Best Friends

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Simply put, Jackie is one of the hottest girls in school, in town, and on earth. There has never been a guy who’s seen her and was not attracted to her. And she is aware of that. Unlike most popular girls though, she is nice and easy to get along with. Of course, she always dates jocks and hot guys.

She has hit it with many people at school, no less than with 10 different people, 30 times all in all. She enjoys sex as much as anybody else. The only difference is she’s not shy about it. She’ll go as far as she wants, and nothing can stop her horny and craving mind when she’s turned on. If she wants to do it with you, you’re doing it with her. Of course, most people would die to have her. As of now, she has only officially dated 3 people. Her most recent relationship has lasted more than 2 years. So how is it possible for her to have so much sex while keeping a relationship with one man?

Cheating, that’s how she does it. She cheats. Everybody cheats. It’s the only way to satisfy your cravings and get the pleasure you want. If she only had sex with her boyfriend, she couldn’t possibly survive. One has to admit, she is kind of a sexholic. Not very much people at school have done it so many times; she’s probably done it the most. But either way, she cannot get enough of sex. She needs sex, like she needs food and water. She is a sex addict. Sex!

Although, at school, she certainly doesn’t seem like such a sexholic. A pretty blonde like her for the most part reminds you of those blonde jokes. She chuckles a lot, and she talks even more. You have to tell her to shut up, or she’ll go on and on about things. That’s why many people don’t like her. In all honesty, her beauty is everyone’s dream, but her personality isn’t as likable. It’s kind of like everyone’s nightmare. But still, you can’t possibly deny the fact that you wanna bump her every time she smiles at you.

Being a doctor’s daughter, you would think that she has everything she would ever need, but no. Jackie has to work as a waitress 17 hours a week, in addition to being a lifeguard on weekends. Seriously, she should tell her dad what a jackass he is. She has one of the highest grades in school, but still he only wants her to put her head in the books (as opposed to her preference — put her head in a man’s bare chest). Furthermore, he has extremely strict rules for her. Can you say curfews? Hers are like at 9 PM each night. Fortunately, though, her parents are away, on business trips, meetings and such, about 1/3 of the time. So whenever she has a chance, she slips out to have some fun. Although, she admits, being a lifeguard is fun. She gets to work with a lot of adorable children, not to mention hot guys. And it is in this same pool that our erotic story today begins…

It was a hot summer day. By now, Jackie works at the swimming pool 40 hours a week. Surprisingly, not a lot of people are showing up. Most of the time it’s only her and some other lifeguards chatting, which makes work easier. bahçeşehir escort Although, imaginably, it gets boring after a while. So occassionally she invites a few friends over and have some fun in the water.

Without the slightest shyness, she invited her best friend Austin to the job one day. In case you were wondering, Austin IS a guy. But he’s also Jackie’s best friend. And you know what, they haven’t made love yet. Which is rare for a male friend of Jackie’s. Nearly every guy friend she has has fucked her on at least one occassion. But not Austin. He’s just a real good friend.

Take Tim for instance. This guy is a player just like Jackie. You name the girl and he’s done it with. Although, you have to admit, a lot of the girls he’s screwed is nameless to him. After all, he’s the kind of person who anticipates sex and works his way around it. He’s very good at it, too. That means getting sex and getting at the sex. He is kind of a shy guy, but he’s not shy when it comes to sex. And he has that strong passion whenever the sex comes. He will be panting, moaning, and making all kinds of noises during lovemaking. Believe it, he’s a hell of a lucky guy. And he’s fucked Jackie on many occassions. He was her first and she was his first. From the first time they did it, they’ve “reunited” on bed on a few occassions.

Back to Austin, here he enters, tiptoed. He gets behind Jackie’s back and covers her eyes suddenly. She screams out of being scares, and he laughs. The mystery is over. Jackie punches him in the abs, which doesn’t hurt him a bit considering his muscles. Actually, Austin isn’t one of the most muscular guys around. He’s more of the cute boy type. Kind of like the prep of preps type. He does work out a lot, and he plays a lot of sports. So does Jackie.

“Don’t do that again!!” Jackie says as she laughs.

“I had you first didn’t I?” Austin replies, chuckling and sitting besides Jackie.

“Jerk. I should have never invited you.”

“Oh come on, it’s not like I didn’t have better things to do than to be here with you on this Saturday afternoon.”

“Well, fine, hey, thanks for coming.”

“Suuure…. wow it really is kinda boring around here. Where is everyone?”

Jackie sighs, “All the lifeguard’s gone, it’s just me.”

“And me.” Austin points out.

And they went on to chat about a few other things before Jackie suggested that they play in the water. So they Austin takes off his shirt and jumps right in; Jackie had been in her swimwear all along.

They splash water on eachother, laughing and enjoying the moment. Finally, Jackie can’t take it any more, she’s laughing too hard. So she retreats to the edge of the pool, still in the water. Austin settles next to her.

“You’re not very good at this, you know?” Austin said.

“I would be better if you weren’t so vicious!” Jackie laughed, “You didn’t give me a chance.”

