Beth’s Day At The Box Store

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As we were driving down the highway I heard a moan and wondering what Beth was up to now I looked over just in time to watch her unbutton the last button on her blouse.

Beth had her eyes closed and she was slowly moving her finger back and forth on her tummy by the bottom of her slightly open blouse. Trying to stay on the road,I watched the goose pimples forming on her arms as her soft, small hands caressed her taunt belly. To tease me she slowly pushing the fine silk blouse she wore open, leaving it hanging off her hard nipples.

Looking at me with her “fuck me” eyes, she softly licked her lips as she gave her blouse a little tug. The soft silk pulled free of her nipples and dropped to her side. She arched her back and in the dim evening light I could see the contrast of her hard dark nipples against the creamy white of her breasts.

I watched as Beth, with her eyes barley open she lightly squeezed and caressed her breasts, her quick, unsteady breathing a sure sign of her building lust.

My own excitement was growing by the minute as I watched her soft fingers pinch and pull her nipples into hard little pebbles.

When I pulled the truck back into my lane with a jerk she looked at me. Seeing the bulge in my pants she smiled, then reached over and squeezed my cock, making me jump. She laughed and said look at me babe “I have something for you”

Trying to keep the truck on the road I watched as she placed her hands on the hem of her skirt. Very slowly she inched the skirt up her legs until it was around her waist. Saying this is for you, Beth spread her legs and her cock popped up pointing to her chest. The sight made me gasp with excitement. It also wasn’t hard to see she had no panties on.

This all started after breakfast, she walked into the bathroom and pushed me away from the mirror. Looking at me she said, today is going to be a fun day. I pushed her back and said prove it, she responded with a lite tap on my ass with her hair brush.

We looked at each other, the building sexual tension obvious as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. Pushing me against the footboard of the bed she said “bend over bitch” With a smile I bent over, that lite tap in the bathroom would turn into a long delicious spanking.

If anyone asked me a couple of months ago if I enjoyed being spanked by Beth, I would have laughed. But I have to admit, I don’t know who get’s off more, Beth or I, we both love the sexual thrill of spanking.

For me it’s the submission to Beth, giving her complete control over me, letting her decide how much pain or how much pleasure I can have. For her I think it’s not only the power she feels or her desire to dominate me. It’s a sexual thing. I say this because; by the time she finishes with my ass her pussy is usually dripping.

That’s what happened this morning, after paddling my ass she was breathing hard and shaking. Her pussy was dripping wet, not from the exertion of paddling me mind you, but from the pure lust of the experience.

I turned my head to look in the mirror when she stopped and watched Beth slowly rubbing her clit. I could tell by her heavy deep breathing and the way she was looking at my blistered bright red ass it had exciting her.

When she saw me watching her she pulled me off the bed and kissed me. Pulling her tight I let the feeling of her soft breast and hard nipples pushing against my chest excite me even more.

She felt my hard cock pulsing against her tummy so she pushed me back and looked down. The site of my pulsing cock dripping precum made her smile. Then with a look of lust on her face she grabbing my hair and pulled my head down next to her lips, in my ear she whispered “nice cock big boy”

With just the tips of her fingers she lightly strokes the length of my cock. The lite touch making me harder still. Her fingernails lightly scrach the head my cock, makes my body shudder with desire. Showing me the precum on her hand our eyes lock, the two of us licking the sticky cream from her finger tips. When our tongues touch we kissed.

Pulling my ear next gaziantep escort to her lips she say’s in a lust filled whisper, put your cock in my ass if you want. Tonight I don’t care, I just need to feel your hardness in me, I need your cock. Please, JUST FUCK ME!

Putting my hands under her arms as I lift her up her legs wrap around my waist. I turn and lay her on the bed. She pulls her legs back and I take hold of her ankles. Pulling her legs open I push them back against her chest.

Reaching between her legs Beth takes hold of my cock and wet’s it by rubbing the tip against her pussy. Looking in my eyes she places the tip against her tight puckered asshole. I lightly push and she closes her eyes as her virgin ass refuses to yield. I push a little harder and she grimiest with pain. Taking a deep breath she pulls on my hips and the head of my cock pushes into her tight ass.

Beth throws her head back and screams out in pain and pleasure. The tightness of her ass is making my cock get harder as it forces her open.

She puts her hand on my chest stopping me before I can push any harder. Taking a deep breath she slowly exhales as her hand drops. With a moan my cock slips into her ass.

