Bent On Bent Ave.

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My first attempt, please vote and let me know if you like it.

I arrived a little early at the storage unit to make sure there was ample room to go through the possible boxes you might be interested in. When you called to be let into the gate, I was feeling a little overwhelmed but went to allow you entrance.

You followed behind me, walking up the twenty or so stairs to the second floor. I was suddenly aware of the short summer skirt, as well as the small pink paisley panties, I wore anticipating the heat of the unit on a hot summer day.

The room is dark with the only illumination coming from a small turbine type air circulation vent, but I know this unit well, so I entered in without hesitation and started to point to places were there may be some items of interest. Before any words could escape my chest I was grabbed from behind tightly and felt your mouth to the side of my face, asking me “Is this what I wanted?”

What I wanted? What I felt, was something so hard, pressed into my pantie covered bottom, that, had I not felt it jump from my touch, I would have been concerned that you found some thick cylindrical kitchen tool that I had yet to find myself. Then I felt the moisture seeping through your escort bayan şişli pants, and realized I was really, in for it now. Your other free hand was under my shirt squeezing my nipples and covering my small breasts with your hot mouth, your lips, your kisses causing my nipples to stand erect and ache for more.

I try my best to get to your belt open, because I need this, and I really, really want to hear the sound of your zipper opening so I can drop and taste what you can no longer contain. I’ve imagined feeling the beat of your heart through the head of your cock in the back of my throat, and now is my chance to savor it, to swallow it. I want to push my face down until it’s ground into the pubic hairs of your groin. I want to feel your hands on the back of my head while I gasp for breath and am forced to drool all over your stiff rod as I run my tongue over your piss slit and taste the pre-cum oozing out like the cream dripping from my shaved little pussy. You feel how swollen my clit is and pull my panties to the floor. I say to you that “I need your cock back in my mouth.”

But you pull me back to my feet and whisper in my ear that “You know what I need.”

I’ll not argue with that. I bend eskort şişli my lower back as directed by your strong hand, into the cardboard box that I am pushed up against, I spread my legs open more as I feel your stretched shiny mushroom head slide up and down and up my sticky slit.

I moan as I feel both your hands grab my neck, as you position yourself at my opening. I lift my ass high to allow you the least resistance into my hot swollen hole. You start out slow, feeling every inch of my pussy stretch as you enter me.

As you start to pump your hips faster I tell you that “If you don’t stop now, my pussy is going to make your cock all wet.”I am creaming all over your meat stick and I feel my pussy ready to gush all over us. Then I feel that jolt of electricity from your balls tightening and all your hot jizz racing to the expanding head of your slick pole, I know your going to shoot it way up into my guts.

Then you whisper, “THIS is what you want.”


Then I feel your cock explode as my pussy clamps down on you so tight you feel like your fucking a virgin. Milking you of escort sisli every last drop, a mixture of sweat, sperm and gushing hot pussy juice running down our legs. I am still catching my breath while your tongue is kissing me deep and I hear the dreaded golf cart and the storage caretaker poke his head through the downstairs door to warn me.

“The “gate closes in fifteen minutes.”

Trying to acknowledge him so he doesn’t climb up the stairs, I manage to say, “OK, on my way out.”

Then I start to feel your fingers slip back into my pussy, causing me to gasp while you scoop out thick creamy goo to lick off your fingers. Tasting the hot cream, and feeling you again spreading my thighs this time for your eager mouth, devouring the cream pie you’ve just filled me with. Your slick hand coving my mouth to quiet the scream I can no longer control. My knees weaken and my body shakes as your mouth removes all the evidence of our discrete encounter.

You pull my shaking body to the plywood floor, and cover me with your strong body and wet face. You bite my neck, squeeze my tits and push your hot tongue into my open mouth. You say to me, “Is that what you needed baby? Am I what you needed?”

“Yea! But Peter, I have boxes you’ve yet to see.”

“Don’t worry.” You tell me. “I will take care of any box you give me.”

We make arrangements to meet again tomorrow. Then I lock up the storage unit with shaking hands. Anticipating tomorrows next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32