Bi-Curious Fantasy to Reality Ch. 01

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Hi, my name’s Jay and this is the story of my first venture into gay sex. Although I considered myself straight and only went out with women, I often had long periods where I was single and I turned to porn to fill my needs. Over time I got bored of reading the same old lesbian stories and gradually moved onto bisexual and gay stories. I found that they really turned me on and I had some amazing orgasms while fantasizing about gay sex, but oddly I never found men attractive and never thought anything would come of it.

At times when I was single, a group of us would generally go out to a club on a Saturday night to check out the talent. On this particular night, everyone except my friend Mark was busy. Mark was gay, but still came out with us because he could usually find himself a man to take home. In fact he was more successfully at picking up men than the rest of us were at picking up women.

Since it was just the two of us, Mark suggested I come round his place and we can relax, have some beer and watch some movies. I accepted, although I was a bit depressed about not having the chance of finding a girl tonight.

I turned up at Mark’s place about 7pm with enough beer to keep us going for a good few hours. We sat and chatted and watched movies but all the time I could feel the disappointment that I wasn’t going to get even the chance of any sex tonight.

After a few hours and when a decent amount of beer had been drunk, I discovered myself stealing glances at Mark. Although I had my fantasies, I’d never entertained the thought of acting them out with him, or any man for that matter. But now, in my horny and slightly drunken state I was discovering that Mark’s well-built physique didn’t look at all bad. Mark was 30, the same age as me, and worked out a lot. He was the right proportion, not skinny but not massive either. I was admiring his body when he glanced over, realising I was staring at him. I quickly looked at the TV but had the feeling he was still looking my way.

After the movies had finished, Mark was idly channel hopping when he came across a porn channel. I guess he must have subscribed to it as it featured a girl and two guys, but they were all getting it on with each other.

I hadn’t had sex in months and the sight on the screen was making me very hard. I was instinctively grabbing at my cock through my jeans.

Suddenly Mark was sitting next to me on the couch watching me intently. I glanced at him briefly, but my attention was swiftly drawn back to the scene on the TV. Now one guy was buried to the hilt in the other who’s cock the girl was sucking on greedily.

Rather than turn away at this point, I was even more excited watching the two guys having sex. Mark said nothing but kept turning from the screen to me and back again.

Now the two guys starting fucking the girl’s mouth and her pussy and I couldn’t help but imagine myself on all fours in her place, getting drilled from both ends.

“What’s turning you on more, the girl or the cocks sliding in and out of her?” Mark asked.

I was mesmerised, I couldn’t lie.

“The cocks” I said breathlessly.

“Why don’t you play with yourself, this is obviously turning you on, I know it’s turning me on”.

Still in a trance, I nodded and fumbled to get my jeans open. My rock hard 7″ penis sprung out and I immediately started masturbating.

The scene was nearing the end and the girl knelt between the guys, taking their cum in her mouth before all three shared it between them.

It was at that point that he touched my penis for the first time. I jumped but didn’t pull away. The beer, the lack of sex and my secret fantasies were all getting the better of me and I was enjoying the feeling of another person touching me.

He started moving his hand but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen. He then leaned in and I thought he was going to take my penis into his mouth but instead he kissed me. I was surprised but so horny by this point I automatically responded and I grew even harder. As his tongue parted my lips and slid inside my mouth I realised that I wanted this to happen. My fantasy was about to come true and I was determined to make sure bahis şirketleri it happened just the way I had always imagined.

He broke the kiss and lowered his head towards my engorged cock. I gently pushed him away. He looked shocked for a second and started to apologise but I smiled and cut him off.

“Tonight we’re doing this my way, lie back.” I’m not sure what surprised him more, the fact I wanted to continue or the fact that I had suddenly taken control! He sat back on the couch as I stood up, my throbbing penis poking out in front of me. I slowly stripped for him, showing off my body as I did so. He whistled appreciatively when he saw my ass, and that turned me on even more. Once I was completely naked, I approached him and stood between his legs.

“If we’re going to do this, I want to do it properly” I said. His look of confusion disappeared in an instant when I sank to my knees in front of him.

His cock was now straining at his jeans and there were a few moments of unceremoniously tugging at them before they came off. His boxers quickly followed and I was left staring at his fully erect penis. I was shaking with excitement as I studied it. At least 8″ long and pretty thick and unlike myself, he was circumcised. Mark was thankfully patient and just sat there smiling at the expression on my face as I examined his balls, the veiny shaft and the purple, bulbous head. I realised that I found it a thing of beauty and my saliva glands started working overtime in anticipation of what was surely to come.

