Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 05

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On a steamy hot August afternoon, after a long hard fuck, Mom told me Patricia had invited us to visit over the Labor Day holiday.

“You’ve been keeping up with Patricia?”

“Girl talk. I’ve kept her updated on you and I.” Mom noticed my look of surprise.

She continued. “That day in the hot tub, she told me about her rather, diverse, sex life. Shit, I was already turned on and that didn’t help. I told her how horny I was; how much I wanted some good hard fucking. She came pretty close to suggesting you: she said you had a big dick, a hard body, could go for hours, and, although inexperienced, was better at pleasing the ladies than most.”

“She sort of suggested the same thing to me about you,” I said.

* * * *

Mom and I told Dad about the trip a few days later. Dad had not been with his girlfriend since his enslavement. He had told her Mom was suspicious and they had to lay off for awhile. I gave Dad permission to see her while we were in Boston.

“Thank you Master.” Dad looked like he wanted to say more. Mom asked, “What’s on your mind slave?”

“I want to thank you. For so many years I was frightened, always afraid I’d fail, that the world was a difficult place where I couldn’t compete. You have provided me a defined place and a strict set of rules. All I need do is obey. The world feels safer. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m good at something.”

* * * *

Patricia told us someone would pick us up at Logan Airport. In the concourse we spotted an attractive woman in her early 40’s holding a sign with our names on it. Her dark blonde hair was pulled behind her head in a bun. She had green eyes, a narrow nose, and a full mouth on a triangular face. She wore tasteful black glasses and understated gold jewelry. Her outfit was expensive and conservative, but sexy; the blue pin stripe suit and four inch heels could not hide a tight figure and some killer legs. When we approached she leaned over and kissed Mom.

“It is so good to finally meet you.” She shook my hand. “And this is the young man I’ve heard so much about. My name is Lauren Williams. Please come with me; someone else will get your bags.”

We followed her to the priority parking. She opened the back door of a Mercedes E-Class Sedan and Mom and I got in. She drove us to a part of town with large older homes on spacious tree covered lots. After traversing a long driveway we saw our destination, a two-story brick home. Patricia, looking better than I remembered, was waiting with a woman I did not know.

Lauren opened the door for Mom and I and was instructed to take our drink orders and attend to our bags. The mystery woman then approached Mom and kissed her, quite firmly, on the lips.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Sarah,” Mom said.

So this was Sarah, the lady who had initiated Patricia to the world of sex. She was about ten pounds overweight, but athletic and muscular. She would look at home in a softball game or on a rugby field. Her face was round. She wore no make-up.

The ladies escorted us through the house — it was beautiful, neatly kept, and decorated fulsomely — to the back porch. Lauren appeared with our drinks.

After introductions and some small talk Sarah turned to me. “There are a few things you don’t know. That day in the hot tub, while you were shopping, Patricia and your mother had a frank discussion about sex. Two hot horny girls in a hot tub, you can imagine what happened. They started kissing, exploring each other’s bodies, and eventually brought each other off. Your Mom stayed in touch with Patricia and their subject matter was, shall we say, personal and carnal. You didn’t tell Patricia about you and your Mom, but your Mom did. Your Mom also kept quizzing Patricia about her interest in woman. Patricia and I discussed it, agreed we both wanted to give your Mom all the lady-loving she could handle, and invited the two of you up.”

I was quiet; she had more to say.

“Don’t be threatened. We are not trying to take your Mom from you. Considering what I have heard about you in the bedroom, that might be impossible, although,” she paused, “I always bet on me. I expect you will enjoy her even more when you return home and while you’re here, you’ll have all the pussy you can handle.

I looked at Mom. I saw no discomfort or hesitation. I had wanted to ramp up Mom’s sexuality; I had apparently succeeded beyond my own expectations. The advantages to me of Mom happily welcoming women into our sex life were obvious. I smiled, letting her know I approved.

Sarah, who understood my gesture, moved the conversation forward. “You’re probably wondering how a poor graduate student like me affords digs like these.”

I nodded.

Sarah looked at Lauren. “Why don’t you explain.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I am the chairperson of the mathematics department. Sarah is one of my grad students. I have been successful in my field, including having won the Fulkerson Prize, but mathematics is a young person’s game and in the last few Şirinyer Escort years my research has bogged down. As often happens I was rewarded by being kicked upstairs and named department chair.

