Better Than Dreams Ch. 02

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Shara spent the next few hours in an erotic daze. If her body wasn’t reliving the feeling of Peter’s huge cock slamming her in the alley way, Peter was coming up to her whispering about the things he wanted to do when she took him home with her. Her body was on fire, her pussy dripping its juices down her stocking clad thighs.

Heading out to the smoking area hoping the cool air would calm her, Shara leant against the wall. The smoking area was a narrow corridor to the side of the club with old red brick walls to the sides, wrought iron gates at the ends. Open to the night air it was a good place for people to smoke and cool down.

The corridor was full of people dressed in black. Industrial Goths with their pvc clothing and piercings, sprinkled with a few new romantic Goths in flowing velvet and lace, with glasses of red wine or beer in their hands.

Shara closed her eyes running her hands down her sides, imagining Peter’s hands running over her body. Her nipples were rock hard as her whole body pulsated with need; she felt like her tight little pussy was the centre of all feeling. All she could think of was Peter’s hot rod filling her hole, slamming in and out as he gave her the orgasm she was aching for. Unconsciously her hands start to cup her full breasts, pinching the nipples through the velvet of her dress.

Peter walked into the smoking area looking for Shara. He saw her at the far end with corridor, eyes closed, her hands squeezing her breasts and nipples. He groaned softly as his cock pulsed in his leather pants. Shara’s lips parted as her tongue sensually glided along her upper lip, teeth white and even as she bit onto her lower lip.

Maneuvering his way through the crowd like a stalking panther Peter approached Shara, taking her hands away from her breasts and sliding them around his waist grinding himself against her.

Shara was startled out of her fantasy by Peter’s actions, moaning as she felt his body grinding against hers, forcing her into the wall. Peter bent to her ear nibbling her lobe before growling,

“These tits belong to me tonight, no-one, not even you are to touch them without my express permission. Your body is mine; it will get no pleasure unless I am the one giving it. Do you understand?”

Wide-eyed Shara looked into his piercing blue eyes, her blue eyes stormy with desire.

“Yes…. Yes master, I understand.” Shara whispered

“Good girl.” Peter smiled “If you obey you will be rewarded, if you disobey you will feel the weight of my displeasure. Do you understand and agree?” Studying her face to see if Shara could accept his terms, Peter hoped she would, as it would ensure all kinds of pleasure for the remainder of the night.

Shara closed her eyes shuddering at the thought of totally submitting to Peter. Surges of desire raced through her body.

Opening her eyes, meeting Peters she stated firmly “I understand and agree Master”

His eyes flamed as he registered her complete acceptance of his control. Bending down to Shara’s lips Peter kissed her softly in thanks.

Licking her earlobe he whispered, “I promise you won’t regret this”

“I know I won’t” Shara moaned as she pulled Peter in for another kiss, communicating her need and desire through lips and tongue.

They both jumped as someone shouted “Ah geeze get a room guys!”

Peter grinned as Shara buried her burning face into his chest, “Maybe we should.”

“Oh shit, it’s my housemate.” Julia groaned as she saw the girl that was the focus of everyone’s laughter. “Great I’m not going to get much sleep tonight!” She complained rolling her eyes as the corridor burst out with laughter again.

Moving through the crowd with a sly smile plastered on her face, Julia approached Shara and Peter. Looking Peter up and down, glancing at Shara’s burning face, Julia smiled even wider. Looking coyly at Peter she purred,

“So you must be the mystery guy that is coming home with us tonight?” Staring at Peters groin Julia licked her lips suggestively. “Maybe I should get you home so that bulge in can be taken care of”

Julia was about five foot seven, with long curly chestnut hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts where small and pert, hips wide and flaring. She was reasonably attractive and a professional flirt. Friends would joke that she would flirt with anything that had a dick. Julia knew that men found her attractive and liked the power she felt she had over them. By going for guys interested in Shara, Julia felt that she was doing Shara a favor. If they lost interest in Shara and went for Julia it just showed they weren’t the right man for Shara in the first place.

Shara started to feel concerned as she saw Peter examining Julia. Julia was part of the reason she had little luck with guys over the last few months. They would start interested in her and move their attentions to Julia after meeting her. Each time it happened she would dip into a deep depression about her general state of unattractiveness, she wasn’t güngören escort sure if she would be able to cope with it this time.

