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It was the twenty four anniversary of getting my cher …….. making love for the first time, and it was about to happen again. We had made love during that day, but I had a delicious tingling feeling that this was going to be even more special. When I got up that morning, I had been so sore. I’d never even been able to get even a finger or a tampon in my vagina before, and that big, hard penis of John’s had barged around in there so wonderfully ……….. well, no wonder I hurt.

Even though John had been afraid of hurting me even more, I had persuaded him to try it, and we had made love gloriously twice that day. He really didn’t need much persuasion, hardly any at all. He had been very gentle with me, though, and we used lots of lubrication. We sort of worked the soreness out together. Like I would always force myself to exercize sore muscles the day after a hard workout at the gym. This was a lot more fun than exercize, though. Now I was about to get fu …. made love to for the fourth time in twenty four hours, and I wanted it more than ever. I wonder how often it’s possible to make love in a day. John says his penis can’t just do it all the time, but he sure seems to be ready when I am.

I went into the bathroom, peed, and hung my robe on the hook behind the door. My nightie was on the other hook, so I put it on. I wanted to wear it into the bedroom. I either wanted John to take it off of me, have him watch me take it off, or even keep it on while he made love to me. It made me feel sexy to wear it, and I wanted to share that with my lover.

I walked out into the bedroom, and John had lit two candles to give it a nice romantic glow. My lover was in bed waiting, and he pulled the covers aside for me. I stepped out of my slippers and slid into bed next to him, still wearing the nightie. He pulled me almost roughly to him, and held me very tightly as we kissed. He seems just as anxious for this as I am. How wonderful. He kissed me deeply, and in no time I was kissing him back with equal passion. We were both trying to get even closer to the other. Our arms around each other, legs intertwined, tongues sharing, his penis hard between us, my pussy starting to moisten already. Oh, I want him so much. In between kisses I asked if he minded if I kept my nightie on, and he said it was fine with him as long as it didn’t interfere with his getting at my most interesting parts. It was already pulled open in front so our bare stomachs were together, the nightie held only by the tie at my throat. John was wonderfully, warmly naked. When we’re lying together like this, it doesn’t make any difference that I sixteen inches shorter than he is.

I could feel Herman poking at me, so I reached between us and took him in my hand. He was fully erect, hot, and throbbing. Oh, boy, my wonderful Herman is ready for me. Am I ever ready for him! John put his hand between my legs and I parted my thighs eagerly to give him access to me. His finger found my cleft, then my entrance, and slid it deep into my waiting vagina.

‘Your pussy is very wet already, Baby,’ he whispered.

‘And Herman is warm and hard already, Darling. I think they’re ready for each other.’

He said, ‘They’re definitely ready, but what about foreplay?’

‘What’s that?’

‘Foreplay involves the gentleman stroking, kissing, and otherwise stimulating the lady in order to get her in the mood for sexual intercourse.’

I giggled a little and said, ‘I guess you forgot to tell me what that was called. It seems like we do that all the tme. We’ve been doing foreplay for about two days, except when we’re making love. I sure don’t need any more, and I couldn’t possibly be any more in the mood. Would it be okay if we just skip it? Miss Kitty wants big, warm Herman, and I just don’t know how I could be any more ready to be …… you-know-what.’

John replied by reaching over to the night table for the Astroglide and rolling me onto my back. I didn’t have to be told to spread my legs; that had become almost automatic. Put me on my back, and my legs automatically spread. Am I becoming some kind of slut? I’m not really sure exactly what a slut is, but I’ll be one for John anytime, if that’s what he wants. I just wish I knew more about how to do it. The Astroglide was cold when he first put it on and in me, but the heat of my pussy quickly warmed it up, and I couldn’t feel it anymore.

I was ready to have John get between my legs, but instead he lifted my left leg way up and lay on his side facing me, with his front against my hip. I could feel the tip of his penis probing for my entrance. I thought the man was always on top except in porno videos. I think I’m about to learn something new. I didn’t have to be told what to do this time. I reached down, took Herman in my hand, rubbed his tip between my lips to part them, and guided him to what he was looking for. John gave a push, and he slid a little bursa eskort bayan ways into me, opening me as he went. A couple of pushes more, and I had the full, hot length of him buried inside me. I may not be a virgin anymore, but he still feels huge. I love the feeling of being full and stretched. I hope he never makes me so big inside that I don’t feel that.

