Between Two Brothers

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John and I had only been dating for a couple months so I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to go with him to visit his brother in Boston. We were at that weird point in a relationship when things are just on the verge of going deeper. There had not been any talk about whether we were exclusive or not, but I wasn’t dating anyone else and did not have any desire to do so. Just a week earlier a coworker asked me out and I turned him down because of John so I thought I was ready for something more, even if I did find the thought of getting serious scary. I’d been with some really crappy guys in the past and I was afraid I would make the same mistake again. Not that John was like any of my exes, in fact he could not have been more different than the guy I dated for eight years. I wondered if John inviting me along to Boston meant he wanted to get more serious. It would be our first overnight trip together. We’d only just started staying overnight at each other’s places a couple weeks before. I knew John was really into me, he was always telling me how much he missed me when we weren’t together, but he could be hard to read emotionally.

I was also surprised John wanted me along because I knew he and his brother, Eric, were very close and whenever they got together it was like they regressed right back to wild twenty-year-old college students. Eric was actually two years older than John at thirty-two and more settled than his younger brother. While John was an associate professor at a local university, Eric was a star web designer in Boston and had worked on just about every major website of note in New England. From how John described it I knew Eric’s loft was every overgrown boy’s dream, stuffed with any electronic toy and extreme sports gear you could think of. That was a big thing for the brothers, extreme sports. Together they’d gone mountain biking down some of the most challenging trails in North America and had even tried helo-skiing once. On his own John was a big risk taker, something I mostly tried to ignore, but I knew with Eric to egg him on there was nothing John wouldn’t try. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be around to see that.

Of course I was too curious to meet this brother that John raved about to say no. John seemed really excited that I agreed to go with him and I wished I could say the same. They were planning to go to a hockey game that Friday night and then hit a couple of the old watering holes, neither of which is really my thing. I’m not much of a sports fan and I’ve never been a drink ‘til you drop kind of girl, even back in college and certainly not at twenty-eight. I could imagine I would be more of a babysitter than one of the gang and I hoped that John would at least temper his behavior a little bit because I was there.

It was a long train ride up the coast from our city, but it wasn’t boring. That’s one thing I can say about John, he was always a good time. We chatted, discussed articles from the magazines we’d both brought and even played some Tetris on his Palm. I was flipping through my Cosmo and taking one of those famous sex quizzes when John glanced over.

“So what are you trying to find out about yourself?” John asked, mildly curious.

“It’s about how sexually adventurous you are and finding the right type of guy to rock your world.” I laughed.


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I teased. It was funny because while John and I had great sex it was something we never really talked about. I’d been with guys who were always trying to get me into compromising situations or trying to bring up something new to try, but John really wasn’t like that. It seemed like talking about sex was the one thing he was shy about. I, on the other hand, found sexual things fascinating and had even initiated some of those compromising situations I’d been in. There were all sorts of things I’d fantasized about, not that I wanted to try them all mind you, and that was one of the most frustrating things about my ex because he just wasn’t imaginative in that department. I was hoping that as John and I got closer he would open up more about those things.

“I think I have something of a vested interest in the subject, don’t you Becca?”

“I guess so.” I said.

John snatched the magazine from my hands and started quizzing me. “Okay. Which of these options do you find most exciting? One, an all-night sex marathon with a longtime lover; two, a quick encounter before work; three, fast sex with an anonymous hottie in a club bathroom; or four, planning the seduction of a lover?”

“Mmm,” I said thinking, though not about my answer. I was wondering which answer I should tell John. I knew which I found the most appealing, not that I would ever do something like that. It was the anonymous quickie. The idea that a guy found me so hot that he just had to drag me away and fuck the hell out of me was an incredible turn-on. But I wasn’t sure if John wanted to hear that. I thought about telling him number four, but decided truth was the best policy. “I have to say the club bathroom one.”

“Really?” He asked with an arched eyebrow, which showed a little scar of having been pierced ankara moldovyalı escortlar in the past.

“It’s just the idea of being dragged of and ravaged,” I said quickly, trying to cover up. “You know I would never do anything like that anyway.”

John continued reading. “On a scale of one to five, one being the hottest, rate these situations. Ready?”

