Beyond Summer of ’79 Pt. 03

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By the time we went to sleep that night, I felt drained to the point that I thought I might need a day or two off from sex, even with the greatest partner imaginable, my cousin and fiancé, Cheryl. Smart, beautiful, sexy, sensual and loving. And that small list didn’t come close to describing how wonderful she was (and still is to this day). I was madly in love with her, which kind of brought us to the morning after. You know, after we’d engaged in a foursome with our roommates, a German married couple named Gabi and Heinrich who shared the apartment we were in during this semester in Paris, where I was going to school as part of my BS/Masters program through Princeton. The night before we had sex with them, and then they suggested we come with them tonight to a sex club nearby, a kind of anything goes atmosphere. We told them we needed to talk it over, but might not even have an answer for them for this week.

So we were lying in bed this Saturday morning, kind of talking about talking about it. More like talking around it, really. We had gone where we never thought we would, having sex with another couple, not just once, but twice now. Did we really want to kick things up another level? What would it mean for our relationship? We weren’t due to get married for a year and a half yet. We had only done the barest preparations so far for that day, the Saturday after I graduated with my combined degree in physics.

We talked back and forth, pros and cons, for almost an hour. We knew we didn’t have to have an answer today, but we felt like we wanted this decided.

“Robbie”, Cheryl said, sitting up in bed and facing me, beautifully bare breasted, “I feel like I want to give you the final answer. While I never did anything like this, I do have a lot more experience sexually than you do. Although, we’ve kind of caught up together” she said with a shy smile. “I want to make you happy, with whatever will please you. No tricks. If you want to do this, I promise, there will be no anger or bitterness on my part.”

I looked back at my love. She was right, she did have a lot more experience than I did, since she was nine years older than I was. I was an 18 year old virgin when we started being much more than cousins. We had shared so much, and I learned so many things about pleasing my partner and myself. But aside from the two nights we had sex with Gabi and Heinrich, Cheryl had been the only woman I ever slept with. And now she was giving me the opportunity to possibly do anything in my wildest fantasies, no jealousy. It was such a great opportunity. How could I say no?

“Honey,” I replied “thank you for saying that. I’d love to try this…if I wasn’t with the woman of my dreams. But I am with that woman, whom I love more than my own life. So if you really want to leave it up to me, I’m going to say no. We did what we did with Gabi and Heinrich, and I have no regrets, but that’s as far as I want to take this. I don’t even think we should engage with them again. I want you, my love, and only you. No other women for me, ever again. Unless you feel you need to keep exploring.”

Cheryl looked at me with love just printed on her face. “Robbie, I’m so glad you feel that way. I would have done it for you, but honestly, I don’t want anyone else ever again either. You’re all the man I will ever need in my life. I love you so much, it hurts when we’re apart. Even for a few hours.”

“Same here, honey. I hate being apart from you.” I crawled across the bed to her and took Cheryl in my arms for one of the biggest kisses we ever shared. Her body felt like heaven next to mine, the way her breasts rubbed on my chest and the hairs on my chest tickled us both. “I’m so happy with you, and no one else could even come close.”

“Robbie” she whispered in between countless smaller kisses, “make love to me right now.”

“We haven’t even brushed our teeth yet.”

“I don’t care, baby. I just want you here and now. I don’t want anything to break this perfect moment.”

So I gently rolled Cheryl onto her back, the sheets of the bed tangled with our bodies as we took our time. Our bodies slid against and caressed each other. My hand went to the underside of her thigh as she pulled that leg back, something that always set her on fire. Her fingernails trailed down my spine from my neck to my tailbone, something that always got me just as hot. Our moans and movements became passionate and then desperate. We needed each other in the best and worst way imaginable.

Cheryl’s legs went wide apart, creating an inviting space for me. Her knees pulled back and I pressed the head of my cock right to the soft entrance to her soul. “Don’t tease me, Robbie” she moaned under me. “Just get inside me, baby. I want to be one with you.”

