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I stood and watched the fire as the night wore on. Doug was on watch out by the edge of the clearing and Jan was in her tent, asleep, with my partner’s tent not five paces away, looming larger in the orange tinged gloom. Life felt good for the first time in many weeks, at the end of many battles, many confrontations: it was just nice to rest.

I looked down at the straight-blade I had across my lap, oilstone poised a hairsbreadth above the steel, catching the distorted blur of movement in the reflections of the sword. My fingers caressed the familiar leather of the weapon hilt, the strength in my forearm more than enough to easily and quietly slide the sword back into it’s scabbard and put it down, heedless of its weight.

The hand on my shoulder did not startle me, (the game had been up the moment I saw the move) I just placed my hand on top of it, feeling the delicate fingers, running it up the back of strong knuckles, feeling the many old, tiny scars there. Turning to face my partner, I couldn’t help but stifle a gasp, this time as so many times before. Before me stood what I had come to describe as some of the finest living geography in the land: Bella, my partner and my affianced.

Her parents had named her with the hope of her turning into a pretty maid, a courtesan to some rich noble or a courtier herself perhaps. In my eyes she was more beautiful than any court harlot, or swooning waif, although perhaps not in the manner her parents had predicted.

In the glimmering half-dark of the firelight, my eyes traced a beloved and familiar route across her form. Her hands were feminine and slender, surprisingly so for a woman so powerful, but the skin of her digits bore the marks of many cuts and scraps, ridges of vein and tendon knotting and flowing across the back of her hand, over and around her knuckles. These vascular footpaths wended their way into and over the astounding ranges of her forearms, bathed in rich, chiaroscuro shadows and glinting orange highlights, the muscles under her bronzed skin writhing as she turned her hand to caress my jaw, heavy striations cut into the flesh seeking to bely the staggering sweep of her form, the sheer scale of her. The swells and dales of muscle led upwards into the high peaks, even when relaxed swathed in vascular outcroppings, towering massively and filled with strength beyond reckoning; I swear on my grave that her upper arm could have fitted mine three times within it and I was by no means a small man. Still, there was no part of those towering peaks which had been left untouched by my questing lips beforehand, no part that didn’t seem to burst with power, wearing her skin like it was tissue of silk.

Thankfully, her garments were worn haphazardly, a strap undone allowing the journey to continue unabated up towards the summit of the experience, my gaze stopping to wander over her massive shoulders, the forms of muscles dovetailing seamlessly into one another, rippling with power, twisting as she brought her arm back to flex, sending the limb into sharp relief, no softness left to allow pleading or casual acceptance. No, this was a bold statement of her power, that familiar rolling landscape condensed, exaggerated and exploded into a living monument to her strength, stripped back to the living rock, fingers tracing lightly over a hard, angular bicep, veins thrumming at maximum flex. Still, the voyage carried on, around a cape this time and onto the deeply scoured plains of her chest muscles, inches thick and meeting in the middle at a deep dark cleavage, two boulders in equipoise, twitching occasionally with barely concealed power as she breathes, or shifts position. Her top washes diagonally across these outcrops like the white surf in a rocky bay, dropping down across her torso until it passes under the agrarian swell of a heavy breast, magically enhanced but filled with the same primal energy and delightful mystery as a tor, the softness contrasting and complimenting her physique.

Travelling back up across her chest and her breasts my amorous stare began the final ascent up the exceptional slopes of her neck, the muscle bulging up thickly to cocoon her pretty throat in a cliff of hard muscle which rose massively up to caress a pair of golden earrings, the hoops resting almost flat, their glistering glow a contrast to the warm earth-tones of her skin in the flickering light. The travails of the wanderer would have all been in vain however should his eyes fail to continue on across the graceful sweep of her jaw, a tiny mark jogging his attention up to a pair of lush, smiling lips, the ivory glint of even teeth shining from between those bee-stung, coral pink gates to seduction. A delicate, elegant and finely proportioned nose sits atop the wonder of her lips, slightly out of true from an old break, but having all the charm and sexuality of a truly perfect imperfection balanced beautifully by two high, strong cheekbones, showing the merest hint of the gauntness one would expect from such a well honed figure of a woman.

Finally, the eyes, and what eyes they are!

