Biker and the Belle

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Kate walked through the grocery store parking lot, enjoying the warm spring evening. Even the thought of slogging through the grocery store didn’t dampen her delight at the sights and sounds of the changing season that was all around her. The cool breeze tugged at the hem of the rather drab and sedate skirt she wore as her work “uniform” and ruffled her short auburn hair. She smiled in feminine joy at the swirl of the skirt around her calves and gave a little bounce in her step.

So engrossed in her private enjoyments was she, that she didn’t hear the rumble of the motorcycle until it was almost too late. She jumped back just in time to avoid getting clipped by the large machine. At the same time, her eyes locked with the man that was driving it, and another kind of tingle went up her spine. The split second of connection seemed to stretch to infinity as she took in his bright hazel eyes, tanned and rugged good looks, and tousled white-gray hair. Then he was past her, slowing down to arrow into a parking spot. She lowered her eyes and hurried into the store, hoping he hadn’t noticed her frank assessment. Wow, she thought, I wish that kind of man worked in my office, I’d enjoy going to work more.

With a rueful smile she grabbed a cart and started her shopping. Her attention turned to picking out the freshest vegetables and winding her way through the yuppies and soccer moms that clogged the aisles with their carts while they loudly talked on their cell phones or yelled at their children. She consulted her list again and read “dog food”, and let out a huge sigh. The grocery store chain obviously thought everyone was six feet tall and a weight-lifter, or else it wouldn’t put the heavy bags of dog food up on the top shelf, well out of her reach. She went and stood in front of the brand she needed, then looked around for a clerk or stock-boy who could help her get the bag down. No one was in sight. She let out another sigh, then stepped up on the lowest rise of the shelving and stretched up….maybe she could do this herself….

Suddenly she felt a presence behind her, and a deep voice said, “Here, let me get that for you…”

She found herself pressed up against the shelves as the man reached up over her head and easily lifted the bag of dog food down and put it in her cart. His body was so warm pressed against hers, so hard and masculine. She could smell that uniquely male scent of clean sweat and warm cotton that made her knees weak and her breath catch in her throat. She tried to compose herself as she turned around to thank the good Samaritan and stopped cold. It was the man on the motorcycle.

He smiled, slowly and wickedly, as he saw her expression. He held his hand out to take hers and she saw the delicate tracing of tattoos running up his arms.

“My name’s Matthew. I suppose we should be on first-name basis since I almost had you in my lap out there in the parking lot.”

Kate’s cheeks burned crimson as she heard the double entendre wrapped in the teasing velvet of his voice. She cleared her throat and shook his hand in what she hoped was her most professional manner.

“My name is Kate, and thank you for getting my dog food down. I would have probably tipped over the whole shelf if you hadn’t come along.”

He frowned slightly. “Kate….is that short for Katherine?”

“Yes, but I’ve always been called Kate. Katherine just always seemed too pretentious.”

“Ahhh…an elegant name for an elegant lady…” He had not released her hand, and raised it up close to his lips. She thought for a second he was going to kiss it; the sudden intimacy of the act made her shiver with a shocking rush of passion. He noticed her reaction and smiled, then tucked her hand through his arm and started walking slowly down the aisle, pushing her cart ahead of him with his other hand.

“I’ll just have to escort you through the rest of your shopping, in case you need rescuing from any more falling bags of dog food.”

They chatted as they wound through the rest of the store. Kate kept glancing surreptitiously at him, enjoying the way his faded blue jeans were molded to his legs, and the ripple of his arm muscles as he lifted items into her cart. My god, she thought, I’m practically panting. I haven’t been this close to….she stopped the thought in its tracks. He’s just being nice, you silly old fool. What would a man like this see in a drab, middle-aged woman like you?

They got through the check-out line and he walked with her to her car, helping her load her groceries into her trunk. She turned to him after she unlocked her door.

“Well that was the easiest time I’ve had shopping in a long time. I don’t know what I can do to thank you.”

The wicked smile played again on his lips. “Invite me to dinner. A home-cooked meal would definitely settle the score.”

Her eyes widened at the thought of inviting this man back to her house. The thoughts that she had locked away in the store came back to brush her with their butterfly wings of desire.