“Oh, I bakırköy escort didn’t?” Austin chuckles and grabs her shoulders. She cries, tickled and feeling good. The next thing she knows, Austin is still laughing and teasing her, but he’s in a perfect position to do her. Her smile fades as she looks at Austin with that look that lovers have the moment they realize their love. Austin slowly realizes the situation.

“What, Jackie?”

Then he realizes what’s going on. His penis, still in his swim shorts, suddenly exploded in size, getting as big and as long as they have ever gotten. it’s now touching Jackie’s upper front thighs. He tries to back away, but no matter what he does, the erection only gets worse and he only gets closer to Jackie. At last, he starts to breath hard, his cock now touching her pussy.

He gasps, and she moans. He pulls his penis out of the shorts and sticks it in her. Oh…. that felt so good. He slowly twitches it in her. Still underwater, the feeling is even better.

Did I mention Austin was a virgin? Well, he was. He is a very romantic and outgoing man that most girls dig, but he’s never done it. Ideally and occuring now, his first time is with his best friend, the pretty blonde.

Austin starts to do it faster, both of them gasping and panting. Finally, Jackie tries to pull him away, but she hardly has any energy left… it’s so hard to resist! “Ahhh” she let out a groan, and manages to say these words.

“No, Austin. Ohh… Ah.”

Austin went on, only caring about the moment and probably forgetting that he’s fucking his best friend. As he does it faster, they begin to moan louder. If you were in the lockers changing right now, you would have no problem hearing them. As things were, they were alone, so nobody was watching.

Jackie’s body temperature has risen so much, she feels. She closes her eyes and lets Austin take complete control. He starts to lick her breasts. They taste so good! He puts his hands on the bench and fucks her even harder. Then he manages to lick her neck. He wanted to lick all over her body, but he could feel it was coming. Just now, she lets out another cry and starts to pull him hard. And he reacts by pushing as hard as he can.

All you could hear now is constant moaning and groaning in the room. It was a big room and it echoed slightly. It would have been a big turn on for anyone watching.

Jackie had done it plenty before, but she was NOT expecting her best friend to lose his virginity to her, in the pool. Her mind is so confused. Again she tries to pull him away, but he only fucks harder. Orgasm, her mind explodes, I’M HAVING AN ORGASM… W I TH MY B E S T FRIEND!! AHH!

That was her last thought before she started to cum. Austin was doing the same. He was ejaculating inside her. Of course, he had never experienced this before, and you can see the amazement on his face. He is so new to this.

They başakşehir escort waited about 30 seconds, starring at each other, panting. Finally, Austin pulls out of her but he got even closer to her, pausing for a short break, and suddenly aims for her books again. She didn’t mind it this time, as she has completely given in.

Austin wanted to say something to her, but he can’t imagine what. IT IS HIS BEST FRIEND THAT HE IS SCREWING.

The next thing he knows, he has picked her up to the dry floor and lay her down. She is on top of him. He knew he wanted to do it again, so he inserts his cock into her again and fucked her one more time, in the missionary position, on dry ground this time. It was quite enjoyable.

About 5 minutes later, we see Austin and Jackie in the shower, fucking again. What a sex drive. Neither of them wants it to stop, although neither knows he wants it for sure. Still, they just went on fucking.

Austin is now behind Jackie. His penis is tired, and he wants to use his hands now. Sliding it inside Jackie’s hole, he hears her moan slowly, her body trembling as she pulled him closer, bring his tongue to hers. They kissed, and his hands rubbed her. They were completely naked, just like when they did it the first time.

Austin honestly has one of the nicest asses around. Jackie reaches for it and rubs it hard. He feels so good, only making her wanting to fuck her even more. His hands are rubbing her faster than ever before, and in no time she was cumming again.

The 2 best friends did not speak to eachother after the sex. They didn’t know what to say. But you know what people say about the afterwards — it can totally ruin the lovers. Some people are completely normal and in love before sex, but after it they just scream and yell at eachother. Kinda makes you wonder if cumming takes over your mind?

Finally, Jackie says something, “So umm… was this your first time?”

Austin didn’t answer, but stared at his beloved sex partner. She felt awkward, smiling for one second and adds, “Of course not, how silly of me… that was a stupid question.”

Only after about 10 seconds of awkward silence did Austin reply, “You’re right, that was a stupid question.” She didn’t chuckle this time.

“But you know what, you’re also right, I was a virgin until just now.”

With her jaw almost dropping, she lets out a burst of laugh. It was so funny to her. The most romantic cute boy in school is a virgin? That’s definitely news to her.

He also smiled, but he didn’t find it very funny. After she maintained control again, they became silent once again. This time, Jackie walked up to Austin and slowly put her hands into his.

“I love you.” She said.

For the first time, Austin felt a shyness coming from her. He couldn’t help but let out a burst of laugh as well. Jackie swallowed hard, not knowing if she said the right thing. And then he took her hand and kissed it, and he put his hands on her cheek.

“ditto.” he said. They both smiled.

From that day on, Austin went on to have a lot of sex, Jackie went on to have even more sex, and both of them had plenty of sex together. All in all, this story told the beginning of Jackie and Austin’s romance. Two ex-best friends, their fate changed forever because of this one time. How? You’ll see soon. See ya next time!

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