Being Social

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Being Social

Joe E Hartley

September 2021

Bill spent the last five years of his career looking forward to the day he could retire. He looked forward to sleeping in every morning and being on a constant vacation. What he hadn’t considered was the fact that all those plans took more money than he had. Spending weeks on end on some tropical island would use up a big chunk of his savings and now he could not look forward to a raise to make it up.

He had a pension, and it was almost what he made before, but not quite. He thought that he’d have fewer expenses once he retired, but the truth turned out to be there were more.

He did get to sleep in each morning and often rolled out of bed long after the sun rose for the day. He’d have a leisurely breakfast, but he now had to make sure he ate more health conscious due to his doctor’s instructions. He’d then put on some casual and comfortable clothes so he could, again per his doctor’s instruction, take a walk around the neighborhood.

He’d return home and wonder what else he could do the fill the time until lunch. There was always TV, but most of daytime television bored him. He only went shopping once a week, so that normally wasn’t enough to keep him entertained. He learned that if he went to the mall, he’d end up spending too much money on things he didn’t even want.

He’s spent a month trying to find things to do that would hold his interest. He attempted to take care of a plant, but it died shortly after he got it. He tried several hobbies, but most were very expensive to start and nothing he thought of, held any interest for him. He did discover the library, filled out a form to receive a card, and even checked out a book. He read about fifty pages before he lost interest and returned the book.

He had a jigsaw puzzle laid out on a card table that had been gathering dust for the last two weeks. He finally had to admit that he was bored and concluded that retirement actually sucked.

The following Tuesday, his normal shopping day, he noticed the bulletin board had a new notice. It seems that the nearby senior center was sponsoring bingo with prizes several times a week. They also had a few other activities. His doctor had told him that it was important for people his age to stay both active and social. This might be a way for him to meet others his age. He had no idea how to play bingo, but there would be people there. It couldn’t be any worse than the things he’d already tried.

Bill headed down to the senior center the next day, he figured that if nothing else it would be something to do for an hour or so instead of just sitting at home. He opened the door and saw a young woman who was obviously there to greet anyone entering.

“Hello there. I haven’t seen you here before. My name is Cindy and I’m the administrator here. What’s your name?”

“Hi, I’m Bill and I saw your flier at the grocery store yesterday. I’m recently retired and looking for things to do that will fill my day. I understand you have some activities here,” he answered.

Cindy outlined for him all the things offered at the facility and after handing him several sheets of paper introduced him to a tableful of women. Three elderly women looked up as Cindy introduced each one. Once she left, the woman on Bill’s left leaned over to him and said, “I’m so glad you stopped by. We really need a few more men here.”

Bill smiled, uncertain what she meant. “I’m sorry, but my memory isn’t great these days. You’re Shirly, right?”

She smiled back, Yeşilköy escort “That’s right, and don’t worry about remembering names. If you hang around long enough, and I hope you do, you’ll get to know everyone.”

“Why do you want more men in here? I thought clubs like this catered mostly to just women.” Bill asked Shirly.

“You’re right and this one is no exception. The formal activities are mostly directed to women, but we ladies have a few informal activities that require men. We can explain them to you if you’re interested, and I hope you are. I think you’re cute by the way,” she responded in a whisper.

“I’m interested in hearing about your informal activities, because what that young woman described sounds boring to me. My doctor told me I have to be socially active and since there is nothing going on at home, I thought I’d give this a try,” he responded.

“Great, after Bingo, hang around and Mary, indicating the woman seated opposite of her, and I will take you back to my place and tell you all about it. I’m sure you won’t think what we have in mind is boring,” she replied.

Just then the young woman, now in front of the several tables shouted out B-19, and the game started.

Two hours later and Bill questioned his decision to attend this senor center. Three of the attendees received gifts, two women and one man each received a soda can holder with the name of PTW Adult Enrichment Center printed on the side.

Bill helped to put away the chairs and started to leave when Shirly approached him. “Are you still interested in hearing about some of the other activities?”

“I’m not sure if this is for me, but thanks for the offer,” he said turning away.

“What we are proposing is quite a bit different from what you saw here. I can’t say anything about it here, but if you’ll come over to my place, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. I’m just two blacks away and It will only take me about ten minutes to tell you about it,” Shirly asked.

“Okay, I have nothing to do at home anyway. I’ll listen to what you have to tell me.” Bill responded.

“Come on, Mary. We’re headed over to my place,” she called out to her friend.

The three of them stepped out of the senior center and started walking down the street. Mary and Shirly were acting like excited school girls giggling as they lead Bill towards Shirly home.

“Can you tell me anything about these other activities now?” he asked.

“Just wait until we get to my house. It’s only one more block,” Shirly answered.

Within a few minutes they walked into a small older tract home that looked like all the others on the block. Bill noticed that the inside was neat and somewhat sparce. As soon as the front door closed Shirly removed her outer jacket revealing a pale blue shirt and no bra. Her breasts were not large, but her nipples were prominent.

Bill tried hard not to stare, but the male in him saw something he liked.

Shirly commented, facing him, “I can already tell that you are going to like the games we play after those at the senior center.”

Mary also removed her jacket and Bill noted that she was similarly clothed. Her shirt was pink.

Shirly smiled, “We found out that the activities for seniors treat us like children instead of adults. Most of us have been sexually active most of our lives and there are a few of us who still want to play, but it’s difficult to find partners. We only have a few men who come to the center who want to play and we have a quite a few Yeşilyurt escort bayan women who are likewise interested.”

