Best Friends Discover… Each Other

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She was lying on his bed, head hanging off the edge, reading his history paper which was propped upside down in a notebook against his dresser. Brenda looked up at John and smiled, “Why do you bother having me proof these? We both know it’s going to be perfect.”

John shrugged. “Same reason we check each other’s calculus, one day one of us is going to get an answer wrong.”

Brenda snorted. “Yeah, and I’d leave mine wrong so Mr. Thatcher would stop thinking I’m a robot! Hey, could that be why I haven’t only not had any dates, much less been kissed by a boy? I’m not that ugly, am I?”

“You’re freaking gorgeous, Bren!” John fumed. “You just never get out because your life is spent buried in a book or on the gymnastics floor. But look at me, I’m 6’4″ and 270 lbs and everyone loves that I have half of the college football coaches on the West Coast scouting me, but you’re the only girl I say more than 3 words to in a month!” Stressed, John changes the subject. “Ready to review the calc for tomorrow?”

Two nights later, John was surfing porn on his laptop when Brenda walked into his room and slammed the door. “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! Kent Anderson asked me to the movies tomorrow!!!”

“Too cool,” John grinned. “What are you going to see?”

“Does it matter? I’m going on a date with one of the most popular guys in school for my very first date! John, I am fucking terrified!” The look of terror was obvious on Brenda’s face. “Hell, I don’t even know how to kiss! What if he wants to kiss me? What if he wants? MORE!”

Really concerned because she never cusses, he stood and gave her a hug. “Relax. You’ll do fine. You’ve seen plenty of kisses on TV and in the movies. Just pucker up and if he wants tongue, sigh and part your lips.” Suddenly he had a feeling of unease at the idea of his best friend’s lips on any other guy but was unsure what to do about it.

Brenda was a bit confused at the sensation of comfort and a tingling in her middle so she broke the hug, sat down and clicked through a couple of the girls on his browser. “Hmm, she’s cute,” she remarked to break the tension.

He looked at the screen and frowned. “Her boobs are huge!”

She laughs and retorted. “You’re just saying that because I have no chest.”

“Do too! It’s just compact and firm! Other people would see that if you didn’t wear sweatshirts all the time.”

She smiled at the kind words and an idea bloomed. “John? Would you, well, would you consider letting me practice kissing on you?” she meekly whispered.

Stunned at the thought, and partially to hide the growing erection that surprised him as much as the request, he dropped to his bed, mouth agape. “Really? You’d kiss me?”

“Well, just for practice, to make sure I don’t embarrass myself tomorrow.”

John figured they’ve surfed porn together enough that she’s seen more than one bulge in his pants. He stood and looked at her. “Anything to help my best friend. Besides, someday someone may want to kiss me.”

She stood and punched him on the arm, “Oh shut up you big goofball! Let’s do this before I chicken out.” With that, he slid his arms around her, lowered his face to hers, and gently kissed her. Then, seemingly of their own accord, his lips parted and his tongue stroked her lips, demanding entry. Tingling from her lips to her middle and beyond, she whimpered and opened her lips to him. They both become consumed by the fire of this first kiss.

Realizing what he’s doing, he broke the kiss and stepped back. “Wow, I think we got it right.”

Looking up at him with misted eyes, she sighed, “Yeah, we did at that.”

“You have nothing to fear tomorrow,” he growled with more than a bit of jealousy. “But if he hurts you, I’m going to squash him flat.”

She smiled up at him then lowered her head against his chest. “I need to go, figure out what I’m going to wear.”

The next night Kent picked Brenda up and took her to a film she’d been anxious to see; a chick-flick, no less. kumluca escort They shared a popcorn and Coke and cuddled in the stadium seating. It was the perfect date. Then, at her door, he looks down into her eyes, she smiles up at him, and he lowers his head to hers. The kiss is… NOTHING. No sparks, no tingling in her middle, just a generic “meh” of a kiss.

“Will I see you in class Monday?” he asks.

She chuckled and replied, “Of course, silly. I had a great time Kent, thank you.”

On that he smiled and headed for his car.

She stood on her porch watching until his car went around the corner then sprinted across the street to John’s house, punched in the key code to the garage door, then sprinted through the kitchen, saying hi to John’s mom on the way through, and upstairs into John’s room. After she tells him about the whole date including the kiss and the non-reaction, he did an internal happy dance.

“You going to go out with him again?” he asked.

“Well,” she replied. “Everything but the kiss was perfect. I think I’ll go out with him again. The kiss wasn’t THAT bad, just not what I expected.”