“My problem was that I knew nothing about administration. I was complaining about the job one day when Sarah overheard me. She offered to help and quickly took over the department. While I’m its titular head, Sarah runs everything and it runs better than it has in memory. Sarah did more; she started scheduling my work, and then my life. She also provided emotional and personal support I got no where else.

“Soon pleasing her became my paramount goal. I dressed in ways I thought she’d like. When she suggested I change my hair style, I did. When she bought me perfume for Christmas I discarded the one I had worn for years. I started to make real progress in my research and although I enjoyed the praise of my colleagues, I craved Sarah’s approval.

“At the beginning of the summer Sarah signed us up for a conference on academic administration in San Francisco. The university would only approve one attendee, but Sarah managed to work the air fares so two could fly for the price of one. We would share a room.”

Sarah cleared her throat. Lauren had left something out.

“You don’t need to be a genius to see Sarah prefers woman. I did not and still don’t consider myself a lesbian, but I knew that if she wanted to make love to me I’d never say no.

“At the reception the first night I had a couple of glasses of wine, we went back to the room, and I became her lover. We spent the next two nights at lesbian clubs in the city. She dressed in a man’s suit; I in the most lady-like garments we could find in the local thrift shops. She made a point of demonstrating her dominance of me. The first night she walked me to a central performance platform and took me from behind with a strap on-dildo. The second night, after I ate her in front of a crowd, she instructed me to eat any other women in the club who asked. I lost track of the number of pussies I buried my face in. We were invited to a lesbian orgy on our final night in the city. I was passed from woman to woman. I had dildos down my throat, in my anus, and deep inside my pussy. I came over and over. When I was at the point of exhaustion I begged Sarah to let me stop, but she just offered my pussy to the next woman who came along.

“I slept most of the way home. On the way back from the airport Sarah offered me a choice. I could remain her lover, but only as a servant. She knew I’d agree, and I did.

“That left my husband. He was vice-chancellor of the university and a wealthy man. The university has a strict policy forbidding sex between employees and undergraduates. Patricia had just returned from her visit with you. On Sarah’s instructions I described my husband’s personal and sexual preferences to her. Three days later I came home to find them in bed. He was able to keep his job by swearing to the university president it would never happen again, but Sarah and Patricia had his number. Within a week I caught the two of them in bed again.

“My husband was allowed to quietly resign and take a job on the West Coast. We reached a generous property settlement which included this lovely home.

“It, and I, belong to Sarah.”

Sarah took over the conversation. “Randy, your mother, Patricia, and I would like to go upstairs, leaving Lauren to entertain you. She can be quite entertaining.”

I nodded my assent and the ladies left the room. Lauren unbuttoned her suit jacket and shirt and then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She was wearing a red corset and stockings. Her tits were good sized and nicely shaped, although not immense, and her body toned. Her hair and make-up were meticulous. She looked at my crotch and growing erection.

“Do you want my hair up or down.”

“Down.” She removed the clip from her hair and shook her head. Her hair eventually settled on her neck.

“Glasses off or on?”


She walked towards me. “You may use me however you want. But may I suggest we start with a blow job. I’m told I’m pretty good.”

She undid my belt and pushed my pants down to my knees. I sat on a chair behind me and she removed my shoes and socks and finished pulling off my pants. She took my dick in her hands, tenderly stroking its length.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock Randy. It’s nice and big. I like them big.”

Still kneeling, she licked my ball sac. She kept her eyes on me, gauging my reaction. After coating my balls with her spittle, she gave the same treatment to the shaft. When her tongue neared the crown, she wrapped her lips around it just below the head. After slathering the tip with her tongue she pulled back and kissed it, on the left, right, and then underneath. While she did so she held the shaft nearly upright, her olive eyes staring at it intently. She was in no hurry: she clearly intended to pay careful attention to my cock.