Her hands are on my hips and I can feel her body shaking with excitement. She takes another deep breath and I feel her ass loosen as she exhales. Pulling me down Beth whispers in a deep lusty voice, I’m almost there baby, FUCK ME!

I’m trying to be genital but she’s having none of that, she’s ready to cum, in desperation she try’s to fuck my cock by moving her hips, but with my weight on her body she can’t move. Slapping my ass she yells at me COME ON BABY, GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME!

That’s all I need to hear, I pull it out then slam it home, my hips slap her ass and I feel the bed move. AHHHHH, she screams out in pleasure.

She wraps her arms around her legs and pulls them back as far as she can. She want’s me to fuck her deeper but I’m fucking her ass as hard as I can. Watching her passion build an orgasm suddenly over takes her and she yells out.


When I hear that I can’t hold back any longer. Her tight virgin ass, and the feel of her tits pushing against my chest and the spanking, it more than I can take.

Beth explodes when she feels my hot cum, for the first time in our marriage I watch as her cum squirts, soaking me and flooding the bed.

That was just the start; the experience so excited us we spent the rest of the morning fucking in every room in the house.

When we sit down for lunch Beth is upset that I can sit so comfortably. So after lunch she takes hold of my arm and walks me over to the kitchen island. Pushing on my arm she bends me over and tells me not to move. She’s decided I need another paddling.

Bent over the island waiting for her to return all sorts of painfully erotic delights are running thru my head. As I listen to her in the bedroom going thru her dresser looking for something I pictured her in the leather outfit she just bought.

It’s suddenly quite, it takes a few minutes before I hear her footsteps. I know what’s coming because Beth loves spanking me; she loves to see her paddle turn my ass a bright crimson red, so as I listen to the slow click, click of her heels it has me squirming on my toes.

When she walked around the corner dressed in her black bra, panties, and high heels I knew I was in for it. Beth calls it her spanking outfit. In her hand was a thick hardwood paddle that she likes to call her equalizer.

This is what I’ve been dreading, and lusting for all morning. When Beth gets likes this she can go all day. She’ll take her time letting the excitement build by using the pain to bring me to a level of unbelievable erotic pleasure and keep me there for hours if she wants.

She likes watching me squirm as the paddle connects with my ass while I watch her furiously rubbing her clit in the mirror.

She walks past me and her hand lightly caresses my ass sending tingles thru my body. When she reaches the other side of the island she leans over next to my ear and whispers in a deep lust filled voice, baby my pussy’s as hot as your ass is about to be.

I’ll tell you, just thinking about it I start to shake in anticipation.

Beth laughs as a lite tap from her oak paddle makes me jump. I know I’m in for it when she rubs moisturizer cream on my ass. Stepping back she tells me to prepare myself. I hear her grunt and I brace myself just before the paddle connects with my ass, setting it on fire.

I try to stand up but Beth’s hand is pushing on my back forcing me against the island. The best I can do is dance on my toes.

For the next hour or so Beth works over my ass, taking her time she’s enjoying herself. She uses both hands and when the paddle connects with my ass it lifts me up and pushes me against the island.

The pain in the beginning has long ago been replaced by an erotic burning sensation. The sudden unbelievable orgasmic release that I crave, that I love so much, leaves me a quivering mass of male pudding.

I feel something against my leg and it takes a few seconds before I realize its Beth, rubbing her pussy against my leg. In the back of my muddled mind I hear the paddle drop as Beth yells out,


Moaning and shaking she fucks my leg, her cum soaks her panties before running down my leg and puddling on the floor. In exhaustion we collapse on the floor barley able to move.

When Beth gets like this I never know what will happen next so when she jumped up and said lets go shopping I wasn’t surprised. I also knew we weren’t finished yet.

Half an hour later and here we are, driving down the road. Her last paddling has left my ass raw and as I drive and watch her stroking her cock it has me squirming in my seat.

Watching her slowly stroke her cock I can’t help but wonder what will happen next.

Grabbing the wheel Beth pulls us back into our lane just in time as a truck fly’s by us. Looking at me she said it’s going to be pretty hard to explain my cock to the doctors if you wreck the truck so keep your eyes on the road.

I smiled as I reached over and stroked her cock saying maybe we should find a nice quite spot along side the road. Then I can take care of this, and you can put it where it belongs, in my ass.

Slapping my hand away Beth said, you’re going to get fucked sometime today babe, but it will be when and where I decide you deserve it, and right now you don’t. What you do have coming is another good paddling if you don’t watch the road.

Seeing the box store on the right she said, turn here and park, over in the far lot where it’s nice and quite.

