Becoming My Step Son’s Ch. 02

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Yet all parties are above the age of 18 and totally and utterly just for the joy of writing it.

If the ideas or themes don’t sit well with you… don’t read it?


Hi, I’m Becks, and I wanted to continue telling you about how I have become my step son’s slut. As you may know from chapter 1 I can be quite a forward sort when it comes to sex and getting what I want, what I need, and as my ‘son’ and I started our week alone at the family villa in Spain it had all boiled over into quite a sexually charged mess with some speed.

You see my new husband as had to stay home and work, he’s due his promotion and even though we’ve only been married a year I’ve always known his work comes first. I don’t mind… it’s where the money comes from and it keeps me from having to work… More on my past career later… So it’s simply my step son and me.

Our day of discovery had got off to a fabulous start, his cock in my mouth and cum down my throat while out on the sun terrace. Then a good hard, if not a little short, shower fuck in which I milked his fine young balls of their second load. And finally he returned to me in ‘our’ bed and fucked me from behind after I’d sucked him nice and hard.

I’ll be honest… I’ve read a good deal of porn over my time and all the men have these huge cocks and can nearly always repeat within a minute. My son isn’t a porn star… but he is what any woman in her 40’s like me would consider ‘worth one’ – Hey… I don’t know how many women out there turning 41 like me have an eager to please, strong, sweet 19yrd old step son who’s got an ass that you’d happily rub sun oil into all day, a 7 inch cock with a thick shaft and oversized head that feels like the best sex I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting upon and the best bit… and I quote… “Nothing makes my cock harder mom… Nothing at all… than a soft skinned large breasted MILF whose idea of fun is to be screaming out loud while she gets spanked and spunked through her orgasms.”

God I love my new found relationship with my son.

So … back to the tale…

Darren stood there in his naked form, his torso looked to be shaven but it wasn’t. His light and thin chest hair was just coming through I guess. His thicker blonde “surfer dude” locks where already causing quite a stir back at University I imagine. He looked handsome without being obviously eye candy… To me he was hot though… that tight ass he had from all those swim meets this last few years and his general power and strength were as exciting to me as anything I’d ever had in my bed. Which is saying something I can tell you!

His mom?! Well … I wasn’t bad to look at… my mouth was my downfall. I couldn’t help but to paint on my near famous red lippy and then open my mouth and speak my mind. My body was good… in good health and my breasts hips and booty were all made for using rather than simply admiring. I had thought about having my breasts done, more a lift than an increase to the DD cup I had been since my late teens. But truth be told I enjoyed having them tied up, spanked or used for a good tit wank into my red lipped open mouth. I couldn’t see the attraction being the same if they were enhanced… and so I’d kept everything natural. Less for being clean shaven… That’s a must!

“Hey stud, what are you looking for in my closet?” I asked… not that I was tiring of the view of him naked from behind… but we wanted to get to the beech for something to eat at one of cafes and I wasn’t going naked splashed in cum like I was right now.

He turned to me with a black string bikini and a pale yellow summer dress. “My slut will wear these and your wedge heels. I want you looking a little … well… slutty I guess. I want to see how many men we can make take a second and third look at you and I want the women to look twice too… as no ‘mother’ would really dress like this for her ‘son’ so they’ll all be thinking ‘are those two an item… is she – his?’

I couldn’t tell you how happy this made me… He’s only known about bursa otele gelen escort me and my slutty side for a few hours (as far as I know?) and already he knows just how to use me for his pleasure and keep my pulse going too… I’d be moist all afternoon being his little ‘trophy slut’ out in public. My inner feelings of joy were made obvious by my huge smile at him… he just stood looking at my naked body and rubbed his semi erect cock… putting the clothing down over the chair in corner he moved up the bed and raised my legs bending them at the knee and forcing them wide, my pussy lips, like they knew, parted and I was presented like the toy I was.

“Perhaps I’ll fuck my mommy once more and leave my cum drying on your thighs while we get dinner”

I felt my stomach tighten… In joy.

“You can fuck me as much as you like son… I’m yours… but please… if you’re going to cum on me and not in me then can you aim your load at my breasts so I may ‘wear you there’ in full view of anyone looking. I’m sure that as your cum dries in the sun it’ll look perfect.”

No sooner had I said that I could feel his cock opening me up and pushing down deep as I was driven hard into the already roughed up bed sheets.