With me on my back and John on his side, our bodies were at an angle, and since he wasn’t between my legs we couldn’t get face to face. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t kiss in that position, but I soon found out that there were some wonderful advantages.

John started moving big, warm Herman in and out of my pussy, and it was totally, absolutely, incredibly, fabulously wonderful. He would pull him out until only the tip was inside me, then slide back in until I was full of him again. When he had been between my legs, Herman slid along my clitoris with every stroke, and I was almost constantly either building up to an orgasm, having one, or coming down from one. That was wonderful, but in this position, my button wasn’t being constantly rubbed, so I could enjoy the lovely feeling of being fucked without the urgency of a climax. My vocabulary has sure degenerated in the past day or so. No, that’s not a dirty word when used to describe what’s happening to me right now. I’m being gloriously fucked by the man I love, and there’s nothing dirty about that. It’s the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Oh, God, how I love him fucking me. Ohhhh, if he keeps that up I’m going to go over! No, I don’t want to come yet, I want to float on my cloud of ecstacy.

He didn’t seem to go as deep in that position, so that exciting and slightly painful feeling of having my insides moved around wasn’t as strong. The new position was every bit as wonderful as having him on top of me, but in a different way. It was a more sweet and gentle way to make love. I whispered what I was feeling and thinking to John.

He whispered, ‘Baby, this way I don’t feel so much urgency either, and that will make it last longer. Are you comfortable? It is okay with you if we keep this up for a long time? You promise to tell me if you’re getting sore or raw.’

‘I’m very comfortable, and I’d like this to last forever. Ooohh, that Astroglide makes it so smooth. Are there lots of different ways to make love?’

‘There are about as many ways to make love as people are willing to try, Sweetheart.’

I said, ‘Can we try them all? Will you teach me all those ways?’

‘Well, there are some things that are a little far out and probably painful that I think we could do without, but I’d love to show you the ways I think are best. We’ll try just about everything and see what’s best for us.’

‘Oh, John, Lover, I love what you’re doing to my nipples. You can’t use your hands on me when you’re on top. This way I get big, warm Herman in my pussy and your hands on me, too. What you’re doing to my nipples is really exciting. It kind of adds to the pleasure you’re giving my pussy. I wish you could kiss me, though.’

‘That’s the nice thing about different positions, Baby. Different ways to stimulate each other, different ways to enjoy and love each other. I think you’re learning something else that’s very loving and intimate; talking while making love. Do you like that?

He was right. Our whispered and muttered conversation about very intimate things was definitely adding to the lovely physical feelings. ‘I love talking with you like this. It is okay to talk dirty when we’re making love? I’d like to hear you talk about fucking me. Tell me what it’s like to fuck me, John.’

‘Oh, Baby, that feels so wonderful. Your little pussy is so hot and tight on my cock. I love fucking you. Ooohh, do I love fucking you!’

John stroked Herman into me very fast and deep a few times, then held him deep inside me. I felt him get bigger than ever, throbbing and jerking. Then there was that hot, wet feeling spreading through my pussy. He held still and shrank a little, then started stroking in the out of me again. After a few strokes he was as big and hard as ever, and a stream of semen was starting to run out of me.

‘Darling, did you just gusher into me? Lots of those little parts of you to swim around inside me?’

‘Honey, your pussy is so tight and warm that I feel like coming all the time. It got so intense I had to let off some of the pressure. You got your few million of my sperm, and now I don’t feel such an urgent need to come and I can fuck you for a long time.’

‘It can’t possibly be long enough, Lover,’ I whispered. ‘I could never get enough of this. I’m afraid you’re pumping your semen out of me, though. I can feel it running out. I hope there will still be some sperms left up inside me.’

‘I can feel it running out of you, too. Some of it’s flowing over my balls. bursa otele gelen eskort bayan We’re making a lovely mess down there, and it’s going to get a lot messier. Hope you don’t mind.’

‘Mind? I love it. I love your semen in my pussy. It even feels sexy running out of me and over both of us.’

