Big Beautiful Woman’s DP

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All the men who know her, especially myself, describe Marilyn Malone as a big, beautiful woman. The description is highly apt, because she is close to six feet tall, with long brown hair and a broad face with generous features. Her body is big too, with succulent breasts and a gorgeous ass. She has what I like to call “a womanly figure,” although fashion designers and a few other simpletons might call her fat. All in all, no straight man, except somebody who eschews casual sex for one reason or another, or prefers women who resemble Twiggy or Ally McBeal, would turn down a chance to eat her pussy and/or fuck her in one of the three different places where she loves frequently having a stiff cock. Fortunately for straight men in general, Marilyn almost never turns down a chance to have those fun things done or to do them.

She’s in her late thirties, at the peak of her sexual needs, gets horny often, and knows what to do about it. She calls me and tells me what her wants are, and I get at least one other man to go to her apartment with me to attend to them. Just last Saturday morning, I got one of those phone calls, and she let me know what she wanted. There’s nothing coy about Marilyn; she believes in being forthright, especially regarding something as important to her as sexual satisfaction.

“George, I need you and one of your horny friends to come over here and take care of something I need.”

“Of course, Marilyn. Always glad to help a lady in need. What do you have in mind?”

“I need you to eat my pussy, of course, and I need you and another guy to fuck my ass and pussy. You know how much I love being the middle of a sandwich. I’ll think of something else when you’re here and let you know.”

Being Saturday, the first person I called was Frank, an athletic young man with blonde hair, green eyes and what seems to be a permanent hardon. He really likes going with me to see women such as Marilyn and to take care of their wants and needs, so he’s usually the man I call first. He was in, and eager to do what I had in mind, so I went to his apartment to pick him up and take him to Marilyn’s comfortable flat.

I rang the front doorbell and, a few seconds later, I heard the faint sound of a peephole being opened inside. We knew the lady of the house was checking us out, and we apparently met with her approval, because she opened the door, just wide enough for me to slip into the front room, followed by Frank. The room was dark, with all the blinds down, but there was enough light that I could see the reason Marilyn wanted to be sure to see whom she was letting into her house. She was completely naked and standing a few feet away from me with her arms open, waiting for a hug.

She didn’t have to wait very long, because I gathered in the voluptuous armful, relishing the feel of her erect nipples through my shirt. We kissed, and there was nothing coy about that either; Marilyn’s tongue was thrust deeply into my mouth before I could gain an entrance into hers with my own. While we kissed, I ran my hands over her provocative figure, thinking about how some men were foolish enough to prefer skin and bones, rather than the lush, warm curves of a real woman, such as the one I was embracing that day. When I broke off the kiss, Frank’s arms and mouth, including his tongue, replaced mine.

“I really need you guys, George,” she told me when her mouth was able to speak and she was leading us to her bedroom.

“It’s nice to be needed,” I told her, “particularly since we expect to get almost as many jollies today as you.”

Frank agreed whole-heartedly, especially when Marilyn opened the door to her bedroom and turned on the light. She has a queen-sized bed, which we already knew, but it had been freshly made with just a pink, fitted bottom sheet and four pillows, also encased in pink. She went to the bed and lay on her back, slipping one pillow under her head and another under her ass as she waited for us to get ready. Being completely naked, she wanted us to be equally bare and, a minute after we entered the bedroom, her wish became a reality.

I lay on one side of Marilyn and Frank lay on the other, and either of us took a succulent breast in his hands and started to lick the large, dark pink nipple. She had already been sexually turned on when we arrived and, in less than a minute, Marilyn was cooing happily and her body was squirming under us. Her pussy was already starting to lubricate, and I could smell the delightful aroma of her juices. Caressing and sucking her breast was a lot of fun, but I was well aware that doing the same farther down her body would be infinitely more.

I kissed her nipple goodbye and started kissing and nuzzling and sucking my way down her soft, round belly, loving the way she felt under my mouth. There may be something to be said for six-pack abs but, when it comes to what I was doing then, soft flesh is far more interesting. I stopped to swirl my tongue in her navel, and I heard Marilyn giggle and felt her hands on my shoulder pushing me in the direction she wanted me to go. The luscious breast I had been worshipping would not be lonesome, because ankara moldovyalı escortlar Frank had already started to alternate his oral attentions between it and its lovely twin.