Several weeks later, she popped in again after a date. “John, Kent wants to step things up; he tried to get me to play with his cock! What do I do?”

After some thought on how to deal with her revelation, John came up with an answer. “Well, do you want to?”

“This is going to sound stupid but what if I do it wrong?”

He laughed at this, and said, “I don’t think there is a wrong way to give a hand job. Unless you break it off.”

“EXACTLY!” she gasped, and her eyes widened in panic. “What if I hurt it? I’ve only seen one on your computer and NEVER touched one!”

With his heart racing at the thought of where this could be going, he looked seriously at her and asked, “Well, do you want to…”

“Ok, I know you’ll tell me if I’m hurting you or doing it wrong. Do you want to just pull your pants off and let me play with it or, should we practice like it’s a date?” She was stunned at her sudden boldness. She had just kissed Kent goodbye ten minutes ago. WHAT was she thinking?

John looked at her, both excited by the idea and nervous at the same time. “Let’s go out to my mom’s car if we’re going to do it right.” So, holding hands, they snuck downstairs to the garage and into the back seat of the Lexus.

As they settled in, she chuckled. “Perfect, this is just like Kent’s mom’s car.” Then she turned to him, reached her hand behind his head to caress his hair and leaned in.

As before, the kiss brought sparks and in seconds she is trembling with excitement and realized her panties were soaked. The delicious feel of his hand on her breast had her sighing with pleasure. She caressed his chest and the bulk of his arms, then slid her hands down over his stomach, began to work tentatively on his belt buckle. By the time she had his belt unfastened she was so hot she could barely work the buttons of his jeans. His kisses trailed gently over her throat and along the neck of her t-shirt, lighting her on fire with need.

With her hand still fighting with the last button of his jeans, she pulled back and looked at him. “If you keep doing that I won’t be able to concentrate on what I’m doing. Relax and let me concentrate so I don’t fuck this up.”

Chuckling, he laid his head back on the headrest while she reached into his boxers to free his swollen member. Her eyes bulge; it was so much bigger than what she was expecting. With her head resting on his chest, she looked at it, saw a drop on the tip and said to herself, “Oh yeah, he once called it pre-cum, said he used that to lubricate himself when he jacked off.” She smiled wickedly to herself and swirled the moisture over his head with her fingers and taking a gentle grip, stroked down his shaft, amazed that it felt like steel under a velvet case. She realized he was moaning and whimpering as she caressed his cock. “Am I doing this right?” lara escort bayan His only response was a moan and thrust of his hips. Her breathing increased, matching the pants and moans coming from him. She stoked him faster, matching their breathing, which was getting more ragged by the second. She felt him swelling and hardening in her hand and she wondered how much harder or bigger he could possibly get.

Suddenly he cried, “BREN!” and shot a ropy stream of cum that landed on her cheek and across her chin. Not knowing what else to do with the mess, she wiped it off with her hand and then held her hand up in front of him and lets him watch her clean his essence off her hand.

She looks up into his eyes, seeing the passion there, knowing it matched what she was feeling at that moment. She asked, “Was that ok?”

His eyes glowed as he looked down at her and replied, “Any better and I may not survive. Are you ok?”

“I think I’m going to need to go home and jill off. That was just too hot for words. I think I need to bring something along to clean up next time.”

John leaned over and took her in his arms. “It’s not fair for you to do me without getting anything in return. It’s my turn to take care of you.” With that he kissed her with a fiery passion and resumed caressing her breasts. He teased at her breasts and kissed her throat until she became on fire with her need. Feeling her signals, he slid his hand down to find that she already had unzipped her jeans. He whispered, “Raise your hips so I can slide these down,” and got instant cooperation. He smiled at the smoothness of her shaved mound as his finger found her center. He smiled as she jumped and squeaked as his finger slid over the sensitive nub. He slid his fingers downward to dip into her core, and her head fell back as she lost herself in the sensation of his fingers as they probe her. Her moans grew louder as he increased his pace and as she pulled up her top, he lowered his head to suck the rosy confection of her nipple. Her moans crescendo in a shriek as she peaked; clutching him with her legs and arms to hold him as she shuddered with multiple shocks of her climax.

“Oh my God, John!” she purred. “I’ve never done that with my own hand! It’s so much better with a partner!”

They discuss the results and their feelings as they sort their clothes out. Soon she’s heading home and he was left sitting in the car silently raging that maybe the next day, Kent was going to be enjoying her delicious caresses.

As it happened, Brenda and Kent didn’t go out until the next week. Sometime after midnight, John was awakened by Brenda sitting on the end of his bed wearing a tank top and pajama pants. As he turned the light on, he sat upright at the sight of tears.

