Biking with OMGITSELAINE Ch. 01

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Chapter 1. Biking with Elaine.

I was on another long mountain bike ride. I love hiking and biking and have done a lot more biking as my knees like running less after all the marathoning I did when I was younger. I had decided to go out on the C&O Canal Towpath, a great trail for some nice long distance biking. I was about 10 miles out from where I parked and it was pretty deserted in that area. It was pretty warm, too, so I knew of a little open spot a couple of minutes ahead where there was a rest stop. I pulled in and noticed another bike there, but nobody was around. There was a porta-potty there and about the time I stopped and leaned my bike against a tree, the door to the potty opened and a good-looking Asian woman came out. I had my camelback nozzle in my mouth drinking when she came out. I finished drinking and said a quiet hello. Most of the folks out here were not chatty and just wanted to get on their bike and get done with their workout.

She looked at me and smiled. “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare tube, would you?”

I looked over at her bike. She had a flat on the front. “Let’s see what size your tires are.” I walked over and checked it out. It was almost the exact same size as mine, so at least we could get the tube in there and she could get back to civilization. “Yeah, mine will fit so that you can get back on the trail.”

“Oh, god. Thank you. My cell phone is dead and it would take my husband at least 2 hours to get here even if I could get a hold of him with yours.”

“No, that’s cool. The unspoken law on the trail is to always assist other riders. Start taking your wheel off and I’ll get my tools and spare tube.”

I always carry two tubes, so I pulled one out along with my tools to make it easy to take the tire off and put it back on. I went back over to her bike. She was bending over at the waist, getting the front wheel off and I was treated to an excellent view of her legs and butt. Her bike shirt normally covered down to the middle of her butt, but bending over put it all on display. I ogled the view ungraciously.

Finally she stood back up with the wheel and together we went to work on it. As we worked, I thought that I recognized her with her helmet off. We were working when suddenly it entered my mind that she might be OMGITSELAINE from Lit. As we were working on putting the tube in, I decided to introduce myself. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Dennis.” I put my hand out.

She took it and shook my hand. “I’m Elaine.”

I stared at her for a second too long and held on to her hand. I guess my eyes may have widened a little, too, because she looked at me. “What?”

I hesitated. Maybe it was not a good idea to tell her that I recognized her. She was, after all, a married woman, a mother, and just out for a bike ride. She didn’t intend to be lusted after in the middle of nowhere by a 50 year old man. “Nothing. I thought you looked familiar for a moment.”

She smiled. “From where?”

“Not sure.” I decided to lie for now. “Do you know Marie Hong?”

“No.” She seemed to leave it at that and we went back to finishing putting the tire on. When we had replaced the tube, Elaine went back to her bike and bent over to lift it up; bending from the waist again. I stared at her delicious ass. She turned her head while still bent over and caught me staring. She stood up and turned around. “That’s what I thought. You just made up that name, didn’t you? You do recognize me, but it has nothing to do with any other woman.”

“Yes.” I looked at her and we both waited for a second, staring at each other. I finally relented. “Are you Elaine from Lit?”

She smiled and answered shyly. “Yes.”

“I didn’t mean to stare, but you and I both know you have a beautiful ass and legs.”

She demurred just a bit. “I’m just not used to being recognized in public by complete strangers.”

“I understand. I couldn’t help but stare. I mean I’ve seen some very revealing pics of you on line and now… seeing you in real life is so cool! I can’t believe I’m meeting the famous Elaine from Lit!”

She fatih escort laughed a nice throaty laugh. “Thank you, I think.”

“No, I meant it in a good way.” I decided to push my luck. “You are just so hot. And in bike pants, those legs and that ass are smokin’! They look better than on Lit.”

She laughed again. “Well… ahem… I think your legs and butt are nice, too.”

So she was checking me out, too, huh? Well maybe the old guy had something left, I told myself.

I always loved the way she did the “ahem” in her Lit responses and decided to go for broke. I knew she was married, but maybe, with the way she talked and displayed herself on her Lit thread, she was open to a little play out here in the middle of nowhere. “Well….” I looked around and stepped up close to her. “Perhaps I could get a little reward for helping a stranded vixen in the woods.”

She chuckled at that, but looked at me warily. “What did you have in mind?”

I looked over at the picnic table. Might was well voice my desires. “I want to bend you over that picnic table and spend some time worshipping those legs and that tight little ass.”

She stared at me for a minute. “Ummmm, Dennis. I’m married and have a little kid. I can’t do that.”

I stepped closer and looked down at her. “Let me just describe to you what I would do.”