I stopped when I reached her Mount of Venus and got off the bed to go around and get back on at the foot. Marilyn couldn’t see what I was doing with Frank in the way, but she felt the bed shaking when I climbed back on and started approaching on my knees. She raised her legs; I ducked under them to wrap my arms around her thighs so my fingers met on her mons and I gazed raptly at the enticing pussy inches away from my face.

In anticipation of our visit that day, Marilyn had shaved herself there, so the soft, creamy skin was ultra smooth, and I knew it would be highly sensitive too. From her healthy lust, both inner lips were blossoming through her wet slit, and I reached down to gently pull apart the edges of that precious orifice. The lining was pink, and shiny with her nectar and, even better, a cloud of fragrance arose from the opening to please my nostrils. A few drops of the liquid producing that heavenly scent had trickled out onto the insides of her thighs, and I leaned down to lick them off. They were delicious, tasting even better than they smelled, as I knew they would.

Not being in any hurry, and wanting to enjoy every second with Marilyn and wanting the same thing for her, I started slowly tonguing one of her outer lips. From what my mouth was doing for her pussy and Frank’s was doing for her breasts, the big, sexy woman was already writhing in pleasure under us, and I could hear her already moaning in bliss. When I reached the end of that lip, I raised my face and looked at her adorable clit, which had crowded its way partly out from behind its protective hood. I knew that tempting morsel would soon be engulfed by my mouth, but I was in no hurry for that to take place.

Once my tongue had sluiced up all the fresh juices that had flowed from her pink hole, I started doing Marilyn’s other outer lip. I moved on this one the same way, and it felt even better to my mouth, partly because of her more frenetic movements under my face. By the time I reached the end of the second lip, her pussy was fucking up against my mouth and her clit was engorged so much it was almost completely clear of its hood, and resembled a lustrous pink pearl in its nest of folds.

Once again, I devoured all the fresh treats before resuming, and it seemed even more delectable than it had been earlier. My tongue started by caressing her between a pair of her inner and outer lips, starting with the small and extremely soft, smooth area between their origins and working upward. When I reached the place where her labia are close together, I tilted my head slightly so I could slide my tongue in between them. The sensation was incredible, with Marilyn’s slick outer lip against the upper surface of my tongue and her inner one, spongy and puffy with her lust, against the bottom. When I got to the end of the inner lip, my tongue stroked delicately against the top of her swollen clit, but it was still too soon to take the little cutie into my mouth and start sucking.

She didn’t seem to think so; Marilyn was begging me to suck her clit and make her come, but I wanted to first bring her to the apex of her arousal. Her body was thrashing under me with her pussy strongly fucking up into my face and, if Frank hadn’t been holding her down, she might have thrown herself and me off the bed. Once again, I feasted on the great wealth of nectar her pussy had produced, before starting to lick between her other pair of lips.

I did the same thigs to these, including gently caressing the small area between the labia. When I reached her clit again, I raised my eyes again, and was sure Marilyn’s sexual excitement was at as high a level as it was going to get. Her thighs had rotated slightly outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to my ministrations, and her hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back past the sides of my head like a pair of pistons. After relishing her freshest juices again, I gently enveloped her clit in my mouth.

Marilyn felt me doing what she wanted. “Yes! Yes! Suck my clit,” she urged.

I needed no urging. With my lips forming a seal, I sucked on the sweet little morsel that filled my mouth while my tongue avidly fondled the sides and top. Marilyn’s antics became even wilder, and it was all I could do to keep my face between her legs and Frank could just barely keep her breast in his mouth. However difficult it was, we both considered the result to be well worth the effort.

She thought so too. “Oh, god, I’m coming!” Marilyn cried out ecstatically from a few more minutes of my tongue doing its thing on her clit.

She is a big woman, and strong, and no longer was in control of her muscles. Her thighs clamped firmly onto the sides of my head and squeezed, making me a highly willing prisoner. She would have grabbed the back of my neck with her hands, but Frank was in the way, so Marilyn dug the tips of her fingers into his back as she doubled her strenuous movements. ankara ukraynalı escortlar Fortunately for him, she keeps her nails cut short, or he would have been seriously lacerated. The big beauty kept ramming her pussy into my face and her legs swung wildly from side to side. I kept my grip on her thighs and my mouth on her clit and reveled in the wild roller coaster ride.

