Ben , Gabrielle Ch. 04b

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Big Dicks

By the time he exited the arrivals terminal at JFK, Ben was in a foul mood. He glanced at his watch as he made his way to the parking lot — 5:12pm.

He knew he had no chance of getting home before Brit arrived.

His morning appointment had dragged on longer than he’d anticipated. Although he’d submitted a detailed proposal the day before — and walked the client through it step by step — the client developed cold feet overnight, and required reassurance — a bit more hand holding — before giving their final approval.

“Damn it,” he said, out loud, and not for the first time that afternoon, “they always realize I’m right. Just once, I wish they’d realize it from the start!”

He’d had to re-book his flight home, and wasted several hours sitting around the airport, waiting. In addition, afternoon rain showers forced his flight to take a slightly longer route to New York City.

Gaby had been disappointed when he called that morning to tell her about his change in schedule. She worried he wouldn’t be home in time for dinner, but assured him she would entertain Brit in his absence.

The only good news: it was a Saturday; he wouldn’t be facing rush hour traffic on his drive home.

He dialed Gaby’s cell phone, wanting to tell her he’d landed. It rang through to her voice mail.

Ten minutes later, Ben reached his Jeep. He tossed his bags into the back, then slipped behind the steering wheel.

As he drove out of the parking lot, he hit the play button on the CD player.

“Music soothes the savage beast,” he said, exhaling a long breath.

His favorite group, a small-time foursome from Brit’s hometown, began pouring from of the speakers.

“It’s too bad these lads will never get anywhere,” he thought, as he sang along.

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you…”

That morning, following Ben’s first phone call, Gaby debated calling Brit to tell her of Ben’s delay. Finally, she decided against it.

Ben would be home soon after Brit’s arrival, she reasoned. Then they could go to dinner and relax.

She went out to run errands, including keeping an appointment with her hairstylist. She decided to have her mid-back length, dark-brown hair woven into a single braid, which hung down the middle of her back.

During the day, her anticipation grew. She tried to keep busy — to keep her mind on other things — but her thoughts often returned to Brit. And, the more she thought about Brit, the more excited she became.

It was nearly 4:00 by the time Gaby arrived back at the apartment. She enjoyed another long, steamy bath — during which she again made herself cum while thinking about Brit — then dressed. She tried on several outfits, eventually choosing a tight, red, bandage dress, which ended several inches above her knees and showed off her petite figure. Her matching four-inch heels boosted her 5’2″ frame. Beneath the dress, she wore a black satin thong and matching bra.

As was her habit — mostly because Ben preferred it — she applied minimal make-up before heading into the living room to wait.

When the doorbell rang five minutes early, her heart leapt. She could feel it pounding against the inside of her chest.

After buzzing Brit into the lobby, Gaby opened the apartment door and waited as Brit climbed the stairs.

It took only a few moments for Brit to appear. She wore a low-cut, white, knee-length dress, and calf-high, white go-go boots. The top of the dress hugged her body. From the waist down, however, it billowed loosely around her legs as she moved toward Gaby.

Like Gaby, she’d chosen to wear very little make-up, and she let her hair hang straight down. Most of her hair fell down her back, but a few strands framed her pretty face and came to rest on her chest.

“Mmmm,” Gaby said, “you look terrific, Brit.”

“You think so?” Brit asked. “I wasn’t sure what to wear for dinner.”

“Oh, you’re fine, Honey,” Gaby said, adding with a giggle, “in so many ways.”

Brit laughed as she walked into the apartment.

“I’m so glad you came,” Gaby said, leaning in to kiss Brit on the cheek.

“Where’s Ben?” Brit asked.

“He had to catch a later flight,” Gaby answered. “But, he called as I was getting out of the bath. He landed about an hour ago, and should be home any minute.”

“OK,” Brit said. “Where are we going to dinner?”

“Giuseppe’s Ristorante,” Gaby answered. “Have you ever been there?”

“No,” Brit laughed, “that’s fancier than the places my boyfriend takes me.”

“It’s our favorite place,” Gaby told her. “We’ve known the owner forever.”

Gaby led Brit toward the kitchen.

“Would you like a drink while we wait?” she asked, over her shoulder.

Ben drove home quickly. The music, and the light traffic, helped lift his mood. By the time he swung the Jeep into his parking spot, he felt better than he had all day.

He opened the door to the apartment, stepped inside, then twisted his body to push it closed with his foot. He set down his suitcase and let the straps of his rucksack slip off bahis şirketleri his shoulders. As he lowered the pack to the floor, he heard familiar sounds coming from the kitchen.

Ben walked the few steps to the archway leading out of the hallway.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said, as he turned into the room.