Peter studied Julia, he heard plenty about her, but had never met her. General opinion was that she was a cock tease, the main reason most men hovered around her was due to the vain hope that they’d be allowed into her pants. He could see no depth in her eyes, to him that was just a sign of how shallow she was. Peter looked quickly at Shara as he felt her trying to draw away from him, her eyes becoming blue pools of hurt.

Caressing Shara’s face, running his finger over Shara’s bottom lip Peter replied coolly to Julia “I do believe that Shara is the one taking me home, to my understanding you are merely the driver.”

Eyes widening in surprise Shara realized that Peter was rejecting Julia. She smiled joyously and sucked Peter’s thumb into her mouth, biting gently.

Julia looked as though she had been slapped and snarled, “Well I’m leaving now so if you want a ride you had better hurry.”

Julia turned slamming her way back through the crowd to the exit.

Shara giggled in nervous reaction, “I wouldn’t worry too much she doesn’t have the house keys, I do.” She glanced up at Peter and blushed.

Leaning down Peter kissed Shara passionately. Staring into her eyes he firmly stated, “Julia could not be even remotely attractive to me. I prefer women, not spoilt little girls. I have wanted you longer then I have wanted any woman. Be sure that I will be in no-one else’s bed but yours tonight.” Kissing eyelids lightly he smiled “But we had better catch up with her as I don’t have the money for a taxi.”

Holding onto Shara’s hand Peter guided through the crowd, protecting her from being jostled by the dancers.

They rapidly caught up with Julia who glared at them both as she unlocked the car. Peter opened the rear passenger door for Shara, ensuring that she was settled before walking around to the opposite side, letting himself in. He had barely closed his door before Julia had gunned the engine, leaving the curb in a cloud of smoke.

Julia made her displeasure clear with her abrupt driving on the way home, taking corners fast so that Peter and Shara were thrown from side to side. Shara felt a bit shaken by the time they got home, she hated being a passenger at the best of times. Her hands shook a little as she tried to fit the key into the dead lock. As she opened the door she was pushed aside by Julia who stormed into the house.

Peter shot a filthy look at Julia’s back as he checked Shara to make sure she was all right. Holding the door open for her, he courteously guided her through. As he looked around he could tell that Shara decorated the house. The hallway was wide and inviting, painted a cool blue with jarrah floorboards. The rich red color of the wood added warmth to the room.

“Welcome to my home.” Shara said smiling up at him. She loved her home; she bought it a year ago with the money she inherited on her Mothers death. After six months of painting and refurbishing she had moved in. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, jarrah floorboards throughout. The cost was more then she had expected which is why Julia had moved in to help with the expenses.

“My room is the first to the right” Shara took Peter’s hand as guided him down the hallway. Opening the door she pulled Peter gently in, closing the door behind him. Anxiously she looked at him from under her eyelashes as he took in the room.

Peter loved her room, it was softly feminine in such a way that was inviting but not overpowering to him. So many women had such girlie rooms that he felt like an invader. The walls were painted a very soft pink like sunset on a summer’s day. Dark red curtains shielded the large window to the right of the room. The centerpiece of the room was a queen sized four-poster bed, jarrah like the floorboards. Silver satin curtains hung from the bed held back by lilac cords, matching the lilac and silver satin bedspread. Red cotton sheets matching the curtains peeked out from under the pillows.

Peter smiled down at Shara approvingly “I like the bed, is it strong?”

“Strong enough that you can suspend someone from the posts” Shara blushed as she wondered if Peter would realize that she had the bed custom made for that purpose. Hidden at the top of the canopy was a sling with restraints that she was hoping would be used on her one day.

Peter looked at her curiously as she blushed and wondered what secrets she had hidden in her room. Stroking his hands across her shoulders he kissed her softly, resting his head on hers he whispered “I don’t know about you but I feel very sweaty after all that dancing, will you have a shower with me?”

Shara felt her nipples tighten again at the thought of being naked with Peter. As her pussy throbbed she moaned softly.

“I’ll…erm… I’ll just get you a towel.” She stammered.

Spinning she bağcılar escort opened the door and hurried down the hall to the linen closet. As soon as Shara left the room Peter started to remove his clothes, laying them on the wooden chest at the end of the bed.

“Here’s your towel…” Shara’s jaw dropped as she saw Peter’s naked body for the first time.

