Bigger Down There Ch. 02

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Thank you all for your comments and Emails on Chapter 1. It’s pleasing to know that there are those out there who share my pecadillos. I suggest reading Chapter 1 before this if you have not already done so.


I assured Helen that I definitely had no plans to me moving out – quite the opposite as I knew I wanted more. I decided to explore things a little deeper, and perhaps move out of my comfort zone. I repeated that I was very open minded and was more than happy to be led into things. I told her that I was hugely turned on and that my cunt had been perpetually soaking since Friday. Helen said ‘your big cunt.’

I said ‘well if my cunt is big, we would have to say yours is fucking big.’ Helen nodded and said ‘let’s keep this going,’ but got up and left the kitchen. As she was going out of the kitchen door she said ‘see you in the lounge in a minute or two.’

I could hear movement which sounded like Helen going up the stairs, and then back down, and after giving her a few moments I went into the lounge. Helen was naked. I looked her up and down, and felt myself juicing up again while gazing at her magnificent gash. She commented that she would rather be naked around me if that was OK with me. I said that I’d love it, and I wouldn’t want to miss any chance to see her big fleshy cunt. She looked straight at me and said ‘it is isn’t it, but you can do better than that – tell me what you really think of my big slutty cunt.’

This time I said ‘it is an enormous cunt hole you’ve got there Helen,’ and at that she started toying with her lips and dipping all four of her finger tips in. ‘Yes’ I said, ‘a really huge fucking cunt hole.’ Now she really started working her fingers fully in and out. She said, ‘come on, keep going – keep telling me what I want to hear.’ I think I must have kept up the verbal and graphic description of her huge cunt for at least 15 minutes (even surprising myself sometimes) and Helen appeared to be getting more and more abandoned.

Whilst it felt a bit surreal doing this with Sam’s mum, I knew I had found a kindred spirit and I started to probe a bit further. I asked if she was usually naked around Sam when she was at home. Helen nodded. At least I now knew how it was that Sam knew her mum had a big cunt, and it probably explained why Sam was a bit of an exhibitionist herself. I asked if Sam had seen her playing with herself. She said ‘sometimes, when I either got a bit carried away or forgot that she was in the room, but it didn’t stop me doing it and I liked being watched.’

I continued. ‘So Sam never left if you were working yourself up?’ and she shook her head. Something inside me had to ask the next question. ‘Did Sam ever do it to herself while you were doing it?’

Helen reply of ‘a few times – we are very open with each other’ started to make me tingle.

It felt like there might be a bit of potential here, but my mind was going way too quickly to form any rational thoughts so I changed tack. I wanted to know more about how Helen had managed to stretch that exceptional cunt to the size it was, so I began to ask more questions.

Helen said that opening herself up had been relatively straightforward, and she had used her hands, toys and things like bottles, vegetables and anything else that was available. She said she loved being full, but each time she found a bigger implement, she knew the sensation and pleasure would only be temporary, and that it would only be a matter of time before she would want something bigger, and added that stretching was easy in itself, but she learned that keeping it permanent had required a more concentrated approach.

My mind was trying to wrap itself around the implications of what Helen had just stated when she gazed into my eyes and uttered ‘come here.’

I got up and walked over, and stood more or less in front of her. She said I was overdressed, and looking again at her naked form, I clearly was! So I stripped off, but slowly. Once I was nude she got up and stood in front of me and asked me to sit down. She knelt down and put her hands on my knees and very gently started to open my legs. I knew my lips were hanging down and that I was gaping slightly because I was so turned on, and watching Helen gaze at my sopping cunt had the immediate effect of increasing my wetness.

Then she asked ‘do you mind?’ and started to feel around my sodden cunt lips.

It felt like she was really checking me out, almost inspecting or examining me. She said she thought that I was actually a bit bigger than she was when she was my age and almost blew me away with her next comment.

‘I think we can get your cunt opened up much more if that’s what you really want’.

I’m not sure which part of that sentence was getting me going more – whether it was the ‘we’ bit, or the notion of my cunt becoming like Helens or the very fact that we were having this rather carnal conversation. However, there was no question as to my answer, so I simply bolu seks hikayeleri declared ‘oh that’s definitely what I want.’

