Best Friends

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If I’d ever thought that anything like this was going to happen in my entire life, I would have told you I was crazy.

Here I was sitting on my bed, in my room with the shades drawn, the sunlight gently coming through.

It was eight O’clock on a Saturday morning, and I was staring deeply into the eyes of my best friend, Sara. She was still asleep, her hands curled around her blanket, on the other side of me on my double bed. Her skirt and school blouse were thrown onto the floor in a heap, I could see the poster of Hugh Jackman with his Wolverine claws extended out stapled to the door.

The closed door, the white carpeting was littered with the beer bottles that we’d drunk from the last night.

I hurriedly got out of bed, my Nightshirt falling back down over my naked ass. That wasn’t unusual, I usually slept that way, with just a tee shirt on I mean. In all honesty, I hated wearing any underclothing on at all – even when I was a littler girl, I hated the tightness feeling around my waist and legs.

As soon as it was time for bed, or even if I was home, I would charge up into my room and strip them off, usually slipping into a skirt or something if it was still the daytime or into my Sleep Tee if it was night.

At first my mom had tried to curb my tendencies for not wearing underwear, but had finally given up after her putting them on me every morning, and me stripping them off as soon as humanly possible, and cutting them into strips.

Mom got tired of spending money, and I got tired of cutting.

It was only about the time that I got my period did I finally relent and start to wear underwear, there wasn’t any other way for me to keep the blasted pad on, and I certainly didn’t want to puncture myself with a tampon.

I first met Sara in third grade, she’d been wearing a white cowboy shirt and a pair of jeans. She offered me a cupcake from her lunchbox and that was how we’d become friends.

The friendship has lasted for twelve years, only last night did it begin to take a turn for the better.

We’d just gotten home for the weekend; it was the start of our spring break, from Occidental College. I was a Marketing Major, and Sara had decided that she wanted to go into Equine studies.

There weren’t any papers due for the whole break, as Last night had been our last midterm. As soon as that was over, we had hurried to my small Jetta and driven home.

Mom and Dad were of course; glad to see us, asking how the finals/midterms were and what we had in mind for the rest of the week. We’d said that we just wanted to go ahead and rest.

My parents understood our needs and told us that they were going to go out with the Glickman’s from next door for a dinner and more than likely, would not be home until late that night, or very early this morning.

Sara and I had said that was fine, we were more than capable of taking care of ourselves, and that was that. They got into their Jeep Grand Cherokee and Headed out into the night.

Exhausted, Sara and I collapsed on the couch. I managed to get there first, and sprawl my arms out totally in a state of relaxation.

“Hey, canlı bahis şirketleri what are you doing?” Sara grinned at me, your hogging the couch, come on, I want some room too…”

“Oh and what are you going to do about it?” I teased, smiling at her in the best way that I could.

“Oh nothing much…” She said slyly as she slid in next to me, and instantly went for my open armpits,

Of course, this was my one weak spot, and I burst out in uncontrollable giggles. “Hey!” I wheezed, very nearly unable to catch my breath. “No fair.”

“Alls fair in love and war…” Sara responded back with a wry grin upon her face.

“Oh, is that so?” I said, with a grin of my own, as I skillfully turned and started to tickle her back. Her bulky sweatshirt was in the way, and I artfully made my way upward. Soon enough, I could feel her warm flesh, and the warm wetness that her armpits were making. This was it, the spot. I interwove my fingers right in the spot, and seconds later, Sara began to squeal like a little girl over the tickling sensation.

“N-No come on, that T-tickles!” Sara squealed as she tried to push me away; this of course, only seemed to fuel me more, and I tickled her harder.

Pretty soon, her face was flushed and sweat was dripping from her forehead. “Whew…” She said with a gasp. “You’re good.” She looked over at me. “Do you mind if I take this sweatshirt off, it feels like its a thousand degrees in here.”

I shrugged, we’d both seen each other in various stages of undress, and this was nothing new. “Here, let me get you some water.” I got up and headed into the kitchen, returning a few moments later with a pitcher of water, and a few glasses.

When I returned, Sara had not only shed her shirt, but her pants and shoes as well, leaving her in just her underwear and bra. “I’m sorry.” She explained hastily, I was a littler hotter than I thought, you really got me worked up.”

“Not a deal my friend not a deal.” I placed the drink materials on the table. “So do you feel comfortable like that?”

“Very.” She said taking the glass from me, and waiting as I poured for the both of us. Her hair was still sticking to her forehead, and the sweat upon her body had made her bra almost translucent.

“Oh, goodness, I must have made you hotter than you thought?” I told her.

“What do you mean?”

“Look down…” I smiled slightly.

Sara did that and instantly flushed red. “Oh my goodness.” She covered herself up modestly.

“Don’t, your very beautiful.” I could already feel my nipples hardening and my vagina was starting to wet. I pulled her hands away. “You look like an Athenian goddess.”

Sara looked at me like I was crazy.

“No really, you do. To tell you the truth, you’re already making me wet.” I blushed as I said this, because I wasn’t sure how she was going to react.

“Bull shit!” Sara smiled at me, and straightened up. “I don’t believe you, prove it…”

I shrugged, if she wanted me to prove it, than so be it, I walked over to her and stood up, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down to my knees, giving her a good look at my crotch. Sure canlı kaçak iddaa enough, I had made myself wet, and the light fabric of the panties were almost see through now. “DO you believe me now?”