John slid his hand from my breasts down over my tummy and stroked my mound. With what was going on in my vagina, everything felt sexy. He slid a finger down my cleft and gathered up some of the slipppery mixture that was flowing out of me and spread it around on both my nipples. Wow, does that ever feel good! Then he put a fingertip on my button, and a little jolt of electric excitement went through me. He started stroking the length of my clitoris very, very gently with his fingertip, while he slowly fucked me.

‘Lover, do you have any idea what that’s doing to me. I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. I don’t think I can stand that much longer. Oooohhhhhh, please don’t stop. If you stroked my button just a tiny bit harder or fucked me a little faster I think I’d go over. What you’re doing is just keeping me on the edge. Don’t stop, don’t stop, please. I know you like to tease me, but are you trying to drive me crazy? Oh, God, I can’t stand it, I’ve got to come. Darling, let me come, pleeeeeeeeeeeease.’

He didn’t say anything and didn’t change what he was doing. I was just at the edge of an orgasm, and I wanted so badly to come. I was trying to strain to go over, and he just kept sliding his fingertip very, very gently along my button and fucking me slowly, with long strokes. He told me to relax and let it happen. I just lay there with my eyes closed, and tried to relax, relax, enjoy, enjoy.

He didn’t change what he was doing, but I could feel my orgasm coming from a long way off. Like it was a car far in the distance on a straight road, coming towards me so slowly that I could hardly tell it was getting closer, but I knew it was eventually going to arrive. As I lay there that car kept nearing me, and my pleasure and excitement gathered as it approached. It was almost there, and I think I would have died if he had stopped what he was doing. I told him not to stop, whatever he did. Maybe I just thought I said it.

John didn’t stop, and neither did the approaching car that was my climax. I felt my face get hot, and it was almost on me. I had my mouth wide open, breathing in gasps as I welcomed it. As my orgasm ran over me I could hear a long, low growl that I knew was coming from me. This one was unlike any I’d had before. It was a combined pussy, penis, button, finger orgasm that simply engulfed my whole body. It just flowed up and down me, time after wonderful time. When I’d had those monster climaxes, the ecstacy was to powerful that I just couldn’t sustain it for very long, and it was almost a relief to start coming down. This one was so wonderfully sweet, though, that I didn’t want it to ever end. John kept it going on and on, until he finally took his finger off my clitoris to let me come back down to earth. My, God, another new kind of climax! I wish there were words to describe it. I’d love to be able to tell John what he just did to me.

I couldn’t tell him, but I’m sure he had a pretty good idea of what had just happened to me. He stroked my cheek and told me he loved me. ‘Did you have a nice come, Baby?’

‘Oooohhhhh, Darling, Darling, that was so wonderful. I can’t believe the things you do to me. Every time we make love I feel things that I didn’t know I could feel. It is possible to have too many orgasms? I’t hate it if something that wonderful was bad for me.’

‘I don’t think you need to worry about overdoing orgasms, Sweetheart. I think you could have one after another until you’re exhaused, but if I think you’re about to OD, I’ll stop soing whatever is causing them. That won’t happen, though, I’m sure.’

He continued to stroke big, warm Herman in and out of my pussy, and I could feel it when he would get close to his climax. He would hold very still inside me, throbbing and jerking until he cooled off, then start that wonderful fucking again. We went on and on like that, stroking my pussy with his penis, caressing my breasts and tummy, stroking my cheek. We whispered words and sounds of love and pleasure to each other, and it was just like paradise.

He took some of the semen that was flowing from me on his finger and put it to my lips, and I greedily sucked and licked his finger clean. I did the same for him. My nipples were even getting a little sore from his prolonged caresses, but I didn’t want him to stop. This was a wonderful position, and I knew that he could bring me to a climax in about two seconds by touching my button. I was even tempted to do it myself, but I’d never tried it before while we were making love.

I don’t know how long we bursa eve gelen escort stayed like that, but it went on for a long, delicious time. We continued until I was starting to get sore. Big, warm Herman had been going in and out of me so long that I was getting rubbed a little raw at my entrance. I sure didn’t want to stop, but I was afraid of it getting so bad that we wouldn’t be able to do it again until I healed. Now that I had learned the joys of making love, I didn’t want anything to interfere with my getting it as often as possible. Or making me so sore I couldn’t walk.