She followed up with ‘are you sure, because once you really get started you might never have a tight one again.’

The way that Helen pronounced this was something of a turn-on in itself. I started to assert myself. I said I didn’t want tight, I wanted loose, and then added ‘like yours – I really want my cunt to be like yours.’ She said well you’ve come to the right place’ which if I hadn’t been shaking because of the images this conjured up, would have made me laugh out loud

Helen said quietly, ‘I’d like to get very intimate with you my darling girl, do you think you can accept that?’

To an extent, I guess this was something of a turning point because in knowing that I would not only accept that, but that I actually wanted it, probably meant admitting to myself that I had serious lesbian leanings. I also wasn’t sure how the hell I was going to be able to front this with Sam, but I had a small amount of time to think about that one. However, the thought of getting ‘intimate’ with Helen was consuming me so I stood up, and in doing so sort of stood her up from her kneeling position in the process.

I thought the best thing was just to show her, so I put my arms round her and gently pulled her towards me. I could feel her tits on mine, and as our nipples brushed, a sensation ran through me almost like an electric shock. I moved my right hand down to her bottom and pulled her groin into mine. I could feel our cunts touching, and when they did, I looked up and asked ‘does that answer your question?’

Helen stepped back, took my hand, widened her stance and guided my hand towards her cunt. I rubbed it around feeling the delightfully gooey squishiness that was enveloping her crotch. I looked right into her eyes and she nodded, as if she was giving me permission. I knew Helen was big down there but I couldn’t believe how easily my hand slipped into her. All four fingers and my thumb, not a fist, but just a slight movement of my thumb to place it across my palm. If I had ever been this wet before, I certainly didn’t remember it and I could feel my own juices dripping out of me onto the floor. God, I was turned on.

Helen let me move my hand around inside her (and it felt like my hand, rather than my fist if you know what I mean), and by now I could hear, as much as feel how sodden she was. She had so much room for me, and if I hadn’t been sure up until then, I knew for definite now that Helen could take a lot more.

I looked up and Helen’s eyes suddenly locked onto mine. I think she said something like ‘you’re loving this aren’t you,’ and I muttered ‘oh God yes.’

Her next statement was ‘we need to be more comfortable.’ She pulled away from my hand, took my dry hand in hers and led me out of the lounge and up the stairs. We got to Helens room (which for some inexplicable reason I still thought of as ‘Sam’s Mum’s’ room rather than Helen’s room), and she turned her head, looked directly at me with a most deliciously wanton stare.

I recall that ‘Sam’s Mum’s’ bedroom door had always been closed, and that I had never so much as even had a ‘sneak peek’ of what the room was like. The bed had waist height posts at the foot end and a large headboard at the head end, but it was the bedside table and its partially open drawer that really caught my attention.

I’d seen vibrators and dildos before, but not on the same sort of scale, and by scale, I am referring to size, not quantity. I mean there were at least a dozen, but it was the sizes of them that really opened my eyes.

Helen could see me looking around. ‘Big, aren’t they’ she said in a gleeful tone. My mind was in overdrive. She peered at them herself saying ‘you have to work up to some of these, but I promise you we’ll be gentle.’ ‘It’ll take time, but for now, come here’ she said, and sort of sat me on the bed and then swung my legs up and round so that I was virtually in the middle of it but with my head at the foot end.

Helen got on the bed and I thought that she was going to lay next to me, but she apparently changed her mind halfway through the manoeuvre and altered her position to one of half lying and half sitting on the bed with her back supported by the pillows. She planted her feet a good way apart and opened her legs very wide, her spectacular cunt fully on display.

Her comment of ‘come and have a good look at what you are going to be playing with’ started my juices to flow more copiously.

I moved from my lying position and kneeled up so that I was positioned in front of Helen, with a perfect view of her outrageously stunning cunt.

The distended, drooping and floppy lips framed her big, open, and ample hole. Her opening was covered with a sheen of her juice. ‘Go on’ she said, ‘have a really good look.’

‘You can use your fingers’ she said, and as I seemed sort of hesitant, she started to use one of her ownhands. There was nothing in the way of getting herself ready. Her whole hand slipped in at the first attempt, and she started to move it around.

