Biker Bash

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I welcome all feedback and if you would like to just say hello, please do.

I’ve taken the advice from the feedback I’ve received and I want to give full credit and editing credentials to malefica

Sara and I had exchanged messages back and forth for a while, getting to know one another and developed an online friendship. I say a friendship because our interactions were nothing erotic or anything steamy, but we enjoyed the conversations nonetheless.

We had a common interest in riding motorcycles, with her enjoying being a passenger and we just clicked. We also talked about if fate would happen to intervene, and we had the chance, we would enjoy riding with each other sometime either in a group or with each other.

It was during this course of conversations via emails and texts that I discovered she was thirty-three years old and was married but separating. She told me about marrying young when she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter. She also revealed the reason she was separating from her husband of fifteen years was because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

The first time it happened, she had forgiven him. But then it had happened again and she forgave him a second time. But the third time was a charm when she found out he was not only fucking a girl he worked with, but also their next door neighbor, hence why Sara was taking her three daughters and moving out of the state. Sara had developed a whole new outlook on life. She had started exercising again and went on a diet and had found that being on the back of a motorcycle in her younger years had given her a sense of freedom, and wanted to experience that again. Little did I know then what “a new outlook on life” meant.

I had a message from Sara one day saying that in a few weeks she was going to be in town for the weekend, and wondered if I would be interested in meeting face to face. I replied back saying I’d enjoy meeting but never heard back from her. That was until three days before she was coming into town, where she went on to say, “I wasn’t avoiding you but at the same time I was avoiding you.”

What the hell does that mean? I think to myself. The next messages and texts I got from Sara was a long explanation as to why she had hesitated in her reply.

She went on to tell me that while she was setting up for her separation, she got busy with finding a new place to live, all of which sounded reasonable because I had always had the impression of her being a family woman, raising her three daughters, working hard, and doing all the things a good mom does.

Up until then, all of our conversations had been rated PG at best. Yes, there had been some flirting between her and I, and we admitted we were attracted to one another even though I was twelve years her senior, but not much more than that. I could now understand why she had reservations in the bomb she was about to drop on me.

Sara told me that her initial thought about the offer to meet was purely innocent. And that it might be fun to meet an online buddy since she was making a pit stop for the weekend in my area. Then she started having second thoughts and was why she didn’t reply back. But it was while she was making these plans that she had decided she had grown to trust me, as far as trusting someone online can go, and she had a gut feeling there was something more about me. She then decided to just go for it, and proceeded to lay all her cards on the table and it was those arrangements that she wanted to talk to me about and why she had been avoiding me.

“There is something I wanted to talk to you about but didn’t know how to bring it up.” She started off and my nerves were a little on edge, because in my experience, that phrase always leads to a “holy hell you’re shitting me?” kind of reaction.

She goes on to tell me that she was going to make a weekend of it here in town before she ventured off to close on her new house. She continued with explaining that the couple she is going to be staying with is more than just friends. And she also began to tell me what led up to this new revelation she was having and had been going through the past few months before her and I met online.

Since Sara married so young, and she had always remained faithful to her husband, it had limited her on sexual exploration, and other than a couple blow jobs and hand jobs she gave boy friends in high school, her experiences were limited at best. She began to explain to me that one night, when she came to the conclusion her marriage was over, she was visiting a married couple, Sherri and Dan. They were friends of Sara and her husband, and they sympathized with her. After a few bottles of wine, one thing led to another and she had woken between the two of them in their bed the next morning.

After taking a couple of days to figure out what had happened, she had come to the conclusion that it may have been the wine that diminished her inhibitions but at the ankara sınırsız escortlar same time, she couldn’t remember the last time she had enjoyed sex so much. The three of them playing, kissing, teasing and ultimately fucking. It was during those couple of days of soul-searching that she had admitted to herself that she enjoyed it. What the couple had done was woken up a whole new realm of erotic pleasures Sara was finding exciting. She visited them again three days later, with the same outcome of her spending the night. She soon became a regular at their house over the next couple of weeks, and realized that she had missed out on so much, and sex could be so much more than what it had been in the years she had been married.