After Şirinyer Escort Bayan once more licking its length, she bent it forward and, after glancing at me to make sure I was watching, her tongue snaked out to familiarize itself with the head, licking it, exploring its folds and contours, and attacking the piss hole as if trying to get inside. She was drawing a steady stream of pre-cum and her lips, forming a perfect oval, descended over the head. She didn’t immediately start sucking, but looked up at me, her eyes smiling and her face aglow with joy. She was content; sexual service had become her life. She drew in her breath to create suction, applied pressure with her lips, and bobbed her head up and down its length. She took occasional breaks from this treatment to jerk me off while rubbing the shaft against her pretty face.

As she did so she said. “I am yours this weekend. I am at your beck and call. I will comply with any desire or wish you have. Do you want to fuck me up the ass? Do you want to watch me eat your mother? Do you want to tie up and spank this naughty slut? Whatever you want Randy, you can have.”

She focused on my balls, taking a testicle in her mouth. She held it on her tongue and pressed it lightly against the roof of her mouth, then lessened the pressure, then repeated. The effect was a slow massage in the wet warmth of her mouth. After spending several minutes with one testicle, she gave the same treatment to the other. I was groaning in delight. I had never experienced such an unhurried, indulgent, blow job.

After she finished with my second ball, she stood, she asked me to lay on the floor. When I did so she straddled my legs and again started licking the length of my cock, now applying maximum force. I was dripping pre-cum and she captured each drop, leaning back, her face in delight, as she let it coat her tongue.

My cock was throbbing. “Lick my cock slut, lick it hard.”

“As you wish, young master.”

She took my cock deep into her mouth and held it there, while wildly, avidly, licking the head. She then pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and sank her face down until I bumped into the back of her mouth. After several repetitions she started to push her throat over the head of my penis.

I was on the verge of a pleasure even Mom denied me, a throat-fuck. At first Lauren, however, could not force me into her throat, gagging as she tried. She took my dick from her mouth and apologized, noting my cock’s impressive girth. (Hint to the ladies: we love this excuse). After catching her breath she took me deep in her mouth, holding me there while licking me, building up a well of sticky sweet saliva. She then re-aligned her throat to my member and pushed. I felt a small pop as the head of my cock entered her throat. Amazingly, once I was inside, she slowly pushed her head forward, taking me down her throat in a single slow deliberate motion. I watched her neck expand as she absorbed me. Her nose was nestled in my pubic hairs.

She placed my hands on her head. She wanted me to take control.

At first I was careful, but the thrill of having this woman at my complete mercy took over and I was soon fucking her face with abandon. Her throat was tight, tighter than any mouth could be, and it pressed down on the entire length of my prong, stimulating every nerve ending it had. As I pushed in and out I felt the back of her tongue press hard against the bottom of my shaft, as if instinctively trying to push me out. The sight of her throat flexing in and out in response to my surging member and her occasional gags spurred me on. We went on-and-on, three, then five, then ten minutes. As we developed a rhythm she licked my staff as it plowed in and out of her and caressed my testicles.

I did my best to stall my orgasm, wanting to enjoy her throay for as long as possible, but inevitably the cum started boiling in my balls. I released her head, leaned back and focused on the pleasure ricocheting through me. Lauren, who had divined the pace I enjoyed, continued to fuck her face with my cock.

The jerking of my body became more erratic as my orgasm approached. Lauren, well trained slave that she was, kept at it, never letting my cock leave her throat. My toes curled and I felt my abdomen tighten, and then I was coming, damn I was coming. “FUCK YEAH, EAT MY CUM YOU SLUT WHORE, EAT MEEEEEEE!!!”

I exploded, shooting my seed into her stomach. I jammed myself into her face several more times and collapsed. Lauren, however, would not stop. After she let my softening penis slip from her mouth, she eagerly started nibbling and licking my inner thighs.

Finally I took her head in my hand and turned her face towards mine. “That was extraordinary. You’ve got quite the talented mouth.”

“Thank you, please let Mistress Sarah know I did well.”

My dick, which had never fully softened, had returned to full staff. Lauren stared at it. “It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait until you fuck me, but Mistress Escort Şirinyer Sarah wants you next. Would you mind using a dildo on me?”

“No, not at all.”

She extracted a double-penetration dildo and lubricant from a cabinet, unbuttoned the bottom of her corset, exposing a shaved pussy oozing juice, coated the dildo with the oil, lay down, slid the larger of the two prongs into her vagina. The smaller head entered her anus. There was barely any resistance. When the base of the contraption rested against her bottom, she looked at me. Her eyes were glazed with lust.

