Beyond Orgasm

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I’d been fucking myself for four days, and my pussy was in a constant state of torment. At work, fighting back the sensations… the tug of my new pants against the side seam of my underwear crotch, the tender zap of surprise when I sat down too abruptly or felt the purr of the motor when I started the car… I wondered how men can stand it, having such a sensitive organ hanging out there, always at the mercy of the environment.

So I arrived home, my pussy throbbing once again, yearning for relief. I made a tour of the house, searching for a new toy. Disappointed, I collected my usual toys and laid them on the bed. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good toys. The first time I felt my fleshy lips forced apart by that rubber penis I nearly screamed with joy! That was a long time ago, now, and a rubber prick never quite satisfies like a real one.

When I heard the doorbell, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Thinking it was just a salesman, I hastily threw the toys in a drawer and hurried out to answer the door. My nipples pricked when I saw you on the porch. It had been almost a year. Somehow, in our phone conversations, I’d forgotten about your height, your chocolate brown eyes, the bulk of your sexy shoulders.

“Hi,” you said, almost sheepishly.

I let you in. After an awkward moment, I opened my arms, inviting you for a friendly hug. You accepted, and I felt your bulk brush against my leg as we embraced. My clit jumped. I moaned your name and held you tighter, pressing my fleshy mound closer to the warmth of your groin.

You hesitated a moment… surprise, I guess… and then smoothed your hands down my back until they settled over my round ass. I leaned my face into yours and our lips pressed together, wet, and soft. Pulling away, I kicked the door shut with my foot.

“Hi,” you said again, a shit-eating grin on your face.

I smiled back. “Shut up.” I locked the door, a habit. Then I tucked my fingers through your belt loops and pulled you in for another kiss. This one lingered, and our tongues searched pleasantly. I untucked your shirt and found myself grinding against the rock in your pants.

Your hand kneaded my breast as you sucked my neck, awakening long-forgotten nerves in my skin. My lips pulled and tugged at your earlobe and my hands struggled with your shirt buttons. Finally, I splayed my fingers against your hairy chest and without thinking, my teeth clamped down a little too hard on your lobe.

You pushed Kastamonu Escort me away. “What the hell?”

My entire crotch was pulsing now, and I knew what I needed. “Sorry,” I whispered.

You laughed. “What’s gotten into you?”

I slid my hands inside your open shirt and gripped your back. Our cheeks touched. My right leg lifted between your legs until I could feel your massive shaft, warm against my thigh. “Fuck me,” I whispered.

Thank God you liked the idea. If you’d have left I’m sure I would have died of desperate need. “Woman found dead in home, cause of death? Sexual Neglect.”

My titty tingled as your fingers slid over my tight nub. I hadn’t even noticed you lifting my shirt. I tilted my head back and moaned when I felt your hot breath seep through the fabric of my bra, forming a circle of wet warmth just around my nipple.

You were getting into the idea, now. I helped you to pull my shirt over my head and then unfastened my bra. It dropped to the floor with a tiny scraping sound. My fingers curled into your soft hair as your hot lips tugged at my tit. Your tongue swirled, your lips pulled. I was in ecstasy.

When you came up for air I kissed you greedily, noticing for the first time you tasted a bit like mint. I pushed your shirt off and took your hand in mine. “C’mon,” I said. As I turned to lead you to the bedroom, I felt your tongue on my neck and your hands slipping around me, up my stomach and onto my perky breasts. We slowed considerably when I felt your pecker against my ass.

Somehow, we made it to the bedroom. Each of us took a moment to shed our remaining clothes. You forgot to take off your shoes, and your pants got stuck at your ankles. I climbed into bed and waited a moment, feeling my nipples, clit, and pussy throbbing in unison. Seeing you struggle with your hiking boots, I knew I couldn’t wait.

From the throbbing, I figured I was dripping wet, and it was a shock when my cool fingers slid against the dry skin of my inner thigh and my outer lips. I stroked gently against the crease in the folds, once… twice… my hips lifted and my fingers dropped easily into a silky pool of hot juice. I sighed and played my fingers all through it. My thumb landed just over my clit, and I began to alternate motions– push, rub, circle, push, rub, circle. My hips involuntarily moved against my fingers and soon there was a grand rhythm to it. I felt your hand smooth over my breast Kastamonu Escort Bayan and slowed to turn my head.