I reached out and took his penis in my hand, squeezing it gently, moving up and down, cupping his balls. I loved the texture of his skin, so soft and yet hard and throbbing underneath. Not able to wait any longer I leaned forward and kissed the head of his wonderful penis; it didn’t feel unnatural at all. I kissed it again and then moved my head down to base. Extending my tongue, I ran it up from the base to the head. As my tongue met his opening, a drop of precum squeezed out directly onto my tongue. It was salty and delicious and I let it rest there for a second before swallowing it. Mark made a noise of pure lust and finally his patience gave way and he brought his hand to my head. I allowed him to push me forward, opening my mouth slightly and allowing the head to enter and meet my eager tongue.

I began sucking with abandon then, loving the taste of his penis, the feel of it sliding in and out my mouth, the noises he was making as my tongue lapped at the precum that was now flowing freely into my mouth. I moved a hand to the base and began to jack him off into my mouth. I kept up the pace and I knew he was so horny he wouldn’t be able to last long and sure enough he soon warned me that he was not far off cumming.

I pulled myself slowly off his beautiful cock, stared him straight in the eye and replied “I want you to cum now, that way you can fuck me for longer” and dived straight back down onto his meat. I knew what I wanted and it was going to happen the way I always imagined. My urgent sucking and jacking, coupled with the news that I fully intended to let him take my virginity caused him to spasm violently on the couch and shoot a great rope of cum into my mouth. It was the most incredible and erotic experience to use my mouth to bring my friend to orgasm and I greedily sucked as more cum flooded my mouth. Mark’s semen tasted slightly different to my own, but it I loved it and savoured the flavour before swallowing it down. It was the most incredible sexual experience of my life so far and I knew that living out my fantasy was going to be everything I’d hoped and dreamed for.

I got up, straddled Mark and kissed him fiercely, my still rock-hard penis poking him gently in the stomach. I think he was a bit shell-shocked with the sudden turn of events and didn’t know what to say, so I suggested we move to the bedroom. We did so and he removed the rest of his clothes on the way.

We lay there and I explained my fantasy to him. How I had always wanted to try sex with a man but had never found them attractive until tonight. I explained that I wanted to try everything but tonight was all about the bottom point of view, the rest would come bahis firmaları later. All the while we were talking we were touching each other and I was surprised how much I was enjoying his body. Inevitably my hands moved south to the thing that I now coveted. I scarcely needed to touch it as he was already getting hard again. It felt so good to feel another man’s penis hardening in my hands, getting ready to penetrate my willing body.

Now it was Mark’s turn to take control. He told me to roll onto my stomach, placed a pillow under me and began to massage my back and ass. He must have produced some lube from somewhere as I felt the coldness of it dribbling between my cheeks. I shivered involuntarily, not because of the cold, but because he had drawn his wet finger along the crack of my ass and across my anus.

The level of excitement and anticipation was beginning to overwhelm me and I started shaking. Sensing this, Mark moved up my body and held me, his tongue dancing with mine. Once I had calmed down a little, he moved back down to my ass and with some more lube, slowly inserted a finger into my anus. The feeling was amazing. I had fingered myself before but to be lying here having someone else do it, someone who was going to follow up that finger with something a lot larger nearly made me cum on the spot.

Again Mark calmed me down and again he went back to work on my anus, this time working two fingers inside, stretching me gently. It felt fantastic but I was horny as fuck and I needed the real thing.

I raised myself onto all fours, looked over my shoulder and said “fuck me.”

The two fingers inside my ass were gone, but quickly a new sensation replaced them. Mark’s hot, hard penis was pressed against my anus. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I pushed back onto him as he moved forwarding and his beautiful penis slid inside my body in the most intimate way. There was a little pain, but the unrelenting horniness I felt brushed it aside. Inch by inch, Mark’s penis slowly made its way deeper into my body. Just when I thought he must have bottomed out, he slid even more of himself into me. He rested there a minute while I adjusted to this welcome invader.

“Are you OK?” he asked his voice full of concern.

“Fuck yes!” was my reply.

With that he began to withdraw, the dragging sensation sending electrical waves through my body. When he had pulled almost all the way out, he thrust back in, faster this time. I gasped and moaned at the same time and my elbows nearly gave way. And then Mark proceeded to fuck me. Holding my hips he pushed himself into me time and again. I was in some blissful paradise, the world around me fading away until it was just me and him and his incredible penis giving me wave after wave of unspeakable pleasure.

