Big Truck Pt. 02

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He was in the shower for almost a half hour, I made breakfast, he came out clean shaven, and smelling oh so good. Even his clothes looked better.

“You’re a new man now you look great.” I told him checking him out.

“Thanks been a while since my last real shower.” He admitted.

“Are you living in your truck by any chance?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yes I am, my big mouth got me kicked out of the last place I was staying at, I lost my job, been a bad month.” Billy told me hanging his head in shame.

“Tom I am sorry for being a jerk yesterday, I don’t even know why I picked on you of all the cars on the road. You scared the shit out of me when you followed me. Thank you for all you have done for me.” Billy said being honest.

“Your welcome Billy, now lets eat then we can go get your truck from the bar.” I told him.

“So where will you stay?” I asked him concerned for him.

“I don’t have a place to stay actually I will be back in my truck trying to find odd jobs to do till I find something full time.” He answered honestly.

“What kind of work do you do Billy?” I asked.

“Construction, I can do all kinds of work related to construction.” He answered with pride.

“I might have a few things you can do for me here, I can let you stay and pay you for the work you do. we will finish eating go get your truck, then I can show you the things I need you to do for me.” I suggested.

When we got back I showed Billy what I needed to be done, he pointed out the roof on my shed, the door needed work, a multitude of things to be done.

“Billy let you do what needs to be done, you and I can go get supplies and whatever you need.” I got all of Billy’s clothes in the wash, and any of his personals he had set up in the spare bedroom. Billy made a list of things he would need, he would ask me if I wanted certain things done,

“Billy you know better than I do, repair replace what needs doing.” I told him honestly.

We got in Billy’s truck, it was a really cool thing to ride in you could see everything, our destination the local “Home Depot”, I loved that store so many hot men in there. We got what Billy needed, I looked over and his gas gauge was on “E”. I filled his truck with internet casino gas, and headed back home. We unloaded, and I went in to start lunch, Billy came in an few minutes later I gave him a water and told him lunch would be ready shortly.

“Are you okay Billy? You don’t look so good.” I asked concerned.

“Yea just a lot hung over is all, I guess, I really don’t feel well.” He told me honestly.

“Go crawl back in bed.” I ordered him.

When I went to his room to check on him, he was laid out on the bed in his clothes, you could see he was sweating profusely, I took his temperature, it was very high. I started to remove his clothes.

“What are you doing Tom?” He asked defensively.

“Your burning up, we have to get your fever down, this is more than a hangover.” I told him taking his clothes off.

“I feel so weak, and tired like I could pass out anytime.” He said sounding so low.

“Just lay back and let me do what I do.” I told him.

I stripped Billy naked, filled the tub with cool water, picked him up and placed him in the water, once cooled down I took him from the tub, put him back to bed. His fever was down, now he needed sleep, his body was clearly run down.

Billy slept most of the day, I fed him some broth, gave him something to keep the fever down, He did not actually get up till the next morning. He did not look very good at all his color was bad,

“You’re going to the clinic, there is something wrong with you for sure, this is not just a hangover.” I told him.

I helped Billy shower and get ready, he laid down while I showered, I got him in the car and off to emergency, he was getting worse by the minute. Billy passed out in the emergency, they got him on a gurney and wheeled off, they asked me questions of who I was, his medical records that sort of thing. I went back to the house got whatever info I could find about Billy.

Billy had a bad flu virus, they would run antibiotics thru his system, to help fight it off, I spent as much time as I could at Billy’s side, he did not have any family, his parents had passed many years ago. He was single, never married, no girlfriend, I did find a few odd things while looking thru his truck, receipts from a local canlı poker oyna bathhouse, a gay bathhouse. In a few days Billy was back to his old self, his color was better, he was eating solid foods. He would be released tomorrow, if he had someone to watch over him.

When I got Billy home we got comfortable quickly, he wanted to get to work on the backyard, you are not going to do a thing for a week or so. Billy was feeling much better day by day, he was pacing the patio door looking in the backyard. I had him draw up plans on what he wanted to do in the backyard. He was working on the plans when I walked up to him and asked.

“Why do you have receipts from a gay bathhouse Billy?” I asked him bluntly.

He turned a bright shade of red, “I, I went to one once.” He told me.

“You have more than a dozen receipts here Billy.” I waved the receipts at him.

“I was going there to shower.” Billy said looking away

“Billy come on tell the truth, come on man its just you and me here, I’m gay Billy, are you?” I asked him point blank.

“Your gay Tom? Really? but your a big tough guy.” He stated not believing me.

“Not all gay guys are a certain type.” I told him.

“Yes Tom I am gay! it’s even hard for me to say it, it was always such a derogatory term for me, but yea seems I am a gay man, and that is okay right?” Billy asked worried.

“Yes it sure is okay Billy.” I told him putting my hand on his shoulder.

Life went on for Billy and I, he worked in the backyard, once completed it was a total transformation, Billy was a very talented guy, he could build almost anything, our backyard was amazing. Billy moved in with me, we continued to sleep in separate beds, till one night, we celebrated the completion of the backyard with friends, Billy got more work than he could possibly do, he would draw up plans with his new clients, on what they wanted. He and I stayed close all night, he would give me this little smile when he was on the other side of the room, a friend asked if I was sleeping with Billy, I said I was not but the more I got to know Billy the more I wanted to make love to him.

After our last guest left, Billy and I cleaned up, we were putting the last of the glasses in poker oyna the dishwasher when our hands touched, an electrical shock went thru us both, we both smiled, I shut the dishwasher, he and I stood face to face, I grabbed him and kissed him. His arms were wrapped around my neck, I pulled him up and sat him on the counter, we continued to kiss, my hands were all over Billy.

“Lets go to bed Billy.” I told him.

I had seen Billy naked many times, I slipped off Billy’s shirt, I got to touch his chest, the muscles so tight, he had put on some weight so he looked so much more healthy than the first time I saw Billy naked, I removed his pants, his cock was tenting his underwear, his cock was impressive hard. My cock was rock hard, Billy could not keep his hands off of it.

“Its so big Tom.” Billy said looking at me.

We kissed and ended up sixty nine position, I sucked Billy’s cock to the base, I spread his legs to reveal his pretty little hole, so pink, such a pretty little hole. I positioned him so I could rim his hole.

“Oh fuck Tom I’m gonna cum.” Billy screamed.

“Then cum for me Billy.” I urged him.

His cock shot rope after rope of cum, it seemed he would never stop shooting. Once his orgasm subsided, Billy laid there looking at me.

“Can I fuck you Billy?” I asked looking deep into his eyes.

Not a word was spoken, Billy got into position, putting his ass in line with my cock, I grabbed the lube and lubed him and I up, my cock tried to penetrate his hole but I could not get in.

“Push your ass out Billy I need to get my cock in.” I told him.

I could see the pain in Billy’s face.

“Is this your first cock in your hole Billy?” I asked with concern.

Thru a pain filled face he said “It is actually so please be gentle.” Billy stated.

“I would never hurt you Billy.” I told him as I kissed him.

His ass seemed to relax once I told him I would take care and not hurt him. My strokes were careful and slow, I would be so gentle with him.

“Come on Tom fuck my ass man a little harder.” Billy urged me on.

I fucked Billy two times before we got up the next morning, we had coffee on our new deck, naked Billy had put up privacy fence that we could be naked in our backyard. We ended up in the hot tub for a soak, I kissed Billy over and over he needed a lot of affection.

Billy and I had quite a few naked hot tub parties, so many stories to tell about them.

But that is another story.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32