Big Dick Nic Ch. 01

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Dominic Andrews finished the last set of pull ups. Sweat dripped from his tanned body that he wiped up with a towel. He stripped off his black tank top, leaving him in a pair of running shorts and sneakers.

Dominic was a man of 42 years old, although he didn’t look it. He was insanely tall (6 feet 2) and muscular, which was no surprise from a former professional wrestler. His chest was mostly hair free, except for a little on his pecs and a happy trail leading down to his crotch. Although, he kept his arms, legs, and bathing suit region hairy. His head was entirely shaved, but he did have a bushy black beard on his chin. He had piercing brown eyes. His arms were covered with an assortment of tattoos.

Dominic had been a professional wrestler out of college. Although his degree was in business, wrestling was a favorite pastime of his. He was at the top of his game for the longest time, winning several titles and championships. At the age of 31, he quit to start a highly profitable energy drink company. It allowed him to provide a wonderful life for his family.

Oh yes, Dominic’s family. Dominic’s career allowed for a high amount of women throwing themselves at him. A few years in, he met Julia Kim, a 20-year-old fashion major from New York. He and Julia had a one night stand which produced a son, named Tyler. Dominic had tried to get them married, but Julia wanted nothing to do with him or their son. She didn’t want to be tied down, so she left Tyler with Dominic and ran off.

Dominic spent many years trying to have a second parent in the home. He went through many men and women, but most of them wanted either his body, fame, or money. Not many of them really cared for Tyler.

Just as Dominic was about to give up, he met Christina Stone. Christina was a corporate lawyer for Dominic’s company with a son of her own, Charlie. Charlie was only a year younger than Tyler, but the two became fast friends.

The marriage had been good to them both. About two months prior to the present day, Christina found out that she was pregnant with Dominic’s children. They were going to have twins! Dominic was so ecstatic.

Dominic exited the workout room in his mansion. Today was a good day for him to spend some time in the home gym. Christina had some business to attend to in Sacramento, so she left Dominic home with the boys, not that they needed attending. Tyler was 19 and Charlie had turned 18 only a month ago. Figuring out what to do for dinner, he climbed the stairs towards the kitchen.

Once there, he saw Charlie was there already. Charlie was small for his age, around 5 foot 3. He had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, just like his mother. The boy had some light muscle tone from swimming. Charlie was in the kitchen, working on homework.

“Hey Dad, I was just finishing up some homework.” Charlie smiled.

Dominic smiled. Charlie was always the studious one.

Dominic was always amazed that Charlie had taken to him so well. He had been worried that Charlie would resent him for replacing his real father. However, Charlie really gravitated to him, and Dominic knew why.

“Great, I was thinking about taking us out for dinner tonight. Have you seen your brother?” Dominic asked.

“He’s outside, working on his car. Where else would he be?” Charlie replied.

“Thanks Charlie. Finish up your homework while I take a shower, and I’ll take you out when I’m done.” Dominic said.

Dominic strode over to the door to the garage. Swinging it open, he saw Tyler working on his red mustang, as usual.

Tyler was taller than Charlie, he was shorter than his father, coming in at 5 foot 10. He had tan skin and black hair like his father. Tyler was also slightly muscular due to his shared love for fitness. Tyler had his mother’s eyes and facial structure.

Tyler had recently finished his freshman year at UCLA. He had managed to make it there on an athletic scholarship due to his soccer playing in high school and continued on the team there. As for his major, Tyler studied architecture. He was the rowdy one of the boys, always getting in trouble, whether it be vandalizing the school, or having anal sex in the halls with the principal’s daughter.

“Ty, we’re going out to eat. Finish up and take a shower.” Dominic said.

Tyler looked up from the car, grease covering his shirt and pants. He smiled seeing his dad there.

“I’m just about done anyway.” Tyler smiled, packing up his tools.

“Good, I’ll see you back here in about half an hour.” Dominic told him.

“Sure thing, pops.” Tyler smiled, smacking Dominic’s bare chest as he ran inside.

Dominic walked back inside, passing the two boys, whispering to each other. Dominic ignored them and ran to the master bedroom. He needed a shower.