Her orgasm overwhelmed her and, with another cry of joy, Marilyn’s back arched; all her muscles clenched and she jammed her pussy against my face for a final time. Following that explosion, the big hotty completely relaxed, with her legs draped over my shoulders. I carefully moved slightly away, then back to bury my face in her pussy and lap up all the freshest of the ambrosia from her legs, crotch and almost everywhere else, leaving only the fluids that still remained in the pink hole that had produced them. In a matter of minutes, I knew Frank would be plowing his cock into her, and they would be needed for lubrication.

When I had devoured as much of her nectar as I would allow myself, I backed away and let Marilyn’s legs drop onto the mattress. Frank had already climbed off the bed to roll a condom onto his cock, and I looked onto a very satisfied woman lying in a state of blissful relaxation. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted in a glad smile, which we knew would be much happier before the day of sexual fun ended. I also climbed off the bed, put my condom on and went to the dresser to get the bottle of Aqualube and the damp cloth that had been left there.

Frank and I were ready, and we waited for the big, beautiful woman to catch her breath so we could prepare her for the next event on the agenda we knew she had planned for us. It didn’t take very long for that to happen. Marilyn opened her eyes, saw us with our cocks encased in latex and me with the bottle of lube, and her broad smile was replaced with a lewd grin.

“That was wonderful, you guys. I really love it when I come big like that.”

“So do we, Marilyn,” I replied. “One of the greatest things about making love with you is having you come the way you just did.”

She didn’t say any more, but moved aside and Frank lay on his back where she had been, with his head on the same pillow. His cock was fully erect, and he held it upright, waiting for Marilyn to impale herself on it, which we know is something she loves to do as part of an extended sex session. When he was in place, she knelt over him, straddling his legs, before moving up to where her crotch was next to Frank’s long, hard shaft that was waiting for her pleasure. Pushing against his chest with her hands, she raised her body so her pussy was directly over the stiff cock that would be cramming her in a few seconds.

She was so aroused at the thought of what we were about to be doing with her that some drops of her juices were trickling down the insides of her thighs and some were dripping onto the head of Frank’s cock. Lowering herself slowly, she halted when she felt the head between her pussy lips, and he rubbed it against Marilyn’s wetness to spread her plentiful natural lubrication. When all was in readiness, my lovely lady friend lowered her body farther until she felt the tip of Frank’s cock wedge between the lips and into the channel beyond.

She sighed blithely at that first contact and swiveled her hips slightly so she could feel the hard cock rubbing against the entire hole it was starting to enter. After a few seconds of that, Marilyn lowered her body farther, and almost two inches of hard shaft eased inside. She paused again, before letting most of the rest of Frank’s cock plow into her, and leaned forward, straightening out her legs so they were outside his and she was sprawled on top of him. With one of her erogenous places filled, Marilyn reached both her hands back to spread her cheeks and turned her head to look expectantly over her shoulder.

“Okay, George. Get my ass ready and stick in your nice, big cock.”

I was already starting to do what she wanted, which was what I wanted just as much. While waiting, I had removed the cap from the bottle of Aqualube, so I reached between her sexy, plump cheeks to use the thumb and index finger of my left hand to pry open her pretty dark pink rosebud. With my right hand, I held the bottle, pressed the open top against the hole we were creating and squeezed in a big dollop, being sure to squirt in more than enough. Using the middle member of my left hand, I spread the lubricant evenly around the inside of her ass. From the delight of Frank’s cock cramming her pussy and my oiling her other place of lust, Marilyn’s body was already writhing in joy, and our actual fucking hadn’t even started.

“That already feels wonderful, George,” Marilyn murmured. We both knew it would soon get vastly better, so I said nothing.

Once I had covered my cock with Aqualube and capped the bottle, I leaned forward, still holding the edges of the adorable rosebud open with the same digits and using my right hand to steer my shaft. When I felt the tip pressing against her, I moved it around before ankara minyon tipli escortlar centering the end and driving forward. I felt the head wedge its way into the tight place where it was wanted; Marilyn felt it too, sighed happily at the initial penetration, and urged me to continue.