She looked at me hesitantly. I could tell she was unsure, so I took her by the arm and turned her around. I pressed up against her back and held her with my left hand around her waist. I whispered into her ear. “First, I would start by planting little butterfly kisses and nibbles on your neck.” I bent over and did that, eliciting a purr from her and no indication that she wanted me to stop. I rose up and whispered more things as I did them. “Then I would run my right hand down over that gorgeous, tight little ass; feeling how nice and tight it feels in those bike pants. Mmmmm. I would then run my left hand up over those beautiful tits, getting those nice suckable nipples erect for our pleasure.” I was really enjoying doing and describing this at the same time and I could feel Elaine’s hesitation start to ebb. “I would be able to feel you begin to get turned on, your nipples hardening, your body relaxing, small moans beginning deep in your throat.”

I wanted to move along, so I went to the next step. “Then, once I had started warming you up, I would move you over to the picnic table.” I did that, walking her over there without releasing her and staying behind her. “Then I would slowly work my hand into your bike pants while I continue to work on your nipples and neck.” I did just that and she stiffened a little, but didn’t stop me. I was lightly tweaking her nipples while I nibbled on her neck and my right hand was kneading her ass cheeks and working its way down into her bike shorts. “Finally, I would have to give that beautiful ass some lovin’. I would kneel like this,” I knelt behind her. “And then I would pull your bike pants down so that I could continue kissing and worshiping those legs and ass that are so desirous.” I slowly pushed her a little on the upper back. She was now putty in my hands and leaned forward over the table. I did as I said I would and grabbed her bike shorts and started peeling them down. Bit by bit, that gorgeous, brown, Asian ass came into view. She didn’t move, but let me strip them down to her knees. I was now on my knees and leaned forward, kissing first her left cheek and then the right. She moaned a little. I took both hands and spread her cheeks so that her beautiful pussy and asshole were on display. It was difficult because the bike pants prevented her from spreading her legs too far, but she helped by bending over further. I now had a great view of her entire crotch. I whispered just loud enough for her to hear. “Then I would lick you within an inch of your life.” I proceeded to do just that.

I lightly licked her asshole, teasing the little brown orifice. I spread her further so that I could get to her pussy better and buried my face between her legs and cheeks. I started licking escort istanbul and lapping at her beautiful pussy lips, now engorged with blood and showing her arousal. I could smell her pussy, ass, and bike shorts. I decided this was too restrictive, so I pulled back and yanked further on her bike pants and started to lift her left leg. She started to protest. “Wait, this is too public! We shouldn’t be doing this here.”

“Nobody will be along this time of day for quite a while. We have time.” I slapped her ass lightly, but enough to make a point. I made it sound like an order. “Now lift up your left leg so I can get these pants off.” She looked over her shoulder and down at me for a second, but I just stared at her, holding tightly to her bike pants and she finally relented. She raised her left foot until I had her pants and panties complete removed from the left side.

Now I stood up, grabbed her by her shoulders, and suddenly turned her around. She looked at me with surprise, but I just lifted her light little body up and placed her on the table on her ass. I kissed her hungrily and she reciprocated, our tongues fencing. While kissing her I lifted her bike shirt up enough to uncover her bra-covered tits. The nipples were like little diamonds poking into my hands. She groaned into my mouth as I lightly pinched them, but I needed to taste them. I pushed her bra up, broke the face-sucking kiss we were having and dove down to suck on one of the delicious little nubs. As I sucked in the nipple, she also had a sharp intake of breath. She grabbed my head. “Oh yes, Dennis. My nipples are so sensitive. Suck on them.” I smiled as I went about my work. She was really getting into it now.

I worked first the left nipple, then the right, but it was time for the main course. I pushed her back and she didn’t resist, but lay back on the table. I pushed her legs up to her chest and began to feast on her crotch. She was shaved to just a small landing strip above her pussy and it looked like a little slice of heaven. I had full access now and ran my tongue from her asshole up over her pussy and dragged it roughly across her clit. She moaned and grabbed my head. I plunged a finger into her pussy and started rubbing up against what I discerned was her g-spot. I started sucking and nibbling on her lips, working my way up to her clit, knowing she was close to an orgasm already.

“Oh, fuck, Dennis. Don’t stop.” As I moved up she guided me to her clit. As my tongue hit it she erupted. “Fuck. Right there… oh, yes… don’t stop… ugh… ugh… ooohhhhh, shit!”

When she came, her pussy didn’t squirt; just oozed a copious amount of her cum. Now her entire crotch was soaking and that was just what I needed to bury my cock in her.

I stood up and looked at her. She was breathing hard and trying to recover, her eyes boring into mine. She looked like a wild woman at the moment, all spread out on the picnic table, her bike shirt and bra pushed up over her tits, her pussy soaking, her hair starting to come loose from where it was tied back. My dick was as hard as an iron bar and starting to hurt being trapped in the restrictive bike shorts, so I ripped my shorts down and freed it. I rubbed it up and down her crack to get it wet, pushing the head up over her clit and eliciting a moan. She suddenly realized what I was doing and looked up. She eyed my cock carefully, studying the head, which was now turning a nice purple. I was already leaking pre-cum.