I watched, besotted with what she was doing, and fascinated by the juices that seemed to be oozing from her beautiful and very womanly gash. She abruptly pulled her hand out, and moved it towards me. I thought at first she was giving it to me to lick, but she grasped my right hand and pulled it towards her open and inviting cunt. As I was about to glide my hand in, she half reached towards my other hand, and I knew with a very erotic jolt what she had in mind.

I bought my hands together, palm to palm and stupidly asked if we needed some baby oil or something. She didn’t reply, but instead lightly brushed my hands aside and pushed four of her own fingers into herself, and scooped out some of her goo. With a lascivious smile she asked ‘what do you think?’

She wiped the gorgeously aromatic juice around the outside edges of my hands and some around my wrists, and I prepared myself to move in for what I knew was going to be a moment of sublime ecstasy. There was a very slight tightness, but by then Helens hands were around my wrists, tenderly pulling me into her.

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, Helen reached down and grasped hold of my own, very swollen cunt lips. As I started double fisting her, she was pulling soothingly on my lips and asked me to tell her what I was doing. I said ‘fisting your exceptional cunt hole Helen.’

‘You can do better than that’ she said, so I responded with ‘stretching your bucket cunt with both my hands.’

She nodded and added ‘that’s better, come on, give me more, you know I love it when you talk so lewdly to me.’

‘Double fisting your huge slutty cunt hole and opening you out wider.’

‘That’s more like it’ she said, and for about the next 10 minutes I kept up the torrent of filth and discovered that the more I kept it up, the messier she got. My own cunt which was now receiving an intensive lip pulling’ was so wet that she couldn’t keep hold of my swollen lips, so she started rubbing my clit.

Helen’s cunt and my wrists were now covered in a creamy, frothy film of her cunt juices. I had never seen anything like it. All of a sudden, Helen started half moaning and half shouting, ‘work me harder, come on, bang those hands into me,’ clearly very close to her orgasm.

Half of me was worried about hurting her, but I threw caution to the wind and really went for it, ramming my hands in and partially out of her sloppy hole together and one at a time. Her cum was noisy and messy, and I loved it.

It probably took her a good five minutes to come down, and as she was recovering she muttered something along the lines of ‘fucking hell Andrea, you and I are going to get on like a house on fire.’

I hadn’t actually cum myself (I think I had been concentrating too hard on Helen), but strangely enough, I wasn’t bothered. I was on the crest of a wave with the anticipation of knowing that my turn would come and I was not sure if I would be able to take much more at the moment. However, I was captivated by Helen’s gaping, dripping and beautifully coloured cunt.

She opened her legs wider, knowing that I wanted to feast my eyes on her. All of a sudden, I changed my mind, and wanked myself vigorously while I took in the view of Helens splayed out cunt, feeling wonderfully depraved as I came loudly.

I pulled myself up to sit/lie alongside her, our legs touching closely which in itself was curiously sensual.

Helen turned to look at me and summed up my thoughts. ‘You’re analysing aren’t you?’ she enquired.

I was in the process of taking it all in, so I simply nodded, and added ‘but I’m not having second thoughts if that’s what you are worried about’.

‘Good’ she said, ‘because nor am I.’ ‘We are going to share some very special things together. I’ve wanted something like this for so long, but never thought I’d find somebody to do it with, and then you come along, who has been in my house all this time hiding a guilty secret.’

She leaned over and kissed me, which although a surprise, felt very right. ‘Never feel you have to be dressed around me, or even avoid coming into the bathroom if I am already in there – and I hope I can do the same with you.’

I absolutely wanted this new found and liberating freedom, so I reacted by saying ‘you can count on it’, lightly flicking my heavily jizzed cunt lips in full view of her for good measure.

We lay chatting for quite a while, but eventually we came to the realisation that we had things to, so started to move. As we were getting up, Helen took my hand and placed it firmly over the expanse of her delightful cunt. ‘It’s yours’ she said, ‘any time.’

I was feeling delightfully naughty, so I dipped the fingers of my other hand into my own cunt and coated them in my slippery cunt and cum juices. I removed my hand, from Helens cunt and used my goo coated hand to gently rub my cream all over her lips and mound, inside and out. ‘I’m marking it as my territory,’ I said with a grin, which judging by the look on Helens face, went down very well.