“What’d he do to you?” John growled. “You’re crying! Why?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just frustration,” she replied. “Kent doesn’t get it, he has no idea of where a girl’s, uh, buttons are. I was so frustrated, I went home and jilled off twice and it still wasn’t enough. Can you, will you, help me?”

John said nothing, just reached for her and pulled her to him. Lying back, he kissed the tears off her face, his hands caressing her back. His kisses were gentle and tender and he felt her relax, giving into his tenderness. Relaxation slowly turns to passion and he pulled her tank top over her head. His insistent kisses drifted down her throat and his hand lightly teased her nipples. Her sighs turned to moans as he reached for the waistband of her pants and pulled her panties down in one swift motion, slipped them off and onto the floor. He paused, lifting himself up so he can look down on her nakedness for the first time. “Bren, you are truly beautiful,” he whispered as he lowered himself to kiss her breast, suckling at her already peaked nipple. Fire spread from her breast over her body. Her hand caressed his hair as she arched to his mouth. He teased her, not touching where she so desperately needs him to touch. manavgat escort Her hips thrust to his hand as fingers caressed her Mons and over her thighs.

Her eyes squeezed tightly shut in frustration, she finally growled, “John, STOP teasing! I’m frustrated enough, damn it! Touch me!” He snickered, smiled and did her bidding… with his mouth. Her eyes flew open at the new, incredible sensation of his tongue on her inner core. She thrust her hips into his mouth before she even realized what she was doing, and in a near shout, demanded, “John! Oh John! Wait! What the fuck are you doing?”

He raised his head, looking askance at her and chuckled. “You’ve seen this in videos before, I thought you needed a little something special, as frustrated as you are.” Without waiting for a response, he lowered his head again and slowly laved her, his tongue first caressing below her opening then caressing over her lips up to her nerve center circling it lightly, causing a new whimper. He tasted her on his lips and his tongue, and his tongue darted as deeply inside her as it could reach. He then pulled his head back and blows a stream of warm air until he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked as his tongue danced on the tip.

The sucking and licking was enough to bring her to a climax; she rose on the crest of sensation and crashed down again, in a riot of sensations she’d never known were possible. Instinct told him that enough was enough. He rose onto his hands and moved up to hold her in his arms as she shuddered and whimpered from the aftershocks. There were more tears, not from frustration but from an entirely different emotion. Once again, she had never felt so completely satisfied and protected at the same time.

Then there are footsteps in the hall; their eyes flew open as they realized they are about to be busted. He pointed to the side of the bed away from the door and she rolled quietly onto the floor just settling behind the bed as John’s mother looked in. “What was that noise?”

“Dunno mom. I bet it was a cat outside. It woke me too.”

John’s mother shook her head, and leaving the door ajar, said good night as she walked to her bedroom, her footsteps receding down the hall. John was still staring at the door in shock as a fist came over the edge of the bed and hit him right on the shoulder.

“A cat huh? Is that what I sound like?” she stood and walking to the door, closed it. “Well mister, let’s see if I can make you howl like a dog. ” With that she threw the bedclothes back and freed his still-hard cock from his boxers. Taking it in hand, she lowered her head and closed her mouth on him. Her tongue lightly flicked over him, reveling in the taste of the little bead of pre-cum that was there. Slowly she took as much of him into her mouth as she could get then grasped the base of his cock to handle the rest. Easing her mouth back to the tip, she danced her tongue around his head then sucked as hard as she could, letting the suction pull his cock into her mouth. Each time she lowered herself onto him she could feel him stiffen, each caress of her tongue over his shaft or head caused a moan of pleasure. Slowly she built him to a peak, then ignoring his warning that he was about to cum, sucked hard as he climaxed jet after hot jet down her throat. She gave one last suck as she rose off him, cleaning his cock with her lips and tongue as she did. She smiled and looked at him, still shuddering, the sheets fisted in his hand.

Finally, he opened one eye and squeaked “Wow! Damn! Thank you!”

She grinned. “You’re most welcome. Set your alarm so I can get up and across the street before our parents get up tomorrow morning. I don’t think I can walk across the street in my current condition.”

The next week Brenda was back in John’s room in tears. That afternoon, Kent told her that he was taking someone else to the prom in two weeks, one of the ‘popular girls’. John had been intending to go stag anyway and asked her if she would go with him.

They both enjoyed prom, they were more comfortable with each other than with anyone else. As the dance started to break up, they left the ballroom but as he started heading for the car, she stopped him, held up a room key and informed him, “We’ve shared so many firsts this spring; I want just one more ‘first time’ with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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