The sight that greeted him, while not wholly unexpected, was still something of a surprise. The women were almost entirely nude. Crumpled clothing lay scattered on the floor near the kitchen table.

Ben could see that Gaby still wore a bra and heels. Brit wore go-go boots and a pair of white, cotton boyshorts.

Gaby leaned against the corner of the table. Her eyes were closed, and she moaned softly. Brit was on her knees in front of Gaby, her face pushed between Gaby’s legs.

Ben didn’t need to be a rocket-surgeon to understand the situation. The look on Gaby’s face let Ben know exactly what Brit was doing.

“Started without me again, eh?” Ben asked.

Gaby opened her eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Baby,” she moaned.

“I see you went straight to dessert,” he said, as he moved toward her.

“No, just a little appetizer,” Gaby giggled.

Brit stopped licking Gaby and looked up at Ben.

“‘Ello,” Brit said, with a grin.

“Hello,” Ben said. “Having fun?”

He moved his right hand to the back of Gaby’s head and held her as he kissed her deeply.

“I missed you, Baby,” he said, when he broke the kiss.

“Mmmm, I missed you too,” Gaby said, breathlessly.

“I like your hair,” he said, gently pulling her braid.

She smiled at his compliment.

Ben turned to look at Brit as she stood up.

“You didn’t have to stop on my…” he began, but stopped as his eyes traced over Brit’s body.

“Just ‘glancing,’ Ben?” Gaby teased, after several seconds.

Brit reached up and pushed her breasts together.

“Gaby told me you like them,” Brit said.

“I do,” Ben admitted.

She stood on her tip-toes and kissed his lips.

Ben opened his mouth and wrapped his arms around her — pulling her body against his — as he kissed her back.

She pushed her tongue against his, and moaned into his mouth.

Gaby watched them kiss for several seconds, then stood up. She pushed Brit a step to the side. Ben broke the kiss and released Brit from his grasp. He looked at Gaby.

Before he could say anything, Gaby grabbed Ben’s belt and quickly unbuckled it.

“We need to get these pants open, Ben,” Gaby hissed.

He reached down to help her, but she pushed away his hands.

Leaving Gaby in control, he used his left hand to pull Brit against his left side, and placed his right hand on her chest. She slipped a hand between his legs, resting it on his inner thigh.

As Gaby unsnapped and unzipped his pants, he moved his hand to Brit’s left breast. He savored the feel of her warm skin in his hand. He squeezed gently, then let his fingers trail across the nipple.

Gaby pushed his pants and boxer-briefs downward roughly. The tip of Ben’s erect cock popped out of his underwear as Gaby struggled to work them over the hips of his large frame.

Leaving the pants around his thighs, Gaby grabbed Ben’s cock.

Ben let go of Brit and tried to push his pants farther down his legs.

Again, Gaby stopped him, moving her body against his right side.

“Oh, my God,” Brit gasped, “you weren’t kidding.”

Ben looked at Gaby.

“I take it you showed her your toy,” he said.

“Well, I wanted her to know what she’s getting into,” Gaby said, with a smile. “Or, what will be getting into her.”

“You are a dirty, devious, little girl,” he said, slipping his right hand around her body.

“Mmmm, and you love me for it,” she reminded him.

He pulled her braided hair again, tilting her head back, and he kissed her exposed neck.

Brit wrapped her left hand around the shaft of Ben’s cock. Ben moaned as both women stroked him, each trying to match the other’s rhythm. He moved his left hand to Brit’s ass, and slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her underwear.

His middle finger found the crack of her ass, and he tried to adjust himself to slide it downward.

Awkwardly, he took a step backward — pulling the women with him — until his ass hit the edge of the counter.

Finding more support, he simultaneously pulled Brit in front of him, turning her back to him as he did, and pushed Gaby until she stood in front of Brit.

“Mmmm, a Brit sandwich,” Gaby whispered.

Releasing his hold on the women, Ben pushed his pants down farther. They fell to his knees, giving him slightly more range of motion.

Gaby kissed Brit, pushing her back against Ben. His cock became trapped between his body and her cotton panties. He could feel the heat of her body through the thin fabric.

The two women kissed for several minutes, while Ben ran his hands over the both. Brit slipped a hand behind her back to run her fingers across Ben’s skin.

Gaby broke her kiss with Brit and quickly unhooked her bra. As it fell to the bahis firmaları floor, she kicked off her heels.

Wasting no time, she lowered herself to her knees in front of Brit. She reached up, hooked her fingers inside the waistband of Brit’s panties, and pulled them downward.

Ben put his hands on Brit’s hips — to steady her as she stepped out of her underwear. Then, he slid them upward to cup her breasts, and he leaned slightly to kiss her shoulder.

