Nichols & an awesome mega-firework ceremony!

The truth is that this was her third beer, and she was starting to feel it. Tifani found herself undressing Todd with her beautiful blue eyes. His brown hair and his flashing smile made her tingle all over.

Todd stopped walking & looked over, and fixed his deep, hazel eyes on Tifani. “What would you like to do now?” he smiled warmly. Taking another sip allowed him to peer over the rim of his whiskey sour he’d snuck in, taking in how especially sexy she looked tonight. Maybe it was the background smoke from the fireworks. Perhaps it was the Joe Nichols song playing in his head. But something kept him envisioning her dressed in nothing other than her long flowing silk nightgown and high heels. The last time she’d dressed for him like that, just looking at her breasts practically drove him over the edge.

No question about it, he thought. Tifani was the complete package for him. And he was lucky enough to have her all to himself tonight……..

“I don’t really feel like going to a bar around here,” sighed Tifani. “Me either,” shrugged Todd. “Although if you’re up for it, I do have something back at my place that’s a little new and different.” Tifani wrinkled her nose in excitement. Leaning forward, she whispered excitedly, “You have a surprise? Let’s go!”

“Whoa,” cautioned Todd. “It’s a surprise, but don’t get your hopes up. It’s just something that I’ve wanted for a long time and finally have. You may not like it at all.” “Oh, I’m sure I will,” she chirped.

It didn’t take long for them to walk back hand-in-hand to Todd’s truck. Sauntering slowly, in no particular rush, was part of what made their relationship so special. Sure, Tifani had a killer ass. And Tifani thought Todd’s touch made her feel like know one has ever. But simply being together made each one feel so good. Each of them simply felt better when the other was around.

It didn’t take long to drive home. “Okay,” warned Todd as he fumbled with his front door keys. “Now this is something that I’ve always wanted. Not many women really understand it.” The anticipation was killing Tifani. “Give me a hint!” she cried. Todd laughed softly. “Hmmm….okay, istanbul escort how’s this: It’s big. It’s pretty long. And really hard.”

Tifani pushed him backward. “That? I’ve already seen that, big shot. And for your information, you’re O for three! Come on, now, give me a good hint.” Todd just kept laughing, taking her by the hand and leading her inside. Walking through the darkness holding her hand, they walked down a hallway then down some stairs…….then he reached for the light switch.

“Ready?” he asked. Pausing one moment for dramatic effect, he hit the light switch to reveal a magnificent, tournament-size pool table standing in the middle of the room. Tifani didn’t quite know how to react. She stood there looking at the huge, red felt table top. Running her fingers along the dark wood railing, she stammered out the best compliment she could think of: “It’s, um, beautiful.”

Todd couldn’t hide his excitement. “Do you like it? It’s a professional model, tournament size. This is what the pro’s use! I’ve always wanted one and now I have one! Hey, you want to play a game?” Tifani had never seen him like this. He was like a big kid with his first red bicycle. How could she resist? “Sure,” she smiled. “But I’m not really good.”

“No problem,” Todd assured her. “I can show you everything you need to know. It’s really easy. Here,” he offered, “take this cue stick. It’s just the right size for you.” Tifani took the cue, holding it the way she’d seen it held in dozens of movies. Placing the cue ball in front of her, Tifani drew a bead on the smooth yellow ball across the table. She pulled back on the stick and fired — missing the cue ball completely. “Not bad,” Todd smirked. “Here, let me show you.”

Todd rounded the table and stood behind her. “It’s all in the follow-through,” he announced as he placed his hands on hers. As he leaned over, he caught the scent of faint perfume, from Tifani’s long flowing hair. With his head next to hers, he gently whispered against her soft, smooth neck, “Hold it firmly, but not too tight. That’s it. Now, just pull it back and slide it on through.”

With Todd that close, Tifani could hardly stay focused on shooting pool. Pressed up against her buttocks that way, she could feel his cock was already harder than any pool cue in the rack. She felt herself beginning to tingle, but couldn’t resist the urge to tease him. She dropped her left hand behind her and began rubbing his crotch.