I kissed her lips softly before I entered. “Baby, we are one. We’ll always be one. Even if we’re a thousand miles apart for some reason, we’ll always, always be one together.” And I slid into her, slow, sweet, loving. Cheryl gasped softly Escort and I felt this wonderful, overwhelming warmth come over me. Not like a suffocating warmth, but a cozy warmth, like being near a fire on a cold night. Her arms went around my neck and her legs encircled my back, while I let my hands rest softly on the cheeks of her butt. I stretched out with my legs apart so I could move with complete control. “Robbie, my love, you are my soul. We should get married. Here, in Paris. The most romantic city in the world.”

I held still inside my love. My penis was surrounded inside Cheryl and she gently squeezed me. I stared down into those big brown eyes. “Are you sure, honey? I thought you wanted to wait until I graduated.”

“We can do it then, too, a real Jewish big wedding. But I don’t want to wait another year and a half to be your wife. I want to do it as soon as possible. We have our passports and our birth certificates. We can do this, this week. Say yes. Say you want to be my husband.”

We were very still, breathing a little fast, but otherwise very relaxed, and joined as only two people in love could be. “I want to be your husband, and I want you to be my wife. I’ve wanted that more than almost anything since we became lovers. I can’t think of a more romantic place than here. Maybe in the Luxembourg Gardens? Might take a little longer, there might be a waiting list.”

“As long as it’s not too long a wait. I want to do this. More than anything. Now kiss me, you big, lovely, wonderful dope, and lets cum together.”

I kissed her, those tender lips so warm and sweet, and we moved now, slowly, her pussy wrapped around my cock like a sleeve. My buttocks rose and fell, and each stroke was its own bliss. Cheryl’s hips were moving in time with my own. This was as tender as we’d ever made love, and I had tears in my eyes.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she whispered.

“Not a thing. Everything is perfect. You’re perfect.”

“Stop, I am not perfect” Cheryl protested.

“You are for me. That’s all that matters.”

She caressed my cheek and I kissed her palm. We built up our passion, both gasping as we approached a wonderful climax. Finally I buried my cock inside her and I twitched as I let loose a small flood of my love into Cheryl’s sweet home, and she climaxed as well, not a screaming orgasm, but a gentle, clinging mutual orgasm. It was perfect. The small kisses we shared then were also perfect. It was that kind of moment in time.

After we took our time coming back to earth, we just held each other. We realized, however, we both still really needed a shower from last night. We were a bit rank. We showered together (Gabi and Heinrich were out and about) and then made some breakfast. We were ravenous from our exertions and the now late hour, past noon.

Now that we were alone and not embraced in passion, I said to Cheryl “Honey, were you really serious before, that we should get married as soon as possible?”

“Very. This long engagement, almost 2 years already, is insane. I know, we’re together regardless, here or back in Jersey. We’re crazy in love. But…I want to be your wife, Robbie. I wasn’t kidding; I want it more than anything.” She sat next to me and held my hand. “I want to be married to you, baby. For the rest of our lives. To have and to hold and all that stuff. As I said, I want the big Jewish wedding, or the moderate Jewish wedding, since this is my second. I want the Rabbi and the chuppah (A canopy under which Jewish weddings are performed). So either we go as planned with that wedding at home, but we move it up to as soon as we can, or we get married here, and we can wait to do the fancy wedding. But I want this, Robbie. It’s important to me.”

Cheryl looked at me with those eyes, eyes that told me this was something she really did need. “Cheryl, my love, I would love to get married to you here, in the Luxembourg Gardens if possible. I want what you want. But do you mind if I ask why the change? It was your idea to wait until graduation.”

She looked down and I saw tears forming in her eyes. A couple started to drip down her cheeks. Seeing her sad hurt me inside, because my love was in pain. I sat close to Cheryl and held her in my arms. “You can tell me what’s wrong, honey. You can tell me anything. You’re my world.”

She sobbed softly for a few minutes, then settled down slowly. I just held Cheryl all that time, letting her work out her hurt, knowing she’d tell me what she needed to tell me.

Finally, she spoke. “You want the truth, right?”

“Why would I want anything else, honey?”

“It was the foursome. The first one didn’t bother me. It was different, something we can look back on fondly one day. Even the second was fine, until after, when they talked about the sex club. I didn’t really want to do it. I was willing to for you, so you could have sex with other women, but in a controlled way. No risk of emotional attachments. And I’d be there to keep an eye out. But Escort Bayan I really, really didn’t want it for us. What if it became something we wanted to keep doing back home?”

