Best of Both Worlds

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“Don’t worry about it” the young blonde woman said as the older man rolled off her naked body muttering.

“Fuck it, I’m sorry Sammi.”

“Bob it doesn’t matter, please don’t beat yourself up. It’s only a fuck.”

They had been in bed for an hour or so. The fifty seven year old married man had made the twenty four year old single girl cum three times; once with his fingers as he undressed her standing behind her with his hands in her panties and twice with his mouth as he made awesome, well she though it was, oral love to her.

It was when he tried to fuck her, though, that things went wrong. His hard on vanished.

Sammi had been school friends with Jane, Bob’s daughter. She had spent lots of time at Mister and Missus Roberts house and Bob had held some naughty thoughts for her, but had never done anything about them. It had been years since they or Sammi and Jane, who now lived in New York, had seen each other.

Bob was a Regional Manager for a large leisure company that owned a number of health clubs, one of which Sammi attended. He was due for retirement in a few month’s when they bumped into each other at the gym, had a chat, then a drink. Bob gave her a lift to the station a few times and then they had kissed in the car. Neither knew it then, but it was only a matter of time before they had sex. First in his car in Epping Forest and then at his home when his wife, Phillipa was in Portugal playing golf with ‘the girls’ from the golf club .

That was the start. The beginning of an affair between a mature man and a young woman.

Sammi lived with her mum not too far from Bob’s house in suburban Essex. She also rented a small apartment in Bethnal green in the East End of London. She needed that for, unbeknown to her mum who was now separated from Sammi’s dad, she was a glamour photography model in her spare time and needed to store the masses of underwear and other stuff she needed when posing. That helped her pay her way through stage school, which her father could no longer finance due to having lost his fortune in the Spanish property crash. It was at the apartment that she and Bob most frequently had sex. It was also the flat where she had carried on a short fling with a guy of her age, Jack, who was part of a group that met at a pub and played darts on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. It was after those times that for a few weeks they would go to her flat and he would fuck her several times during the evening or afternoon. Meeting Bob and starting the affair with him had been bad news for Jack, for Sammi was not able to cope with both, either physically or emotinally. She couldn’t handle being fucked three or four times on a Wednesday and most Sundays by Jack and having long, often three hour sessions with Bob who would only cum once, but would give her countless full and mini orgasms.

“Let me help” Sammi said kissing Bob on the lips and taking hold of his hand. She placed that on her fairly small, but beautifully shaped and pert B cup breast. He squeezed it, both gratefully and lovingly, but felt bad about losing his erection.

Lying on her side with Bob on his back she ran her fingertips down his fairly hairy chest, past his waist, over the slight bulge of his middle age spread stomach and into the untidy curls of his thick, matted pubic hairs.

Although she was a little disappointed that Bob had lost his erection, Sammi, being a very ‘glass half full’ girl, looked forward to the challenge of getting him hard again, although never having been with an older guy who lost it before it was uncharted territory to her.

It had happened to Bob a few times with his wife, but he had put that down to familiarity, her being overweight and too much drink. Worryingly, a few months ago just before he met Sammi, it had happened at a massage parlour and that had worried him, although he realised it was the sort of thing that happens at his age. He had made a mental note to get some Viagra or Ciallis, but couldn’t face seeing his doctor, who was almost a family friend and explaining that he couldn’t get it up. Up until now, nothing like it had happened with Sammi and he had been able to get erections almost on demand and keep them for ages. He had even cum twice one afternoon so the idea of taking something for his erectile malpractice had slipped from his mind. It came back though when she muttered.

“Why don’t you get some Viagra or something?”

“I couldn’t do that.”

“Why not? Loads of blokes do” she went on lifting his limp cock with one hand and stroking that and his balls with the other.

“How do you know that?”

“They tell me and I have seen them take them.”

“What young guys?”

“Yes, lots take it.”

“You’re putting me on.”

“No I’m not. I swear on this” she smiled squeezing his dick. “Most of the cityboys do, it helps them when they have shoved coke up their nose all day and drunk vodka and champagne all evening, they need some help then.”

“Well I’ll be buggered Başakşehir Escort I never knew that” Bob replied feeling some mild stirring in his balls and cock and feeling much better about possibly taking the pill. “Maybe I’ll get some, you reckon it would help?”