“Firmly, but not too tight,” she repeated. “And then I pull it back and slide it? Like this?” Todd instantly felt escort bayan his cock get harder and bigger. He tried to maintain his focus, but Tifani was having too much fun. “You know, you said it was big and long and hard,” she purred as she gripped his pulsing cock through his pants. She reached back with her other hand and pulled his head closer to her neck. Todd began licking the back of her ear and shoulder, letting the pool cue drop to the floor. He reached under the hem of her dress, deftly slipping his large, warm hands under her satin thong panties. It was there he could feel Tifani’s readiness as his thick, long fingers rubbed her back and forth, massaging her into a mass of wet, waiting desire.

With one sweeping motion, Tifani dropped the cue stick on to the floor, spinning around to face Todd and locking her arms around his neck. Todd leaned heavily on her, pinning her to the pool table, pressing his lips on hers while she slowly opened her mouth.

Their tongues touched softly at first. Then, as his hips began grinding against hers, Todd lifted Tifani up on to the table. Tifani sighed as her bare, firm buttocks rubbed against the tabletop’s red felt. As he climbed on to the table, Todd reached up her dress and pulled her panties along her taught, silky smooth legs, tossing them behind him. He gently placed each of her feet into each side pocket.

Tifani was spread wide open for Todd to view. The sight of her glistening wet pussy prompted Todd to rip off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. As he lowered his head between her legs and began licking her inner thighs, Tifani drifted into a frenzied passion, she braced herself against the pool table’s pockets, pushing her hips up into Todd’s face. The more she pushed, the harder he sucked.

“Suck it harder,” she moaned, as the friction from her writhing against the red felt began heating her buttocks. She was on fire, riding Todd’s tongue, back and forth, up and down. Getting wetter. Hotter. Aching to feel Todd inside her, crushing her with his massive weight. She reached down and pulled him upward. Todd started to move, kissing her firm belly, gorging himself on her soft, supple skin as he snaked his way toward her mouth. Stopping briefly at her breasts, he sucked each one — hard, not softly — until each nipple was standing at attention.

Their eyes locked as he reared up on his knees and straddled her chest. She knew what he wanted and wasted no time unbuckling his belt. Todd’s pants seem to melt off of him, bringing his incredibly large, hard cock within inches of Tifani’s lips. Drawing escort istanbul his cock into her mouth, she raised her head, stuffing in as much of it as she could.

Todd pushed farther into her throat, which seemingly had no end. Tifani was insatiable. She was determined to take every inch, to swathe it with her saliva and swallow whatever he would give her. He was almost at his limit, when he reached backward to push his fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Swollen, wet and engorged, Tifani’s pussy easily accommodated two fingers, seeming eager for more. Todd knew that if he could just hold on a bit longer, he could curl his fingers, rub Tifani’s G-spot and send her squirting into ecstasy.

Still straddling her chest, Todd could feel his cock getting tighter, ready to fire his load. His hips were bucking almost as wildly as Tifani’s. His fingers rubbing against her vagina, her mouth swathing his ultra-hard cock until it was dripping with her juices.

They were both ready to come. They were both aching to make it last longer.

Just then, Tifani, gazed up at Todd and pleaded: “Fuck me. You have to fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Come on me.”

In one swift instant, Todd pulled his cock out of her mouth and plunged it into her pussy, hammering away at her like a jackhammer. Pounding her again and again, Tifani had never felt anything so deep, so big inside of her. Spread wide open, her feet in the pool table pockets, she mustered all her strength to grind her clitoris against Todd.

For every pounding he gave her, Todd could feel Tifani push back. Grunting, leveraging herself against the pool table, Tifani was violently slamming her vulva into Todd, letting him know that she was fucking him just as hard as he was fucking her.

They banged up against each other together, thrusting in perfect rhythm. Rubbing and grinding and hammering away at each other. Faster. Harder. Deeper. A few more times. One more time. And then Tifani let forth a yelp that told Todd everything he needed to know. Tifani was shaking, shuddering, thrashing on the table — completely out of control with pleasure.

And just in time.

With one last burst of energy, Todd pulled his massive tool out of Tifani, and with one last groan, shot his full load on to her belly, again and again, until his torrent of love pooled over her navel and trickled down her side.

Then he gently lay next to her. Holding her. Kissing her and giggling quietly in her ear. They were both exhausted. So completely spent that neither could speak for several minutes. When they finally began to recover their breaths, Tifani turned to Todd and smiled: “So are you any good at actually playing pool?” she asked.

Todd began to laugh. “That’s a good question,” he mused. “Now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever having learned the game.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32