Bi Friends: By Accident? By Design?

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Double Penetration

In my last submission, I said something that wasn’t true…

I said that I hadn’t indulged in guy sex since those days in the hay loft, and that is mainly true, except for one remarkable exception…

When I was in college in the 80s, I had an incredibly funny girlfriend that I’ll call Anarkali. Anarkali was from India, though she’d lived most of her life here. She was very peppy in an American way, and yet had a natural, sinewy flow to her being that can only come from the Indian subcontinent.

Anarkali had the kind of approach to sex and lovemaking that I have. Regular and often, and incredibly funny! We laughed SO much when we were between the sheets, that her roommate jokingly complained more about the laughter than the lovemaking.

She was going to Bryn Mawr and I was at the University of Pennsylvania. I was very much the punk rocker. She was comically new wave. I gave her much grief over some of her musical choices, but it was all just part of our happy, good times. We would get together at my tiny apartment in University City or at her dorm room at Bryn Mawr. Bryn Mawr was a little hairy, because any of the girls there could have turned us in at any time. Guys in the dorm were strictly verboten!

Her family were very wealthy Indian business tycoons, and sending her to a girl’s college was meant to keep her a virgin until she was ready to marry the boy that had been chosen for her. This was still done among wealthy Indians, and Anarkali actually had no problem with it. She knew the boy well, and felt that it would be a pretty good marriage. The pre arranged finality of our relationship added to the over the top wildness of our lovemaking.

In the future, perhaps I’ll write a little of some of our more comically erotic moments. This quick story is about a little arrangement she made to see how far I would go with her boy cousin.

Anarkali was the only girl I ever told about how natural and fun it was sucking dick when ankara bayan escortlar I was younger. She thought that it was absolutely the coolest, and wanted to see it happen. I told her no, that that kind of thing is fine at a certain age, but is likely to get you into hot water if indulged in as a more grown up grown up. Tosh, she replied, I was a sex hypocrite, and if I really loved her, I would let her figure something out. We laughed and I let it be for the time being.

Not long after, we visited her Uncle’s giant house in Westchester County, New York. This was unusual, because Anarkali was keeping me out of her family’s view, but the Uncle was back in India, and we would have the run of the place to ourselves. Her cousin, who I’ll call Neddie because I know it’ll piss him off, was also supposed to be away.

Anarkali told me, while we were fucking on a particularly valuable antique carpet, that she had turned Neddie into somewhat of a sex slave. She had caught him sucking another Indian boy two years before, and having that to hold over his head, she had insisted that he kiss her peach and fuck her several times since then. It allowed her to explore a comically dominant personality that she thought suited her more than any attempt at a genuinely stern dom facade. “Bullshit!” I cried, but she said it was true. I told her I believed her, but that it was just her way to have some old fashioned cousin to cousin sex play. She agreed, but said it put her in a position to direct things, which she liked.

Anarkali liked to tell me over the top things while I was inside of her. The conversation slowed us down a little, then what we had just talked about would send us into super orgasm!

She prepared a beautiful lunch for us and then, sure enough, her cousin happened to come home. Now, I’m not really a total dope, so I knew where all this was going, but I loved her so much and enjoyed watching her put things together, that I just let it all ankara seksi escortlar roll along. We had drinks, the kind of giant drinks that college kids like to pour, and in no time we were all pretty lit. OK, really lit!

“I told Johnny that I caught you sucking that boy, and that you had to do whatever I tell you, if I want” she said with a comical combination of raging lust and sloppy drunkenness. I burst out laughing, which would have been fine if it was just she and I, but Neddie looked like he was going to cry. I told him that I was just laughing because his cousin was such a fuckin’ nut!

She pulled her top off and told him to get undressed (a little too forcefully, I thought). He did and then she asked me, very sweetly, if I would do the same. “Johnny, please fuck me right here while Neddie watches. I would REALLY like it!” she laughed. Her laugh was always so remarkable, and of course I would indulge her kookiness.

We settled right into our very natural lovemaking, gawking cousin or not. It was extra hot being watched and we both had to keep from coming the instant we touched each other. She told Neddie to lay down with his dick close to her face, so she could watch him stroke it while we made love. After a little while, she told him to come closer so she could lick the head while we made love. She said she had always wanted to try two dicks, and now here she was! Her talking was, again, a way to slow us down a little. I told her she looked beautiful with Neddie’s dick in her mouth. She pulled it out and kissed me really hard, then went back to sucking him, then kissed me really hard again while really bucking her hips. Again, I’m no dope, and I could see where this was leading, but I let her lead as if I had no clue.

She sucked, then kissed, then sucked, then kissed. She looked me in the eyes with her incredibly beautiful big brown eyes. Her look was a question… please… would I… I let her pull my face closer while bayan ankara escort she sucked, then our kiss included the edges of Neddie’s beautiful dark dick. I pretended to hesitate, then I let her direct the whole thing into my mouth. She started to come with one of the most intense girlgasms I’ve ever felt. I let go inside her as Neddie let go in and on both of our mouths and all over both of our faces which added to our crazed cum kisses. I don’t remember it being particularly copious, but definitely thick, and Anarkali made much of licking it up from my face then french kissing me like crazy, then broke our embrace completely and jumped on Neddie and french kissed him with his come and our spit like a madwoman.

There will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart for my Anarkali, even though I have not seen her in a million years. Our style of lovemaking and sex play was an inspiration for the rest of my life!

And Neddie? I have actually run into him, twice, over the years. Don’t worry Neddie, your secret is safe with me, but I sure hope you read this! Say hello to your cousin for me!

* * * * *

After all these years, I admit (with a grin!) to a desire to meet a discreet bi couple or mostly straight guy in the mid Atlantic region for the VERY rare yet very fine get together. It has to be cool and has to have a little atmosphere and sense of adventure, or why bother? Not interested in meeting anyone simply because they have genitalia and are willing to use it. Did I mention that I like to laugh after I come? It needs to be like that for you, too! I would love to meet a couple who have finally confessed their earlier same sex encounters to each other, and the idea of it has so turned the wife on that she would like to have hubby and I try a very slow, but really fun 69 for her entertainment. In the right setting, THAT sounds like fun to this 99 percent straight guy! I LOVE barns, Lake George, Cape May, equestrian events, the empty theater at my old school, etc. You should be active and involved in the arts or music, have a kind laugh that you aren’t afraid to let fly, be healthy and in good shape, and actually BE 99 percent straight…

OK, here we go!!

I can be reached at the address in my profile.

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