“I’m sure that it would, it does for the druggies, but this should work just as well at getting it up” Sami smiled bending forward, her blonde hair tumbling onto Bob’s stomach. She lifted his slightly hardening cock and licked its nearly soft length. “Not sure whether this works as well at staying hard though” she smiled taking it into her mouth.

“Jesus Sam” Bob groaned as his fingers slid into his young mistress’ golden blonde hair.

Sammi was not that experienced at giving oral sex. It wasn’t that she was averse to it and, in fact quite enjoyed providing such pleasure to a lover. It was just that with the young guys she generally went with there never seemed to be much time for that. They were usually in a hurry and were far more interested in sucking and fucking her. Not that she lost much sleep over that!

Until recently, Bob also had little experience of oral sex for his wife Philippa frowned upon such ‘perversions!’

Sammi let her natural female instincts take over sucking, licking, kissing and stroking Bob’s cock and balls. Slowly, but very, very surely she could feel it hardening in her mouth; that was a great sensation.

“Oh yes, yes Sam, that’s fantastic” Bob moaned gripping her hair more tightly as she sucked his cock and scratched that little patch between his balls and arse. He reached out for her again; he had to feel and touch her. Sammi realised that and altered her position so he could get his hand between her legs, which she opened for him. He felt her warm wetness and slid his fingers along her soaked, slimy slit, revelling in the feelings on his fingers and sending shudders of sexual delight through the young woman.

At last he was hard. Sammi took him out of her mouth and smiling at him said huskily. “Come on old man, you can fuck me now.”

And that was exactly what he did; long, tenderly, creatively and in a maturely expert way so that their orgasms coincided perfectly


They didn’t see each other that often and there was no commitment from either about not having sex with others. No, what they had was a sex with no strings relationship and that seemed to work for each of them. In effect, they were what the Americans term ‘fuckbuddies.’

It worked on one level for Bob for it provided him with another source of sex. He had very infrequent sex, not even once a month, with his wife Philippa. She seemed to have pretty much gone off it, well at least with him Bob often thought. He sometimes wondered if there was more to the ‘girls at the golf club’ than she let on. He also visited a massage parlour where he had a preferred masseuse Sofi. He went there on average once a week and revelled in: being massaged by her, massaging the Latvian blonde, playing with her nice big tits and finishing off usually with a blow job. She let him kiss her and for the short time he was there, she was just like a lover, not a hooker.

Sammi also gave something else to Bob, self-esteem. He felt amazingly proud of himself to have pulled the young bird. He knew that he was a bit of an old fart and sometimes couldn’t work out why she was him, but he never took her for granted. She was a stunningly attractive, blue eyed blonde. Great legs, an even greater arse and small B cup, but wonderfully shaped youthfully firm breasts; she was a real head turner. Add onto that her habit of rarely wearing a bra, her strong sex drive and her very open views on sex, and on sexuality come to that and she really was a fantastic and highly desirable package.

At another level, it didn’t work as fuckbuddies. The more often he saw her, the more strongly he felt for her and he hoped against hope that he was not falling in love with her, although he suspected that he might be.

Sammi’s situation was quite different. She had always been attracted to older guys, but usually about ten to fifteen years her senior, not over thirty, although at uni she’d had a fling with a lecturer twenty years older than her.

That said, the idea of her having an affair with a guy over thirty years her senior who was old enough to be her grandfather would have been unthinkable if anyone had suggested it. Now though, having had a fair amount of sex with him, the idea was not at all unthinkable and to her was perfectly reasonable. Ok there were major differences in their likes and dislikes with stuff like music, books, politics and movies and going on dates was difficult, if they got to that stage. However, when they were alone and sex was the only agenda item, age became irrelevant. In fact, Sammi often thought that if she were able to cover his face, where his balding hair and wrinkles gave his age away, she wouldn’t know from his body that he was so much older than her. Başakşehir Escort Bayan It was with his sexual performance that Sammi was enamoured. True, he couldn’t fuck her several times in an evening; true, once he had fucked her or she had made him a cum a ‘second coming’ was a rare event and true he couldn’t keep an erection for the hours on end that some of her young lovers could. But he made love to her in a caring, sensitive, thoughtful, languid, experienced and mature way. He made her and her body the complete centre of attention. Her needs were paramount, her desires supreme. He hardly seemed to need to cum, and at times Sammi felt he had gone home after they had made love for ages without cumming. Ejaculation almost seemed irrelevant to him. Being treated like this was alien to her. She was used to sex sessions where she was fucked several times and where the guy remained as good as hard for hours on end. It had taken her some time to adjust.

