Big Taboo

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Amazing Boobs

Chapter 1: Peeking In


The barbell groaned as it was pulled closer to the not-so-inviting ceiling; a grey and grimy textured plane of plaster with dark stains randomly bedecking it. It had seen better days, but that was years prior. Now it was just almost deliberately left to deteriorate with time.

The barbell contrasted the ceiling; a shiny steel-plated rod with equally polished weights commonly used by bodybuilders; heavy and firm, almost never feathery. The hands that held the bar had evidently been through some tough times, to the point that the skin was rough; callused and somewhat frayed to show the dried areas of blood.

Janet heaved, pulling the barbell up again for the fortieth time, her strength and focus unwavering, droplets of sweat only now just starting to form round the shapely yet muscular expanse of her body, after God knows how long a workout. The moisture seeped this way and that, between the cracks of her gym shorts-clad ass and cleavage, smiling softly at their respective rigidity pressing against the fabrics that helped retained her decency – something she cared very little for by now.

With a gentle exhale she racked the barbell and pulled herself up to sit evenly on the bench, her wide legs flanking either side to engulf it with their mass. The droplets of secretion flowed faster and more frequently now, practically acting as a small cascade of liquid gushing down her cleavage – or, admittedly, what was left of it anyway.

She looked around for a moment, taking deep breaths, at the shoddy excuse of a basement she called a gym. Sure, not all basements need to look nice and tidy, but when it’s a gym – a place considered by many to help boost ones strength, stamina and confidence – the least that could be done was help make the place appear pleasing to the eyes. That said; the sub-standard appearance of the basement wasn’t Janet’s fault, but Frank’s. He spent months rebuilding the basement into the gym it is now, used the weights for a few months, then left the place to gather dust, be forgotten.

Naturally, Janet just wouldn’t let that stand. She was raised by her parents to maintain everything she could, if at all possible, so it went without saying she used her nurtured mind to preserve the gym, which ultimately led to her using it in her spare time, much to Frank’s dismay, before going at it full-time.

“Another great workout” Janet declared contentedly. She reached for the lone white towel draped over the bench’s edge and proceeded to wipe herself down, feeling the cottony material glide gently across her arms at first, before moving onto her chest. The individual muscles there still bulged; popping up to the surface of her reddened skin; veins pulsing softly as the rush from the workout slowly ebbed away. “Must be bigger and stronger than Frank by now. I’ll be surprised if I’m not.”

Janet turned to the mirror behind her just as a hushed groan made itself known from somewhere in the room. Or at least, she thought it was a groan – the basement pipes were so old, it

could easily have been mistook for the central heating groaning itself to life.

Janet stood up in front of the mirror and struck a lat spread pose, catching the reflection of her vein-laden arms bulge, the singular beefy tendons pressing against the mother’s smooth skin, pushing out violently to only just touch her hips. Holding the pose, she retained the smile offered previously, obviously marvelled by how big and strong she had become over the past few months. There was no doubting it: she was bigger than Frank, probably stronger too. It was just a shame he didn’t share same level of admiration. Admittedly, he felt emasculated by the whole idea his wife was not only working out instead of him, but was also doing so with heavier weights. It put a tremendous strain on their relationship as a married couple.

The only person in Janet’s immediate family who ever offered moral support for what she did to pass the time was her son, Nick. He was an ever open-minded individual who always knew it would never hurt to try something new, unless what he tried, did, in fact, hurt him in the end. But other than that, he was a good-natured high-schooler who never got into trouble. Well, not with the law at least.

Janet changed poses, switching into an abs and thighs position. She beamed as her stomach rippled forth to form the washboard Frank was ever-envious of. Janet always said he could achieve a body like hers if he put his mind to it, but Frank had gotten lazy over the years. He wasn’t fat by any means, just not as active as when in high school where he first met Janet.

Janet’s hand glided gently over the stomach, her smooth hand contrasting the ridiculous rigidity of her core, where each abdominal strangely felt larger and stronger than the last.

“Abs of steel!” she called out triumphantly, suppressing the urge to giggle like the lively high-schooler she once was.

The groan came again. This time it was loud and came from a more Onwin specific direction: near the broom closet. Janet smirked knowingly as she turned her head towards it, knowing exactly who made the noises, but elected to play dumb, turning again into a side chest position.