She had been on her own when she started playing around outside her marriage and found that there was no shortage of friends and couples who didn’t mind having an attractive woman join them in the bedroom on a one-off or friendly basis. Sherri and Dan had introduced her to a couple of their friends, and every weekend Sara was experiencing new things with new people.

Anyhow, she went on to tell me that she met this couple online, and after a few erotic Skype sessions she met them personally on her way to see the new house and had enjoyed their company so to speak. But this time, she was going to spend the weekend with them. This was where I came in, and she asked me if I was turned off or thought less of her. When I reassured her I wasn’t, she went on to ask me how I felt about being her “date” that weekend.

Things had just ramped up, so I told her that I would really enjoy it. That was in addition to the fact that she shouldn’t be ashamed, bashful, or shy about anything. And that I might surprise her as to some of the things I enjoy and would enjoy doing… with her being one of them. Quite the bold step!

This weekend was a pretty big deal in this area with about a thousand or so bikers converging down on a campground and just having a good time. Like many camp grounds it was divided up into sections, with onsite cabins, areas for small to large RV’s, and then there was an area set aside for tents. Sara and her friends were staying in a tent and I rode down there to finally meet her that Saturday morning.

It took me riding up and down the aisles a few times, smelling the various pork products being cooked for late breakfasts over camp fires and grills, before I finally found them and parked the bike. Sara greeted me with a hug and kiss like we had known each other for years and then she introduced me to Kelly and Mark.

The couple looked to be about the same age as Sara in their early thirties, and I later found out that weekend that Kelly was the same age as Sara and Mark was only a couple of years older than her. She was shorter and much thinner than Sara, in fact “dainty” came to mind when I first saw her. Her red hair was short and cropped and I’m sure it was that hair style made her look a lot younger. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a tube top that covered her small breasts that looked like two little tennis balls shoved in the red elastic top. Mark stood about 5’10” and had a bit of a belly on him, I was assuming from the love he had with beer. But overall, they looked to be a healthy, fun, and attractive couple.

“This is the guy I was telling you about.” Sara said.

Mark shook my hand and offered to get me a beer. Kelly gave me a hug, squeezing my ass in the process, and told me it was great to finally meet me and we were going to have a good time this weekend.

Kelly looked over to Sara, “Yeah I think he’s hot too” and gave Sara a thumb’s up with an accompanying smile and laughed while she went back to her chair and sat down.

When Sara broke it off with her husband and started working out and eating better, the results were her losing weight and she was really looking fabulous. She was toning up and her body looked as if she turned back the clock five or ten years. She had dirty blonde hair from a bottle that fell just below her shoulders and it was styled that complimented her very well. A couple of the pictures she had sent me had her having brown hair with a red tint and I thought that the dirty blonde look suited her so much better.

She was wearing a white Harley Davidson t-shirt that was tucked inside a tight fitting pair of Levi’s and those were tucked inside a pair of leather riding boots that came up to just below her knees. Sara stood about 5’4″ but the boots had her a little taller and I thought she could fit remarkably well in my arms when standing next to my 6’1″ frame.

She had on just a touch of makeup, with a bit of eye shadow and natural colored lipstick. I could tell she took a little extra time getting ready that morning considering we were in a camp ground and I appreciated the hell out of the results.

The tee-shirt she was wearing was straining to hold back a set of what looked to be a pair of full C-cups, and ankara suriyeli escortlar without a bra, her hard nipples looked like they could tear right through the cotton material. Her ass looked amazing in those jeans and I desperately wanted to get my hands all over it.

In the previous couple of days, I was thinking about how nice it was going to be to finally meet Sara, and I was looking forward to having her on the back seat of my bike and us riding.

Now the only riding I wanted had nothing to do with Harley Davidson or motorcycles.