She knew that she wasn’t falling in love with Bob, but she had no idea how she would get him out of her system when and if they parted.


Philippa was a strikingly handsome woman. She was not beautiful or dazzling, but she was memorable, a bit like Glen Close or Meryl Streep although bigger. She had mousy coloured hair that some thirty years ago she had dyed champagne blonde and it had been that way ever since. Her stunningly blue, rather narrow eyes and thin, oversized, Aquiline nose, prevented her being a beauty, although her full, voluptuous lips tried hard to counter that. She was quite big. Not gross or obese, but certainly overweight. Slightly above average height she weighed just over one sixty pounds. She had great legs, a big rotund arse and tits that some drooled over and others felt were rather saggy, which they were.

Some years ago now she had lost interest in sex with her husband. She wasn’t sure why, because she still loved him, but now it was with the love of a sister, not a lover. She didn’t yearn for other men and an affair had no attraction to her. She was, however, concerned at her feelings, particularly as she now found women’s company preferable to men’s. She had always been quite staid with both her attitudes and morals and the idea that she might be bisexual or worse, even lesbian, although it had crossed her mind, had always been unthinkable. Until recently that was. She had not, of course done anything about it, but, more and more she felt she was being tempted. Furthermore, she had a suspicion, fuelled by both gossip and observed behaviours, that a few of ‘her golf club girls’ may well have taken things a little further in that direction.

She had always had a low sex drive so satisfying that was easy. In her earlier years she had masturbated about every couple of weeks, but since marrying Bob she had stopped. It somehow seemed ‘unfaithful’ to her to have sex with herself, although on the rare occasions over the years when she had been really relaxed and he persuaded her to do it while he held and watched her it had been amazing. That sort of thing no longer happened though. On the roughly monthly basis when they did have sex, it was all pretty straightforward and that was exactly how she wanted it.

She did at times wonder how Bob coped and occasionally speculated that he might have a mistress, but she had seen no evidence. She also thought that he might visit a prostitute, but felt overall if that kept him away from her it was probably a good thing. At times though, something, and she was unable usually to work out what it was, she wanted sex. At those times she would get into bed naked.

“Oh fuck no,” Bob groaned to himself when he pulled the duvet back and saw that his wife was naked.

“Why don’t you take those off?” She said pointedly looking at his pyjama trousers.

Bob did as she asked. It was pointless not to, although the idea of making love to her after his recent sessions with the gorgeously big-boobed Sofi and the simply gorgeous Sammi was almost laughable. It was, though, something that had to be done.

Naked he got in to bed, took his wife in his arms and kissed her. She just about opened her mouth, although she hated being deep tongued. She pressed her boobs against her husband’s chest and squirmed a little bit, quite enjoying the sensation of his hairy chest on her small, dark nipples.

Bob didn’t feel at all aroused and the recent experience with Sammi came to mind. That made it worse and as Philippa ground her overweight body against his athletic, trim and muscular form his mind was in overdrive worrying that he would have to admit defeat again. Moving his chest away a little and keeping his eyes tightly closed he cupped then squeezed his wife’s big, soft tits. Philippa liked that and it felt good. She gave a low moan of appreciation. Desperately trying to imagine that it was Sofi’s boob he was caressing Bob at last felt a slight tingling in his balls. In his mind, he was saying. ‘Sammi I so want to fuck you.’ Escort Başakşehir ‘Sofi you have fabulous tits.’ ‘Let me fuck both of you’ as he imagined he was about to have a threesome with his two lovers. It worked. He got hard.

Philippa felt her husband begin to get hard. That made her feel good. ‘The old girl’s still got it’ she thought to herself, so badly mistakenly as she rolled onto her back.