Cornflower Escort Bayan blue, steady, open and confident in the light of the fire, these must surely be a promise of heaven if the mouth is a promise of delightful sin. Shaped finely, their orbit is a handsome counterpart to the majestic beauty of long lashes and the seductively feline aspect of them as she returns my longing gaze with added interest, a lock of her long, curly auburn hair dropping coquettishly over one eye.

Her voice when it comes is like silk, “Back to bed, lover. We’ve all night left and I don’t want to waste a minute.”

As she turned back to the tents, I couldn’t but marvel: knowing that even with the greatest talent and the finest of marbles, the best sculptors could never hope to create a work of art to match my Amazonian woman of living stone, Bella.


Her massive form slowly drank up the darkness and was turned blue black as she walked away from the fire and back to our tent, the moon blessing her with a silvery scatter of highlights of muscle, causing her to glimmer like a machine of love and war as she passed silently over the soft grass. All I heard as I strained to watch her in the gloom, fighting to find my own night vision, was the rustle of oiled canvas as the flap to our shared tent opened and closed with a hiss.

My own footsteps were just a little shaky as I, in turn, moved away from the camp fire, my boots making much more noise across the moist grasses than her feet ever did. As the gentle crackle of dying embers receded behind me, I found myself trying to hear the sound of her breathing, to smell the last motes of her scent on the air, to recall her magnificence as she stood glowing in the firelight. As I approached our tent, the last few steps, I heard her giggle throatily, and the flap of the tent was pulled aside a crack. Before I could see much more than her fingers and the back of her forearm, she had whipped her limb and her digits back into the tent and out of sight. A dull orange glow from one of the light stones in the shelter painted all inside in oranges and blacks, like a visual perfume which hinted and enticed, an image which was punctuated by the gleam of even teeth in a smile.

Hurriedly pulling my boots off and tucking them just inside the flap, I playfully leapt into the tent, hands tearing at the buttons on my shirt, fumbling with my breeches. I went to pounce on the nest of blankets which was our bed when a hand from behind me snaked across my torso and gently spun me around, lifting me into a soft kiss, tickling my face with locks of silken white-blonde hair. I responded with more than a little cheek, a nimble hand reaching out goose a firm buttock, briefly indulging in the sensation and delight of stroking her flesh, feeling her powerful muscles just barely restrained by the smooth ambrosia of her skin. A shocked gasp rasped across her lips as she quirked a grin and threw me into the blankets half-dressed.

“Naughty,” she husked, “time for some payback!”

Without a seconds hesitation she tore my shirt from me, ripped my breeches and pants off my legs and had me naked, but for a pair of socks. She straddled me and loomed over my prone form, her breath sweet like pear brandy and the orange light picking out the edges of her smiling eyes and grinning, oh so kissable mouth. Impulsively, I brought a hand to her face, caressing her cheek as I sat up to kiss her. She sat expectant, until the last moment, when she brought a hand between my lips and hers, a finger wagging admonishingly.

“Just be still, cheeky, or you won’t get my birthday present!”

I moved my lips to the human geography I had so lovingly traced with my eyes earlier, planting many small kisses over the massive, corded, snaking twists of forearm muscle, drawing scandalised giggles from her in the process. In between pecks, I replied, “But darling, mmmh, it’s your birthday…mmm, not mine…” She drew her hand away from my worshipful grasp, playfully slapping my questing hands aside, giggling as she gasped, “You’re incorrigible!” Finally, she used one of her hands to press me into the bedding and keep me still, reaching behind her with the other to dip into a small cloth bag.

When she showed me what she had retrieved, I was puzzled, seeing only a small necklace, finely ornamented to be sure, but simply a necklace. I quirked an eyebrow quizzically, eyeing it as she looked down at me. “Melanie did me a favour,” she explained softly, flicking some of her hair back over her mighty shoulder, “and cast a Priapis Charm on this necklace. I suppose you could say,” She added after a moments introspection, “that it is a gift for me, just the long way round.” Relieving the pressure on my chest, she drew the trinket around my neck and clasped it shut with a barely audible click. All the time all I could concentrate on were her massively powerful arms, gently encircling my head and her leviathan chest, her deep pectorals and heavy breasts. I was already massively aroused, but strangely I felt my member harden further, Escort accompanied by a strange sensation as the tip of my manhood ran across her stomach muscles.

