Bethany’s Birthday Box

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The fact that Bethany wanted a lap dance from a woman was much less surprising than her boyfriend, Eric, not wanting to take her to a strip club for it. Disappointed by this turn of events Bethany called me and complained about Eric’s unwillingness to give her the birthday present she wanted. I was most surprised at Eric’s reason for his refusal: he had just quit smoking and didn’t want to be dragged back into the “torturous tentacles of tobacco’s trap” as he put it. Sensing an opportunity I immediately volunteered to escort Bethany to the local gentlemen’s club and give her the birthday present of a lifetime. Overhearing our conversation Penny, my wife, demanded to know what I was up to. After explaining Bethany’s dilemma, Penny smiled and invited herself along. So much the better; now I would have two women to accompany me.

Penny is a petite blond with a confident and highly charged sex drive. Bethany, though she had been a friend for over five years, was a bit of a mystery to me. We had become acquainted at an old employer where neither of us now worked, and since we shared common interests we had often spent time with each other, singly and as couples. She and Eric had been together over ten years and neither had ever mentioned wanting to get married. They were an odd match to say the least, he was short, dark and hirsute to the point of furriness; she was tall and commanding, over six feet without shoes and simply looked strong and powerful without a need to prove it. Though I had been certain she was straight as an arrow while also open-minded, I never would have guessed her as bi or even remotely interested in women.

Penny and I picked up Bethany at her apartment. Normally we would rush in and visit a few minutes, but tonight she was excited at our promised adventure and she was waiting at the door for our arrival. Her boyfriend was no where to be seen and we figured he had found other amusements for the evening. The drive to the strip club was filled with nervous excitement. At the door we were carefully ID’ed by the bouncer and then waved inside. He did give us a lingering look, but only for a moment. A man accompanied by two attractive women into a strip club was certainly unusual, but not something the bouncer hadn’t already seen.

We went to the bar and ordered our drinks, then retired to one of the small tables far away from the crowds of drunken frat boys as well as the strange loners at the other end of the spectrum. My wife and friend watched the rotating staff of strippers on the stage for a good half hour before they finally settled on the right woman to give Bethany her lap dance. With a proffered twenty I called to our table after she finished her stage show and inquired at the price of a private lap dance. She took my money and then demanded double the same amount which I happily offered. I asked her name.

“Gia,” she answered. It was obviously a stage name. “Come back to the private room,” she told me leading me by the hand.

“No, no,” I said. “The dance is for Bethany,” I indicated by female guest. “We’re just here to watch.”

Gia hesitated for a second, then shrugged her shoulders and said okay. I admired the swaying of Gia’s rounded buttocks. On the floor and off the stage she was much shorter than our initial impression. She was practically petite. Like most of the other dancers she had larger than average tits, but not obscenely huge. Her blond hair was obviously dyed, but her skin tones indicated she was more of a light brown than a woman with black hair. It was obvious form her stage show she had shaved all her pubic hair.

When we arrived at the semi-private room, really just an alcove in the bar set off by a moveable screen, Gia placed Bethany on the chair of honor and then, without fanfare, began her routine. Penny and I stood back and watched. Gia first danced around the chair a little then quickly shimmed out of her skin tight black dress, revealing the red bra and thong we had seen earlier. She then straddled Bethany’s thighs and pressed her heavy breasts onto Bethany’s equally large chest.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked. Bethany grinned and nodded eagerly, her long black hair bouncing in the excitement. She took Bethany’s hand and placed it on the clasp on the back of her bra. Needing no encouragement, Bethany quickly undid the snap and helped Gia out of her bra, revealing her dark nipples to us all. Gia then began grinding her hips and crotch against Bethany’s pelvis. The two women began moving in unison, Bethany obviously enjoying the ride, but there was a definite bored look on Gia’s face. I regretted paying her as much as I did, but that thought was quickly forgotten when I felt my wife’s hand on my already hard cock. She was obviously enjoying the show as much as I and Bethany.