It was obvious that the party had started well before I got there and Mark was feeling no pain. The girls were drinking their mimosas and I’ll never know if it was the alcohol or their personalities, but they were giggling like school girls, and we all were just kicking back and enjoying the late morning.

After a while of chit chat and just getting to know each other, Sara stood and came over and sat on my lap and proceeded to give me a kiss that was not meant to be shy, pushing her warm wet tongue in my mouth in the process. Pulling back, she looked at me and asked if I was having a good time and if I was ok with everything that was going on.

“Does this answer your question?” I said, and proceeded to shove my tongue between her lips kissing her back deep and hard. I reached up and grabbed a handful of one of her breasts not being bashful about it. I found the nipple and began squeezing and pinching until it was poking through the shirt again. She moaned, leaned her head back as her eyes rolled back as well.

“Damn I’m glad you came. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend ever since you said OK.” Sara moaned through those wonderful lips of hers.

“I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you and was excited about the whole weekend when you asked me. And I wondered if it was me you wanted to meet or this?” I replied and I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my jeans. And while the palm of her hand rested on my hardening cock, I reached over and I moved my hand to the apex between her legs and applied a bit of pressure feeling the warmth of her sex. “Because you look even better than the pictures you sent me and I’m looking forward to meeting this as well.”

“Oh my god, Yes. Both. All the above” she says.

“What are you guys doing over there?” Kelly asks while laughing.

“I’m wondering why we aren’t doing the same thing.” Mark told Kelly.

We all laughed and that’s when Mark asked if anyone was up for going inside the tent for a little early afternoon fun. Sara looked at me inquisitively as if asking me what I wanted to do.

I smiled and told her I was willing and able for anything, and reached down and gave her hand a squeeze since it was still resting and rubbing my cock. I asked her if it felt I was ready to go inside the tent. She bit her lip again and turned to Mark and Kelly, nodded, and said we were ready.

We all stood up and went inside the large tent. It was one of those three room behemoths of a structure. The inside walls that would separate the tent into rooms were all pulled back so there was just one large area. Two large air mattresses had been blown up and were at opposite ends of the tent. Sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets had been tossed around and the damn placed looked incredibly comfortable.

Sara and I moved toward one side of the tent, where I’m presuming was her bed from the night before, and lay back on the mattress while Kelly and Mark went over to their side. I was more or less just following Sara’s lead and going with the flow.

When Sara pushed me back onto the mattress and lay on top of me and started kissing me I didn’t worry about anything else. My hands were all over her back and ass enjoying the curves of a natural woman. I rolled her over so then I could take advantage of being on top and that way I could set the pace of how quickly I undressed her. I have a thing for women that look good in their clothes and wanted to show her my appreciation. Sara was looking sexy as hell in just the t-shirt and jeans and boots. Oh my god those boots! They had a dual purpose, of being a good-looking pair of riding boots but they were also a wonderful pair of fuck-me boots with a three inch heel. She wore the outfit perfectly and there was no mistake, she was all woman.

I let my mouth cover her neck and kissed and licked a trail down and back up behind her ear. She moaned and I could tell that that was one of her spots. My hands were roaming everywhere eagerly, moving from her chest, to her stomach to between her legs exploring every inch. I pulled the shirt out from her jeans and slid my hand inside and up, and was rewarded by finding the fullness of her smooth but firm breasts. Her nipples were larger than most women I knew, and my mouth watered in the anticipation of them between my lips. I continued with her shirt and it wasn’t long before I was pulling it up and over her head. ankara türbanlı escortlar I let my head fall and devour her tits. Moving back and forth, I exchanged holding one with my hand and the other I covered with my mouth. Then back to the other, switching it up as I showed her how much I enjoyed the bountiful assets that she possessed. She wrapped her hands around my head and would guide and feed them to me. I could tell that she knew her tits were one of the things the guys enjoyed and by the response I was getting I knew she enjoyed them licked, nibbled and sucked.