John must have been reading my mind, because he pulled out of me and got between my legs with his weight on his hands. I opened wide and pulled my knees up. His penis was sticking straight out like a fat, wet flagpole, and I watched as it sought my entrance. I still can’t get used to the idea that something so big can go into me. Herman didn’t need a hand to guide him this time. He found Miss Kitty’s entrance easily and slid inside her. I guess air had gotten into my vagina during the few seconds he had been outside me, because when he slid back in, there was an awful sort of farting noise. I didn’t have time to be embarrassed, though, because I was getting fucked again, and big, warm Herman was sliding over my button with every stroke.

John whispered, ‘Baby, I’m about to come. It feels like I’m going to explode. Can you come with me? I can’t wait much longer.’

‘Darling, I think I’m just as close as you are. If you would come down here and kiss me, I think that’s all I’d need to go over.’

John lowered himself to his elbows, and we shared the deepest, most passionate kiss imaginable. That’s all it took to get me over. He started pounding into me with long, hard strokes, and I could feel my orgasm coming on like an approaching freight train. My arms were around him, I locked my heels to the backs of his thighs and used my legs to thrust my hips up to meet him at every stroke. Every time John slammed into me the collision of our bodies made a wet ‘smack,’ Herman got huge, as he does just before he comes, and John thrust him really hard and deep into me. I met him by raising my hips, and he went way up in me, hitting that spot that hurts and moves my insides around so wonderfully. My ears roared, bells rang in my head, and the lights inside my eyes flashed red and yellow. It was as if I fell off a high cliff into a deep, bottomless orgasm. Oooohhhhhhh, Darrrrrrrrliiing.

I was moaning and squealing into John’s mouth. I climaxed, came, orgasmed, went over, and held John with my arms and legs, bells ringing and lights flashing. Knowing that he was exploding inside me made me come all the harder. His climax seemed to go on longer than before, and mine continued right along with his. I grabbed a handful of his hair and held his mouth to mine, as if our orgasms would continue as long as we kept kissing. I had developed a bad cramp in one foot, but I was only dimly aware of it. If this continues any longer, I just know I’m going to die. Nothing this incredibly, wonderfully, almost painfully good could possibly happen to me without my dying. I don’t care if I die, as long as I can do it like this. Oh, my God, this is WONDERFUL!

John’s strokes gradually became slower and less forceful, and together we came down from our orgasms. We were still kissing, both breathing hard and fast through our noses. John finally took his lips from mine, and I said, ‘NO!,’ and pulled his hair to get his mouth back down to me for more kissing. I’m not completely finished with my climax, and I’m not going to let him stop kissing me until I am. I put my tongue far into his mouth, and he sucked and licked it. At last I came down to the point where I could let him stop kissing me, and he seemed glad to be able to breathe and gasp through his mouth. I don’t know about his heart, but mine was absolutely pounding. The only thing I could say was ‘Ohhhhhh, Darling,’ as I pulled him down and raised my head for more kissing.

I felt Herman shrinking inside me, and he came out with a little ‘plop.’ By that time I was back in touch with reality enough to take notice of the cramp in my foot, and it really hurt. I muttered something, and John asked me if I was alright. I managed to say, ‘foot,’ and he got off me to see what was the matter. I looked down and pointed at my foot, which had a much worse cramp than I’d ever gotten in gymnastics. The bottom of my foot was trying to bend into a C-shape, with my toes curled under. I tried to straighten it, but the cramp was so bad I couldn’t.

John got into a sitting position and started massaging my poor foot with both hands. What he was doing made it hurt even worse, but it slowly started to ease the cramp. As if he didn’t know what else to do, he kept massaging and took my big toe in his mouth and started sucking on it. That looked so ridiculous and felt so funny that I started giggling and laughing. I guess this took my mind off my cramp, because it finally relaxed. Through my laughter I asked John why he had sucked my big toe, and he just laughed and said he couldn’t think of anything else to do, my toe looked inviting, and that we had gone from the sublime to the riduculous in record time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32