“Want more?” Gia asked. Bethany said yes, loudly and firmly. Smiling now, Gia led Bethany’s hand to the top of the crotch of her thong and hooked Bethany’s fingers over the material. “Pull,” she ordered and Bethany pulled down on the flimsy bahis siteleri material exposing Gia’s shaved labia, pink and pouting with and excitement her face did not show. Dropping the material to the floor Bethany place her hand over Gia’s pussy for just a moment before the dancer pushed her probing fingers away. She then danced around Bethany for a few more minutes, rubbing her tits and ass alternated against Bethany’s arms, chest and face before finally straddling the guest of honor one last time and, simulating a particularly vigorous session of sex, rubbed her pussy up and down Bethany’s body until she came. With that, the dancer picked up her tiny costume and walked out of the alcove.

Bethany couldn’t stop smiling. “Shall we go back to my place?”

After leaving the club we piled back into my car. Penny and Bethany were laughing and holding hands. They made me drive while the got into the backseat together. No matter. I angled the rearview mirror down to watch the two of them as I drove back to Bethany’s apartment. I didn’t have to wait long for Penny to start the show. “I know you’ve been waiting for this,” she said to Bethany, reached up and pulled my friend’s face down to her lips. They kissed, tentatively at first perhaps because it was Bethany’s first time at kissing a woman, and then with growing eagerness, certainly spurred on by Gia’s performance and body.

I was frustrated because I was forced to keep my eyes on the road and actually drive while they were well on their way to having full blown sex without me. While I was distracted during a lane change, Bethany called out to me, “Here, John, take this,” and tapped me on the shoulder. Absently I reached over my shoulder and took her offering. I glanced down at the fabric in my hand and realized that she had just handed me Penny’s white lace panties. I hadn’t realized they were that far along.

“She has nimble fingers,” Penny moaned from the backseat.

I stopped breathing a moment and could hear the muffled slippery clicking of Bethany’s fingers inside Penny’s pussy.

“You might as have these as well,” Penny said. I turned around a brief moment and she tossed Bethany’s tiny panties in my face. I managed to pull them away and glance down at the two pairs of undergarments now sitting in my lap on top of my erection. Bethany, it seemed, as partial to purple silk thongs. In wonderment, I speculated if she had removed them herself or had Penny’s able assistance.

“We’re almost there,” I called to them as I rounded the last turn before Bethany’s building.

“I am there!” cried out Penny as she achieved her first orgasm under Bethany’s hand. My wife isn’t shy about sharing her orgasms with her partners and I’m sure Bethany was surprised and delighted to hear Penny’s gasps and watch her petite body shake uncontrollably under the powerful influence the little death.

“That was great,” Bethany gasped as she took her hand from between Penny’s thighs.

“Wait until it’s your turn,” Penny promised.

“We’re here!” I announced and jumped out of the car the moment I slammed it into park. I was eager to get upstairs and start fucking the two of them in earnest. Penny was slower to get out and it was only at Bethany’s insistence that she got out at all because she wanted to take on Bethany right there.

Bethany broke away from Penny’s eager kisses. “I’ve got something to show the two of you upstairs.”

“You can show me right here,” said Penny, tugging on Bethany’s shirt, trying to expose her tits.

She laughed at her new lover. “No, I can’t. You can see my tits down here, but I’ve got something even better upstairs.” Bethany pulled away and ran to her apartment door, her skirt riding up on her hips giving us just a tiny flash of her ass cheeks. Quickly we followed, eager to see what surprise lay in store for us. My cock was already hard, making it difficult to run and Penny’s enthusiasm for new sexual adventures brought us to the door at the same time. We pushed inside and saw Bethany running up the stairs to her second-floor apartment. Her skirt was completely over her hips now, the result of her quick dash up the stairs and I caught a glimpse of her dark pubic hair as she pushed the key into the lock and opened the front door.

“Come on,” she called to us and up the stairs we went chasing after her beautiful tail. We found her black blouse in the hallway on the way back to the bedroom and her matching black bra just outside the bedroom door which she had shut almost, but not quite, all the way. We pushed it open together, breathing heavily from both our anticipation of what was waiting for us and our race to pursue Bethany. She was standing at the foot of her bed, tall and regal, dressed now only in her tiny skirt that was bunched about her hips and her knee high suede boots. Her large breasts heaved up and down with her own heavy breathing, they were capped with light brown nipples that were now crinkled in the slightly cool air , her dark hair was loose and mused from her dash up the canlı bahis siteleri stairs and subsequent stripping.