This was fun and I have to admit it was turning me on. “Shoot.”

“A romantic dinner?”


“Public displays of affection?”


“Sex in a park?”

“Two.” I’d always had a fantasy about having sex outside in the driving rain.

“Sex in a public place, like a club?”

It did sound kind of hot, but I knew there wasn’t anyway I could do something like that right in the open. “Four.”

“Sex on an airplane?”

“In the bathroom, or right there in the seats?”

John laughed and said, “Both.”

“Well, if it’s in the bathroom I guess a one. I think joining the mile high club would be a lot of fun. If it was like right there at our seats, I think I would still say a two, if it was dark and most of the other passengers were asleep. I like the little risk of getting caught, but only a little risk.”

“Interesting,” John commented.

“What’s so interesting about that?” I asked, poking him in the arm.

“Just surprised. I know you’re not a big risk taker.”

“I have my moments. Besides, next to you and your brother Evil Kaneval is a piker.”

John skipped down the page. “Have you ever experienced a threesome?”

“No!” I said. “I’m not that kind of a girl.”

“Would you try it?” John said. Was that on the page?

“Maybe,” I giggled. “I guess it all depends. Are you asking about two guys, or with another woman?”

John looked shocked by my answer. He could be possessive so I knew he would never think of such a thing. “Either or.”

“I think a threesome with another girl would be fun. It would be cool to tease a guy like that. But I don’t know how I would feel about her doing things to him. I would want to be the center of attention.”

John was definitely surprised by that and like all guys looked a little too eager thinking about me being with another woman. ”I didn’t know you were attracted to women.”

“I’ve never done anything with a girl, but what’s not to like? Women are soft and sexy and smooth and beautiful, not like guys at all.” I’d never done anything with a woman, but the thought had occurred to me more than once. I’d always found women beautiful.

John shifted in his seat and I wondered what exactly was going on in his jeans. When he finished processing all of that information he asked, “What about two guys?”

The first thing that popped into my mind was that that could be fun too, but it wasn’t something I’d really fantasized about. “I think I could enjoy that too, again because I would be the center of attention. But I would have to really trust the guys to be able to relax and really enjoy myself.”

I didn’t find out John’s reaction to that because his cell rang and he dug it out of his pocket and flipped it open. It was Eric, checking on our progress. While John talked to his brother I stared out the window at the landscape as it whipped by and tried not to concentrate on how horny I was. It was weird that our first explicitly sexual conversation occurred somewhere public. If we weren’t sitting on that train I am sure I would have jumped John. As it was I was very much enjoying the rocking motion of the train and I could feel the subtle vibration of the rails coming up through the seat. I thought about that question about sex on a plane. Was doing it on a train really so different? Maybe it was better. I’d read a couple erotic stories that took place on trains and they talked about how much hotter the rocking of the railcar made the sex. It was very tempting to drag John into the lavatory and find out, but I didn’t know if he would go for it. But I wanted to be naughty.

While John chatted with his brother I took my coat and spread it across our laps. He must have just assumed I was cold and went on with his conversation. I snuggled in close to John and snaked my hand into his lap. I’m sure he was hard before, but I guess talking to his brother made it go down so it took a little rubbing before I felt him responding. John glanced over at me, but didn’t stop talking to Eric. He grew and grew as I rubbed him until I could clearly feel the outline of his cock in his jeans. I grasped his member and I heard John swallow hard and then mutter into the phone, “Nothing.” I was distracting him already. Good. I reached for the snap on his jeans and John shot me a warning look, but he didn’t stop me. It took both hands for me to get his stubborn jeans unzipped and pulled down far enough to get his cock out. I was really hot now and I knew John could see my nipples pointing through my shirt. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to press my tight jeans into my pussy.

John’s warm cock filled my hand and I caressed the hard shaft. I haven’t been with too many men, but he seemed about average as ankara ukraynalı escortlar far as I’ve seen, maybe seven inches and a good handful. I love playing with a man’s cock and watching him react. I liked using my hands and my mouth a lot and sometimes I was perfectly happy to do that even if I did not get the same in return. I think it’s a power thing. I also just really like the feel and texture of a hard cock. It’s definitely ruined me for vibrators. While I was playing with John’s cock I could feel precum dripping from the head and I wiped it off to lubricate his shaft. Besides, I didn’t want him getting that stuff on the inside of my coat! It did remind me that I had hand lotion in my purse and I dug it out. I squeezed some into my hand before slipping it back under the coat.

