BiBi and Will

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BiBi the hooker spent seven hours with Will, one of her favourite clients. During that time they indulged in various activities including roleplay. The dialogue in the role play scenes has been written taking into account that it is acting and the reader should bear that in mind to fully enjoy the story


My name is BiBi Daniels. Well not really, but I took the name from the film actress of the same name who was around in the early part of the 20th century. She was my grandmother’s favourite actress and she used to talk about her all the time.

Just like the real BiBi Daniels I’m a pro. Not as an actress, although sometimes I have to be. To be exact I’m a prostitute. A paid whore. In modern terms an “escort.” But no matter how you dress it up I have sex with men for money.

Most of the men I see I wouldn’t give the time of day to if I saw them anywhere outside of my working apartment. But some of them are really nice and I would let them fuck me for free (well maybe give them a discount?) This is about a session with one of the good guys.

I’ll call him Will for the purpose of this story because I hope I will see him again. I had seen him several times for an hour at a time and then he decided to book me for an all day session and came up with several scenarios for us to indulge in some role play. After all no matter how much you like fucking someone, it would get a bit boring if you were at it for seven hours without something different happening. Whereas fucking a different guy, maybe three or four times a day, is okay.

The first scenario was going to be the sex starved sailor. He had been at sea for six months, and was coming home to his loving faithful wife, desperate to fuck her brains out.

Right on time at 10.00 am I heard the doorbell of my apartment ring, I opened the door, and there he stood. Will isn’t the handsomest man in the world, but certainly a cut above the average. Not the tallest guy I’d ever fucked, again just above average. Little bit of a paunch, but nothing to complain about when you’ve had guys lay on top of you, and felt their fat sliding off either side of your body. But his biggest attribute was his fantastic smile, which would captivate a stone statue. It just radiated warmth.

Wearing a full length silk robe, I opened the door, just enough for him to step inside, and savoured that smile. I closed the door, grabbed him by his shirt, and backed him up against the wall. I glued my lips to his, spearing his mouth with my tongue. My actions took him by surprise, but his fingers were soon clawing at my arse. Dragging myself away from his lips, pulling down his zipper, as requested he wasn’t wearing underwear, and quickly sliding a condom on his rigid cock. I gave him a blast of my best “fuck me big boy” look and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind me, leaving him in the hall.

I have a large bedroom, with an en-suite shower, so plenty of room to manoeuvre. Removing my robe I got into position, silently counting up to ten as I knew he was also doing. He suddenly burst into the bedroom as if he’d just run a mile to get there, saw me standing there with my legs slightly apart, hands on hips, and with what I hoped was my best come hither look. A red basque with my rather large tits trying to pop out the top, spiked ‘fuck me’ heels, and fingering my naked pussy. I’d been stimulating myself before he arrived, to make sure my pussy was ready and wet. Really wet.

He strode across the room, stripping off his clothes as if they were on fire. No folding them neatly, they were strewn all over the floor. I turned my back and leant over the end of the bed.

“Seeing as how you look so animalistic, do you want a little doggy first, baby?” I inquired with a smirk.

“I want you on your back right now. I want inside you right now. No fucking foreplay. I need you now. After six months at sea, without sex, I need you.” He almost ran out breath with the urgency of his words.

“I need you as well baby,” I murmured. “My pussy is wet with juice because I feel the same way. Six months without a cock in me, is six months too long.”

In truth if it had been for real, and not role play, I couldn’t have lasted anywhere near that long. If it had two legs and a cock I would have been fucking it every day, and to hell with being married.

He held my legs apart and, without hesitation, thrust every inch of meat into my cunt. He only had an average sized cock, but made up for it with one that was way above average in thickness, and with a bell end to match. He moved my ankles on to his shoulders and leaned forward, bringing his face to mine, kissed me passionately as he fucked me. I knew he was about to come and, sure enough, I soon felt it pulsing up his cock and filling the condom. When he had finished I lowered my legs and, job done, he removed the condom and dropped it into the bin.