Mesmerized her gaze wandered all over his body. Unlike a lot of Goths Peter spent time on the beach and had a light tan. He swam every day to keep his body lightly muscled. Shara licked her lips hungrily when her gaze rested onto his cock. Nine inches of throbbing man hood stood from his groin like a flagpole. Her eyes closed as she swayed caught up in the memories of how his hot cock felt sliding into her.

Striding up to Shara, Peter gripped her shoulders as he kissed her hungrily. Sliding his hands down to her hips he pulled up the fabric of her skirt, bending his knees he eased his cock under so that it was pushing at her pussy. He could feel how hot and wet she was.

Taking a deep breath to calm Peter growled, “How about that shower?

Shara gazed up at him her eyes glazed with passion, her lips begging for more kisses. His words took a little while to register in her passion fogged brain.

“Oh of course, the bathroom is attached to the bedroom; the door is to the right of the bed.” Shara was hit by a sudden burst of shyness, unable to meet Peter’s eyes. “You can go first.”

Peter chuckled; one of the things that attracted him to Shara was her curious mixture of shyness and sexual confidence. On one hand she was like a shy schoolgirl, the other a sexual vixen that took his cock to the hilt in the alleyway. Placing a finger under her chin and tilting her head to force her to meet his eyes. He purred “I don’t think you understand, my dear, we are showering together. I am not letting you out of my sight now.”

Taking advantage of her shock he undid the zipper of her dress, guiding the straps off her shoulders so that it fell to the floor. He took a step back so that he could gaze at her. Shara stood slightly hunched over, her arms crossed as if to hide from his view. Peter stepped to her and tilted her head so that he could look at her face.

“Shara you are a beautiful woman, don’t hide your body from me. I have waited eight years to be with you and I want to enjoy it all. There is nothing for you to be ashamed of.” He whispered gently, caressing her lower lip with his thumb.

Her eyes brimming with tears, Shara’s lower lip trembled. She whispered “John always said I was fat and that my boobs are saggy.”

Peter closed his eyes at the pain in her voice. “Shara honey, I have felt your body and I wanted it, now I want to see it. Let me be the judge. Stand proud for me baby. Will you try?”

Shara took a deep breath and nodded; taking another deep breath she took a step back, her arms by her sides. Inhaling deeply she squared her shoulders meeting his eyes as he gazed at her.

Peter felt his cock pulse as he stared at her standing there. Shara was dressed only in her knee-high platform boots, stockings, and black lacey garter with matching bra. Her breasts where large and creamy, at least a D cup, he could see her nipples straining through the lace. Her mound was smooth and hairless; he could see her pussy lips, flared and moist.

Peter couldn’t resist those breasts. Firmly cupping them he flicked his thumbs over her nipples. Kissing her hungrily, his hands roamed to her back, undoing her bra and cupping her bare arse. Moving away from her he smiled at her passion flushed face.

“How on earth could any man call you fat and saggy Shara? You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Those tits are screaming for me to lick and fuck them. Hurry, undress for me so we can shower.”

Shara blushed as she bent over to undo the zip to her boots, sighing as Peter moved behind her to cup her arse cheeks. She paused to savor the sensation.

“I thought I told you to undress?” Peter growled slapping her arse firmly.

Shara moaned, hurrying unzipping and sliding off the boots. As she undid the garter belt she smiled slightly, wiggling her arse against Peter’s legs she rolled the stockings slowly down her legs, looking up in between her legs to be sure Peter was enjoying the view.

Slapping her arse again Peter growled, “Enough teasing, if you’re a good girl I may let you wash my cock.”

Smiling lustfully Shara led the way to the bathroom, turning on the shower so that the water was pulsing and warm. Stepping under the water she pulled Peter in after her. Peter bent down to kiss her fierily, his hands wandering all over the water slick body, with Shara eagerly doing the same to him.

Reaching up Shara grabbed the washcloth and body wash. The scent of vanilla filled the room as she squeezed out some.

“Shall I wash your back for you master?” She purred.

Peter smiled his assent merter escort as he turned his back to give her easier access. He moaned softly as her hands started to glide over his back, moving down to soap his buttocks and legs. As she stood up he felt her finger press lightly against his anus, he relaxed his arse muscles and her finger slowly slid into his puckered hole. He groaned as she slid her finger in and out a few times.

