Bhabi: The Indian Sister-In-Law Ch. 01

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It wasn’t until I saw my sister-in-law, Fauni, crouching by the tap washing her daughter’s nappies, that I fell in love with her. Under her huge ass, the four legs of a foot-high wooden stool she sat on, were visible, but her hips engulfed the small board on top. And to make matters worse for me, they were pointed right at me. The splashing water drowned any sound I had already made, and I proceeded lightly into the corridor. The main entrance of the house passed by me on the left, but I didn’t hear any sound from inside. I never took my eyes of my prey, my steps never broke. It was time for the wandering poet once again.

I reached the back of the house where my sweet and giggly Fauni sat in a red shalwar qameez. The huge red roses hugged her body revealing the thin chords of a bra. The red was turning to maroon around her arm-pits. Her chunri, the light scarf she and the women of her family always wear around their shoulders, was missing. This was as naked as I had seen her. Her hair was tied in a bun and her pale neck looked very inviting.

I sat crouched behind the totally unaware victim of my transgression, who would soon be a victim of my charm, too. I made a small ‘OH’ sound, and pretended to fall on her, my lips catching the back of her neck, and my hands quickly grabbing her sides.

She turned around, or tried to, but I was also holding her down. “Bhabi, just my luck,” I began in poetic quotes.

“I had come to see you stepping over pebbles large and small,

but the one that made me fall came from your door”

Recognizing my voice, she made no effort to get up, and my hands quickly proceeded to her chest for a hug from behind, while my fingers slid into her collar-opening touching the same pale flesh my lips had felt a moment earlier. I rested my head on her back and heard her heart quacking calmly. No fast beats plus no panic in her body equals no motivation to leave. My dick hit the stool she was sitting on, but I dare not let go until I felt a bone in her body move, and then, quickly I got up and went to the toilet to straighten out my undies, leaving her there to finish off her duty.

Back without the hard-on this time, I walked to the room of my Fauni’s mother who lived with my brother. She was a strict lady leaning more towards her son-in-law in day to day matters. It concerned her that the roof on her head was someone else’s, and being vigilant in these affairs was her way of helping out. In short: I got a protocol everytime I came here. Soon, we were chatting away. My Fauni was still wet when she came inside. An innocent round face, with huge shiny eyes and always giggling. She’d be perfect.

Taking her respects, I went with bhabi to the kitchen as she prepared some tea for me. We laughed on this and that. It was all an exercise to get her comfortable again around me, so the ghost of the past incident could be forgotten for a while. The brightness in her eyes increased, and as she pourred the tea, I got a view of her cleavage, the soft flesh rising and falling with the breath. I had to get more of this today!

We sat down in the same back room, on either side of the double-bed. Aunty never bursa eve gelen eskort bayan came back. She had evening prayers to take care of. I turned the television to a news channel. I knew it would bore her, and she’d be in the mood to talk. A few minutes later, the discussion turned to more serious issues. She was taking a few pills. I went around the bed and sat down beside her, fetching her a glass from the side table. Her giggles dried. She told me she had been taking them ever since her daughter was born. It was a long tale of vow, starting with her mother, followed by her husband and the child. I held her hand and let her talk, noticing each minute. Fifteen minutes later, as the drowsiness of one of the pills took action, I launched into verses again.

“Not the sides of the glass, but the wine inside

not the pain of the lover but the heart inside

fear not, the passing of spring outdoors,

the real spring is the one inside”

As soon as the words were over, I grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers. I closed my eyes and kissed her palm. There was no physical sign it had troubled her. I grabbed her other hand and kissed it too. I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me. A tear had streaked her young round face. I kissed it away, spoke into her ear. “All you need is a little love from someone who can feel you. Relaxe. Close your eyes and don’t open them. Trust me, I know what I am doing.”

There was apprehension in my Fauni’s eyes. She had no idea what was going on, but she trusted me, and closed her eyes.

Now, with her eyes closed, her fingers curled around my thumbs, I pushed her until her back was flat on the bed, and the feet still on the ground. I leaned into her face and once again marvelled the freshness of her skin. The delicate turn of her eyebrows, the curl in her ear, the piercing mark on the nose, her uneasy breath as I lay my lips on hers for the first time: it was all beyond imagination. The couplets had done the trick. The wandering poet had struck again.

I raised her arms over her head and pinned them with one hand, while the other roamed around on her chest, and my lips grasped her tongue. Her eyes were still closed and her breathing was heavier. Time for one more to up the tempo.

“In zealous rage I searched for what was mine,

when these lips, these eyes, these hands, were not”

I darted my tongue into her mouth as she squirmed under me. My roaming hand found the collar-opening again, and I slid in and grabbed the breast. What I actually got was the cotton bra-cup. I slid it up and got my fingers to the nipple. My index and middle fingers held it as I pressed my palm into her. The soft flesh was mesmerizing, but I withdrew my hand and slid it to her belly. Here, her clothes were loose and I grabbed the front flap of her kurta and folded it up to reveal a mound of skin-colored jelly. I kissed her closed eyes. “Don’t move now,” I spoke in a whisper, and she bobbed her head up and down. I moved from beside her and stood up to look at the marvel. Fauni bhabi, my brother’s angelic wife had lost her giggles bursa eskort bayanlar and was waiting for ecstasy. She was lying with her eyes closed and her arms stretched on top of her head, the dress folded up to reveal her pot sized belly, and the navel, worn like an ornament. I sat down between her legs, spreading them as the aroma of her sex hit me. She was craving for it right about now!