The mother’s sports bra thrust out in tandem with her pec flex reflected tantalisingly in the mirror, batting her eyelids with mock lust through it at the broom closet before speaking. “If you’re gonna jack off to me…” She reached out to the broom closet’s doors and pulled them open with such they sprung free from their hinges, revealing the anxious Nick within. “…at least do it where I can see you.”

His sweaty palm clutching the veiny thickness of his shaft, Nick gulped. He was on the euphoric verge of coming to his mother’s bodybuilder-shaming beefiness, until she caught him red-handedly performing the shameful act. He was well and truly in for it now, and didn’t know how best to respond to what just occurred.

His guilty conscience filled him to the point where it felt like he would crack under the pressure of being stared down by his beastly mother.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” was all he could blurt out frantically, his hand still gripping his yet thick and bulgy shaft.

Janet glowered at Nick with a mock glower, arms folded to press her forearms up against her prized, wall-like chest. Her ears were filled with the soft sobs that escaped from Nick, while her eyes shifted down to his erection hanging above the underwear hanging round his ankles.

“You like these, huh?” Janet pulled an arm up into an obscene, vein-throbbing flex with a deliberate, toying grunt, thrusting a pillar-thick leg out in Nick’s direction so that his eyes saw naught but his mother’s sheer beefiness. Her traps flared, her neck engulfed with so much muscle, there was more of it than actual neck. “You like Mummy’s muscles?” Her tone was motherly, yet retained a degree of mock lust. At least, Nick presumed it to have a mocking tone.

He shifted his stance a bit, shuffling more to the right, as far into the closer as he could, but Janet followed suit, edging closer to him. Physically, in a sense, it appeared as though Nick wanted to escape his mother, but mentally, he was enjoying it; the simple notion of this massive woman so close to him after a workout, dressed still in her sweaty gear, caused his erection to stay prominent.

“Glad to see at least someone in this family is appreciative of what I’ve done to this body of mine: crafted it to perfection, moulded it to appear appealing to even young men such as yourself” Janet stated confidently, her eyes never leaving Nick’s bulge, watching it throb and bob as he feigned his shifting movements once more. “It’s a shame your father doesn’t share it the way you do.”

“But I don’t-“

Janet scoffed. “Don’t what? Find me attractive?” With a shameless smile she gripped Nick’s cock in her hand and squeezed. Its hardness was almost parallel with that of her overall musculature. “Your cock says otherwise, sweetie, even though it’s so small. I honestly shouldn’t be so surprised about that, though. After all, your father’s the same. I bet if I had one, my dick would be bigger than yours even without an erection. Heck, everything about me seems to be either bigger or just outright better than you already, don’t it? I lift heavier; I have bigger muscles; I pack way more food into this power-packed gut in a week than you would in a month!”

To emphasise her point – though there really was no need for it – Janet slapped her stomach and watched with a sadistic smile as her abs bulged and rose to the surface of her superiorly defined gullet. The clear-cut outline of a handprint soon emerged; red and distinct.

“And I doubt I’ll ever stop” she added.

Nick was horrified. How could his own mother be so demeaning to him? Granted what she said wasn’t exactly something a son would converse about with his mother, but still… it was horrible. Even so, she scooped him up, cradling him in her arms so his cock would press awkwardly comfortably against her chest. He fought for release, but two things acted against him: the fact his mother was just too strong, and that the arousal in his stomach was stronger than his faux want to escape.

“What’s the matter, sweetie? Don’t want Mummy to jack you off?” Janet paced through the room until she reached the weight bench, then sat on it like before, her trunk-like legs at either side, Nick sliding down slightly as a result so that his cock was wedged in her cleavage that acted like a vice – inescapable. She sighed. “You may as well beat off at every chance you get; you’ll be seeing this buff bod of mine for years to come, and it’s gonna get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!

Nick whimpered at the obvious truths laid before him: that his mother was right about everything she said, especially her declaration in becoming bigger – there was something particularly ultimate about that – and there was very little point Onwin giriş in hiding the building lust within.