“Well, you would be more than welcome. It’s just roast, I’m afraid…I’m Bakırköy escort not really a gourmet cook.”

“That sounds great. I’ll follow you…”

All the way home she kept glancing back in her rearview mirror, convinced she had fantasized the whole thing. But there he was on his motorcycle, every now and then giving her a wave of his fingers when he saw her looking. Her cheeks were burning by the time they pulled into the driveway of her tiny house. She walked up and unlocked the front door as he started getting bags out of her trunk. She directed him to where the kitchen was and then went out to get a load of groceries also. They put the groceries up quickly and she got the pot and pans out for the roast.

“Can I fix you a glass of water or soft drink? Sorry I don’t have beer…”

One second,” he said, “I’ve got to get something from the bike.”

He went out the front door and Kate busied herself with cutting vegetables and searing the roast. She heard him walk back in behind her and then felt him as he gently pressed against her back again. The warmth she felt in the grocery store came back; her hand that was holding the knife trembled and the knife rattled against the cutting board. He reached around her to put a bottle of wine on the counter, and then gently removed the knife from her hand. She stared down at the half-chopped carrots and cursed herself for being nervous, as his large, strong hands took hold of her shoulders and turned her around to face him.

Matthew’s hazel eyes looked down into hers as he tilted her head up. His head slowly lowered, inches away…she could feel his warm breath on her face…and he whispered, “Where’s the corkscrew?”

Her eyes flew wide open and then narrowed as she saw the wicked gleam of mischief in his eyes. Kate straightened up and said, “It’s in the drawer under the microwave, and the glasses are in the cabinet over the stove.” She knew the game he was playing now and was not going to give him the satisfaction. He must be the kind of man who gets his kicks off of teasing women, making them pant for him, then walking away cold, she thought. Well, she’d feed him dinner then send him on his way without his little jollies.

She turned back, picked up the knife and started vigorously chopping. The sooner the roast was cooking, the sooner she could tell him goodnight.

The roast was almost done, and they had both had a glass of wine. The talk was comfortable, ranging from politics to music to the latest movie they had seen. He was prowling her tiny living room, looking at titles of books and asking about photographs. Matthew’s back was to Kate, she couldn’t see what he was looking at on her bookshelf. He reached out and took a book down, turning around she saw it was her copy of a famous S&M story. He looked at the book, then looked up at her, his wicked smile playing around his lips as he flipped through the pages.

“My my, I never thought you’d go in for this kind of literature. I saw the movie but never read the book…how is it?” Kate was completely at a loss for words. She was not prepared to acknowledge that she had seen the movie, much less read the book. This was a bit too familiar for a first meeting. She stood up and took the book from his hands, putting it back onto the shelf.

“Supper’s ready, I can smell it. Why don’t you go sit at the table and I’ll bring our plates.”

He gave her a long, calculating look, then made a slight bow of acquiescence and moved to the dining room table. Kate went into the kitchen and served the roast onto two of her good plates, grabbed the rolls out of the oven and placed them in a basket, then balanced everything on a serving tray and walked into the dining room. Matthew had brought their wine glasses in with him so they both sat down and started eating. Besides a nice compliment that the roast was delicious, and small talk about local events, they silently ate their dinner.

After she made sure that he didn’t want a second helping, she picked up their now empty plates and went into the kitchen to start cleaning up. Without comment, he came in and helped her rinse dishes and load the dishwasher, then followed her as she walked back into the living room with her glass of wine. She gave a little yawn, a polite way of suggesting that perhaps the evening was over. He didn’t move, just stretched his legs out in front of him and leaned back on the couch. Kate would have to take a more direct approach.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed dinner, and I still can’t thank you enough for helping me out in the grocery store. But it’s getting late…” Her voice trailed off as he locked eyes with her again. He half-smiled and took a sip of his wine.

“Well, I haven’t had dessert yet.”

“Umm….I don’t have anything for dessert.” Kate was absolutely flustered. How was she going to get this man out of her house if he wouldn’t go on his own?

“Oh, I think you do. Something sweet….and soft….and warm…” As he talked, he stood up and walked towards her. She knew she should put her foot down and escort bayan ask that he leave; but his eyes were so bright and so magnetic, she got lost in his gaze and just stood there.