“I think it’s time you washed my front now baby.” Peter groaned, he wasn’t how much longer he would be able to stop from cumming if she kept fingering his arse.

Sliding her finger out of his puckered hole, Shara turned Peter around so that she could start soaping his chest, working her way down, she carefully avoided his groin as she soaped down his left leg and up his right. Peter growled in frustration as she purposely avoided the area he wanted her to pay attention to the most.

Shara smiled knowingly looking at his cock through her lashes. She wanted to taste it; she wanted to know just how much of his nine inches of thickly veined pulsing man meat she could fit into her mouth.

Reaching out with her tongue she gently licked at the pre cum welling at the head. Moving to lick around the rim and slit, she gently took the head of his cock into her mouth sucking.

Peter moaned and gripped Shara’s hair in his hands as she felt her hot mouth sucking on his cock.

“I want to cum in your mouth Shara, suck me, make me cum and swallow all I give you.” Peter growled.

Thrusting his cock further into Shara’s mouth he then leaned against the wall of the shower for support.

Shara began to lick down the length of Peters cock, sucking gently on his balls when she reached the bottom before licking her way back up to the tip. Her tongue stroking and licking the slit and rim before taking the head back into her mouth. Sucking hard, she slid her way down his pulsing rod until he hit the back of her throat, unable to go any deeper Shara used one hand to mark her choking point. Her fingers forming a circle around his cock, she started setting a slow and steady rhythm sucking his cock in and out of her mouth.

Peter groaned at the sensations he was receiving from Shara’s attention on his cock. Her mouth was like a tight pussy sliding up and down; her tongue drove him wild as she stroked the underside of his cock. He knew his orgasm wasn’t far away after the night of teasing he had given himself by not cumming in Shara when he fucked her in the alleyway. His balls felt like they were on fire as her hand softly cupped them, her index sliding along the ridge between his balls and anus.

Using one hand to stroke the length of cock she couldn’t swallow Shara set a steady pace as she fucked Peters cock with her mouth. She felt his balls pulse as she rubbed her finger against his puckered hole and knew his orgasm wasn’t too far away. Increasing her speed she slid her finger slowly into him, stroking in time to her sucking.

The surges of passion that he was feeling from the attentions of Shara’s mouth and finger were more then Peter could cope with. He felt the surge in his balls as Shara pressed and stroked against his G spot. His fingers gripped her hair as his orgasm ripped through him.

“Oh god that’s good…. I’m cumming Shara!”

Shara kept milking his cock as she moved so just the head of his cock was in her mouth, his cum filling it with a sweetly salty flavor. She let it pool in her mouth before swallowing, as stream after stream of cum flooded her mouth.

Peter groaned as he felt his cock emptying its load into Shara’s eager mouth. Holding onto her shoulders for support he lost himself in the feeling, gently fucking Shara’s mouth as his cock started to soften.

Once she was sure that Peter was milked dry, Shara slowly kissed her way up his chest, her tongue flicking over his nipples. Looking up impishly she asked, “Are you pleased Master?”

Peter chuckled deeply, “I am very pleased, and you didn’t spill a drop. Now it is time for your reward.”

Taking the washcloth from her hand, Peter squeezed some more body wash onto it. Pressing her into his chest he began to wash her back in slow circular movements. Shara sighed blissfully as the light sprinkling of hair on his chest teased her nipples.

Peter’s hands stroked down her back firmly, bending his knees he soaped up her arse and worked his way down the back of her thighs. As his mouth reached her mound he flicked his tongue briefly against her pussy lips. Shara moaned, opening her legs in invitation.

Unable to resist such an invitation but wanting to enjoy it to the fullest, Peter turned off the water. Pulling Shara out of the shower stall he wrapped a towel around her quickly drying her skin. Shara moaned at the roughness of the towel against her sensitized skin. Kissing her roughly Peter rapidly dried himself, taking her by the hand he led her into the bedroom.

Standing her at the edge of the bed Peter kissed Shara hungrily, his tongue stabbing demandingly into her mouth. Biting gently on her full lower lip, Peter moved to her neck, biting and kissing. His hands slid up her chest to gently cup her breasts, his thumbs stroking teasingly along her nipples. Peter left a trail of fire down Shara’s chest as he nibbled his way down to her rock hard nipples.

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