Pulling into the spot she was pointing to I looked around and see it’s a good spot, nice and secluded. You couldn’t see the road because of a thick tall hedge and the truck blocked the view from the store.

Leaving all the buttons unbuttoned Beth tied her blouse closed and jumped out of the truck. Walking around to my side she started walking towards the store.

Jumping out the door I Run to catch up, when I catch her I put my arm around her and look down. I don’t know which was hotter, watching the front of her dress as her cock bounced or her tits as they jiggled with each step she took.

My cock getting hard just watching her.

I clear my throat and asked her if she was forgetting something. Her hand circling her cock she smiled and said nope, everything’s just how I want it. I’m going inside if you’re not up to it you can always wait in the truck.

By now we were halfway to the door and people had starting looking at her, some with interest, and some with disgust. Beth grabbed my arm and stopped, I looked at her face only to realize she was having another orgasm.

I grabbed a cart for her to lean on then stood there watching her and laughing as she smiled and tried to hide it.

When she had settled down a bit Beth looked at me with mock anger. Holding her cock she said, you think that was funny just wait, yours is coming.

Then taking my hand she put it on her cock and smiled as she said, just keep this in mind this cock is going in your ass sometime tonight. Maybe I’ll fuck you in the store or maybe not we’ll just have to see.

For the next hour or so we wandered around the store playing grab ass with each other. We were getting so hot we were both shaking with lust.

Not caring who was watching, when she saw an old man and his wife she lifted her dress and asked if he wanted some. His wife looked at Beth in horror so she patted my hard on and asked if she wanted some too.

After that I told her we better get out of there. I pulled her into the landscaping department and the first thing Beth did was pull me into a dark corner and drop to her knees. Pulling my zipper down she pulled my hard cock out of my pants. With out any hesitation she sucked my cock deep into her mouth until I could feel her nose touching my pubic hair.

Customers walking past only intensified the thrill. I looked down and watched her fingers piston in and out of her pussy in time with her mouth on my cock.

Beth stood and decided it was time to leave when she tickled my asshole and I knocked over a cart almost falling.

Not wasting anytime she forced my rock hard cock back into my pants and pulled the zipper up.

Patting my cock she smiled and said, what you think babe, time I fucked your ass How about it, you ready for my big hard cock up your ass.

She didn’t have to ask twice, I grabbed her arm and started for the truck. Thinking we were going to go home I tell her to hurry up it’s a long ride. But she had other ideas, ideas that I would very soon find out that had nothing to due with going home.

At the truck I started for the driver’s door but Beth had other ideas, she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her side where she pushed my back against the truck. Kissing me she pulled my zipper down and with a flick of her wrist my pants dropped to the ground. Beth followed by dropping to her knees and licking the precum off the tip of my cock.

In the dim light I could see she had pulled her dress up and was stroking her cock. I could tell she was close to having an orgasm. Suddenly she jumped to her feet put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.


Beth grabbing my hair and holding my head in her hands she forced her cock down my throat. She lost control as she fucked my mouth, fucking it so hard my head was bouncing off the door. It didn’t take long for her to have a huge orgasm.

In the middle of her orgasm Beth opening the door and pulled me to my feet. Bending me over the seat Beth said in a low raspy voice “get ready bitch” I’m gonna fuck you senseless. With one thrust Beth slammed her cock into my ass, buried it as her thighs slapped my ass cheeks.


Beth was shaking uncontrollably and trying to hold on to me as another orgasm racked her body. She collapses on my back as her orgasm starts to subside. My own orgasm almost there I wiggle my ass trying to put myself over the top. Feeling this she comes back to earth and starts to fuck me.

Starting slow and easy so she can catch her breath Beth gets a good rhythm going. I’m get closer and closer and she can sense it, she can feel it. I’m almost there so she rewards me by pounding her cock in my ass.

A car pulls up and stops, Beth wave’s and two people, a man and woman get out of the car to watch her pounding her cock in my ass. She grabs my hair and pulls me up. Looking the couple in the eyes I explode. When Beth see’s the cum hit the window she joins me.

Pushing her cock as far into my ass as she can I feel her hot sticky cum running down my leg.

The man and woman start clapping.

Patting my ass Beth tells me to pull my pants up and get in the truck. By the time I’m zipping my pants up Beth’s in the driver’s seat starting the truck and the manager of the box store yelling at her to stop.

She puts the truck in gear and I jump in my seat and were on our way laughing as the manager runs after us, yelling and calling us perverts and to never come back.

On the way home Beth tells me her idea for our next adventure and I’m already hot and hard. I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32