“Come on stud… we’ll make love later tonight… for now just fuck this whore cunt any way you like to get your load off. Come on… don’t be shy or scared… drive down into my cunt as hard as you like… I want your balls slapping on my ass like a round of applause.”

My old foul mouth coming back to me from my days as a working girl… God I missed this. Being fucked for the sake of his pleasure. Getting him off and watching as he couldn’t help but have another orgasm over the nasty and naughty woman beneath him… I just loved having that power to please. And the fact that as an added bonus I got off on his young powerful cock was divine. I reached down as he thrust in an out working on his own orgasm and applied my fingers, wedding ring in full sight, to my clit and ever more intense circles … I was moaning and starting to buck beneath him a little… I wasn’t going to cum myself without my clit being stimulated and I thought the sooner I show him how the better.

We both had a hard time concentrating on the other… busy getting our own orgasms out as fast and naughty as we could…

“Mom you feel so tight and wet all at once… you’ve got the best pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck” and with that he pulled out and took his wet juice covered cock in hand and scrambled over me to unload onto my breasts… I pushed the left one in to give him something meaningful to aim at… my chin getting the first powerful shot of his hot cum. My breast and hand the second … Just as my own orgasm bounced around my insides due to my fingering my clit. I came hard… and I bucked a little as the final ropes of his latest load landed on my body and upper chest.

The smell of sex filled the room, the sight of his mom beneath him obviously pleased my son as he stayed knelt on one knee at my side stroking his softening cock and looking at the sight of me … his fucked trophy slut. I was still rolling my nipple, now covered in his thick cum, and just easing my flat fingers of the other hand over my outer pussy lips. The empty feeling inside me so fresh and equally annoying. I had not been fucked the way I personally enjoyed for a very long time. My son bless him had the tool… just I needed to teach him how I needed him to use it! My body calmed and we kissed and laid together for twenty minutes or so.

We were shown to a table front and centre of the quiet little beach side eatery. My sons handsome face, his jaw length blonde surfer boy locks, wide green eyes and huge smile. He and I both on cloud nine… if not a little hungry after our morning at the villa.

The waiter was in no hurry to leave the side of our table, chatting to us and asking us all the usual holiday questions…

I don’t suppose he will have noticed the bursa eve gelen eskort off white semi dried ‘sun tan cream’ on my open and very publically viewable chest. I was ‘titts out for show’ whichever way you want to look at it.

My bikini top did little but hug the base of each breast and then cover my thick nipples. The strings coming up and tied behind my neck. The very thin summer dress didn’t belong on a mature middle aged wife… but it sat on this 40yrd old slut like a label. Sexy. Short. See through. And only just made me ‘decent’ for lunch. I looked at my son and him back at me.

“Darren, I need to ask… do I look ok. I don’t mean like a slut with her toy boy as I know that look is more than achieved. I mean… do I…?

“Spit it out Becks…”

“Ok Darren – Do I look as good as I feel. I feel alive, buzzing inside, I feel like I could and will do anything you ask?”

“Bless you my dear fuck doll – You’ll get a shock later – and you look just as you describe… the cum does look like sun lotion you’ve not rubbed in enough…”

I couldn’t have said or done anything as I was just happy hearing his words… but he reached over… rubbed is drying cum into my skin a little… paused for like a second and then slipped his fingers into my mouth where I cleaned them and just got the faintest hint of his taste. This boy… this man… was perfect. And my pussy reacted telling me so. Wet again. Fuck.

We ate a little lunch and washed it down with a cold beer each. It felt great sitting in the sun and chatting. We no doubt looked odd I guess but we chatted like a couple on holiday. What to do this week while alone? Where to go this afternoon? Where we might eat tonight?

We finished our lunch and the waiters… all three of them now… came to our table to get a good eyeful of me as they cleared up. I felt fabulous and I took my sons hand in mine and walked away as I kissed his neck… hmmm his scent made me a little… well it had its effect on me let’s just say that.

I can honestly say that as I walked holding his hand and laughing at his suggesting that we go see if there any sex toy shops locally that I felt happily married for the first time. I was looked at with love. Fucked hard with passion and roughness all in. And I was listened to and talked about by someone who obviously cared.

I have to add that these feelings got me in hot water within the minutes that followed as my thoughts were turned to words without being filtered!!

“Son… what’s this thing you have for a ‘MILF’ as you put it? I mean… you could and should have any girl you like at Uni and yet you say you prefer older women?”

(I need to ask… have you ever asked a question. Got the answer and then while the shock of it landed on your mind you went an asked a second question, again, with no filter between mind and mouth?)

