Biker Party

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Everyone had been waiting for this party, it was looking like a hot summer and we always had a good time when the mood was right. My fella Tom had his new Harley working just right for the run to the coast, the tent was all packed and we were ready. We set off to meet the others at the local pub everyone turned up including a few new faces. The atmosphere was really good we all had a few drinks and was chatting about the party.

One of the new faces walked up to me she was around 19 yrs old and looked very sexy in her tight leather jeans and her cut off T – Shirt I had noticed that she had no bra on underneath and that she had quite a large pair of breasts. She introduced herself as Stacy and asked me what to expect at the party. A wicked urge came across me, so to wind her up I started to tell her of all the drinking, and sometimes fighting, but always lots and lots of shagging, not always with the same person.

Thinking this might put her off. But she just told me she couldn’t wait especially for the sex and that she would like to hang around with me and Tom for the weekend as she said this I felt her hand run down my arm as she looked at me in a way that made it obvious what she had mint. Just then Tom came over and I told him that Stacy would like to hang out with us this weekend he smiled ” I would love a chance to inspect those big breasts “.

The run to the coast went really well and the vibrations from the Harley got me very wet between the legs ready for the weekend. kaçak iddaa We pitched our tent and Stacy pitched her small one man tent next to ours, ” your always welcome to bed down in our tent ” said tom flashing that wicked grin of his, well it did make sense as we had our six man tent with us.

Stacy didn’t need to be told twice and made herself at home in our tent.
The afternoon was spent in the local pub and Stacy and Tom were getting on like a house on fire laughing and joking together. She knew how to tease a man, and a woman for that matter, Every time Tom went to the bar or to talk to another member she would start to flirt like mad flashing her breasts in a so innocent manner, trouble was I was enjoying the attention. ” I really find you and tom horny, and would love to shag you both “. Said Stacy
” that really sounds like a good idea ” I replied as I smiled and lent over to kiss her. Stacy rubbed my breasts and my crutch mmmmmm.

We were attracting a bit of attention from some of the members near by, all I can say is that it must have been the good beer the summer sun and well you know, but at that moment in time I didn’t care as I returned the favour by letting my hands run up and down Stacy’s lovely voluptuous figure. The music was really good and set the mood, Stacy grabbed me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. We started to dance my favourite song was on love in an elevator, We started dancing like a pair of lap dancers and boy I enjoyed the going down bit kaçak bahis , we were soon joined by the two other girls who were doing their best to keep up with us. Stacy lifted up my top leaving me dressed only in my leather hot pants and thigh length stiletto boots so I pulled down the front of her dress which made it fall to the floor leaving her in her p.v.c thong and boots we started to kiss and noticed that the two girls that had joined us started to do the same.

We moved closer to the girls and we all started dancing and touching each other pretty soon we were all butt naked all four of us, shagging and touching with the cheers from a crowd of horny bikers egging us on. I noticed Tom enjoying the show and a rather sexy black woman, he was stood behind her with his white hands rubbing her crotch and his fingers working their way under her short skirt and out of sight she had her thighs apart just enough for access to her juicy and very wet pussy. I guess she was enjoying the entertainment too

.Her hand was in-between her and Tom toying with his large stiff cock. I went over to the biker that was stood next to Tom and with Stacy I gave a flash of my shaven pussy, I bent over and let the crotch of my hot pants slip in-between my pussy lips he reached for forward and slipped two fingers into my pussy while Stacy proceeded to spank and lick my arse cheeks. Just then the landlord of the pub came over and turned the music off, ” Calm it down some of the regulars are threatening to illegal bahis call the police!” We all agreed to go back to the campsite.

A group of six bikers followed us back two of them were the girls we had been dancing with they were with their fellas and their two mates.
Back at the tents we lit a campfire and carried on with the party luckily some one had come in a car so we had plenty of music to hand and plenty to dance to.

The dancing soon turned into a mass orgy again with cocks and pussy everywhere. Stacy was licking my clit as a huge cock pushed it’s way into me and another was thrust into my mouth by this time I did not care I wanted as much sex as I could get. The cock in my mouth started to ooze with come he pulled it out spraying my face, one of the girls said ” let me get that for you” and started to lick my face she pushed her tongue into my mouth, she licked as much spunk as she could she then moved and sat on my face and started to rock backwards and forwards as I started to eat her very wet pussy, I stuck my tongue deep into her hole, she bent slightly forward letting a cock enter her from behind pumping roughly with speed he shot his load up her, she stayed over my face letting the hot spunk escape from her tight hole and drip into my mouth. As one cock was pulled out it was replaced with a fresh one slamming up her tight arse as the biker pulled out I looked up to see that it was Tom shagging the girl on top of me, I kissed and licked his balls and he pushed his cock into her wet pussy and filled her with spunk, I sucked his hard cock clean. We then retired to our tent not to forget Stacy my newfound friend and started our own private party.

Oh the joys of summer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32