The three of them spend the next hour talking about this underground group, and what types of activities were common. It turns out that seniors have experienced a lot and were now ready and eager to try some of the kinky sexual activities. They could not try them all since they were no longer young and limber, but threesomes were common since there were more than three times as many women as men in this group.

One of the games they liked to play is the surprise coupling, where whatever game was played at the senior center the two or three winners would get together after for some private fun and games. Most of the people going to the center lived within ten blocks.

There was another game that Mary described as the envelope game where a couple would grab an envelope as they left and not open it until they were in private. Inside the envelope was a sexual activity they were to perform.

Bill discovered that once he knew what women were interested in playing outside the center, he could just go up to any of them and ask if they wanted a coffee after. Most would say yes.

He and the two women enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the afternoon and Bill discovered that retirement might not be that bad. Throughout his younger years he could only dream of enjoying the company of two women at the same time, but now that he was older, he found out that it might be a common occurrence.

The following day Bill again entered the Senior Center and was again greeted by Cindy.

“I’m glad you decided to come back. Today is yoga day. Have you ever done yoga before?” She asked.

“I’ve heard of it, but never tried it,” he answered.

“Okay, this is very gentle and most of it is seated, it’s called chair yoga. Why don’t I seat you next to Ann, she’s been doing yoga for years and can help you get into the various positions, or asanas,” Cindy said as she led Bill over to a thin blond woman.

Cindy introduced Bill to the woman, “Ann, this is Bill, he’s never done any type of yoga before and he’s new to the group. I thought you might be able to help him get started and answer any of his questions.” Then turning to Bill, she said, “This is Ann, she taught yoga for many years, so you can help you to get started and make sure you don’t overdo it your first time.”

Ann turned to Bill as Cindy left, “I heard that a new man came by yesterday, I assume that was you. How did you like Bingo?”

“Actually, it was boring, but I did meet a couple of people and my doctor says I need to become more social,” Bill answered honestly.

“Being social is part of what keeps us young and yoga can keep us limber. I hope you find yoga more interesting and maybe after I can explain a little of the philosophy and history of yoga; it is fascinating.” Ann offered.

Bill thought he saw a twinkle in Ann’s eye as she offered the after-class instruction. He remembered the informal activities he enjoyed yesterday. “I might like that,” he replied.

Bill spent the next hour following Ann’s lead. He lifted his leg and rotated his foot first on the left leg and then the right. He lifted his arms and twisted in the chair. He leaned forward and sat up straight. When they got to the more advanced moves where the chair was only used for balance, he found himself distracted. He watched as Ann learned over in what she called the tabletop pose where she Escort Zeytinburnu pushed her butt out and pointed towards Bill.

At the end of the session, Bill again helped to put away the chairs, and thanked Ann for her help.

“Are you busy now? Would you like to maybe have a cup of coffee?” she offered.

Bill had heard this line yesterday and understood the code. He had thought that he would have to be the one to use it, but in an environment where men are in the minority, it makes sense to have the women use the pickup line.

“That would be nice,” he said.

“Great, do you mind if I make it? The coffee at Starbucks is too expensive and doesn’t taste that good,” she asked.

“Not at all,” he replied, “I’m not fond of Starbucks either.”

“I hope you don’t mind walking; I live just three blocks away and it seems stupid to drive when the weather is so nice.” Ann offered.

They chatted on their way over to Ann’s house about the Senior Center. Bill found out that Ann had been going to it for the last three years and had made several friends. Her life was now as active as she wanted it to be.

Bill told her about his loneliness after retirement and how he found the flier at the store. He shared that he hoped to make friends at the Center.

Ann added that there can be many benefits found at the center. Bill swore he saw her wink.

They arrived at Ann’s house and it too was small and neat like Shirly’s and actually his own.

Bill then asked her about yoga and she told him that she did some yoga every day and would be happy to direct him in some of the gentler yoga, not using a chair.

“I’d like that, but I did notice that doing the chair yoga, I found my shirt and pants binding. Maybe I need to wear something a bit looser next time,” he answered.

“I prefer to be naked, when I do yoga,” Ann commented.

“Really?” Bill responded.

“I find it’s best to allow the body to be free, besides I noticed the way you checked me out when we did the table top pose. Would you be interested in seeing more, maybe helping to position me?” She ask with a wicked grin.

“That does sound like fun. Do you often give private yoga lessons like this?” He asked.

“Only to a select few and you seemed to be someone who just might appreciate the hands-on approach. In case you didn’t know, all the ladies are talking about the new man in the group. There are not many men who come to the Senior Center,” Ann shared

“I thought I saw a few guys at Bingo yesterday and there was one other guy doing yoga today,” Bill noted, “but there were far more women than men.”

“Men are in short supply. I’m not sure if you noticed but the guy at yoga today is Jim and he left with two other ladies. Did Shelia tell you about the under the table activities going on here?” Ann asked.

“She did tell me that I could ask any woman at the center if she wanted a cup of coffee and most would say yes,” he grinning.

Ann laughed out loud. “I gathered you knew what getting coffee meant.”

“I had a pretty good idea, but I thought that would be my pick-up line, not yours,” he responded with a grin. “So do I get naked now too?”

Dear Readers,

This is just a quick, little fun story that might turn into an erotic piece, depending of the feedback I get. Like most writers on this site, I offer my work for free and it is the feedback that encourages me to continue to write.

There are many on this site who try to dissuade others from writing certain stories based on their own selfish reasons. I don’t understand why so many read stories that they know they will find offensive just to trash the story and the author.

If you like this little intro, please comment, give it a high rating, and even contact me though e-mail with your suggestions.

Thanks for reading


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