“Come on, sweetie. Come for Mommy. Show how much you really appreciate her!” Janet’s words were deliberately lusty, spoken softly as she worked Nick’s dick in her cleavage, the hard, stone-like meatiness of her chest rubbing violently against her son’s equally thick phallus.

He gasped as he finally did what was asked of him by his Herculean mother, spurting cum over her chest like mayonnaise over bread. At the end he pulled himself closer to Janet, resting his head on her shoulder.

“There. That was fun, wasn’t it?” Her voice returned to its familiar motherly tone; loving and considerate. She smiled, tearing her cum-stained sports bra free from her torso with one hand, reducing it to a pile of torn rags, leaving her cum-drenched, chiselled chest bare. “You know why I did it, though, right? To get the desire out of your system.”

Nick nodded as he stopped to process all that occurred. It went without saying that he did, in fact, find it fun, as painful as it was to admit. However, something gnawed at him. “But that thing you said about my, you know… dick being small-“

Janet laughed cutely, her smile emphasising her dimpled cheeks. “Oh, that was just me playing a part: being a dominant figure in the act. It’s something I used to do with your father.”

Relieved, Nick nodded, though he was surprised to find his mother had quite the dominant streak. “That was wrong on so many levels though, and if Dad were to ever find out…”

Janet nodded approvingly. She knew what just happened was, as Nick just said, wrong, but he didn’t exactly try to stop her, and she knew he enjoyed it. That said; it wasn’t like he could stop her. “I know, Nick baby. And we don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to.”

Absently squeezing his mother’s glutes – who played dumb to the fact – Nick’s eyes widened. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t enj… what I meant was…” He drifted off, effectively lost for words and not sure how to properly respond. Everything that just happened was, by nature, wrong, yet to him and Janet it felt oddly right.

She smiled. “I’m more than happy to let you see or touch my muscles, sweetie. Just…do it where I can see you, right?”

Nick nodded with a smile.


The Next Day…

Nick had trouble with his homework. It wasn’t that he struggled with doing it, rather he just couldn’t stop thinking about the shameful events that occurred yesterday; he just couldn’t stop thinking about his mother and her muscles. Every time he tried focusing on his studies, his mind shifted consistently to Janet’s beefy hand holding his cock tightly and compelling her bicep and forearm to bulge.

He drank some of his water in the hopes that it would help clear his mind from the twisted thoughts, but it just wasn’t enough. He mentally felt a hand – his mother’s – jerk his cock up and down in slow, deliberate movements, the all-too familiar fap-fap sound soon filling his ears. He breathed slowly, taking in the Spring air gusting through his window.

Soon, in reality, he felt himself awkwardly getting hard. At first, he presumed it to be a reaction to imagining the beefiness of his mother in a general sense, having always been attracted to muscular females, but soon came to realise the attraction was to his mother – period. Naturally, he was conflicted.

His bedroom door swung open to reveal Janet in a glitzy, sequined bikini, her muscles pumped up to their utmost – veins popping from her shoulders, biceps quads and calves – a bottle of oil held firmly in her hand. Nick presumed it to be a mind trick and blinked, but his mother still stood there, hair draped over her back.

“I sent your father to get some shopping for me – you know, protein mix and stuff – but…” she sauntered over to Nick with a grin, hips cocked to and fro with her movements before the bottle was placed on his desk. “…I need to get some oil on.”

Nick, understandably, was confused – but not in the way one would think. If his mother knewshe’d need the oil applied, wouldn’t it have been more sensible for his father to do it before he went for the groceries?

Little did Nick know that what his mother did was all deliberate.

He sighed, knowing despite his internal conflict he wantedto apply the oil. He gestured for Janet to turn her back to him, and watched as she pulled her hair over her chest to expose the full width of her back. It was all sweaty from the arduous workout she’d just finished. Nick had heard her grunts and groans of effort, lust and roars of anger earlier – another reason why he couldn’t keep his head straight over his homework.

“Just the back?” He slowly applied the oil to her lats, felt the golden liquid seep between his fingers at a leisurely pace, like honey dripping from a beehive. It was cold too, having been stored at the back of the fridge for the past few hours – it was like holding icy water. Nick hoped

he wouldn’t have to – but also deeply wanted to – oil the front of his mother’s freakishly meaty form. His mind ran wild for a brief moment, imagining taking the oil to her breasts – or what was left of them at least – and kneading her pecs. “Or maybe the front too?”