“Between my tits, baby,” I whispered in his ear as he lay back on top beşiktaş escort of me. I took hold of my 38 GG’s and squashed his head between them, smothering him. I knew he loved it and he knew I liked doing it to him. He loved the auto eroticism, and it made my pussy tingle as the air escaped from him, and he struggled to breathe. He gripped the pillows. We had reached the point when I either released him, or he died. Not wanting to explain to the police why I had a dead man in my apartment, I released my tits, took his head in my hands, and lifted it up so we were looking at each other. He gazed at me with hazy eyes and gave me that smile.

“Thank you,” he gasped.

“That’s ok, baby. Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

He moved his head to the side and took a nipple between his lips. Gently sucking, and then caressing it with his tongue whilst fondling my other breast. After a while he started to slide the nipple in and out of his mouth, grazing it gently with his teeth. I knew what was coming, but not when. Without warning, he clamped his teeth on the nipple and, at the same time, gripped my other nipple tight and twisted it. My back arched off the bed and the pain was ecstasy.

He released me and I cried, “Again! Again! Please!”

He told me no, and so again I asked him. Before I had finished the words he bit and twisted the nipples, and once more my back arched, as I enjoyed the excruciating agony.

“Time to eat,” I murmured. “Get between my legs, and eat as if it’s your last meal. Let me feel that tongue and lips working.”

My legs were already apart as he set to work, gently kissing around my pussy, then moving to my clit. Just one solitary finger inside me, at just the right angle, and as I felt the feeling begin to build, he removed his finger and his tongue began its magic.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and slid two fingers in my pussy. I grasped the back of his head and screamed, and the gusher erupted. One thing I’ve never had a problem with is squirting. It’s as natural to me as breathing. It covered his face, in his hair, dripping down his chin, shooting past his ears. When I eventually stopped he raised his head and just grinned.

“Enjoy that baby?” I asked, although I knew what his answer would be.

“Not too sure. You may have to perform again for me to be certain,” he said, laughing.

“On your back,” I snarled, also laughing. He rolled over, I swung my leg over his head, and planted my arse on his mouth.

“Rim me you bastard. Stick your tongue up my arse!”

Without waiting for his response, after all his mouth was glued to my arse, I began licking around the tip of his cock. I swallowed the first inch, then Iicked down to the bottom of his shaft, until I got to his balls, wrapping my mouth around each in turn. I took him in my mouth, sliding my lips all the way down his shaft, and then eased back, allowing my teeth to graze his skin. There’s something about dragging your teeth along a man’s cock, as you are gliding up, that gives them a tingle. Such a fucking rush as both of us worked in unison; with me feeling his cock harden in my mouth, and him rimming my arse while I bounced on his face.

“Enough!” I cried. “Get back inside me.”

I reached for another condom and ripped the packet open. Impatiently I grabbed his cock and looked him in the eye.

“Don’t want any little BiBi’s or Will’s popping out in a few months time, do we? Right now we just want Will popping BiBi.”

I bent over the bed, feet on the floor, legs wide apart.

“Now stick that cock where the sun don’t shine, doggy man.”

Within seconds he was balls deep in my cunt, ramming me.

“Give it to me baby, fuck me hard, let me hear you bark, doggy man.”

Bark he did! I would have laughed, if not for the fact that he was driving the breath out of me as he smashed his cock into my cunt.

“I want it in my arse,” I screamed. “Take it out of my cunt right now and into my arse.”

I felt the emptiness in my cunt and then the feel of his cock as it invaded my arse, slipping inside easily. It was already covered in my juices, and I’d prepared myself by having a butt plug in earlier.

“That okay for you, baby?” He asked.

“Just shut up and fuck me,” I snarled.

He hammered that cock into my arse hard. Trying to split me in two, and break the bed, all at the same time. One thing about this guy was that he followed instruction! For some reason he seemed to be able to hold off coming for longer when he was shagging my arse, than when he was stuffing my pussy. Not that I’m complaining.

“You’re starting to dry up,” he said.

“Then get some lube on it, you bastard,” I exclaimed. “You aren’t going to get off that easy. I haven’t finished with you yet. We’ve only done five months, so we still have another month to go.”

He laughed. “That’s what I like about you, BiBi. Apart from being a fantastic fuck machine, you have a sense of humour.”

“Me taksim escort being a fucking machine? What about you? I think you could go all day, going between my cunt and my arse. We’re both going to have trouble walking after this session.”