She was beautiful and I knew I wanted her and was certain my wife was of the same mind. But Bethany was not the most intriguing figure in her bedroom. That distinction went to Eric who was bound hand and foot to the four corners of their bed with a black mask over his eyes. He was striped naked and his cock was slightly erect in anticipation of some erotic delight that surely awaited him for his girlfriend had returned. Without doubt she had left him here in their bed while she was at the strip club with Penny and me, whether he had done so willingly or had been tricked or had been forced into this position of humiliation by the Amazon-like Bethany didn’t matter. She had obviously planned well for this night and this was part of her present to herself.

“Don’t say anything,” she warned us. “I didn’t tell him who I’d be bringing home. He’s also under orders not to speak until I give him permission, and he’s very obedient.” She smiled wickedly. Penny and I have our own favorite kinks, but a relationship of master and slave didn’t find itself into our sex play. Bethany shimmied out of her skirt and pulled off her boots. Even without the extra few inches from the heels she still stood over six feet tall. Eric was well-built but completely covered in dark curly hair over his chest and stomach. “Hi, honey,” she whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. He smiled. “I brought you a present. I hope you like it.”

She motioned to Penny who walked over while keeping a careful eye on Eric. Bethany whispered in her ear and Penny eagerly nodded in agreement. With Bethany’s help Penny’s bright red skirt and white blouse were quickly removed. Bethany reached behind Penny and unhooked her bra with a seemingly practiced hand. Maybe she wasn’t such a novice at this, I thought. They kissed lightly on the lips and Bethany slipped her hand down into Penny’s cunt, possibly to warm her up, possibly just to tease my wife. I didn’t care which. I hung back and enjoyed the show.

“C’mon,” said Bethany softly, leading her to the bed. She motioned for Penny to get on the mattress at the top, near Eric’s head. She helped position Penny so that her cunt was hovering directly over Eric’s face, his mask was tightly strapped to his head so there would be no chance that it would slip out of place when she inevitably lowered her cunt to his mouth. It was obvious Eric had some idea of what was going on, I could both see and hear him sniffing the musky scent of my wife’s cunt. She looked down at the eager face between her legs and smiled at Bethany who had taken her own position straddling Eric’s hips. His cock had engorged to a full erection without any assistance from his girlfriend or my wife other than their implied presence.

“We’ll do this together,” Bethany instructed her. She took Eric’s cock in one hand, aiming it at her cunt, while placing her other hand on Penny’s shoulder so that they descended together onto the bound man. His cock slipped easily into Bethany’s waiting and apparently already slippery pussy. She gave a low groan of satisfaction as his short, thick cock pushed into her cunt. In contrast, Penny’s reaction to Eric’s tongue licking her swollen and dripping labia was a short, sharp intake of air, not quiet a gasp but not a deep breath either. Together the two girls reached out of each other to steady themselves and bring the other closer for more contact. They briefly kissed; I could see their tongues passing back and forth between their mouths. Penny moved her hand off of Bethany’s hip and cupped one of her enormous breasts, lightly pinching the nipple. Bethany backed off a little, smiling at my wife, bouncing up and down on her boyfriend’s cock.

“That’s nice,” she muttered. “Feels good to have cock inside of me. Do you like how he’s licking your cunt?”

“Uh-huh,” said Penny absently. She loves to have her cunt licked and will ignore almost every other bit of stimulation around her until she has that first orgasm caused by a talented tongue on her clit. Noticing she was drifting off, Bethany reached out and tweaked both of Penny’s nipples, hard, causing my wife to pop open her eyes in shock.

“Stay with me, girl,” she ordered.

“Trying,” Penny moaned. “His tongue is so good.”

“I know,” agreed Bethany pleasantly, her tits bobbing up and down as she worked her hips over her boyfriend’s bound body. “I plan to enjoy him too, soon. But I want you to watch me get fucked.”

“Okay,” agreed Penny easily enough. Put a tongue on her pussy and she’ll do just about anything and agree to the most bizarre requests. She leaned in and nuzzled Bethany’s neck, searching for another kiss. Bethany pushed her back and tweaked her tits again.

“Stop that,” Penny half complained.

“Why?” teased Bethany, sliding her hands over Penny’s pink nipples.

“Because you’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop.”

“Is that so wrong?”

“I want to cum canlı bahis from his tongue,” she moaned and Bethany took another opportunity at twisting Penny’s tortured nipples. “Oooh,” she sighed softly. She likes to play like she’s tough, but Penny is more of a submissive than she likes to admit.

