Beverly and Greg Ch. 02

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Beverly is a gorgeous woman from the southern US. She is 41 year old divorcee. She loves wearing lingerie, stockings and garter belts with heels. She also loves her son very much and has been desiring him for a long time now. After reading my story “the Perfect Couple’ and with many words of encouragement from me via email, she finally decided she was going to have him one way or another.

This section of the story is in her words not mine. She gave me permission to write her story because she didn’t want to. She doesn’t think she is a good author but I think she is. In fact I think she is an amazing woman, an amazing mother. This is an edited version of several emails she sent me. Read a real mothers story of the wonderful seduction of her own son. She started that day by making a fateful decision and telling me that morning:



You have made up my mind for me and I am so grateful. I have decided that today I will expose my body and my feelings to Greg and let him know how I feel and hope the consequences are favorable. I am so horny and like you said, I AM ON FIRE, and I need him so badly. I am consumed with the longing, obsessed with desire for his beautiful circumcised cock and can think of nothing else.

He and I both will be home today and I am going to get him to fuck me one way or the other. I promise to let you know. I am so grateful for your advice, your knowing and understanding of my feelings and desires and your support of my situation. I love you for it and would love getting in your panties, Darling, for my first pussy.

I was wearing my bra and panties and a filmy negligee and I waited until he had showered that morning and when he went back into his room I went in there dressed in my panties and bra and transparent negligee and asked him if he would rub my back.

He has done it occasionally before but I always had on more clothes and he would only rub a little but this time I wanted the works….lol….. and before it was over that is what I got! He had managed only to get his boxer shorts on when I went in. He asked if he should put his clothes on and I told him it would be easier for him just to wear his boxers…… he was already beginning to get HARD……..

I took Greg into my bedroom and I lay on the bed on my stomach and asked him to rub my back with lotion. Remember I was only wearing my bra and panties. He was HARD and his hands were trembling. I lay on my stomach on the bed and told him, “Honey, undo my bra and take it off so you can rub my back all over.”

His hands were like electric fingers on me as he began to massage my back. When he got down Özdere Escort to my panty waist I reached back and pushed my panties down half way over my ass and asked him to keep rubbing.

He gasped and told me how beautiful I was. As he rubbed the tops of my hips and somewhat down on my buttocks I spread my legs gradually, a little at a time, until I knew my panty crotch was showing between my legs and I knew I was SOAKED.

I could feel my clit throbbing, my pussy wet and sticky. I was ON FIRE. I said, “Darling, I need you to do it all over if you wouldn’t mind… could you?”

His voice trembled and he told me he would love to and he said, “What about your panties, Mom?”

I said, “Pull them off for me, Darling. We love each other and we are family it should be okay, don’t you think?”

He told me it would be and I said, “If you want to take your shorts off, it would be fine, Darling, and then we both will be naked its all right, Baby. We will be so close, don’t you think?” He said he would when I turned over.

I could feel his hands tremble as he pulled my panties down and off. I heard him gasp as he saw my hairy pussy. I spread my legs wider and said, “Now, Darling, rub me all over.. and when you finish my back I will turn over for you.”.

He groaned and said, “Mom, I love you so much and you are so very beautiful”.. . His hands on my naked ass cheeks almost sent me over the edge to start cumming……….

He quickly moved down to my feet and ankles, supposedly so he could see clearly up between my now spread legs and my drooling pussy. I was sooooo wet wet I could hardly keep still. His hands were driving me crazy with desire and he caressed up behind my knees and then my thighs and over to my inner thighs and I SPREAD MY LEGS WIDER.

He groaned and said, “So Beautiful” and then he began massaging my ass cheeks.

He now spread them wide apart exposing my rosebud and he told me how sexy I looked and I asked him, “Do you like seeing your mother like this? Naked and exposed to her son?”

He said, “Oh, My God, Yes, Mother, I love it, Please don’t ever go back I want you to do this always. I love you so much.”

I felt his fingers slither up the crack of my ass and tease my asshole with his finger tip and I lifted my hips up and pressed my butt against his fingers and moaned and said, “Darling you are making Mother feel so wonderful PLEASE DON’T STOP!”

I told him how much I was liking what he was doing to me and asked him did he like doing this for me. He said, “Oh My God, YES. AS I TOLD YOU, I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN ANYTHING FOR YOU, Özdere Escort Bayan MOM.”

I SAID, “Greg.. are you HARD, Darling? Is that big beautiful cock between your legs HARD?”