“Do you have a condom?” She looked horrified that I was going to enter her unprotected. “I could get pregnant!”

“Not from me. I’m sterile.”

“Oh, fuck, just do it! Stick that cock in me!” She leaned back on her elbows, ready for my penile assault and watching it closely.

I looked at her and hesitated until she looked up at me. Then I very slowly, inched my way in, staring at her, eye to eye. She groaned.

“C’mon, Dennis, fuck me, baby!”

I smiled. “Here it comes!” I shoved hard and buried my dick in her. For a mother she was pretty tight. “God, your cunt is so fucking tight!”

“Oh, god! maslak escort That’s a big, fat dick. It feels so good.” Elaine moaned. She looked up at me. I had buried my dick, but kept it there, unmoving, watching her. “C’mon and fuck me. I need that dick. Do it!”

I looked down and slowly drew my dick back out, watching how her inner lips clung to my dick. Only her deep inner core was a bright pink. I ran my dick slowly in and out, enjoying the tightness as it slid up and down my dick. She was so scrumptious! I ran my hands up over her tits, tweaking her nipples while I slowly fucked her.

She reacted to having her nipples tweaked by jerking and exclaiming, “Oh, shit! Fuck,yes. Dennisssss.”

She was squirming and moaning and I had been worked up for a while, so I decided to get to the finish. I started power thrusting, pounding into Elaine. I watched as her entire body shook each time I bottomed out, her tits bouncing in time to the pounding and my tweaking. She loved it, letting out little ‘tennis’ grunts each time I hit bottom. Then she started chanting my name each time my dick hit bottom and my pubic mound hit her clit.

“Dennis… Dennis… fuck… me… Dennis… Oh… Oh… Dennis….”

I was holding her hips and pounding pretty hard when she reached down and tweaked her clit. That sent her over the top. She went rigid and jerked a few times and her cunt spasmed.

“Dennisssss!” She screamed my name as she came.

Nothing will make a guy who’s fucking a girl cum like when she chants and then screams his name. Pure bliss! I grunted. “Here I cum!” Then I started spurting. I spurted and spurted, so worked up over this fantasy come true, that it seemed that I dumped a double load into her.

As I was finishing my last little hip thrust, she looked at me wide eyed. “You’re cumming in me!”

I leaned over as my orgasm subsided and looked her straight in the eyes. “Yes, Elaine, I’ve got my big, fat dick buried in your pussy and I’m cumming in you!”

She groaned and lay her head back down.

When we both finally settled down, she sat up threw her arms around me, while I was still softening inside her. “Wow! I was fucking horny and I really needed that!”

I laughed, my cock finally slipping from her. “What are you, a commercial now?”

She laughed, too. “No, I just really needed a good no strings attached fucking.”

I started pulling my bike shorts up, which is not an easy task. Elaine stood up and looked around. “Good thing nobody came by. I wasn’t paying any attention to anything but the sex.”

“No kidding.” I poked some fun at her.

“It’s your fault, Dennis, attacking a horny woman in the middle of the forest and fucking her with the fat dick!”

I chuckled. “Anytime, baby, anytime!”

“Now what I am supposed to do?” Elaine was pointing at her completely cum soaked and leaking pussy.

“Just a second.” I finished pulling my shorts into position and went to the porta-potty. I retrieved a large wad of toilet paper and returned to give it to her.

“Thanks.” She proceeded to wipe herself up. When she finished she wiggled back into her shorts, which was almost enough to get me hard again. “Well, it was fun. Fortunately, when I get home I’ll be sweaty and can get straight in the shower. I smell like cum!”

“Wait!” I didn’t want to just ride away.

“Look. I am a married mother of a small child. This has to remain a onetime only, no strings attached thing. You’ll have to replay it in your mind if you want to enjoy it again.”

I smiled. “No problem. I understand. I’ll keep corresponding on Lit and thru email. I’ll let you know how it replays.”

I walked over to my bike and got ready, obtaining an item from my saddlepack. Then I walked back over to her. “Let me at least say good-bye properly.” I leaned over, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her hard on the mouth. At the same time I slid my right hand into her bike shorts to tease her… and to put my business card in there.

“Bye.” And she got on her bike and headed back down the trail. I looked at my bike. I was too tired to go on, so I picked it up and headed home, visions of Elaine’s pussy dancing in my head and her taste still lingering on my tongue. I was also hoping that she would find the business card I had shoved into her bike pants and do something about it.

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