Involuntarily, I looked down and gasped, “That’s not mine!” My familiar friend, one I was justifiably proud of I might add, was replaced by a monster. This sent my lady love into peals of laughter, her mirth causing her muscles to jump and roil in a not unpleasant way across my member. Wiping her eyes lightly, she looked down as me and chided with mock seriousness, “It is yours, just with a bit of a magical pep-talk.” I got my revenge by springing up and planting a kiss on those full lips again, tasting her, letting her feel my passion. I reached down as far as I could, feeling my forearm brush against her mons venus as I hooked my hand under her thigh and tried to roll us both over… with another giggle, she capitulated and rolled over, her exposed breast jiggling as she same to a stop.

She whipped off her top as she lay there, and ran fingers through my tousled hair as I kissed my way down her body, hands roving all over her taut flesh, caressing and worshipping the power of this tower of strength. As I ran my fingers down the flowing ridges of her thighs, I let my lips drift, lightly kissing along the last few inches until they lightly blew warm breath, teasingly, over the bloom of her womanhood…


My kisses grew wetter and more passionate as my lips traversed her labia, my agile fingers curling around her rocky thigh to spread her sex, laying it bare to my questing tongue and the heat of my breath. All across the skin of my face I could feel the heat of her arousal, my head nestling in the artificial gorge between her thighs; I could smell her more strongly than ever and began paying her attention in earnest. The hard tip of my tongue lightly flicked across her clitoris, teasing her one last time before I dove in, lips and tongue stimulating her womanhood with reckless abandon, without tiring, without ceasing. Her breathy giggles had long since subsided into heavy, panting breaths and as she received my ministrations, I could feel her warm up as the blood rushed to the surface of her skin in a flush, coinciding with the first, drawn out moan of sexual pleasure.

Her head was flung back, near as I could make out from my vantage, the only things giving it away being the massive cords of the blood vessels in her neck, pressing hard against the skin as she clenched her jaw. Never has any cello produced sounds so rich and sweet to my ears as the noises she made during those minutes. Arching her back, she nearly crushed me between her legs as she approached climax, a long note of gratification and raw lust singing out from between clenched teeth. With a convulsive heave, she sat and pushed my lips away from her sex, legs crossing behind my back, eyes wide open, pleading and mouth agape. Her touch was surprisingly gentle as she cradled my head, but I could feel every sinew in every muscle straining as she came, her hips bucking convulsively for a few seconds as she rode the orgasm out. Cheekily, I drew a finger across her clit, and her hand flew to intercept mine, pushing it away in a vice like grip.

As her breathing returned to normal, she slumped onto her side, her other hand coming to assist the first as she gently pulled me over to the top of her massive frame. Lewdly, she took my sodden fingers and popped them one by one into her mouth, tasting herself, shooting me her best come hither look, before chuckling softly, the light of merriment and bawdiness dancing in her eyes. She paused for a second as she took my digits from those plump lips and her eyes widened again, this time with all the raw satisfaction of a cat getting cream. Her own fingers darted down to her still wet sex and she let out a soft sigh. Mystified, I couldn’t account for this until i saw something that took my breath away: she was growing.

It was a tad difficult to make out in the orange lamplight, but her muscles seemed to be suffused with a reddish glow of their own, the paths of her powerful vascular system showing up in a particularly vivid hue. I could feel the striations in her pectoral muscles deepen and grow sharper, I could feel the bubbling power roil up the granite cliffs of her abs. With another, deeply satisfied sigh, she husked into my ear, “I told you the present was for me!” before adding in a breath, “but I didn’t know it would happen from just us doing that…”

Slowly, the magical illumination faded and I was left awed and amazed in the now amazingly defined arms of my lover, feeling the soft silky skin slide over so many kilograms of brutal power. More aroused than I had ever been before, I pledged to explore every inch of this amazon and I swear I did, with lips and fingertips, eyes and tongue, even the aroma of sweat and the simple perfume of scented soap. I blew warm draughts across nipples, stroked the sensitive flesh of inner thighs, kissed the flared trapezius on her nubile young neck and gently sucked her sensitive clitoris. Bayan Escort In the end I knelt, rampant, in the apse of the cathedral that were her thighs, my member straining and dark with the rush of blood and arousal.