Next moment was back fucking me, and how he kept from coming I’ve no idea. I kept working my muscles, squeezing his cock with everything I had, but he just kept going, until I finally felt his cock pulse as he shot his load up my arse. He collapsed on my back, with his cock still inside me, his hands under me, cupping my tits and gently caressing them.

He sat up, retrieving his cock. “Let’s just climb on to the bed and cuddle.”

We lay in each other’s arms, caressing each other’s body, and exchanging tender kisses. This guy was such a gentleman. Why couldn’t all my clients be as nice? But although I do like Will I still take his money. I’m not a charity.


The next scenario that Will had given me was with me playing an ambitious and ruthless office worker, and him being my boss. A vacancy had arisen for a new accounts manager and, although I had only been working in that department for a short time, I was determined to have that job. To make sure of landing the job I was going to have him. Have him in my mouth, have him in my cunt, have him in my arse. I was going to fuck the shit out of him so good that he would give me anything I wanted. The problem was that my boss was, as far as I knew, happily married. He was also not the easiest person to get to know, as everyone in the office would agree.

The meeting was arranged to be in my apartment.

We both got dressed so that we could begin the role play properly, me in the living room, and he waiting in the bedroom, so that he wouldn’t see what I was wearing until I opened the door.

He got dressed in the clothes he arrived in. He looked very smart, but then I think he was the type of man that never looked scruffy.

Selecting how to dress was easy for me. Sexy but not slutty. I had already decided on wearing my zebra pattern fuck me shoes, because I believe there’s not a man alive who isn’t turned on by a woman in stilettos, so that ruled out jeans or trousers. I decided on a skirt in soft black leather, and went for knee length rather than an overtly sexy short skirt, but when I walked my ass did a rumba. A black silk blouse completed the clothing, and I finished off with a gold necklace with matching ear rings. I knew this outfit turned guys on because I’d worn it a few times when clubbing or at a restaurant, and had enjoyed the looks on the guy’s faces, and the bulge in their pants. It only required for me to apply my makeup and then call to Will that I was ready.

A knock on the door and I opened it. The look on Will’s face sent a wave of pleasure sweeping over me. He wanted to fuck me in the doorway!

“Hello, Mr Smith,” I purred, “thank you so much for coming. It’s after working hours and I appreciate that you are a busy man.”

“You did say that it was a matter that you didn’t want to discuss at the office, Miss Daniels. I wouldn’t normally do this, but there was something about your request that intrigued me.”

“Would you like to come in, Mr Smith,” I said, and turned and walked away, knowing that his eyes would be glued to my arse.

“Please take a seat,” I gestured towards the couch, and perched on the edge of the chair opposite.

“Would you like a glass of wine, Mr Smith? I’ve opened a bottle and was just about to pour myself a glass.”

“I’m not sure that I should, Miss Daniels, because I am driving.”

“Surely one glass won’t make a difference, and you wouldn’t want a lady to drink on her own? I think you’re too much of a gentleman.”

“Very well, Miss Daniels. But just the one glass.”

I stood up, smoothing down my skirt, and walked into the kitchen, again giving him the opportunity to watch my arse as it undulated before him. I turned suddenly, and saw that he was looking at my shoes. They don’t call them killer heels for nothing!

“What exactly was it that you want to discuss with me, Miss Daniels?”

“It was about the vacancy for the office manager, Mr Smith. I know that I’ve only been with the company a relatively short time, and I’m reluctant to put in an application with no chance of success. I wanted to ask your advice, as to whether I should apply, and didn’t want to ask at the office, so I really do appreciate you calling round.”

“You are correct, Miss Daniels,” Will responded with a note of authority in his voice. “You really don’t have the experience for the position. I know you do your work with enthusiasm, but that isn’t enough.”

I moved on to the couch next to him and murmured, “I do agree with you, Mr Smith, but I am a quick learner, as I’m sure you have realised, and I do have the skills to do the job.” I could see the bulge in his pants, and thought etiler escort to myself that I already had him moving in the direction I wanted.

“What skills would that be, Miss Daniels?” His tone didn’t sound promising.

“I have excellent people skills, and can always get a positive reaction from both my male and female colleagues. I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I’m very good at handling people.” I laid my hand on his crotch, and felt his cock begin to grow, so I gently caressed it through the cloth.

He moved away as far as he could, which wasn’t far. “I’m a married man, Miss Daniels,” he stammered.