“Use these on me stud. Do it hard. Please.”

I replaced her hand with my mine and started to move the tool within her. While I initially thrust straight in and out, I soon realized that she liked it best when I pushed the dildo into her with a circular motion. While she was not as powerfully built as Mom, she was in good shape and pushed her cunt and rump hard against the plastic tools, matching her motions to mine. “Good god that feels good. Fuck me stud.”

I imagined her in a classroom, prim, proper, professional. “You’re such a slut, ready to fuck whomever you’re told to fuck. Do all those sweet innocent freshman girls in your class know what a whore you are?”

“No, no, they don’t know what a slut I am. God, I’m such a slut. Fuck this slut with the plastic dick, stud. FUCK HER GOOD. FUCK HER HARD. BITE MY TITS.”

I pulled down the top of her corset and viewed her breasts. They were not huge, but were nice, round, and more than a mouthful. I took a small nip at the one closest to me.

“Bite them hard, sink you teeth into them.”

I took a harder bite.

“AHHHHHHH, yeah, like that, only harder. Please.”

I bit down hard, leaving teeth marks. Lauren responded immediately. She arched her back and her hips jerked up and down, pushing with such power against the dual dildos that her glasses flew from her face. Her breathing was becoming increasingly heavy until the stabs of pleasure became so intense she actually forgot to breath, then had to gulp in air in large breaths. Her head fell back to the floor and her eyeballs rolled back into her head.

“GOD YES, make me your slut. Use my body.”

She was close to cumming. I took a breast into my mouth, stimulating the spots where I had bitten her. Moans of pain mixed with her moans of pleasure. Then as I could see juice and foam squirting around the edge of the dildo, I took one more good hard near-ferocious bite. She squealed in pleasure-pain, thrust her hips into the air, fell back to the floor, her body shaking and writhing, screaming, “CUMMING, SO GOOD….SO GOOD. GOD, YES, FUCK. OHHHHHHH………. AHHHHHH.”

She undulated for a few more moments and then fell quiet. At first the only sound was her rapid breathing as she tried to resuscitate her spent body. But as she came to, she lovingly, affectionately, ran a finger up and down my leg. Her voice content, she said, “I’m supposed to take you upstairs now.”

I reached down to help her stand on her wobbly legs. She guided me up the stairs and down A hall.

“Mistress Sarah once had a slave like your father, a person whose will she had completely broken. I remember the girl; I taught her during her first semester; she was sweet and beautiful and innocent. The university designated her and Mistress Sarah as freshmen roommates. The never stood a chance; she was a natural submissive who Mistress Sarah enslaved by October. She served Sarah for four years and then, in order to pay for grad school, Sarah sold her to one of the society ladies in town.

“We still see her on occasion. Although she is devoted to her new owner, her heart will always belong to Mistress Sarah. I can tell.”

We arrived a large white double doors in an upstairs hallway. Lauren opened the doors and I stepped in behind her.

The room had twelve foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, flooding the space with natural light. It was a room made for sex, whether one-on-one, an orgy, or just to watch. There were mirrors on the walls and large comfortable furniture scattered around the room, all centered around an immense circular bed. There I could see my Mom. She was on her back; Sarah was straddling her thighs. Lauren walked me over to one of the couches on which a naked Patricia lounged. I sat between them.

Mom was wearing a black strap-on dildo, maybe seven inches in length, which Sarah was holding. Patricia filled me in on the details.

“Sarah fucked your Mom from behind, doggie-style, with that thing while your Mom ate my cunt. She was great. She’s a natural.”

I returned my focus to the bed. Sarah was speaking.

“It’s a different motion then what you’re used to so I’ll get on top. Let me control the cadence at first. Once we get the movement right you’ll find there’s a ridge on the underside of the dildo that presses on your clitoris. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Ready?”

Sarah didn’t wait for an answer. She centered the black plastic cock on her vagina, and sat down, absorbing one or two inches of its thick length before relaxing and moving down again. Once she reached the bottom she took her fat tits into her hands and pulled hard on the nipples. She started to roll her hips in a lazy circle as she and Mom explored what they could do to each other.

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