She looked at me in a strange, but extremely sexy way and commented ‘you’re going to be my cunty little pet.’ There was something rather thrilling about that and I felt myself shudder slightly at the thought.

We did some housework for the rest of the afternoon, but with the curtains partially closed which enabled us to be gleefully naked. Was it my imagination, or was Helen bending over or stretching her legs more than usual? My eyes were repeatedly drawn to her voluptuous cunt, and I am sure that Helen knew it. The best bit came when she was squatting to clean the oven door and I actually saw some juice drip from her cunt onto the kitchen floor. We both knew it had happened and I walked over at which point Helen turned herself away from the oven and virtually put herself on display.

I was creaming up and Helen was glistening. She moved to a lying position on the floor and opened her legs wide.

‘Get your cunt over mine’ was all she said, and I just did exactly as I was told. Cunt to cunt, and our respective cunts smothered in each other’s juices. I was drenched, and the exquisite feeling of Helens lips squishing around against mine was making me even wetter. Our clits were touching and it took very little time for us to cum (which created yet more sexy mess).

Helen said she was going to leave my cum to dry on her, and despite the temptation to wipe myself off a bit, I decided to do the same. We cleaned up the floor and I don’t think I have ever felt so alive – I felt like I was glowing.

We were pretty well behaved for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. We ate, sat next to each other on the sofa and half-heartedly watched a movie. I couldn’t help myself. My hand drifted towards Helens thighs, and after a few seconds and with virtually no resistance, her legs drifted apart and I began to explore her lips and cunt hole. She was lapping it up, and so was I. It wasn’t long before my fingers and thumb were in her, and she was oozing gooey creaminess.

We gave up with the film and Helen practically dragged me upstairs. She selected 5 or 6 huge toys and put them on the bed and told me to choose one. ‘For me or for you’ I asked, thinking at first glance that there was probably only one I could take.

‘For me,’ she answered.

I picked one I liked the look of. Helen’s eyes lit up, and as I was hefting it around in my hands, she explained that it was a Doc Johnson American Bombshell B-10 Torpedo. It was smooth with a bulbous head, about 10 inches long and probably 3 inches across at its widest part. I watched almost hypnotised and she used some goo from both our cunts to give it a bit of lubrication, and started to insert it. It seemed to go in rather easily, but Helen really started to move it around. Not just in and out, but up and down from side to side. She was clearly enjoying being watched. Her eyes were almost glazing over and she was muttering ‘watch it going in and out opening up my dirty cunt’, ‘can you see it, are you watching?’

Helen became more and more vocal and I started to join in. ‘Get that filthy cunt loosened up,’ I almost shouted. ‘Come on – do it.’

‘Oh yes baby – I’m doing it for you, can you see?’ Helen grunted.

I started to fist myself and this had a great effect on her. ‘Oh yeah, show me, fist your beautiful cunt box for me.’

She was practically screaming, and I was amazed at how long she was able to hold out before she came, but when she did the cum was practically pumping from her massively widened slit, her meaty lips were distended and hanging open, and she looked euphoric.

‘Now get up here where I am’ she said after a few minutes. ‘Let’s get you started.’ She took the smallest of the toys that had been left on the bed and used some gel that was on her bedside table and smeared it all over the toy.

I was torn – I wanted to use the dildo, but I desperately wanted to feel her hand in me. I think Helen could sense my uncertainty and asked ‘what is it my cunty little pet?’

I told her I was dying to feel her fist in me and she beamed and said ‘M’mmm – it will be my pleasure! Do you want to watch or just feel’?

I wanted to watch, so she repositioned me a bit and smothered the gel all over her hand and up to her wrist and started working it into me, three, then quite quickly four fingers, and when I was ready, her thumb.

The feeling was exquisite. If you’ve masturbated, you know how the touch of your own hands feels. If you’ve ever had somebody else play with you, you will also know that it feels very different. Moreover, they can play with your cunt in a way that you can’t because they are in a different position and not have the same physical constraints.

I thought I was going to heaven. Helen was teasing me.

‘Are you feeling me my dear?’

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