“Honey, you mean what if I wanted to keep doing it, right? You were worried about losing me not to another woman, but to a lot of other women.”

She sniffed back some tears. “Kind of. I didn’t mind competing against another woman. That I could handle. But a whole bunch of others for you to play with just scared the hell out of me. I can’t compete with that.”

“Cheryl, there is no competition. No other woman could do for me what you do. Forget sex. You support me emotionally when I get overwhelmed with my studies. You are so strong and so caring. All parts of the love we share. You’d beat out ten thousand other women. A million. I don’t want any of them. I only want you. Only you.” I kiss on her nose. “Forever”. Another kiss, on her lips.

Cheryl fell into an even bigger crying fit. I rubbed her back gently as she cried to her soul. “Cheryl, I never, ever think about spending my life with anyone else. I can’t do it. You are the one I want. You’re perfect for me. I’m so lucky to have you. So incredibly lucky. The luckiest man in the world, and I mean that. Look at me.” I lifted her head and made sure she was looking in my eyes. “I am the luckiest man in the world, because I’m with the partner in life I should be with. There is no one else for me. I swear.” I placed my right hand over my heart and lifted my left hand, like I was taking an oath.

She started giggling through the last tears. “Now look at me. I’m a mess here in front of the man who is my everything, and who treats me like a Queen. Who else would put up with me besides you?”

“Probably nobody.”

She swatted my arm playfully. “Seriously, I’m so happy, despite these tears. I can’t believe I doubted you at all. I was being insecure, so it’s all on me.”

“No, it’s not. We should have never broken our trust in each other. We never will again. It’s not for us.”

Cheryl rested her head on my shoulder. She said “How did I get so lucky to be with you, Robbie?”

“You won a lottery. I was the booby prize.”

“I’ve got the boobies, but you’re definitely the prize. Wanna do something with my boobies?”

“I could be convinced. Why don’t you take me to bed and see what comes to mind.”

It was an amazing afternoon. As was the rest of our time in Paris.


When Gabi and Heinrich got home, we sat with them and explained that while we appreciated their invitation, we were passing on going with them to the sex club. We also told them that we didn’t want to continue to play as a foursome anymore, that we enjoyed the times we did and we had no regrets. it just wasn’t something we were interested in pursuing. I think they were disappointed, but understanding, and there were no hard feelings, thankfully. We still had to live with them for six more weeks.

The rest of our time in Paris was uneventful, but fun, especially for Cheryl. I was busy every day in classes, labs and studying, while she became good friends with a group of “spouses”, significant others of the students here, some married, some not. They went to all sorts of cultural things from museums to concerts, went to cafes and restaurants and patisseries, did all the things the students had little time for. She told me almost every night how we would have to come back for an extended vacation some time down the road. I was missing all the best of Paris.

Well, not all the best. I did have time most weekends, unless I had to study. So we did things together. Dinners and music at night. Dancing. And our sex life together was better than ever. I didn’t think we could be more passionate or kinky. But all good things come to an end, and December 12th was the day to fly home. The night before a large group of us went to a very drunken party, and when we got back, we had ridiculously loud and uninhibited sex while we heard Gabi and Heinrich doing the same in their room. It was like we were having a weird contest. But it was fucking great. Literally.

When the cab pulled up to our home in New Jersey, we felt a mixture of relief to be home and sorrow that a great adventure was over. I said the same to Cheryl as we started to unpack all that dirty laundry a little later. “Baby,” she said to me, “we are going to have many, many great adventures ahead of us. Our lives together will be one big great adventure.” She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. “We’re going to have one of the great love affairs in the history of the world.” With that she kissed me in a way that curled my toes.

I said to her “I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’d do anything for you, honey.”

“Anything?” she asked with an upturned eyebrow and a hint of sexual heat.

“Well…what are we talking about? I’m pretty tired right now, honey. I thought we’d sleep for two days before doing Bayan Escort anything.”

“I didn’t mean right now, you big dope. Remember Aniis? The woman from Denmark whose boyfriend was studying chemical engineering?”

“Sure. Nice people. Not that he spoke much English.”