Gently, I rubbed my glans along the folds of her sex, feeling the lubrication already there and mixing it with my own. I looked up into her eyes and saw and expression of lust, desire and need, eyes desperate as she bit her lip…


Hand guiding the tip of my magic missile, I slowly found her flower and pressed my glans against the opening, feeling her internal muscles tight about me, resisting every inch like a gripping fist, only the lubrication generously coating her vulva letting me know that I was in the presence of a willing partner. Bella’s head rose up, tilted back, eyes closed as she revelled in the sensation, those brilliant blue peepers opening a crack to look down the mountain range of her torso, eyeing my member as it penetrated her slowly.

With all my strength, I pushed forwards, feeling the strain in my legs and abs, eventually resorting to stretching up to grab her shoulders for assistance; still I made progress very slowly against her complete strength. The feelings though, were intense: every lusty gyration of her hips treated me to a feast of sensation, seeing her muscles writhe under the tanned skin beneath me, smelling her scented sighs, feeling the muscles of her womanhood shifting, massaging, strongly stroking my member as I made to push forwards. Finally, I made about six or seven inches of headway, my charmed penis sending magnified sensations to my brain, making the cords of sinew and tendon stand out in my own neck as I enjoyed the sensations, hissing through clenched teeth as I found myself halfway into my love.

I saw her looking between our slowly moving forms, watching with lust and passion as we coupled, breathing deeply as she accommodated my new size, eyes almost lost as she rode her own feelings. Suddenly, her hands shot behind me, strong fingers gripping my ass as she looked up at me almost uncomprehending. I bent down and kissed her lips, feeling her breath whistle out from clenched teeth before she returned my attentions, her full lips meeting mine. Nibbling on my bottom lip I could hear her purr, see her hint of a grin, before she pulled further into her, my member surging ever deeper, the sensations of her fabulous vagina magnified as I moved faster, further in. My mouth went slack as I let out a groan and once again she clenched her teeth and tossed her head back, eyebrows drawn up in a beautiful sexual paroxysm.

With a grunt from her and some pressure on my glans I knew I had bottomed out and we lay for a few seconds luxuriating in the stillness, feeling each other linked as we each got our breaths back. Tentatively, I tried a few thrusts, but could barely move, not having the leverage to deliver any power to them. Instead, I let my mischievous hands find her clit and her nipples, stroking, gently playing and occasionally sharply teasing her sensitive flesh.

The growl of a tigress was all the warning I was given before she rolled us both over with a casual one-handed press, her ending sitting astride me, one hand on base of my my lean abs pinning me to the bedding, the other behind her for balance. I could have as much moved a mountain as I could have moved my pelvis an inch off the blankets and Bella took full advantage; holding me down and riding up and down my shaft. The feelings were incredible: incredible tightness, incredible gyrations, incredible pleasure and I felt myself gasping like a landed fish as my lover sped up, her huge thighs pumping up as she rode me. Her heavy breasts tumbled and bounced before me and I had just enough reach to fondle one as she leaned back and used me. I think she came within thirty seconds of this, the fluid mounds of muscle in her belly and chest, locking and swelling into boulder sized chucks of granite and I knew that I was under her control as surely as she was under mine, her dominance adding a sweet frisson to her amazon orgasm.

I felt my own control slipping as she resumed her motions, my amazon gyrating harder and faster and more passionately with every second. She sped up still further, her eyes predatory and almost glowing with lust as the hidden secret of my magic charm made itself felt – she grew. The light she radiated was brighter this time, making her the brightest thing in the dark tent as her muscles grew thicker, more striated, bigger and she carried on riding me. The pressure on my penis grew more intense, tightening her passage with every second and I could feel her lifeblood pulsing powerfully in the vessels under my fingers, massive veins adorning the expanding mass of her huge physique. Slamming herself down on my rod, she came close to doing me harm with her aggressive, animalistic fucking, but instead I surrendered the last of my control and came deep within her, the orgasm starting nearly ten seconds before I actually ejaculated into her. The pleasure of her last orgasm and the feelings of her growth combined with my climax to tip her over the edge once more, her lusty groan more a growl than a cry. I came for what seemed like hours, but were definitely about three or four minutes, my spendings leaking out around the tight muscular seal against my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32