Before I Become a Doctor Ch. 02

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“Good girl. Now, if you do everything I say… exactly as I say… I’ll be nice and keep you all to myself.” The professor said and adjusted his glasses position.

“But if you disappoint me once, even a little bit, and you’re going to be a pathetic toy to me, my brother, and all of our friends if you ever want to graduate from this medical school. So do yourself a big favor by playing nice.” Faddy said and stood up. He walked to me slowly and bent over until his mouth was very close to my ear.

“But…If you’re nice to me, I’ll be VERY nice to you!” the words sliding through his slimy grin. “So, are you ready to cooperate?” He said very lightly almost a whispering.

I took a deep breath and weighed my options. Contemplating about sex, it wasn’t that I was an innocent virgin. In fact, I liked sex a lot, and could be a bit of a slut at times if I was being honest with myself. It just pissed me off that this old, fat, disgusting troll of a man would take advantage of me this way. He was completely disgusting, yet there was something about the situation that nagged at me in an erotically compelling kind of way. Although I appalled the idea of that pig seeing me naked… touching me with his thick, grubby fingers… But…As the matter of fact, when I knew I had to cooperate whatever the repulsive professor told me to do, no matter how violating and degrading, was disturbingly arousing to me. Even as I thought about it, I could feel the damp on my panties already.

“Well, what would you say, Lyn?” Professor Faddy asked impatiently.

I nodded slowly. “Ya…Yes.”

“Yes, what?” he demanded with a wicked grin.

“I will ankara sınırsız escortlar do whatever you want,” I replied, my nipples hardening and a rush of warmth filling my pelvis as I said the words.

“Very Good. Let’s begin your tutoring now. Would you be so kind as to lock the door and remove your clothes… slowly. I want to savor the unveiling.” The pervert professor said and sneered.

I stood on shaky legs and walked to the door then turned the lock and trembled with anticipation of what was about to come. Steadying myself with a hand on the doorknob, I reached down and pulled off my shoes and stocking, tossing them on the floor.

“Very good Lyn, come over here and sit on the desk,” Faddy instructed, patting the top of his desk next to him. Without a word, I obeyed. I could feel the slick wetness of my juices beginning to dampen my panties more as I approached the desk. I sat in front of him where he had indicated and looked down at him massaging his crotch with one hand as he wiped his brow with an old, yellow-stained handkerchief he gripped in the other. From this position I could smell him… he reeked of the pungent stink of a man who bathed much more frequently in the salty filth of his own sweat than in soap and water.

“Unbutton your blouse,” he commanded.

With trembling hands, I released the first button at the top and moved to the next.

“Slowly!” Faddy insisted, as he massaged his cock through his pants.

The fat pig seemed to sweat more with each button undone and a thin film of drool formed at the corner of his mouth as I released the last button and my blouse fell open to fully ankara suriyeli escortlar reveal my black lacy bra.

I slide the blouse from my shoulders but he stopped me.

“No not yet Lyn, the skirt next.”

I stood up and the professor reached a hand behind my ass to pull me closer, my pelvis just inches from his face then he sniffed.

“Take it off,” he commanded.

I fumbled with the button to release it and slowly lowered the zipper. I wriggled slightly as I tugged at the hem then bent forward to slide the skirt down my legs. I nearly fell on top of him as I stepped out of it, catching myself at the last instant with a hand on the sweat-soaked shoulder of the professor’s shirt. I desperately wanted to wipe the moisture off of my hand, but in a moment, that moisture would be forgotten in favor of my own.

“Looks like, despite your earlier outburst, you’re enjoying yourself!” The professor chuckled as he noticed the damp spot forming in the crotch of my panties.

“You’re already wet for me, aren’t you? Say it… say that you’re wet for me.”

I turned crimson with a combination of humiliation and anger, but I swallowed my pride and nodded.

“Yes, Professor. I’m wet for you.”

“Good girl,” Faddy grinned. “Let me see how wet you are…” he said as he reached up and placed his hand against the wet spot and ran his fingers across it.

The touch sent a shiver down my spine and as much as I was revolted to be touched by him, I couldn’t help but enjoy the flush of arousal and heat that his hand sent shooting through me.

The mixture of horror and heat was only to grow stronger when ankara türbanlı escortlar Faddy hooked a pudgy finger inside the thin fabric of my panties and ran it down and up the length of my juice-slickened slit. “Ungh!” I couldn’t help but cry out as his rough-skin passed across my rapidly-swelling clit.

“My, my… you ARE enjoying this!” he exclaimed as he withdrew his finger from my panties and held it to his nose. He took a slow, deep breath, inhaling my scent before sliding his finger into his mouth and sucking my juices from it.

“Mmmm, delicious!” he growled with approval. “Now, the blouse,” he said with a nod.

I slowly slid the blouse off of my shoulders and tossed it on the desk behind me.

“Very good. Now, I want you to unhook your bra, but don’t remove it. I’ll take care of that.” Faddy ordered.

I gulped with anticipation as I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra.

“Arms at your side.” The professor commanded as he reached up with both hands and squeezed the lacy material covering my milky globes.

He groped my breasts for a moment and smiled. Then with excruciating slowness, he pulled the cups of my bra downward, millimeter-by-millimeter, gradually exposing my soft-as-cotton tits. He paused at the point where the edge of my areolas came into view above the top of the bra.

“This is my favorite part,” he said with a satisfied smirk as he slid the cups off, revealing my nipples, which to me horror and excitement were fully engorged.

“Very good! I like how much you seem to be enjoying this, my little slut! Look how hard your nipples are!” he said, his voice dripping with sadistic amusement. He ran his rough, sausage-like fingers over my bare breasts and paused to pinch the nipples.

“Ah!” I exclaimed in a combination of pain and pleasure as the sting of his fingers clamping down on my tender buds shot through my chest and further heightened my arousal…

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