Sara was awestruck, and I started to pull my pants back up, when robotically, she reached out at gently touched me!

I nearly melted.

“Oh, goodness, Jenny, you weren’t kidding, were you?”

“Why would I?” I asked as I started to pull them back up.

“Oh come on now, you can’t tell me that, that’s comfortable; being in those wet things.”

To tell the truth, it did feel kind of nasty, “No not really.” I admitted, “But I didn’t want to gross you out.”

“Gross me out?” Sara looked at me like I’d grown two extra heads, “Jenny, I’ve known you since you were six. I also know that you hate wearing panties.”

That was true, whom was I to argue.”

“You can take them off if you want too.”

I blushed, my best friend knew more about me than I thought.

“… and besides, being in wet panties for too long has the possibility of giving you an infection.”

Who was I to argue? I wanted to take them off, Sara wanted me to take them off, and so it seemed to me like we had a perfect match. I slid them down and off, my calves and inner thighs were thrilled at being out of the constrictive garments.

“See now, don’t you feel better?”

I had to admit that I did. I gently folded up my things and tossed them inside of the clothes hamper, for a few minutes, I felt a little self-conscious, walking around, naked from the waist to the ankles. “Yeah, I do.”

“Good, come on and sit next to me, there’s going to be a great movie on.”

“Sounds good.” I perched next to Sara. The movie came on, and it was pretty good, a Jim Carrey flick, both of us were laughing at the appropriate parts, but aside from that I also realized that Sara was stroking my inner thigh.

If it was subconscious or not, I didn’t know, but I shifted my positions several times to try and get her to stop. It wasn’t that I really wanted her to stop, mind you, it was just the fact that it felt so good, and that I didn’t want her to think that I was some kind of slut or something.

Finally, Sara became aware that I was uncomfortable. “What’s the matter baby?” She asked, concerned.

“You feel really good.” I admitted with a smile. “Really, really good; too good in fact.”

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked.

“That’s just it… I don’t want you to stop at all, I want you to continue.”

Sara smiled at me. “Ok, baby, come over here, close to me, stand in front of me.”

I did as she asked, the movie easily forgotten. She leaned down, and went onto her legs, side sitting, so that her head was face-to face with my vaginal areas. “What are you planning to do?” I asked her. I was curious, more than anything. I knew that Sara would never do anything to hurt me.

“Just relax…” Sara said with a smirk, and all of a sudden I felt her thumb glide upward, settling upon the cleft right between my legs in the adductor area. It felt so good that I was barely able to control myself. She wasn’t canlı kaçak bahis even on my clit and already I was starting to go crazy. She looked deeply into my eyes and slid her thumb right where I wanted it to go. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

I could do little more than nod as she touched me again and again. It felt so good, just to have her fingers right there, upon me. Suddenly, I knew that I was moments from cumming. I called out her name. “Sara…” my eyes were open, but they weren’t even close to focusing.

“Yes, baby J, I’m right here.” She dove her fingers even deeper into me, and I couldn’t help but scream as my orgasm took hold.

It seemed like every fiber of my being was shouting out on fire. I felt a muscle spasm start to take hold of me, and I braced for the pain. Instead of the pain, I felt such a delicious rush that I couldn’t remain conscious. My eyes closed and I went to sleep.

I don’t exactly know when I woke up, but I did have a blanket covering me up. Sara had gone and gotten me something to drink, she was seated in a canvas chair, her legs tucked underneath her in a way that I know I’ll never be able to compete with.

“Do you feel better?” She asked.

I nodded. “Very much so, how long was I out for?”

“Only about twenty minutes. I made some tea, do you want some?”

“Yep.” I sat up, and realized that I was still in my shirt, and that Sara had somehow in bed. “Honey, are you OK, I know that I must have been a lot of dead weight to carry.”

Sara smiled. “You were, my back still is a little sore.”

“Here let me fix that.” She turned her back to me and sat down at the foot of the bed. I gently lifted her shirt up and off her, watching breathlessly as more and more of her delicious skin was revealed. Like me, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I started to massage the base of her neck, and her shoulder blades. After a few moments, I could feel her start to loosen up on me. “Feel better?”

“Much…” she replied, dreamily to me.

“Good. Than there is still one more thing that I need to do so that you’ll feel totally relaxed.”


“There’s just one more muscle area that I need to work on.”

“What might tha…”

The words were cut off as I slid my hands underneath the elastic of her underwear; I took her hand, and gently lifted her from the bed. Slowly I pushed down her underpants, making it possible for her to step out of them. Her brown curls greeted my face, and I gently, gently let my tongue trace around her outer folds.

She was already sopping wet, and as I began to lick her fluids, I could taste the slight vanilla tang of her cum.

Needless to say, it was delicious, and Sara was shocked as I started to eat her out. “Jenn, J..Jenn…” Deliriously she called out my name (or at least as much as she could manage), as I let my tongue lick up her folds again and again. It wasn’t until I took her clit into my mouth and began to lightly suck, did she have her first orgasm.

Sara tasted so good as she came into my mouth, I couldn’t hold all of it and some of her girl cum dripped out, trailing down my chin.

Sara pressed my head away, signaling that she was finished. I looked at the clock 3:45. Pretty soon my parents would be up. It was time for us to get some sleep as well. I settled down into my bed and pulled Sara closer to me, hugging her as I fell asleep with my lover.

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