“Well mom it’s like this. The 20 something girls at Uni like the 21+ guys who’ve got a side job and buy them cocktails. The girls that I do talk to and flirt with are so sexually boring that I’d rather watch my webcam and wank and that’s when I started to like the mature body and the ways they enjoy sex… the kind of sex I’ve always enjoyed myself.”

“What do you mean… what webcam…? I don’t recall you ever having one of those at home?”

Then he landed it on me…

“The one I installed in your room so I could watch my dad fuck you.”

I stopped dead as we walked in the sand and spun round and fronted up to him. My tits on his torso and my mouth about to shout at his chest.

“what the fuuuuuuuuuuuu mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhaaa”

He pulled me in even closer, took my arms by the wrists and folded them behind my back. His mouth was almost silencing me and his hips thrust against me to force home the message of who was in control.

Ironically this open mouthed tongue swapping kiss was the first of its type and in full view of anyone looking at us.

I kissed him back and struggled against him bayan escort bursa and his hold upon me. He calmed his grip and I flung my arms around his neck and kept the delightfully lover like kiss ongoing. He, the brazen little sod, dropped his hands to my barely covered ass and took a firm hold and then leaned back and lifted me off the sand. I felt like a giddy school girl in love. And wet too.

We parted and smiled, we started to walk back to our hire car and I calmly asked him…

“So… You watch me fuck your farther on webcam… and you wank over us… Over me?”

“I used to mom. I won’t be any more after we get home… I’ll just have you in my room afterward instead! But yes… I’ve loved watching your ass riding up and down on my father”

I turned a little shade of red I think. I was happier in this first day with my new man than I could ever remember being with any man. Including his dad.

“Mom, what do you think to a quick trip round the shop for some snacks and drink… then back to the villa and settle down to a night of each other? If you’d prefer dinner out… I’m more than happy to escort you (his smile and eyes at me as that word left his mouth… Little sod!) But I think we both know that you would actually much prefer it if you were able to simply submit fully to your new life as my fuck doll slut…”

“Son… You have no idea the treats in store for you and me… I would love that… wine and cock!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!”

We turned around at the car and headed to the store… It was only just a minutes’ walk behind us… but I started to state what we’d need anyway.

“We’ll need a large cucumber and condoms. A good solid cheese board with a handle. Some clothes pegs and some packs of cheap stockings or tights to tie me down with… And wine!”

“Mom!? What is it you think you’re going to do with a cucumber that you can’t do with my cock?”

“Fuck my ass while you fuck my pussy for one… and then… well… I’ll show you later.”

We got supplies and back to the villa in no time. Both horny and both failing to keep our hands to ourselves at all.

I put a little music on and he opened us both a beer and we went down and got in the pool. Naked. I spent forever with my legs round his waist and his half erect cock brushing my inner thighs, my pussy and even my ass a couple of times. We kissed and I showed him the slow and deep style I loved the best. We both started to talk at the same time…



I stopped and let him go first… but he being a gentlemen, of sorts, stopped also and said,

“You go… I can wait”

“OK Son, I want to tell you something before I’m sure we spend a most unbelievable evening and night together. I feel I could easily have real feelings for you… the basis is there. And being honest it doesn’t sit well having only been married to your dad for a year. But… The sex, the kinky naughty man you are to me just has me completely and I want desperately to be yours. Any way you want me?”

We kissed again and I almost had an orgasm there and then as he took my breasts in his hands and pulled, squeezed and made them his. His finger and thumb grip applied to each nipple he pulled me to him and held me like that as he kissed me. I was hot for this boy… I needed him… now.

“Mom, Get out of the water, dry off and let’s get you on the bed. I want to lay down and have you ride me like you do dad. I want you to feel me deep inside you and I want you to cum hard against my invading shaft. I’ll rub that pert clit while you climax and then make me cum up in your cunt. Then I want you to push it all out onto my chest and eat the lot!”

No sooner his calm voice had finished the final word of his description than two of my fingers plunged into my pussy and my little pleasure pot erupted there and then in the pool with my nipples still being pulled. I was going insane with desire for him and I was about to take him upstairs and literally blow his mind.

“Game on stud. But here’s the promise… after I’ve eaten up our collective cum like a good little cum slut should then I’m going to want you to tie me down and … Well… do what you like as long as it’s rough!!

We were out of the pool, towelled and in bed in no time. I was sucking on his cock and putting my hair in a ponytail all at the same time.

This boy was about to get the ride of his life…

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