I kissed the insides of both her thighs and then let my hands massage her thighs. I stiffened my fingers and kneaded the muscles around her pelvis. Her arm now covered her face. I kissed her navel and began to lick it clean. She squirmed as the wetness of my tongue electrified her skin. I gave it one final kiss and went for the jackpot.

I slid my arms under her legs and grabbed her hands again, pinning her to the bed while her sex pot was inches from me. The scent of her was getting stronger. I grabbed the cotton chord holding her shalwar and pulled at it. The knot was gone. The dress was loosening. I leaned in and held it between my teeth and yanked it down. It came down to reveal her white panties. They were wetter than expected.

I pushed my tongue down to the very bottom of her panties, my nose holding apart the swollen lips of her pussy. I dragged my tongue up, licking her through and thorough. As i reached the pubic area, she let out a moan.

“So beautiful, so horny. Your love is like an ocean and I want to sink into it.”

Her mouth was curled into an O and she shivered each time my tongue came up her labia. I was deliberately slowing things down, enjoying the touch of her fingers as she held on to my hard grip. And with a flick of the tongue, the white was out of the way, and beneath it, the dark brown lips lay ready and waiting. I kissed them once and sunk my nose inside them. She tried to get her hands out of my grip but ended up just stretching under me like a bored cat. I started talking.

“Fauni, I didn’t know you were so juicy. Now, keep your eyes closed, and keep holding my hands, and listen to my voice. Such a beautiful and dutiful wife you are. And to think you’ve already given birth. Your husband has let you waste. He hasn’t paid you attention and you have grown fat and complaining. I can feel you, just like I can smell your sex right now, and taste your pussy. Let our union be completed.”

As I said all this, I held her and kept kissing and sucking her pussy. It grew a little dark from all the attention, and as I finished my words, she came. Her love juices clung to the fat of her buttocks, sliding down slowly and the smell was strong. Her white panties were soaked.

As her orgasm subsided, I let go of her hands, and moved away from her legs. I dropped on the bed beside her, suddenly remembering the scene that had started all this. My balls were about to burst, but I waited. Slowly, I turned and kissed her. Her eyes were open now, and she kissed me back with a frightening ferocity, holding onto my lips even as I let go. Her arms came around me the next instant, and she hugged me so tight I could feel her boobs pressing into my chest.

I got out of görükle escort bayanlar her embrace and took off my shirt. Auntie was still somewhere in the house but I could here the television and dismissed any chance of her showing up here. Plus, my Fauni’s daughter was asleep, too. There wasn’t going to be a better time than this. I yanked her shalwar off her ankles and slid the panties down to her knees. She watched and smiled as my eyes met hers. She was completely mine now. I tried to get her on her side, so I could enter her from behind, but she rolled over and her naked ass was in the position I had always wanted it in. I slapped her butt hard.

The smacking sound was loud, and immediately I heard the television volume going down. I yelled out to aunty that everything was ok. The volume went back up and I turned my attention back to the huge ass in front of me. I grabbed it with both my hands, squeezed the flesh hard and lightened my grip only when Fauni flexed. Another slap. Another moan. Another squeeze. Another moan. I had her responding like a well-oiled machine. It was time!

I lowered my pants and dick sprang to attention. I pressed it into her buns and hugged her back once again. I grabbed her tits, and just as she raised her upper body on her hands, I thrust my pelvis into her. My dick hit the wrong spot, but everything was wet down there now, and the juices on her pale skin guided my cock into her. She gasped for breath, and I waited with my dick inside her, for her to ease up. Her insides were warm and wet. I closed her legs together and her love muscle squeezed mine. I drew my dick back out to the entrance and with another smooth thrust I was inside her once again. The warmth on the tip of my dick was increasing and it was throbbing inside her. If I didn’t control myself, this would be the end. This realization forced me to turn my attention elsewhere, and I started kissing her back and softly massaging her breasts. By now, her nipples were erect, sweat gleamed off her ass, and everytime I pushed myself inside her, her pussy chirped like a bird.

The long strokes were draining me and I quietly shifted to a faster rhythme. With every thrust, she let out a slight ah, and pushed back her hips to meet me. I was in heaven. I was drenched in sweat. I slapped both her buns, one by one, and let the pressure build in my balls. In the wild humping frenzy, she began to say my name. “Maani, Maani, please.” Please what, I wanted to ask, but my balls were controlling me now. I grabbed her love-handles and gave the final three pushes, and I came. Liquids gushed out of my cock for so long, I was afraid it would last forever. With each squirt, her soft hips hit my pelvis, taking my juices deep deep into her. I collapsed on top of her and passed out.

As I came to, my dick was still inside her, still saluting like an army cadet, and she was quietly asleep beneath me. Our legs were one the floor, my pelvis on her butts, my chest on her back, as close to being one as possible within the limits of space and time. wait, what limits? Lying there, I was in love and love is the only limit I believe in.

I got myself out of her and got dressed. I pushed her sleeping body onto the bed and covered her with a blanket. I shouted out a good-bye to auntie and made straight for the door, glancing around the on-loan life and on-loan wife of my brother, and the old ‘Umrao Jaan’ song by Lata came to me.

“You’ll be coming here more often from now on,

it would pay to remember the house and this door.”

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