He entered the master bathroom and stripped off his shorts, letting his massive, flaccid cock fall down. It was about 8 inches, just Hatay Escort in the soft state. Dominic had been handsomely endowed with a large cock, which contributed to an overactive libido throughout his life. And, it certainly helped that people would ogle his crotch in the tiny tights he’d wear in the ring, giving him his nickname of Big Dick Nic. That helped him get a lot of one night stands, even with a few of his “straight” wrestler buddies.

Dominic turned on the shower and stepped in. The cool water soothed his skin as he began to scrub himself with soap. He was in such turmoil that started all when Tyler came home.

It first seemed normal with Tyler back. He and Charlie were getting along well, playing video games and going to the driving ranges. Everything seemed great for the first few days, until Dominic heard some surprising news.

Dominic was just passing by Charlie’s bedroom. He could hear that the boys were talking. At first, he didn’t want to intrude on them. Or at least, until he heard Tyler say: “Coach Miller had such a huge dick. It was a fucking monster, Charlie. It felt so good ramming up my ass. Here, I have a picture of him.” After a few moments, he heard Charlie say: “Oh my goodness, you are so right. I would love to get my hands on it. It’s so huge.” Dominic moved away as fast as he could from the door.

That night, Tyler left his phone in his room while he went to work on his car. Curiosity had gotten the better of Dominic, and he had to see who had stuck their prick into his baby boy. Tyler never had a code, so Dominic got in easily. He found that Tyler had recently texted the Coach Miller.

While looking through the texts, Dominic saw that the Coach was named Peter Miller and was two years younger than Dominic himself. The man also had a wife and three children. That’s when he saw the pictures. He saw pictures of Peter and his huge cock.

“That boy is still smaller than me.” Dominic said to himself in a cocky attitude. “What am I saying? This guy is fucking my son.”

He saw more and more pictures of Peter, and even a few of Tyler’s nude body. Dominic could feel himself getting harder in his pants.

“This is my son, why am I getting hard seeing him like this?” Dominic thought.

Then, he saw a video. He was about to play it m, when he heard Tyler yelling to Christina. Dominic quickly copied and sent the video to himself, making sure to delete it from their texts.

Dominic hurried into the master bathroom and turned on the video. It started out with Peter videotaping Tyler, on his knees, deepthroating and gagging on the his huge cock.

“Suck it, bitch.” Peter would hiss.

Dominic was glued to the screen. He unconsciously began fishing his monster cock out of his pants and began stroking.

Peter put the camera down to the side, filming him from the side as he began eating Tyler’s ass out. The kid seemed to be loving it, moaning the whole time and begging the coach to fuck him.

After a couple minutes, the coach obliged. He slammed himself into Tyler’s puckered hole. Peter repositioned the camera so it could see his cock plunging in and out of Tyler’s hole. Tyler was in heaven as the cock invaded his insides. Dominic knew that this was wrong, but it was the hottest thing he’d seen in a long time.

Once the coach was close, he pulled out of Tyler, who had just cum. He sat Tyler down and jacked himself off over Tyler’s face. The coach let loose a massive load of sperm, covering Tyler’s face. Dominic himself let his load go at this hot scene.

“Go hit the showers.” Peter said, slapping Tyler on the ass. Tyler ran off screen as the coach went over and stopped the video.

Once it was over, Dominic felt extremely guilty. He’d realized that he had just masturbated to his son getting fucked by a man who, now that he thought about it, was similar to Dominic. Dominic quickly shook it off and deleted the video. He couldn’t have Christina finding it on his phone.

Dominic was so confused. Why had Tyler never told Dominic that he liked guys too? He knew Dominic was bisexual, and Charlie had no problem saying that he was gay. Dominic was puzzled.

Days went by without another incident until the night Dominic came home from poker with the boys. He’d just won for the third time in a row and got it on with his fuck buddy James, who Christina knew about. Dominic was about to get into the master bedroom, but he heard a scream from Charlie’s bedroom.

“Are you okay, Charlie?” Dominic asked.

Concerned, Dominic rushed to Charlie’s bedroom. But, before he could open the door, he heard Charlie’s voice.

“It’s okay Dad, it was a nightmare.” Charlie said.

Dominic didn’t know if he believed that. He thought there might be someone in there with Charlie, but after the video, Dominic wasn’t ready to see Charlie in a compromising position.