Gaby pushed Brit’s legs apart and kissed her inner thigh.

“Yesss,” Brit moaned.

Ben squeezed Brit’s breasts in his hands, and Gaby trailed her tongue slowly upward until she reached Brit’s wetness.

Brit quivered against Ben as Gaby’s tongue slid inside her.

Leaving his left hand on her chest, Ben moved his right hand downward, letting the tips of his fingers poke into her bellybutton, then caress the smooth skin of her lower belly. As they reached her clit, Brit gasped. She put her hands on top of Ben’s and squeezed hard.

Brit’s knees nearly buckled, but Ben held her tightly.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered in her ear.

She moaned in reply.

As Ben rubbed Brit’s clit, Gaby alternated between tongue fucking her, and kissing and licking Ben’s fingers. The feeling of Gaby’s soft, wet tongue on his fingers exhilarated Ben.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Brit said.

Her breathing quickened. Ben felt her body tremble against his, and her knees weakened again.

Brit began to writhe against Gaby’s face. Her movements made her ass rub up and down Ben’s cock.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum,” she cried, and turned her head to kiss Ben’s mouth. He pushed his tongue against hers as he increased the speed and pressure of his fingers on her clit.

Brit moaned into his mouth and her body bucked violently as she came. Ben held her tightly to him and Gaby continued sticking the tip of her tongue inside Brit.

As Brit’s orgasm continued, Gaby pulled her face from between Brit’s legs.

“Ben, you have to taste this sweet, little pussy,” she said.

Brit looked down and reached out to pull Gaby’s head back into her, but Gaby dodged her hands and stood up. She leaned into Brit and kissed her.

Again, Brit tasted herself on Gaby’s mouth.

Even as her body still quivered, Ben slowly slipped his hands to Brit’s shoulders.

He turned her — breaking Gaby’s kiss — and maneuvered her to the table. She sat on the edge and leaned back.

As Ben struggled to remove his shoes and pull off his pants, Gaby climbed on the table and turned to straddle Brit’s face. Gaby gasped as Brit’s tongue found her lips.

“Jesus, you’re a good student,” Gaby whispered, as she squeezed Brit’s breasts in her hands.

Now naked from the waist down, Ben knelt between Brit’s legs. Gaby leaned forward and reached out to him. She put her right hand on the back of his head and pulled him to her; kissing him fiercely, like a woman possessed by some demon of passion. He too could taste Brit on her mouth.

Ben moved his right hand between Brit’s legs and found her wetness. Carefully, he slid a finger inside her.

“I love you, Baby,” Gaby said, when she broke their kiss.

“I know,” he whispered, with a grin.

He leaned in and let the tip of his tongue brush over Brit’s clit. Her body stiffened at the touch.

Ben slipped a second finger inside Brit, and ran his tongue up and down her lips.

Brit moaned and lifted her legs to rest them on Ben’s shoulders. She pulled him into her.

“Mmmm, that’s it, Brit,” Gaby said, “make him eat that pussy.”

Brit ran her fingers over Gaby’s olive skin, tracing along her sides, and up over her lower back.

Ben suddenly replaced his fingers with his tongue, turning his head to push it deep inside Brit’s pussy. He moved his hand to Gaby’s face and slipped his fingers into her mouth. She ran her tongue over his fingers, cleaning Brit’s juices from them.

Gaby opened her mouth wide around his fingers and Ben knew she was close — she was fighting to avoid biting him as her orgasm approached.

He couldn’t hear Brit, but by the way her body squirmed under his tongue, he knew she too was near the edge of another orgasm.

Within moments, first Brit, then Gaby, began to shake. Gaby took Ben’s fingers from her mouth and interlaced her fingers with his, squeezing hard as she reached bliss.

“Ben, I’m gonna cum,” she cried, then slipped into her native Spanish. “Me corro! Me corro!”

Both women moaned as orgasms exploded through their bodies.

Their convulsing bodies shook the table violently, and Ben worried it might collapse under them.

He moved his free hand between Brit’s legs and pushed two fingers inside her. Her pussy squeezed them tightly as he tried to work them in and out.

Ben lifted his head to kiss Gaby. As her orgasm rocked her nerves, she again took hold of his head — this time with both hands — and kissed him deeply.

“Oh, Dios mío!” she gasped, breaking the kiss. “Te amo, Ben.”

“Te amo, Baby,” he said.

“Fuck me,” they heard kaçak bahis siteleri Brit say, weakly. “Please, Ben.”

“Stand up,” Gaby whispered to Ben.

He carefully slipped Brit legs from his shoulders and stood. His hard cock pointed at the two women on the table.