It was hard not to laugh as John had trouble keeping up his end of the conversation. With the lotion my hand moved easily as it glided up and down his cock, making John twitch in his seat. His face was getting very red and his throat was dry. He was staring into space and I knew he was trying to think about anything but what I was doing to him. Looking across the aisle to make sure the elderly couple sitting there hadn’t noticed anything funny was going on I quickly dropped my head beneath the coat and gave John a suck. I could his cockhead between my lips and sucked it hard while I pumped his shaft. His hips surged up and I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he settled down and I came out from under the coat. I was only teasing, I wasn’t planning on giving a blowjob on a train in the middle of the day. I did keep jerking him off though.

“Uhm, yeah, she’s right here,” John stammered. It was so fun listening to him trying to act normal. He held out the phone and said, “Eric wants to say hi.” That was weird, I thought as I took the phone in my left hand.


“Hey Becca,” came a voice very similar to John’s through the phone. “Excited about tonight?”

“I guess, but I have to warn you, I don’t know the first thing about hockey.” I said. There was something surreal about talking to Eric on the phone while I was jerking his brother off. It felt dirty and I liked it.

“That’s okay, you’ll teach you everything you need to know. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. John’s told me a lot about you.”

“Really? I hope it’s all been good.” I said, then blurted, “Oh!” John put his hand in my lap and pressed against my pussy. The seam between my legs pressed right into my clit sending a shock right up my spine.

“Is something wrong?” Eric asked.

“No…Oh! Uh…mmmm…no. The train’s just a little bumpy.” I said, having just as much trouble speaking as John had been. He was rubbing little circles into my pussy through my jeans and it felt great. I was so hot and wet I bet John could even feel it through my jeans. I spread my legs wider and he rubbed his hand right up and down that seam in my jeans, almost pressing them into my pussy. I bit my lip, trying not to moan in his brother’s ear. I was still playing with his cock and I couldn’t believe we were getting each other off on a crowded train!

“Weird, John said the same thing. I thought train rides were always smooth.” There was something in Eric’s voice. Did he guess what was really going on?

“You’d think,” I replied. John really pressed into my pussy and I quietly gasped pulling the phone away for a second. I pleaded with him to stop with my eyes, even though I didn’t really want him to, but John just gave me a challenging look.

“So when we hit the bars do you think you’ll be able to hang with us? It can get pretty wild.” Eric said.

“I think so. You’d be surprised how wild I can be,” I told Eric, while his brother made me shutter with his hand. God, John had me on the verge of cumming and my pants weren’t even off.

“Are body shots out of the question?” He asked.

“Uhhh…” I stalled, knowing my voice would not sound normal. Nothing sounded out of the question at that moment. “Mmmmmaybeee…” I moaned.

“That sounds promising.” Eric laughed.

I held the phone away from my mouth while I buried my face in John’s shoulder to muffle my moans. My panties were soaked through and sticking to my pussy as John rubbed me. His breathing was raspy and I knew that I had him just as close to cumming. My hand was moving so fast now, I knew John was about to lose it. I tried to hand John the phone, but he wouldn’t take it from me, so I held it back to my face and tried to control my moans.

“Sorry…I can’t hear you…you’re breaking up…” I gasped into the phone, dropping it as I fumbled for the button to hang up. I grabbed the seat and hunkered down, pushing into John’s hand. “Yesss…yesss…yesss…” I hissed, cumming while I rubbed against him. Luckily I’m not too loud when I cum or every head on that train would have turned because that orgasm felt good. I actually bit into John’s shirt as I came.

I felt John grab my wrist and stop my hand. I was still squeezing his cock though and he warned me, “If you don’t stop that I’m going to make a huge mess inside your coat.”

I hadn’t thought ankara minyon tipli escortlar of that. It was too cold to not be able to wear my coat. “I think I have tissues in my purse, hold on,” I told him breathily.

“Don’t worry about it,” John said as he eased my hand off his cock.