I moved my hand down between her legs and I could feel the heat that had been building up. I got her jeans unbuttoned and slid a hand down inside. She was soaked! It took little effort to slip two fingers inside and begin moving them in and out within the confines of her tight jeans. It finally dawned on me why the hell go through the trouble of fighting around clothes and I stood up to take her pants off while she was laying on the bed. I removed the boots then she lifted her ass, and with a little work, I slid those tight jeans off. Her panties, started to slip down as well being drug with the jeans, and she reached down and pulled them back into place.

“You really don’t need those either.” I told her

She smiled and hooked the waistband in her thumbs, slipping them down her legs and tossed them to the side.

“It’s not fair that I am laying here naked and you are still fully clothed.” Sara said while giving me that wicked little grin of hers.

I pulled my tee-shirt up over my head and Sara sat up and reached out and took me by the waistband of my jeans pulling me toward her. With me standing and her sitting on the edge of the bed, it brought my crotch level to her head and face.

She sat there working the buttons on my jeans until she reached in, fishing out my cock and placed it in her mouth. Rolling her head from side to side she sucked and licked my hard shaft like it was her last meal. God damn it felt good, and my own moans of pleasure told her so. She moved her mouth up and down my cock, while her hands and fingers gently played with my balls. My hands had found their way to her head and I entwined my fingers through her hair as I gently rocked my hips back and forth, enjoying the talented oral engagement.

After a couple of minutes, I stood her up and brought her mouth to mine. One hand shot between her legs where I buried two fingers and the other hand reached around and moved up and down the crack of her lovely round ass. She raised one knee and partly wrapped her leg around me, giving me more access to that honey pot. One thing that has always turned me on is when a woman was aroused to the point of being sopping wet. I can hear my fingers making squishing sounds as they moved in and out of her body and it fueled me more. Sara started panting and her breathing got faster. I can feel her starting to tighten up around my fingers. I pressed my mouth back to her neck and the spot I found earlier that made her purr. That’s what did it. She started to shake and moan and I pushed my fingers in deep. I started the “come here” motion and held her though her first orgasm. It was all I could to do to hold her upright, finger her, and maintain our balance as we stood there in the middle of the tent.

Now I know why there were sleeping bags, blankets and pillows spread out all over the floor of the tent. I laid her back on the floor and I had forgotten all about Kelly and Mark until Sara and I went to the floor. I looked over and spotted Kelly staring at us. Mark was on the floor on his hands and knees with his head buried between Kelly’s thighs while she sat on the air mattress. It wasn’t the best point of view for me considering Kelly’s face and Mark’s ass was facing us but I thought it was hot as hell looking over at Kelly staring me in the eyes when Sara leaned over and started bobbing up and down on my cock again.

My eyes would shift from Kelly to looking down and watching my shaft appear and disappear repeatedly into Sara’s mouth. And as Sara got me closer and closer, Kelly’s eyes were in a trance watching us, so I thought I would give her a show.

I pulled Sara up and got her on all fours facing Kelly and I moved in behind her. This let Sara watch Kelly and Mark, and I got the view of Sara’s wonderful ass and Kelly’s hypnotizing blue eyes. I reach down and taking my cock in my hand I aimed the head right at Sara’s waiting hole. I checked again and made sure before I looked Kelly right in the eyes and thrust forward hard burying my length into Sara. Sara let out a muffled scream and moaned loudly and I watched as Kelly inhaled deeply and bite her lip at the sight before her. I pulled Sara’s hair back so her head was up and she was facing forward, and I watched Kelly watching me penetrate Sara good and hard. The slapping sounds of a good ol fashion fucking was echoing in the tent. It wasn’t long before, and damn near in unison, Kelly and Sara were peaking. I continued to pound Sara from behind and watched Kelly pull Mark’s head in between her legs. I’m sure that poor bastard was having problems breathing with his face buried between those thighs as tightly as she held him there while she shook and shuddered in her climax.

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