“Well, she speaks it fine. We were talking one afternoon over coffee. Comparing notes, a little. And she told me something that just made me very excited. I remember I rode you that night like a barroom mechanical bull.”

“Oh? Something you want to try? And what tidbit of our sex lives did you share with her? Scratch that, I don’t care. But what do they do that you want to try?”

Cheryl told me. My face went blank. Wow. I never would have thought of this. And I didn’t think I was into it. I doubted it highly, actually.

“Honey…I don’t know about that. Is it something you really, I mean, REALLY, want to try?”

“I do, baby. Whenever I think about it, I get very sticky. I won’t push you, but please think about it. We can do anything you want another time.”

“That’s no big deal. You’re the kinkiest woman I know. You’ll try almost anything.”

She laughed lightly, but I could tell this was something she really did want. “Let me think about it, ok? A couple of days, that’s all. We’re going to my parents in three days, on Friday night. I’ll know by then. If I say yes, we can leave early and shop for what we’ll need, Together.”

Cheryl took my hand and gave me a soft kiss. “I love you, Robbie. With all my heart.”

“I love you too, Cheryl, my love. Lets get this laundry started and order something for dinner. I’m starved.”


So for the next two days, no sex. We both really needed some rest and we had to do a bunch of things to get back into the swing of being home, Food shopping was primary. Making sure our utilities and such were updated. Lots of little domestic things that make up life together. And I thought about what Cheryl wanted. We had sex Thursday, afternoon and night, and both times I thought about it while we were passionately engaged. to see if it hurt my ability to perform. It didn’t, and actually, I came pretty hard thinking about it the second time.

So Friday morning, after confirming dinner at my parents for 6:30 I said to Cheryl “So to be there at 6:30, we should leave here around 2:30.”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “Since when can’t you do basic math? It’s only two hours to your parents, a little extra time for traffic. 4 should be fine.”

“No, 2:30. We have a stop to make. At that fun little sex shop in Greenwich Village.”

A big smile came to her face. “Robbie, are you certain?”

“Certain? Actually, I’m scared shit. But for you, I’ll try it. You might have to get me drunk first. Stoned too.”

She poked my ribs. “You’ve never gotten stoned before.”

“There’s always a first time.”

So we left early and stopped at the Pink Pussycat Boutique, a well known sex shop for all sorts of toys and costumes. It was there since the early 70s. As far as I know, it still is there.

It was a pretty wild experience just being in there. Dildos and vibrators and lingerie and costumes of every imaginable sort were on walls and displays. It’s a little embarrassing if you’ve never been there before, but the staff was all helpful and easy to talk to, and within an hour, we had everything we needed to fulfil Cheryl’s fantasy. It wasn’t cheap, either, but what’s money for if not to spend?

Dinner at my parents was great, my mom’s potted chicken. Some of the extended family came over after dinner to see us, and it was just a fun night. Still no word about my brother; I had asked my uncle discreetly. I know it was killing my parents. But they were fine tonight with Cheryl and I there, plus the others. Finally at 10 we had to go. That two hour ride home.

We talked in the car about Cheryl’s fantasy, specifically how to go about it. She’d gotten all the details from Aniis so she knew how to prepare. I was nervous thinking about it, but I committed to trying. I wasn’t going to back out. We agreed to try it tomorrow night.

All day that day, I was skittish, but Cheryl was on fire. She even needed me to finger fuck her to a grinding orgasm during the day. But not for me. “You save yourself for tonight, baby.”

We had a very light dinner with a few stiff drinks for both of us. At 8, we went into separate bedrooms to get ready, using the bathroom and just whatever we needed to do to get into the right mindset. Eventually, Cheryl called out “Get in here!”

I went in to our room wearing just a pair of black boxers. Cheryl wore a long flowing robe to cover her outfit and had me lie on the bed on my back. When she went to fondle my cock in the shorts, I saw the long leather gloves on her hands and arms. All by itself, that was enough to get my cock going. “Still nervous?” she asked me.

“Very. Just take your time, please.”

“Oh, I will. I’m going to take my good sweet time…bitch.”

Cheryl was definitely in dom mode. I was to be her sub slave. “Now stretch out your arms, and be quick about it! Don’t you make me ask twice, or you’ll suffer the consequences!”

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