“But I don’t work for your wife, Mr Smith, and after all this is just a discussion about a possible position. I’m sure it will be a very productive discussion.”

I lifted my hand from his crotch and began to stroke my necklace, allowing him to admire not only the necklace but also my neck. With my other hand I unbuttoned the top buttons of my blouse, allowing my hand to wander over my breast. I think that was when he realised I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I think that leather and silk go together so well, don’t you agree, Mr Smith?” He just nodded.

“Cat got your tongue, Mr Smith? Let’s see what we can do about that.”

I slowly leaned towards him, giving him the opportunity to enjoy my perfume, and then pressed my lips to his, allowing him to enjoy the softness and the taste. Gently I prised his lips apart with my tongue, slipped inside his mouth, and within seconds he was responding, trying to push his tongue down my throat.

Pulling our lips apart, and undoing my other buttons, I murmured, “do you like tasting my lips, baby? Would you like to taste something else?”

He just looked at me, I put my hand behind his head and pulled his face towards my tits. How many men can resist a woman’s tits? Not if she has tits like mine!

“Open your mouth, “I whispered pushing his mouth onto my nipple. Noticing that he hadn’t raised any objection to me stop calling him Mr Smith, I decided to check.

“Suck my tits, baby.” Although I had spoken in a seductive voice, it was actually an instruction, not a request, and it wasn’t long before my body responded.

“Suck it harder, baby, bite on it, make me feel you want it!” Realising that my tactics were succeeding, I made a point of changing my voice to a more commanding tone. I could also feel myself getting wet, as the invisible thread connecting my nipple to my pussy started to vibrate. I unzipped his trousers, and out sprang his rigid cock.

I gently blew into his ear and murmured, “let’s go into my office to continue the discussion, Mr Smith.”

With a firm grip, on his firm cock, I led him into the bedroom. As soon as we were in the bedroom he went to kiss me.

“Don’t be so anxious, baby. Be a good boy and stand still for a moment.”

I walked a few feet away, giving him another chance to view my lovely leather clad ass, and turned to face him.

“Strip, Mr Smith.”

“I beg your pardon, Miss Daniels?”

He seemed to be realising what was happening, and I had to be quick and firm, to make sure that I retained the advantage. I raised my voice, with a commanding tone.

“I said strip, Mr Smith. I won’t ask again!”

Slowly he removed his clothes and, after folding them, laid them in a neat pile.

“On your knees, Mr Smith.”

Without another word he knelt on the floor.

I slipped out of my blouse, tossed it on a nearby chair, unzipped my skirt and kicked it away. Naked, apart from my shoes, I spread my feet to give him a good view of my bare pussy, and with my hands on my hips.

“Like what you see, baby?”

“Yes, Miss Daniels.” There was definitely a note of enthusiasm in his voice. His hesitance was definitely diminishing.

“Do you like my shoes, baby, do you like my spiked heels?”

“Yes, Miss Daniels.”

“Does the zebra stripe bring out the animal in you?”

“Oh my God yes, Miss Daniels.”

“Then crawl over here and kiss my shoes. Worship my killer heels.”

Dutifully he crawled towards me, and kissed my feet. I knew now that I had control over him, and he would do anything I wanted, but I didn’t intend to stop now.

“Stop,” I commanded. He looked up at me with a puppy dog face, and I spread my legs further apart, giving him a good view of my pussy.

“Lick my cunt!”

He raised his head and, as he moved his face towards my pussy, he whispered, “Yes, Miss Daniels.”

I slapped him across the face. Hard!

“From now on you will call me Mistress. Mistress BiBi. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Daniels.”

I slapped him again, “Mistress BiBi. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” He couldn’t mistake my apparent anger.

“Yes, Mistress Bibi.”

“Good boy. Now get to work on my cunt.”

He began to lick with enthusiasm, my juices running down his chin.

“Now suck my clit and finger me, Bitch.”

He looked up at me, “bitch?”

“From now on you are only Mr Smith when we are not alone. When we are alone you are my bitch, and I will call you that or any other name I choose. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? BITCH!”

“Yes, Mistress Bibi. I’m your bitch.”

“Then get your mouth back where it belongs, and finger me.”

He sucked on my clit and, as instructed, slid a finger inside me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32