He’d woken up the next Hatay Escort Bayan morning to Tyler making them bacon and eggs. Tyler usually never cooked, so Dominic was taken aback. Although, he couldn’t exactly say no to bacon and eggs.

Dominic’s suspicions were proved right when Charlie was limping the next day. Dominic had had plenty of one-night-stands doing that walk, so he knew what it meant.

Dominic had wondered who the mysterious man that had been in Charlie’s bed was, until the maid discovered something. Dominic had come back home from work to find Christina waiting for him in the living room.

“I don’t want to alarm you, because I know he is an adult, but the maid found something.” Christina said.

“Hold on, what are you talking about?” Dominic asked, even though he knew what was coming.

“Okay, Olivia was cleaning the bedrooms and found a used condom in Tyler’s trash can.” Christina said.

Dominic was shocked. Could Tyler and Charlie have fucked last night while he was there? The stuff with Charlie adds up, and Tyler was in such a good mood that morning.

“What are we going to do Dominic? Tyler had a girl over and they had sex in his room.” Christina said, angrily.

“Christina, calm down. Tyler is a grown man now. We don’t need to worry about him with sex. If anything, we should be glad that he is using protection.” Dominic said.

After a few more minutes, Dominic had calmed Christina down. He didn’t want her to catch on to the possibility that there was no girl with Tyler, but her son was.

Dominic tried to keep a more watchful eye on the boys. But, work made it more difficult. Christina had to attend her friend’s birthday party while Dominic was working late.

He rushed home that night, worrying that the boys may be having their own party in one of the bedrooms. Dominic snuck into the house quietly. Sure enough, he could hear the boys. He went to Tyler’s room to see the door cracked open.

Inside, Tyler was on top of Charlie, doggystyle. And from his view, Dominic could see Tyler’s ass move and slap his balls against Charlie’s ass.

“Tyler, fuck, go faster.” He heard Charlie scream.

“Take that dick, slut. You feel so good.” Tyler yelled back.

This went on for another 15 minutes, After they were finished, Dominic moved away. Then he heard them start to talk, causing him to go back to his spot.

“It feels like you get tighter and tighter every time.” Tyler laughed.

“Hey, it just misses this thing.” Charlie smiled, grabbing Tyler’s 9 inch cock.

“Do you think our parents will find out about this, Ty?” Charlie asked.

“I hope they don’t. Or at least, your Mom doesn’t. I would love to have my Dad join us. They used to call him Big Dick Nic during his wrestling days. And, I would love to feel those rock hard muscles all over me.” Tyler said.

“I heard about that. And, you hear him with my Mom every other night. She loves his cock. I need to get what she’s getting some day.” Charlie said.

Dominic didn’t want to hear any more. He slid to the door and opened it, before slamming it shut.

“I’m home” Dominic yelled.

Tyler popped out of his room in his underwear. He began to chat with his father, probably trying to make sure that he didn’t see Charlie go out of Tyler’s room.

The final incident happened two days before Christina left. Dominic had been working all day, and after all these recent incidents, Dominic had been getting quite horny.

He managed to convince Christina to have sex with him that night. And, he let everything loose in her like a savage animal.

Christina moaned in pleasure as Dominic entered his huge cock inside her ass. He didn’t want to wait for her to be used to his cock tonight, he just began thrusting. His monster meat worked itself in and out of his wife, allowing more and more of his 13 inch cock to fill her up. Christina had not taken him balls deep once in their ten year marriage, and he was determined to make it that night.

“Oh my god, Dom. You’re so rough today, it feels so good. You are a fucking animal. Oh fuck yes. Do whatever you want to me, fuck. You are the king.” Christina said, enjoying the thick meat pushing her ass open.

Turning to the side, Dominic saw some familiar blonde hair hiding between the cracks in the door. Charlie had a camera and was filming them.

Some force began possessing Dominic, making him want to prove his dominance to the boys. He wanted to show them who’s the alpha male, and maybe it was to show off and tease the boys a bit. He pushed himself further into Christina, who began to scream. He didn’t stop until his egg sized balls rested on her ass.

“You did it baby, I’m now balls deep in you.” Dominic said with a cocky grin.

“It feels so good Dom, fuck me hard.” Christina moaned.

