Behind the Story

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Author’s Note: I had some trouble deciding which category to put this into, but I hope that everyone enjoys reading it!


Dru smiled excitedly as she settled into her computer chair, her life had become so much more interesting ever since her friend Jane had agreed to feature her in the stories that she wrote for an erotic story site on the internet. Readers had loved the stories about Dru so much that a lot of them had written to Jane, asking if there was any reality to the character… they’d all assumed that the extremely realistic stories that Jane had been spinning were based on Jane herself. When she revealed to the avid fans that their heroine was based on one of her friends, they clamored for contact.

Curious, Dru had set up a new email and screenname, specifically for Jane to give out to fans who wanted to talk with her. Knowing that there was a real person behind the stories had exploded reader interest. Jane was both amused and resigned to the sudden interest. Although it was nice to know that her stories were so highly thought of, she was getting constant demands for more and more stories about Dru – including some fantasies readers had of the semi-fictional blonde bombshell.

At 20 years old, several years younger than her friend and roommate Jane, Dru was giddy with the worshipful fans… it was almost like being a pornstar except that she didn’t even have to do anything! It was a strange feeling, knowing that men – and some women – where whacking off to the thought of her, when they’d never met her or even seen what she looked like! Sometimes it would be really interesting to actually talk to some of the readers, a lot of them would share fantasies they had about her or ask to meet her.

It was a lot of attention in a different kind of way from getting attention from guys in real life. It was almost like stepping out of her normal life into a place where she was a star.

Every once in awhile she’d even end up starting an email relationship with some of the readers who were particularly interesting… not all of them ended up being in a sexual way. Some of them became more of pen pals or confidants, although one or two became very flirtatious indeed… and some of them she gave her new screenname too.

There was an element of flirting almanbahis adres with danger to it all… she didn’t really know anything about these readers other than they liked to read erotica online. She didn’t know if what they told her was true, or if it was all made up… but truth be told it didn’t matter to her. She loved the attention, especially when she didn’t even have to do anything for it. And she knew it amused Jane, especially when Jane found her sitting in front of the computer giggling as she talked to a reader.

Although Jane had never done any more than email relationships, she understood the draw of affection… the strange exciting danger of flirting with a total stranger who you knew fantasized about you. It was an exotic intoxication, unlike anything Dru had ever experienced before.

And right now she was especially excited because her favorite fan to talk to was online. Dru really knew very little about him… he said his name was Joe and that he was 23. He’d told her he lived at the University of Maryland and had been pressing her to find out if she lived anywhere nearby. Talking to Joe was an especial thrill because she actually lived very close nearby… sometimes when she was sitting on a bus or the metro she liked to look around at the guys her age and wonder if any of them were Joe.

As soon as she took down her away message she got an IM from him.

Drkness300: Well hello there gorgeous.

Dru giggled.

NaughtyDru: Hi! How are you doing today?

Drkness300: I’m lusting after you.

Drkness300: As usual.

Feeling a little spunky, Dru decided to tease him a bit.

NaughtyDru: You wouldn’t know what to do if you had me.

There was a pause…

Dru began to worry that he’d been put off by her challenge.


Drkness300: Are you sure you want to know what I’d do to you?

For some reason this struck Dru as somewhat ominous… excitingly tantilizing. Other fans had immediately spelled out their explicit fantasies about what they’d like to do to her, telling her exactly what was going on in their heads. Part of the reason Joe had been so interesting was because he hadn’t, instead he’d asked her questions, tried to find out what went on in HER head. This was the first time that their conversation almanbahis giriş had gone in this direction!

She had to know.

NaughtyDru: Sure, I’d like to know how you think you could handle me.

Dru sat back, rather pleased with her saucy answer. For some reason, retorting with attitude made her feel less vulnerable.

Drkness300: Well I wouldn’t be putting up with any more your mouth.

Drkness300: So we’d start with a gag

Dru felt her jaw drop open.

NaughtyDru: What makes you think I’d let you do that?

Drkness300: You wouldn’t have a choice

Drkness300: I’ve already tied your hands behind your back

Despite herself, Dru felt herself getting wet at the idea of being tied and gagged by a total stranger… she couldn’t think of a single spunky reply.

Drkness300: You’re naked

Drkness300: I kiss you deeply before putting the gag between your lips

Drkness300: Then I spank you for your disrespect

Drkness300: Twenty spankings total, enough to make your cute little ass pink

Dru squeezed her thighs together, the situation between her legs becoming as uncomfortable as the chaos in her head. She didn’t know how to respond to this mentally, but her body was already responding without her brain. It seemed so wrong… she thought she should feel violated… but instead she felt excited… almost frightened but also turned on…

Drkness300: I’d turn you over and lay you down on the bed and I’d run my hands up and down the outside of your body.

She shivered in reaction, almost able to feel herself in front of him, vulernable and open and exposed.

Drkness300: Then I’d cup your breasts and squeeze them, gently at first and then a little harder… and a little harder… I’d run my fingertips over your nipples and then pinch them until you were writhing.

Almost unwillingly, Dru’s hands slid up her shirt… she knew that she shouldn’t getting turned on by this, but she couldn’t help it… and she wanted to feel what he was describing. Her fingers found her nipples already hard with arousal, she cupped her large mounds and rubbed, teasing her nerve endings. When she pinched down on her nipples, she gasped, her thighs spreading slightly in reaction to her arousal.

Drkness300: I’d suck almanbahis yeni giriş on your skin, from your breasts up to your neck while one of my hands goes between your legs and you feel my fingers stroking you gently, touching the outside of your pussy…

Drkness300: You’re sopping wet.

One of Dru’s hands drifted downwards, the other still pinching her cherry nipple, and she slid it into her pants between her legs. She blushed as she realized he was right… she WAS sopping wet. Shuddering a little as she touched herself, her legs spread even wider and she scooted down in the chair a bit for better access to herself. Running her fingertips around her pussy lips, she teased herself, biting back a moan as her breathing got heavier.

Drkness300: I slide one finger inside you and you spread your legs even wider, your eyes pleading for me to do more.

Dru slide two fingers inside of herself, pinching her nipple hard and shuddering as she pushed her finger in and out of her pussy, writhing slightly in the chair as she pleasured herself. The image in her mind, the decadent wrongness of getting off to a stranger’s fantasy… it excited her in a way nothing ever had before.

Humping her fingers, feeling her pussy tingling, she almost missed the next message he sent.

Drkness300: Then I’d pull my finger out and push your thighs wide open with my hands, and I’d kiss your pussy, sliding my tongue all over your sweet wetness.

The image of herself – bound, gagged, splayed open and eaten out – was too much for Dru. Her head fell back as she came, her fingers deep inside her pussy as she rubbed the base of her hand against her clit. Waves of orgasm crashed over her as she wriggled in the chair, her breath uneven and ragged with release.

As she came down from her pleasurable peak, the computer chimed again with a new instant message from Joe.

Drkness300: You’re playing with yourself aren’t you? Imagining what it would be like if I actually did this to you.

Dru stared at the computer screen. Maybe he was just guessing, but it was creepy. She slid her fingers out of her pussy and out of her pants, her other hand leaving her sore nipples. And she stared at the screen.

Drkness300: I’d be happy to help you experience it.

Drkness300: Just let me know, princess.

A little freaked out now, Dru signed off the instant messenger. Her pussy still tingled with the aftermath of her orgasm, and she couldn’t get the image that he’d put in her head out…

Bound, gagged and vulnerably splayed… at the mercy of a faceless man.

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