My plan had worked. Mark was able to fuck me for a long time and he showed me a variety of positions. He fucked me on my back, on my side, on my front, bent over and I loved every minute of it. My favourite position was when he pulled out of me and lay on the bed, clearly tired from the constant hammering of my ass. I wasted no time in leaping on him and impaling myself on him, bouncing up and down wildly.

However, all good things cum to an end or so they say, and after an hour hard sex Mark was getting ready to cum. As promised he had not touched me and I was still hard as a rock, but even without his touch I didn’t think I could hold it much longer. Lying on my back, I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him into me while staring into his eyes.

“Cum in me,” I said. “I need to feel your hard penis cumming in me.” I needed to make him understand how important this was. “Please. Please fill up my ass with your cum, I need it, please”.

Part of me couldn’t believe I was begging Mark to cum inside me but deep down I knew I was right, I needed this more than anything in the world at this moment.

Hearing my pleas, Mark sped up his thrusts and suddenly tensed up; crying out that he was cumming, releasing a seemingly endless stream of cum deep into my bowels. The feeling of his heat and knowing that a man had cum in my ass and taken my virginity drove me wild and I finally came, kaçak bahis siteleri spurting great ropes of come in the air and onto our sweating bodies. Mark swiftly lent down and licked what he could off my stomach, his penis still spasming inside me.

Eventually he slid out of me and collapsed next to me on the bed, a look of exhausted pleasure on his face.

Although we had just had explosive orgasms, as we lay there, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other’s penises. I couldn’t help admiring the thing that had brought so much pleasure to my mouth and anus, I felt truly blessed to have had such a beautiful tool inside me.

After chatting a while we both started to feel slightly horny again and before I knew it Mark had turned round on the bed and was gently kissing and licking my cock. That hadn’t been part of the plan for the night but by that point I didn’t care. As he moved round, his semi-hard penis hovered by my face and I wasted no time in getting my mouth around it once again.

This time however the goal was not to make him cum, but to make him as horny as possible. I wanted him to want me so bad that he wouldn’t be able to resist sliding his beautiful member into my ass once more.

I took his penis out of my mouth and kissed and licked my way to his balls (a considerable distance). I licked and sucked them almost trying to suck his semen right through the skin. I then moved further down with some trepidation. I still wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go to fulfil my fantasies but one look at his anus made up my mind for me. I leaned forward and tentatively kissed his hole. Suddenly it seemed so right and my tongue, acting of its own accord, rasped across the flesh of his anus and back again. I then went back to kissing it, although the kisses grew more passionate, as though I was kissing a lover. My tongue snaked out and swirled around as I kissed his hole, finally parting the tight flesh and dipping inside. The taste and the knowledge of what I was doing nearly made me cum on the spot and I had to briefly pull away.

Mark turned back around and kissed me deeply, tasting his ass as I tasted my penis. We were both rock solid now.

All my inhibitions were gone now and my secret fantasies were starting to come true. I knew I couldn’t stop now.

“There’s something I want to tell you.”

“What is that?” he asked as he pushed me onto my stomach and climbed on top.

“Well…” but the rest of the sentence died on my lips as his hard penis penetrated me once more.

He laughed gently as I arched my back, willing him once again to enter me as deep as possible. He then began to screw my ass gently, rotating his hips as he moved in and out.

“Well,” I said again, regaining my composure a little “I want a threesome. I’ve always fantasized about having a cock cumming in my ass and mouth at the same time.”

His pace noticeably quickened.

“That can be arranged” he said through in between the small panting noises he was making as he impaled me time and again.

“There’s more” I said, although it was getting harder to concentrate on anything else other than the sweet sensation of being fucked, “once you’ve both cum in me, I want to suck you both till you get hard again and I want you to take turns fucking my mouth and ass and when you’re both ready to cum I want to kneel between you both and let you jerk off into my mouth, like the porno girl.”

That really set him off, and he began to drill me harder than he’d done yet. I was relishing every thrust, and once again I was hotly anticipating his orgasm. He held out longer than I thought he possibly could and again I began to exhort him to ejaculate his semen into my willing anus.

I was not disappointed. With a roar he thrust deep into my ass and I arched my back even more in response as the cum rushed out of his cock and into me. The deeply intimate feeling of it made me cum hard too.

Mark collapsed on the bed, exhausted, and I quickly scooted down and alternated between cleaning his cock and licking up my cum from the bed sheets.

My final act was to look him straight in the eye, while reaching behind me to grab the river of cum that was gently running out my ass and bring it to my lips. The lust burned in his eyes as he realised that his supposedly straight friend turned out to be such a dirty cumslut.

I lay back, satisfied in a way I never thought possible.

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