“But won’t it hurt?” I asked, concerned. I hadn’t meant to bring him so close only to stop.

“It’s okay, really. You can get me later.”

I leaned over and kissed John deeply. “I promise. Thank you. That was incredible.”

There was another hour to our train ride and I had to go to the bathroom and slip out of my panties. They were so wet they felt funny. I wanted to change, but that would have left me a pair short I thought it would be better to go pantyless now rather than later so I just pulled my jeans back on and stuffed the soiled panties in my coat pocket.

Eric met us at the station and it was immediately apparent that they were brothers, from their faces at least. They had the same head of thick dark hair and black brows, cool blue eyes and narrow, handsome faces. But while John was small, he was only 5’7” and maybe 150 pounds, Eric was just about six feet tall and more filled out. Eric really was John’s big brother. They had the same quirky way about them too. Eric greeted me with a hearty hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me I was even prettier than John had said. Of course I blushed at that. Eric insisted on carrying my backpack as he took us to his car.

The loft was just as I pictured it. It was a huge space with nothing separating the kitchen from the living room and Eric’s home office. The bedroom was on an open landing above. There was a huge TV surrounded by every other electronic gadget you could think of and in the space reserved for the office there was a huge desk covered with computer equipment that just screamed how expensive it was. I think Eric made an effort to pick up before we got there, but it didn’t look like much of one. Eric and John cracked beers as soon as we got there, but I declined. It was a little early in the day for me.

I felt like a third wheel as the brothers caught up. Eric made an effort to keep me in the conversation. More of an effort than the guy who brought me, which left me miffed. As it got close to time to go I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up and then went upstairs to change.

One of the things that annoys me most about myself is my inability to make a decision. I knew I was going to just leave on the low ride jeans I’d worn on the train. They seemed to stretch my 5’4” frame out and they made my ass look really nice. I’d brought several cute tops though because I couldn’t pick one. Playing on the train made me lean toward the sexier ones I’d brought, but I was afraid I was going to be too cold if I wore one of them I did have a very tight red top that hugged my petite body and showed off my 34B’s to their best effect, but I felt like showing a little more skin tonight. I tried that on and this really cute crochet tank I had that showed off my tummy, but I still couldn’t make up my mind. Standing in my bra and my jeans I shouted down for John to come up for a second.

“What is it, Becca?” John asked, coming up the steps. I turned and found his brother right behind him, staring at me in my black lace bra. It was vaguely see-thru and I knew he could see the pink nipples that capped my firm little breasts.

“Hey!” I shouted, covering myself with my shirts.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m his brother, I’ve been taking his things for years,’ Eric laughed.

“Well, I’m off limits,” I said and then Eric’s laughed caught me and I started giggling. “Get me drunk before you try to get me out of my clothes anyway.” I joked.

John knew me well enough to know why I’d called him up and he answered my question without even being asked. “Wear the tank top, it’s cuter.”

“Won’t I be cold? Isn’t there ice at a hockey game?”

“But we won’t be that close to it and later the bar will be so packed you won’t have to worry about it.”

He just wanted to see me in the tank top, I knew.

“If I get a vote, I go with the tank top too,” Eric volunteered. “Though you might want to consider just the bra too.”

“Funny. Downstairs, both of you.” I after I chased them off I pulled on the crocheted tank top and fixed hair chestnut hair. I briefly considered putting it up, but instead let it fall around my face. That way the light would catch my highlights.

The game was about as exciting as I expected, to me anyway. Everyone around me had a great time. It was fun when everyone jumped up and cheered and I got into it and jumped up with them. The guys had a really good time trying to explain the game to me. I could tell it made them feel like big men to tell the helpless female about sports and I had to laugh at how silly guys could be sometimes. Both brothers seemed to constantly have a beer in their hand throughout the game and they were both pretty drunk by the time the game let out. Eric, being physically larger, seemed to handle his drunk better than John, but still I wasn’t sure if we should go to the bar as planned. Neither of them really needed another drink. Of course they did not want to hear a voice of reason so off we went. I was just glad we’d taken the train instead of them driving. I’d had a couple beers at the hockey game too and wasn’t sure if I would have been alright to drive.

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