He stopped when he was directly in front of her. His hand came up to cup her chin and lift her face towards his. Again, his lips were inches away from hers.

“Now. Before you get all ice-queen on me again, let’s get something straight. I want you. I wanted you the second I laid eyes on you in that parking lot. If you don’t believe me, feel this…” His other hand grabbed hers and pulled it in to the crotch of his jeans, pressing her palm against him. He was right; she could feel the hard length of him under the denim.

“See? I almost always get what I want. And if I’m reading the signs right,” Matthew inhaled deeply, eyes half closed, “You are wanting me too. I’m a patient man, Katherine, but you will come the couple of inches that are between us to get what we both want.” The hand holding her chin gave a slight squeeze then he let go.

She hovered there, her mind swirling with the possibilities if she leaned forward and kissed him. She could feel his breath on her face, could smell his male scent. She looked up into his eyes and saw intense focus and the warmth of passion there. She took a deep, shaky breath and quickly leaned up and forward, pressing her lips against his.

Matthew’s arms encircled her to hold her tightly against him as the kiss quickly deepened. Her arms twined around his neck, and Kate gave herself over to the rush of desire that swept through her. One of his hands came up to run fingers through her hair, before grabbing and pulling her head back. His lips trailed fire down her cheek and neck before he bit gently but firmly at the base of her collarbone. Kate gasped and shivered; the combination of pain and pleasure started her down a spiral of lust. Her hands moved down to his shirt, fingers shaking as they tried to undo the buttons. His hands came around to stop her.

“Uh uh…you first…” He smiled and his eyes glowed with appreciation as she stepped back and started to undo her blouse. He crossed his arms and watched as she let the blouse fall to the floor, then unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was standing there in her bra and panties and suddenly realized what she was doing. She caught a glimpse of herself reflected in the blank television screen and she felt a rising swell of suspicion like bile in her throat; why would this beautiful man be trying to seduce her? She stood rigid and straight, her eyes searching his face, his body language, for some sign of judgment or disappointment. All she could see was that focus she had seen earlier. The lack of what she was looking for did nothing to allay her suspicion, and it made her back straighter and her resolve firmer – she was not going to give this man the satisfaction of seeing her ashamed of herself. Nor was she going to grovel and beg for his attention; if he wanted it, he could come to her.

As if reading her thoughts, Matthew slowly walked towards her. Without a word, he reached out and grabbed her, pulling her in tightly against him. He held her there as he undid the hooks of her bra. He stepped back away from her as he ripped the bra down off her arms and threw it over onto the couch. The sudden violence startled her and the first tendrils of fear uncoiled in her stomach. His hand clamped down firmly on her wrist as he started walking purposefully down the short hall towards her bedroom. He pulled her into the darkened room behind him and kicked the door shut.

“Now, didn’t I say I wasn’t going to put up with the ice-queen act? I want you soft and sweet…frigid women do nothing for me.” His voice was low and measured. She could only imagine how his jaw was clenched as he controlled his temper. She heard rustling noises and started to back away, trying to silently put some distance between the two of them. The click of the bedside lamp as it turned on sounded like a gunshot and she flinched both at the noise and the sudden light.

He had taken off his shirt and boots. His skin glowed golden-brown in the soft glow of the lamp. His eyes looked like chips of blue ice as he crossed the tiny bedroom in two strides to take hold of her upper arms and pull her over beside the bed. Her arms were crossed over her chest now, and she was trying to control her shivering as the air in the room seemed to suddenly get cold. His hands, which had held her arms like steel vices, suddenly became soft and warm again as they stroked up and down her upper arms before coming around to cup both breasts in each palm.

“Relax, pretty Katherine.” He murmured as his lips caught hers again. This kiss was different; it was long and slow and measured. His hands were still caressing her breasts, the callused fingers an excitingly rough counterpoint to his warm palms as they tweaked her hard nipples. She could feel his warmth. His bare chest and arms felt good under her hands as she slowly started to explore and touch him. She moaned softly; she could feel escort rus her resistance gradually melting and she thought to herself, what the hell….she could enjoy this for what it was and have a nice little memory for later.