“Then cum,” suggested Bethany. That’s all the encouragement Penny needed. She looked down at the lapping tongue between her legs and then up into Bethany’s eyes, then her eyes and let out a howl of pleasure, her body shaking as the orgasm overtook her.

I was now more eager than ever to join in their fun and had stripped off my clothes in anticipation of fucking one or both women, but Bethany had other plans, plans that would make me wait longer. She started bouncing up and down on Eric’s cock with complete abandon. I was certain she was going to fly off his rigid member and then come crashing back down injuring the poor bastard, tied up as he was. But there was no real danger from that. He only lasted perhaps a minute before there was uncontrolled grunting from between my wife’s thighs where she still straddled him and his hips started bucking against Bethany. Her breathing went from labored enthusiasm to unbounded exhilaration and she too cried out as Eric’s orgasm, filling her cunt with semen, brought about her own climax.

It took both Bethany and Penny many long moments, holding each other as they calmed down from their orgasms, to be able to breathe and talk normally again.

“That was wonderful,” breathed Penny as she kissed Bethany’s neck.

“Are you ready for more?” asked her new lover.

“Uh-huh,” said Penny, pushing Bethany backwards off Eric whose cock slipped from her sopping cunt. Crawling away from his face, letting him breathe freely again, she kissed Bethany’s shoulder, then each tit, then started working her way down Bethany’s long, flat stomach toward her carefully shaped and tended bush. Even from my location across the room I could see Eric’s white spunk coloring Bethany’s bright pink labia. “I want to taste your pie,” she said as she reached Bethany’s navel.

“Then wait a moment,” Bethany said, pushing back Penny and rolling to her hands and knees. She dropped down to her elbows and thrust her ass in the air. For the first time since I had walked into the room she looked over at me and spoke. “C’mon, John, fuck me good and hard. If your wife wants to eat a cream pie, then let’s make sure it’s good and full.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement and quickly jumped onto the bed and slipped my erect cock into her sloppy pussy. There was absolutely no resistance as I felt her warm cunt surrounding my manhood, the path well greased by Eric’s cum. Knowing I wouldn’t last long and giving in to that failing, I pounded away at Bethany’s cunt as hard and fast as I could. She cried out each time I slammed into her. From the other side of the bed, next to the still bound body of Eric, my wife watching, smiling, reclining on her side, her hand between her legs, stirring the moisture Eric had left there.

It couldn’t have been more than a minute before I was done and expended the whole of my cum into Bethany’s already sopping pussy. She groaned in pleasure as I filled her with my seed that now mingled with Eric’s. Exhausted as I was after only a few moment’s exertion, all I wanted to do was force Bethany flat on the bed and lay on top of her, feeling my cock shrink within her cunt until it was forced out by the pressure of my cum. Penny had different ideas. Seeing I was about to force Bethany forward, she rolled over Eric’s bound body and pushed me aside.

“No, no,” she teased. “I want that cream pie warm and fresh.” She rolled Bethany onto her back and spread the leggy brunette’s legs. Neither Bethany or I had energy enough to protest. I resigned myself, happily, to laying at the end of the bed and watching my wife enthusiastically lap the combined semen from Bethany’s cunt.

She started with a series of long licks to get the small amount of the thick white fluid that had escaped Bethany’s deep hole. I noticed that Bethany, while not a slave to her razor, did take the time to trim her pubes into a nice wide triangle of brown hair and had removed all of the hair from her labia. After Penny was done with the initial cleaning, and Bethany and relaxed into a series of distant groans, she dove right in and literally sucked as much of the liquid from Bethany’s box as she could. The sensation must have been both unique and ticklish for Penny’s leggy lover giggled and squirmed in pleasure. Penny backed off a moment and licked her lips to make sure she wasn’t missing any of the musky cum we had deposited inside Bethany.

“Delicious,” she breathed and then lowered her lips to Bethany’s quim and started performing cunnilingus in earnest on her. Just watching the two of them was enough to make my cock hard again and in no time at all Bethany was clutching at the sheets and writhing in ecstasy. Penny had to wrap her arms around Bethany’s thighs in order to keep her still enough to complete her task and bring the statuesque woman to another orgasm. Bethany was so enraptured by her lover’s technique she had to squeeze her thighs around Penny’s head when her moment of crisis came.

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