“I did an all-rounder workout today, so everywhere has to be gleamed up with oil, sweetie.” Janet knew that was what Nick reallywanted to hear, so didn’t mince her words. To stress her point, she flexed her left arm and watched her son’s awed expression show itself through the nearby mirror – it was priceless. Nick wanted to just drop the oil right there and then, and feel the bulbous arm his mother presented, but the task at hand had thrilling moments in itself. “You’re a grown man now, so I expect you to do my tits too” she added firmly.

Understandably, that certainly got Nick attention – his cock tented up slightly as a semi hard-on was revealed to both him and his mother, who giggled girlishly as a result. Nick covered it shamefully with one hand without thinking, and smudged the front of his jeans with the oil. Now he couldn’t tell what was more embarrassing.

“In fact…” Janet turned to face him, pulled into a lat spread so violently that their respective muscles visibly bulged and pushed outward and strained the bikini top. “Why don’t you just do my tits now, huh?” She flexed what little breast tissue she had left, watching the small globes of femininity bounce left, right, left and right again in slow, teasing motions. “Your father always leaves those to the end and it gets boring with the waiting. Maybe a softer pair of hands will make things more interesting.”

Nick noticed the much more sultry tone from his mother and knewit to be deliberate, not to mention the fact it worked on him. His hands easing in closer, he did as commanded and smeared a fresh layer of oil on his mother’s chest; in her inches deep cleavage, on her breasts and clearly erect nipples that tried to poke through her bikini top. He did it all willingly and without question as his mother watched with her smoky eyelids and smiled.

She turned her back to him again once her breasts were adequately oiled up and flexed her calves in an effort to draw Nick’s attention to them. “These next, hon, and while you’re at it… try describing them with words beginning with ‘E.'”

Nick knew his mother’s request to be strange, but not one he couldn’t fulfil. First though, he felt his mother’s calf and almost lost it – it took both hands to encompass the full size of it! “Let me see…uh, explosive…enthralling…enveloping…”

Janet moaned with pleasure, but Nick couldn’t tell if it was a result of his applying the oil or all the attention he gave her – Frank certainly didn’t give as much. She teasingly flexed her calf for both her and Nick’s enjoyment, and felt his fingers press hard against their bulbous, thick flesh.

However, having given into her base primal emotions and without giving even a hint of warning, Janet turned to Nick and stuck her tongue down his throat in a deep, passionate kiss that sucked the oxygen out of her son’s lungs, yet gave rise to boosting his erection that craned up and pressed against her naked thigh. Janet played dumb to her son’s response and continued to kiss. It was perhaps the most passionate one she’d ever given to anyone.

Eventually the behemoth mother pulled away and licked her lips suggestively before she spoke. “Keep that between us.” She picked up the bottle and headed for the door before offering a glance back, Nick watching from behind as her hamstrings flexed and flared in tandem with her steps. “Keep showing that though…” she added, referring to Nick’s erection. “…and it just might be more than kisses you’ll get.”

Nick wondered: could he keep the promise he knewhe’d already made? He also figured his mother had no real intention to be oiled up – it was all a ruse so she could kiss him as she did.

Not that anyone complained.

Janet closed the door behind her as she left.


Two Hours Later…

“Jesus Frank!” Janet groaned with frustration as her husband’s cock slid out of her pussy and onto his stomach, the man panting as sweat dripped from his forehead. “Don’t tell me you’re flaccid already?”

Frank was confused. He looked at the clock mounted on the wall and cocked his brow as the time was made known to him – 16:34. That meant he’d been at it with his wife for a little over three hours now. He reckoned he’d every right to be flaccid at that point. “I’ve came about four times already, Janet. What do you want me to do?”

Truth be told, the monstrously huge wife never felt her husband come once let alone four times, even though what he said was the truth. She pulled herself up from the bed and sat squarely on the edge, her feet pressed firmly on the carpet. She felt the material sift comfortably between her flexed toes as she sighed. There was no denying it – he just wasn’t doing it for her anymore.

Sure, Frank had his issues with Janet in that she was bigger than him, but it didn’t drive a wedge in their marital status. But if his inability to please her kept up—

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