In the dim light, Bob saw her udder-like tits flop to either side of her body. ‘Shit I could almost get my body between those two fucking melons’ he thought as he rolled on top of his wife. She opened her legs a little to give him the space between her sturdy thighs. He pressed the bulbous end of his cock against her lips.

“Mmmmmm” she murmured as his cock stimulated her clit.

Bob’s mind was full of images of Sammi and Sofi, their gorgeous bodies entwined, their tits pressed together and their mouths clamped. It was only those images that enabled him to shove his cock right up his wife’s cunt and fuck her. It didn’t take long.


Sammi hadn’t seen Bob for almost three weeks. It was the longest time they had not had sex since they had started. There was no one reason for it, just both of them being busy, Bob having to go to Frankfurt on business and Sammi attending a three day acting workshop at a conference centre in Oxfordshire.

“I hoped you would be here” the long haired, slim built, ruggedly handsome twenty five year old student actor said to Sammi in the bar on the first night they were there. They had chatted quite a lot during the breaks in the workshop and after an early dinner they were in a quiet corner of the bar.

Although they attended different stage schools and he was training to be an actor and Sammi a producer and writer, they met a few times a year at workshops and events like this. They’d had a fling a couple of years ago, but with Gil living in Manchester and attending a school there, it had fizzled out.

“And why pray sir, is that?” Sammi joked back.

“Well madam” Gil replied picking up on the banter. “I was hoping you would realise that.”

“How sir, could that be?”

“By casting your mind back to other times,” Gil replied running his eyes quite obviously up and down Sammi.

She was wearing a blue and white hooped, long sleeved tee shirt that had a scooped, but not particularly low, front and long, flared sleeves. Her denim, micro-skirt, was ridiculously yet hugely erotically short. Its ragged hem just covered the cheeks of her bum and she was wearing dark blue leggings. Over the tee shirt, she had a denim waistcoat with all the buttons undone. She had pleated her hair into a pigtail that flicked from shoulder to shoulder and from her chest to her back. She felt good and by the leers and ogles she got from the guys and the envious stares from the girls, she must have looked bloody good too.

“And what sir, were those times?”

Slightly hidden in a corner of the bar, Gil leaned forward and gripped her leg, just above her knee. “I doubt you really need me to remind you do you Sammi?” He said quietly squeezing her leg.

“Maybe no, but they are all in the past, now.”

“Sam” Gil said as he felt his cock starting to harden. “They don’t have to be do they?”


“In the past” he said thickly as he slid his hand slightly further up her leg.

It was only just after seven, but the wine she had drunk at dinner had gone straight to her head and she felt slightly tipsy. Gil didn’t drink.

The first time he fucked in her bedroom they didn’t undress. After kissing her as they stood just inside the room, he had got his hand up her tee shirt and confirmed her lack of bra, which excited both of them. Gil fiddled her skirt up, her leggings and thong down and bending her forward onto the dressing table, he shagged her from behind.

“You really are a sod aren’t you?” Sammi said after he had finished.

“Yes but not so much that I forgot this” he smiled back holding up a well-filled condom.

“Ok thanks” Sammi smiled as she pulled her thong and tights back in place.

“Why are you doing that?”


“Pulling your tights and panties up.”

That made Sammi feel a bit silly. ‘Why am I?’ She asked herself realising that with Bob she had got used to one single shag in a session.

“Come on luv, get yer kit off” Gil said adopting a cockney, instead of his natural Lancashire accent as he stood up and pulled his scruffy tee shirt over his head.

He was quite scrawny Sammi noted looking at his almost hairless chest. His ribs suck out making him look rather emaciated ‘An undernourished actor’ Sammi thought pleased that she was not planning to go that route with her career. As she pulled her tee shirt over her head and bared her breasts to him Gil muttered.

“Mmmmm even better than I remember,” as totally unselfconsciously he shucked his jeans down.

He wasn’t wearing underpants so his thick, long dick was on view to Sammi. To her surprise it was still semi-erect and that made her remember that he sometimes didn’t lose his erection after he had cum. That made her shiver a little for she realised that she was probably going to be fucked several times this evening. And that was precisely Gil’s intention.

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