Gaby wrapped her right hand around his shaft and pulled him closer.

“I love this fucking cock,” she hissed.

“I want it,” Brit said, raising her head from the table top.

Gaby rubbed the head over Brit’s clit and down the slick lips.

“Oh, bugger,” Brit cried out.

She turned her head and pressed her face against Gaby’s inner thigh.

Gaby moved the head of Ben’s cock to Brit’s opening.

“Are you ready?” Gaby asked, looking up at Ben.

“Yessss,” Brit answered. “Don’t tease me.”

“What about rule number one?” Ben managed to ask, though, at that moment, he found it difficult to care about any rules.

Gaby stopped and stared into Ben’s eyes. She remained silent, as if mulling over what he’d said. She considered letting Ben break the rule this one time — not wanting to stop in the middle of things.

“Is that what you want, Baby?” he asked, pushing himself against Brit, letting a few millimeters of his head slip between her lips.

“No, you’re right,” Gaby said, finally. “I just lost my head.”

“Bugger bloody rule one, whatever it is,” Brit exclaimed, “stick that bleeding stonker in me!”

Gaby sighed deeply.

“I know, Honey,” she said, turning her body to look at Brit’s face. “We’ve had a lot of fun already. I think we owe Ben some.”

“I agree,” Ben laughed.

“Go lean against the counter,” Gaby said, releasing his cock from her grip.

Ben backed up until his ass once again rested against the counter. He stripped off his shirt and dropped it to the floor.

As he watched, Gaby gingerly climbed off the table. She turned to take Brit’s hand and helped her up. Brit stood up slowly, allowing her knees to remember their job.

The two women walked over to Ben. As he kissed Gaby, Brit grabbed his cock.

“I want this inside me,” she said, aiming it between her legs and moving her hips against his.

Ben moaned as she stroked his shaft.

“Come here,” Gaby said, lowering herself to her knees on Ben’s right. “You know what you have to do first.”

Brit pouted for a moment, sticking out her bottom lip like a child. Then — still holding his hardness — she knelt in front of Ben.

Gaby put her right hand on Brit’s shoulder. She slid her left hand around the back of Ben’s leg, moving it upward until her fingers found his scrotum.

“It’s so nice,” Brit cooed, continuing to stroke Ben’s shaft.

Ben reached out with his left hand and ran his thumb over Brit’s lips. Brit took it in her mouth for a moment, before Ben removed it and placed his hand on the side of her face.

“My turn,” Ben said, looking into her eyes.

Brit raised herself slightly and leaned in to lick his swollen head.

Ben closed his eyes as Brit began moving her lips up and down the sides of his cock. She let her tongue trail over his skin, lubricating him with her saliva.

Gaby leaned in to kiss his inner thigh as she continued caressing his balls.

Ben tried to control his breathing.

Brit pulled back to flick her tongue across the tip, then took the head between her lips.

“Ohhh,” Ben moaned.

She took him deeper, slowly running her tongue over the smooth skin of his hard cock. He moved his left hand to the back of her Brit’s head. He grabbed a handful of her long hair and let it slip between his fingers. He put his right hand on Gaby’s shoulder both to touch her, and to steady himself.

Brit adjusted herself and took the entire length of him, letting the head slide into her throat. She gagged and pulled back.

She moved her hands to Ben’s ass to steady herself, and to allow herself to take him in deeper. Again, she gagged, and quickly let Ben slip from her mouth.

“Easy, Brit,” Ben said, as she looked up at him, “you don’t have to choke yourself.”

“But, I thought guys liked that,” Brit said. “I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“Honey, this isn’t a porno,” Gaby said, “you don’t have to drool all over a guy, or hurt yourself, to make him cum.”

Gaby leaned in and took the head of Ben’s cock in her mouth. She moved both hands to the shaft and began to stroke him.

As Brit watched, Gaby took more and more of Ben into her mouth.

“That’s it,” Ben moaned.

Despite her petite build, Gaby had always been able to deep throat him — an ability he thoroughly enjoyed. He loved the feeling of her throat clutching at the head of his cock, trying to pull him deeper.

As she held him in her throat, Ben — in a fleeting moment of coherent thought — got the feeling she was showing off for Brit, but he didn’t complain.

He felt the pressure quickly building in his balls.

Gaby suddenly took her mouth off Ben.

“Shit,” he cried. “Don’t stop now.”

“You have to learn to relax your throat,” Gaby said, turning to Brit while ignoring Ben’s protest, “but, don’t force it. It takes practice.”

Brit nodded.

“Just start slow,” Gaby continued. “Take what you comfortably can in your mouth, and use your hands on the shaft and the balls.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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