Her hands drifted down to his belt buckle, and he didn’t stop her this time as she slowly unfastened it and the top button of his jeans. His hands got a little firmer as they started kneading her breasts, and she swayed a bit as the passion climbed a little higher. She had the jeans unzipped and pushed them down; he stepped out of them and kicked them over to land in the pile of his clothes.

Kate broke the kiss to stare down at him. His hardness was like a magnet, drawing her down to her knees so she could more easily explore it. He stood still as she ran her hands up his thighs before leaning in to slowly take her first taste of him. His warm male scent drew her in closer, and she planted tiny kisses all around the top before licking slowly up from the base to the tip. Her lips opened and she took him slowly inside her mouth; fitting her lips and tongue carefully around him as she eased him in.

It felt right, suddenly, that she was here like this. Somehow it was absolutely proper that she be on her knees in front of this man. She looked up at him to gauge his reaction and was rewarded with a soft caress across her cheek. His eyes were half-closed but gazed down at her with an appreciative gleam. His other hand came around to gently hold her head and guide her deeper. He was showing her how he liked to be pleasured. Her body gave a little shiver of delight at the prospect that he was now in control.

She could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum on the back of her tongue as she slid her mouth up and down his thick shaft. He let out a low growl of appreciation as she moved faster. He was close to orgasm, she could tell it, and she wanted to taste him so badly…

He pulled away from her and lifted her off her knees. In one swift movement he had her on her back on the bed, with his body covering hers.

“My turn.” He whispered as he started kissing down her neck, leaving little nips and bites all the way down to her breasts. His breath as he slowly drew his lips across one erect nipple cooled her heated skin and made her shiver with sensuous delight. He teased her nipples with teeth and tongue, moving back and forth to give attention to both breasts. Kate brought her legs up to lightly squeeze then wrap around his body, rubbing against the backs of his thighs with hers.

He moved lower, his hands trailing down her sides as he kissed her belly. A light jab with his tongue into her belly-button made her squeal and jump from the sudden tickle, and she felt him chuckle as he did it again. He delighted in her sensitive skin; his fingers gently grabbing her ribs to make her bounce harder and laugh louder as she fought to control her ticklishness. A second before she started shrieking for him to stop, he moved lower on her body. His lips brushed against the silk of her panties as his fingers hooked into each side and slid them down, lifting her legs straight up to remove them and throw them over on top of his jeans.

Matthew slid his hands up the backs of Kate’s thighs to gently push them up and apart as he brushed his lips across the soft hair at the top of her lips. Kate moaned as she felt his tongue part her lips and delicately trace up and down, then circle around her clit. Her juices started to flow as she pushed her hips towards his mouth, begging for harder stimulation. His tongue dipped down to enter her in short jabs just as he had done with her belly-button. She could feel her lips opening for him as she became more and more aroused. A broad stroke of his tongue all the way up to the top and then his lips fastened around her clit as two fingers slowly slipped inside her. He sucked gently as his fingers stroked her inside walls, moving in and out, slowly relaxing her and bringing her higher and higher, closer and closer to orgasm. She was practically dripping with desire now, and moaning incomprehensible pleas for him to keep going…to go harder….faster….

He pulled away and rose, covering her body with his once again. His thighs pushed her legs farther apart and his hands came up to cup her face as he kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and it drove her even closer to the point of no return. His hips shifted and the head of his hard cock came into alignment with her open sex. A short thrust, then a slow glide, and he was buried to the hilt inside her. Her arms wrapped around his body and she reveled in the feeling of hard muscles moving under her hands as he started a slow rhythm. She matched him stroke for stroke as she kissed him over and over, letting his tongue slip inside her mouth to touch and entwine with hers.

His hips started moving faster, his strokes a bit deeper and more powerful. He shifted downward so that the head of his thrusting cock was hitting a spot deep inside her and she let out a muffled scream as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. Kate clung onto him as wave upon wave of pleasure washed through her, her muscles clenching tightly around him as he rode her through her orgasm. Just as the pulsing pleasure was starting to subside he stiffened, thrust hard and deep inside her and let out a low groan as his own orgasm gushed into her.

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