Dominic obliged, making sure to give Charlie a great Escort Hatay view of his cock and balls as he slammed in and out of Christina. The woman was moaning in pure ecstasy as the mountain of a man shoved himself inside her. His massive balls slapped against her with each powerful thrust.

Dominic flipped Christina up, so they were sitting down and bounced her on his cock. He grabbed her big tits in his hand, mashing them together before putting his mouth on them. He would lick them and bite the nipples, all to give a show to the boys. His cock still reaching the depths of her ass.

Dominic picked his wife up into a standing position, She wrapped her legs around his waist and he began ravishing her again, making sure that Charlie could once again see his powerful thrusts. Christina hung on for dear life as the alpha male took total control of her body.

This continued on until he pushed Christina back on the bed and began eating her pussy out. Christina moaned because Dominic was amazing at eating out pussies and asses. It was a skill that he could use on all genders. His large tongue proved deep inside Christina as she pushed his large head deeper into her. He was hitting all the right spots, bringing Christina closer to the edge.

“I’m going to cum, stud.” She yelled right before she orgasmed.

Dominic licked up her juices before getting on top of her. His large, muscled frame completely eclipsed her as he re entered her ass. He brutally thrusted inside her once again, giving Christina another orgasm in the process.

He eventually pulled out and stuffed his dick in her mouth. She gagged, unable to take all of him. He tried pushing deeper to no avail. He eventually gave up and pulled out. He began to jack off over her face. He let out a mighty alpha male roar, letting loose spurt after spurt of white cum all over Christina’s face.

He looked back to see Charlie sneaking away. Dominic did nothing, but he knew that he needed to tell Christina soon.

The night before she was supposed to leave, he dropped everything on her.

“So, you are telling me that Tyler has been fucking Charlie, but they both want you to fuck them?” Christina said. “And Charlie watched and filmed us the other night?!”

“Pretty much” Dominic said. He’d left out the part of seeing the sex tape and seeing Charlie there from the beginning.

“Look, you handle this. I have a lot on my plate.” Christina said, going back to packing.

“What should I do?” Dominic asked.

“I don’t know, stop them, confront them, fuck them, I don’t care. Leave me out of this.” Christina said.

“Did you just tell me to fuck my children?” Dominic asked, bewildered.

“I-I-I” Christina stammered.

“You totally did.” Dominic said, crossing over to where Christina stood.

“I did. Look, I don’t care if you fuck them, but the point is handle it.” Christina said.

“You want me too, don’t you.” Dominic said, cockily.

“No” Christina lied.

“You do. I know you do. You sick girl, you’ve started to find my son attractive, and the thought of us together gets your heart racing.” Dominic started, getting closer to her with every sentence. “You think seeing me with two boys is hot. You loved watching me stick my big cock into James and your brother too.” He got right up against Christina and slid his fingers up her dress and into her underwear. “You want to see me impale them because you are a sex freak just like me. You love the fact of seeing big daddy impale two boys on his mighty sword.” He began to finger Christina’s pussy. “You just can’t resist the thought of me taking our boys’ asses. You want to watch me. You love it, just admit it.” Christina came on his fingers.

“Alright, I want to see that, Dom. I love the idea of watching you fuck other men and it being our children feels wrong, yet so fucking hot. I’d love to see you fuck my boy and yours too, oh, I’m so bad.” Christina said.

“Maybe I will fuck the boys while you are gone. Impale them on my mighty cock as they beg me to go faster.” Dominic smiles, sexily.

Dominic’s conversation with his wife left him much more confused. Maybe he really did want to fuck the boys. It might be good to keep it in the family.

Now, here he is in the shower, rubbing his huge body to get rid of all the sweat. His hands wondered down to his huge cock. He was very horny, so he knew he had to start stroking.

He started to pretend it was Christina, on her knees, sucking him. But, no matter how hard he tried, she would turn into Charlie.

Frustrated, Dominic went with it. He imagined tiny Charlie licking his meat and taking it down his throat. Dominic moaned in pleasure, adding another hand.

He started to imagine Tyler was there two, the boys fighting over his large cock. He started enjoying the feeling and let himself go, rubbing furiously at his cock.

A loud crash startled him. Dominic opened his eyes to see his son running from the bathroom. The hunky father got out of the shower and put on a black muscle shirt and shorts. His huge erection was slightly visible, but Dominic didn’t care. He was going to stop this once and for all.

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