“That’s a great start, but I want your whole cock in my ass.”

I shoved forward again, and felt almost an inch of my shaft burrow into where she wanted it. She was very tight because of the way Frank’s stiff cock was crammed inside her pussy, but I knew I would be able to do what she wanted. Before going any further, I ran a finger all around between my cock and the lining of her ass to look for loose skin or any other potential problems. Finding none, I drove forward again, and another inch of my shaft slid inside Marilyn’s ass, to be greeted by a moan of bliss from her and a matching noise from me. I was inside her far enough that I no longer needed to guide my cock, so I used the damp cloth to wipe all the excess lube off my hands, and gently placed them on Marilyn’s plushy hips.

With the next forward thrust of my cock, I pulled back with my hands and most of the rest of the shaft squeezed into her ass. The response of the big, beautiful woman was even louder, and she urged me again to give her ass the fucking it needed. Her body was writhing under me, providing erotic fun for me, Frank and herself, and her hands were still holding her cheeks apart. One more solid shove squeezed my cock all the rest of the way in, all the way to my pubic hair, and we lay quietly like that, as intense waves of sexual arousal washed over all three of us.

Marilyn broke the silence. “Okay, you guys, really give it to me, but take it nice and slow.” She moved her hands to the mattress, so she would be able to fully participate in the double penetration.

Frank and I have made sandwiches with her and with other women, and we both know what to do and how to do it. I carefully placed my knees between the outspread legs of the others, moved my hands to Marilyn’s shoulders and started to slowly draw my cock from her ass. When just the head remained inside the ring of muscles, I paused a few seconds and began to drive my shaft back into the same place. Through the thin membrane between her pleasure channels, Frank felt my cock surging into Marilyn’s body and started drawing his back at the same pace. When the first stroke was finished, my cock was buried all the way inside her ass and the head of Frank’s was at the entrance to her pussy. When I felt him plowing into her again, I backed out at the same speed.

We established a rhythm, alternating our plunges into Marilyn’s pair of sweet holes, while she fucked back to meet us and encouraged us with loud moans and whimpers of excitement. Our movements were slow, because we were all having an enormous amount of fun and wanted it to continue for as long as we could. I knew Marilyn’s pussy was producing a large amount of juices and I could feel how the Aqualube in her other hole had liquefied perfectly, so there was no friction for either of us, just the incredible tightness of the two lovely pink places we were taking turns cramming. I could feel my climax mounting but, at the pace we were using, it was still a long way off and I knew it was the same for Frank.

But that was not the state of the woman between us. She had been horny and eager when we arrived, and her orgasm from my eating her pussy had been great, but hadn’t made that much difference in her needs. Besides her sounds of amorous desire, her body was moving erratically between us, and she even seemed to be losing control of her arms and legs. As I was easing my cock into her ass, Marilyn had been on her knees and leaning forward but, after a few minutes as the filling in our sandwich, her arms were flailing at her sides and her hips were swiveling under me. Once more, her legs were flinging out past me, this time in the same tempo as our fucking, and she looked almost like a swimmer who was floundering.

However, the gorgeous and horny woman between us was in no distress at all. “Oh, my god,” she gasped in between her moans of rapture. “You guys are the greatest! I’m ready to come like a crazy woman!”

Frank and I were glad to hear that, since we were both there to give Marilyn as many jollies in bed as we could, because the more she relished the fucking and other sexual escapades, the better it would be for us. Tacitly, we started to drive our cocks into her harder and faster, still plunging them all the way into the two cozy nests they had found.

Marilyn felt herself starting to come, and let us know about it. “Yes! Yes!” she cried excitedly. “I’m coming! Keep fucking me!”

Being securely held in place, she couldn’t go anywhere, but her body thrashed about between us, with her arms and legs waving and her toes kicking the bed. For almost a minute, Marilyn was in the throes of coming, until her muscles abruptly clenched, and she cried out again, loudly and incoherently, as she came big time. When she reached that point, Marilyn’s muscles all relaxed, and she was inert between us. I grinned down at Frank, and he grinned back, but no words were necessary. We expected to bring the woman between us to another peak of joy, so we continued slowly burrowing our cocks into her ass and pussy until she once again caught her breath and was ready to participate fully, the way she loves to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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