He started cumming and the hot creamy cum erupted from his dick and landed on my buttocks. He just couldn’t stop it. He was so excited it just exploded and his big cock started jerking and pulsing as gush after gush spurted from his beautiful cock head onto my ass. I said, “Darling, rub it in rub it all over my butt, Darling.”

As he rubbed his creamy cum into my ass I had my first of many orgasms. He rubbed it in my buttocks and in my delicious little crack and over and around my winking little pucker button. I raised my hips from the mattress, wriggling and twisting and humping until he had me cumming like crazy. I lifted my ass up and twisted, wriggled, moaned and humped against the bed and said, “Darling, YOU ARE MAKING YOUR MOM FEEL SOOOOOOO”

As soon as I had come back down he asked me to turn over so he could see how beautiful I was. You should have seen his eyes when I turned over and he saw my naked tits up close and personal. I told him, “Greg, Darling, I am all yours, Baby. You can do anything you want with me from now on whenever you want Honey. Just tell me and we will be like this whenever you want, anytime.”

His dick never did go soft on him after he came on my butt but was still hard and throbbing with his cum running down the shaft of his wonderful prick. I asked him to come up over me and I licked and sucked his cock clean. He kept telling me how wonderful I was and how he loved me and wanted us always to be like this. I promised him we would.

He played with my tits and sucked my nipples until I was almost crazy and his fingers strayed between my legs and was soon delving into my slick velvet sheath, steamy hot and soppy wet. I couldn’t be still. His cock was jerking and pulsing and throbbing with urgent need and desire. He wanted to fuck his mother and his Mom wanted his dick buried in her steaming snatch until she was almost crazy with desire. I stroked and jacked his big dick and he kept telling me how good it felt.

Then I spread my legs and said, “Darling, I want to show you what belongs to you now and always. I am yours to use as you wish, Greg and Darling, My Son, My Beautiful Baby, Mother wants you to FUCK HER WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK AND FILL HER PUSSY FULL OF CUM, HONEY”

I spread my legs wide opening my crotch up and exposing Escort Özdere myself completely to him. He said, “Oh My God in Heaven, Mother.. you are so BEAUTIFUL.”

I raised my knees up, spreading wider and then I put my hands behind my knees and pulled my knees up against my naked tits and my legs spread wider and my ass lifted off the mattress spreading my buttocks open and my wide open cunt and my winking, quivering asshole were on display for my darling son.

I told him “Greg, I am all yours. would you like to kiss my pussy, Darling? Would you like to stick your stock up Mommies silky pussy slit, Baby. Stick your tongue in me, Honey, and suck my clit and make Mommy cum again and then we will fuck, Baby. DO YOU WANT TO FUCK MOMMIE, BABY?”

He told me he had wanted to fuck me so long he couldn’t remember and he buried his head between my thighs and his lips closed over my cunt and I felt his tongue plunge into me. I started cumming, thrashing, wrigging, twisting, holding his head against my twat and I heard him moaning and as he sucked me he lost all control again AND HE STARTED CUMMING WHILE HE SUCKED ME. HE CAME SO HARD AND WAS SO THRILLED AS WAS I AND THE EMOTIONAL RELEASE ON BOTH OF US SO STRONG WHEN WE REALIZED WHAT WAS HAPPENING WE BOTH WERE CUMMING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME.


Coming up next, it’s what you have been waiting for. His big, beautiful, hard, stiff, throbbing, pulsating prick, his wonderful cock, his precious big DICK is going to slide up between my swollen cunt lips, the big head will pop inside my steamy snatch and his hard, rigid shaft will slide into my pearly pussy gates until he and I both are in HEAVEN.. IT IS GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I NEEDED TO BE FUCKED SO VERY BAD, JESSICA.

Sad to say this is where the story ends for now. After I received this last email from Beverly I never heard from her again. That day she had complained her email was reacting slow and the next day whenever I sent her a message I got a “User Unknown” error. For whatever reason her email address is shut down. Perhaps she is not aware of it and thinks that I have stopped trying to contact her. Or perhaps she is so busy with Greg she hasn’t had time to get it fixed.

Right now I can imagine her on her back, legs spread wide with her strong young man between them. Thrusting hard together as one, as she encourages and guides him through their labour of love. Enjoying the ultimate expression of Love, the greatest pleasure that a man or woman can enjoy. The sweet love of Mother and Son as they make passionate intimate love together.

I hope Beverly reads this and finishes the story for us. I hope she knows how much I miss her and Love her and long to hear from her again. I hope that whatever happens she and Greg are eternally happy as Mother and Son and as Lovers forever.

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