Bicurious Anal Virgin

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Jennifer had been friends with Melonie since Middle School. They went everywhere together. The library, dance classes, Homecoming, movies. You name it and they were attached at the hip. Ever since Jennifer moved away for college though, Melonie felt abandoned and alone.

Jennifer was a petite woman, about 5’6″, 140lbs. She had long dark hair that cleared her shoulders and just about reached her ass. She wore glasses and had a bubbly personality.

Melonie was also petite. She was slightly taller at 5’7″ and weighed about 125lbs. She was extremely thin. Her waist was a 2 and she had small 34B tits. Melonie was shy and reserved in High School and as a result didn’t have many boyfriends or dates. It took Melonie much longer to lose her virginity at the age of 19. Melonie struggled with her sexuality in school, alternating between feelings for boys and girls. Jennifer had understood her and didn’t really pry.

When Jennifer went off to college a few states away, Melonie had thought it was a great time to try relationships with women. She went on a few dates and most were duds, but one in particular, Emily caught her eye. Emily was a 20 year old cosmetologist. She had worked right out of High School and had started making a name for herself. Emily was a lesbian and Melonie found that appealing. She wondered if her first lesbian experience could be with Emily. One night they hung out at Melonie’s house. Emily was doing Melonie’s hair and they were discussing dates they’d been on.

“My last one was terrible! She took me to a yoga studio and chose the mat in front of me so I could have an unobstructed view of her ass in her sheer black pants.” She quipped.

“Are you kidding me? That is terrible!” Melonie responded. “Did she actually think you were going to let her in your pants because of that?”

“I’m honestly shocked by her actions! What about you Melonie? Any luck?”

“Nah, me and guys just don’t connect anymore.” Melonie responded. Melonie used this opportunity to open up to Emily that she was attracted to women.

“I feel like maybe I should play for the other team sometimes.” She stated.

Emily caught on and pushed Melonie a little Zeytinburnu Escort to explore those feelings.

“Well, we could try tonight. It could be our secret. I’m willing to help.”

Melonie was calm in her response but inside she was all butterflies. “I’d like that”

After Emily finished with her hair, she rounded Melonie’s chair and faced her. She pulled her v-neck shirt off her round frame and exposed her breasts in her red lace bra. Then she slid down her workout pants to expose her bald pussy. Emily never liked wearing panties. Melonie took one look at her beautiful “V” staring her in the face and wanted to taste her.

“OMG, your pussy is beautiful Em! What do you do to it to keep it so clean?” Melonie questioned.

“Well, honestly, I just go to the salon to get her waxed once a month and apply conditioning lotion to her every night after I shower. The lady who waxes me does my butt too!” Emily turned around and bent over to give Melonie a perfect view of her rosy pink bud.

Melonie didnt know how to respond, so she just smiled and wondered what Emily tasted like. “What do you do?” Emily smoothly asked. “I shave around her every few days just to keep her neat and clean, but basically that’s it.” “Can I see?” Emily prodded. Melonie was nervous but thought if she didn’t do it now, she would probably never get a chance to explore with Emily. She stood up and grabbed her black, A-line skirt, twisted it to the side and unzipped it. She let it fall to her feet and revealed a pair of neon green, bikini style panties.

“Wow, nice panties! I love the color. They almost match your eyes.” Emily said.

“Thanks, everyone thinks I’m such a prude but I like to keep this my little secret.” Melonie felt nervous but she reached for her waistband and slid her thumbs underneath and pushed her panties down.

“I shaved yesterday, so the bumps are gone but the redness is still there” she stated matter-of-factly. Melonie was very much aware now that they were both standing there naked and eyeing each other’s pussies.

“You did a great job shaving. You’d never really know you shaved yesterday. Escort Zeytinburnu Mind if I take a closer look? I’m always curious as to how other women keep themselves.”


Emily knelt down on the floor and stared at the two, perfectly shaped lips and the tiny clitoris which had become enlarged since Melonie took off her panties. “Mmm, it looks delicious.” Emily said. Melonie closed her eyes for what she knew was next. Emily reached out with her hands and grabbed Melonie’s ass and pulled her into her. The smell of her cum was radiating from her tiny hole. Emily flicked her tongue at her clit and Melonie jumped, not expecting it to start that way. Her strokes got more frequent and Melonie’s knees started to shake.

“Mmm hmm, you taste just as I expected you to! Sweet and aromatic.” She slowly traced the lips around her pussy and finally plunged her tongue as deep as it would go into Melonie’s soaking wet snatch. By now Melonie was moaning and the feeling of having a woman’s tongue in her pussy made her extremely wet. She could feel a strange feeling inside. Something she had never felt before. A tightening up in her stomach. The sensation was traveling down her abdomen into her pussy. Her head rolled back and she braced for what was next.

“Oh Jesus, I think I’m going to cum!” but Emily didn’t hear her. She was too busy lapping up all the juices that had just streamed out of her swollen slit. Waves of pleasure traveled over her body. Her head was spinning. Emily thought she’d raise the bar a little and stopped for a few seconds to ask Melonie to get something from her bag.

“Melonie, go over to my bag and reach in the inside pocket and pull out my toy. I want to try it on you!” Melonie listened and went over to the large, purple bag sitting on the floor and reached in and pulled out something strange.

“What is this?” Melonie asked. She had pulled out a shiny metal plug with a flared base. Melonie had never seen this before. “That’s my plug! Wanna try it? It makes the orgasm so much better. Hand it to me!” Before she knew it, Emily was shoving it in her own mouth and rotating it around. “I forgot my Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan lube and I don’t want to hurt you.”she said. Emily motioned for Melonie to lay on her back with her legs near her chest. Emily sat in front of her and kept lubricating the plug with her saliva. When she was ready and she checked with Melonie, she popped it out of her mouth and placed the tip of it at Melonie’s anus.

“It was warm.” Melonie thought. Emily leaned forward and started licking Melonie’s cunt some more as she gradually put pressure on the plug. Melonie gasped as the tip of the plug penetrated her tight little ass. Emily was lapping at her clit and applied more pressure to the 1″ plug. The plug slipped a quarter, then half way in and Melonie started to curl her toes and fingers. The feeling was amazing. She had never had anything near her butt before and she now wondered why not. As Emily slid her tongue down towards Melonie’s pussy and dug her tongue inside her again, she gave the plug the final push and Melonie’s ass enveloped the plug down to its flared base.

“Oh my god! is it all the way in?” Melonie asked. “It’s all the way in, baby! You did it. Your ass is no longer a virgin.” Emily pulled on the base to assure her it was all the way in. Melonie’s senses were on overdrive now as Emily continued to mine her pussy for those sweet juices. She would pull the plug out a little and then shove it back in. This drove Melonie wild and her pussy erupted into Emily’s mouth. The sweet sensation of the licking and the feeling of her ass being stretched was magical to Melonie. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. A few more pulls on the plug and two more mind ripping orgasms and Melonie was spent on the floor. Emily gently removed the plug and as the widest part appeared, Melonie jumped a little.

“It’s ok, you’ll get used to that and soon you’ll want that more than if it was just sitting inside you.” Emily stated. Melonie waited 10 minutes before she tried to move and then got up to get dressed. Emily had already gotten dressed and was putting the plug back in her bag when Melonie grabbed Emily and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. “Thanks! I needed to know if this was something that I really wanted and now I know I do.”

“No problem! if you’d like to try again, just give me a ring on my phone and we’ll make plans.” Melonie agreed and two weeks later, she and Emily were at Emily’s house trying out her plug again. This time it was Emily’s turn to have her ass played with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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