Your dick was at full salute, but you made no move to stop me. Your eyes shone with interest as you worked that one hand over my tit. I’ll bet you could have watched for hours, but I couldn’t hold back. I removed my dripping fingers and slid them against your rigid shaft. I heard your intake of breath and stroked you again. My hips still moved and pressed, even though there was now nothing between my legs. I rolled over and began a steady rhythm on you. My mouth traced over your chest, stopping to lick at your tight nipples.

Just the feel of you made me hotter. Your soft glans, dripping wet from the combination of my juice and your pre-cum. I lapped at your nipple and my hand gripped you tighter. I could feel you pushing, now, too. I crawled over you until I could smell your sweet sex. Your breath hit me, too, a hot wind in my crotch. I arched toward your mouth as I touched you with my tongue, tip to tip.

So soft, your tongue and lips twirling over me, in and out, up and down.

I closed my lips around you and sucked gently. You made a tiny sound, something so helpless. My tongue flitted at the edge of your head, just under your salty hole. You pressed into me, and I consented, moving over you, taking you fully into my mouth. I licked my hand and used it to stroke the base of your beautiful cock, all the while tugging and pushing my mouth over it.

Your ragged breath hit my cunt and almost made me cum. I slowed, not wanting this to end so quickly. I held my mouth soft but tight at your tip, gave two quick sucks, and then dove down, sucking you furiously for five… or ten… or a hundred strokes. You cried out and nearly bit my clit in half. I jumped off of you in pain.

We lay there, panting, trying to make sense of things. I turned around and crawled up beside you. Our arms rested over each other’s bellies.

Then you started again, slow kisses on my face, neck, hair, lips. Your hand found my wet slit and stroked it deeply. “You’re so wet,” you whispered.

I decided to help you. I moved my own hand over my clit and rubbed up and down, faster and faster, harder, faster, until I was forced to shove my fingers deep into my pussy. Not big enough. A semi truck wouldn’t have been big enough. My face clenched tight with torment, I shoved and squeezed until I felt the juice roll Escort Kastamonu down my pussy and legs and between my ass cheeks. I rolled to one side and did it again, moaning, sending another pool dripping onto the sheets.

Your hand caressed my hip and I felt your prick against my ass. Lifting one cheek, you pressed into me until the tip of your cock bumped my swollen hole. Removing my hand, I arched my back and pushed back toward you. We couldn’t make it work sideways, and I rolled onto my stomach, still gripping your dick between my ass cheeks.

You moved with me, and I got onto my hands and knees. You positioned yourself against me and slowly pulled me back until I was sitting on your legs. Guiding me with your hands, you eased me up a bit, and then back down. We moved again and again and you threw in a little twist now and then, causing me to gasp.

We fucked harder, and faster, until I couldn’t maintain the position. I bent forward, catching myself on my hands. You moved with me, pulling me back against you by the shoulder with every thrust. Cum poured out of me like a rain shower on the sheets, harder with every forward push. We moaned together now, you slamming into me harder and deeper.

I was gone, out of it. My muscles ceased to respond to my brain. I fell forward in a heap, unable to even hold myself up. You tried fucking me that way, but it was hopeless. Panting, you put your hand on my hip and rolled me onto my back again. Gently, you lifted each of my legs, propping my feet onto your shoulders. The tip of your penis pushed against my opening, and I used one hand to hold it steady as you entered. We rocked against each other, deep and slow, until your body was driven to finish it. Your speed increased, and I felt a tingling in my face and lips. You went faster than I ever thought possible. Like a human vibrator. The tingling intensified and a wicked buzz filled my ears. You grunted and gasped, fucking me harder and harder until suddenly you stopped dead still. Every muscle in your beautiful chest was tense. The veins on your arms stood out boldly. In spite of the stillness, I felt one, two, three shudders deep inside me, accompanied by helpless whimpers from you. You lowered my legs one at a time and lay forward, easing your warm body onto mine.

The tingling was so intense now it felt like a million pins pricking my lips, face, nipples, clit, hands, and feet from the inside out. You kissed me and I asked if you could feel it, too. You lied and said you could.

We both sighed with disappointment when your soft red flesh dropped out of my hole. Neither of us moved. We just lay there listening to each other’s breath, feeling the tingling recede, until I felt your cum falling out of me and dripping down my asscrack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32