Becoming Mine

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“Honey? Could you come downstairs a minute, please?” I call, standing at the bottom of the stairs and listening as my teenage daughter Sophie left her room and walked across the floor above my head. A door closes, and then my daughter appears, standing at 5″6 with long brown hair and wearing nothing but a short denim skirt and an almost see through top. One perfectly pert nipple was just visible above the curve of her breast. I forced myself to look away but not before I felt my cock begin to stir.

I had thought that my attraction towards my daughter had passed, but this was evidence that it had not, and that it was back harder than ever. I had had it ever since Sophie had hit eighteen a few months ago and ever since I had been forced into seeing what a sexy woman she had become. I gritted my teeth against a wave of arousal and tried not to let me eyes wander.

“Honey, you’re not wearing that to Angela’s party. It’s not appropriate.”

“What? Dad it’s fine-”

“You’re not wearing it and that’s final. Either you change or you’re not going.” I frowned. “What if that boy saw you?”

“Who, Jason?” Sophie scoffs. “Maybe I want to let him see my like this.”

I can’t help but be shocked at the lack of concern in my daughter’s words. Everything about her clothing screamed at me that she was open and willing for sex. I glanced down. Her skirt barely grazed the top of her thighs, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her breasts almost begged to be touched, perfectly round and if she was within arm’s reach…

I moved slightly closer. “You’re kidding. That boy-” I restrain a growl. “Do you even want to have sex with him? Your first time should be special, honey, not with someone like him.”

“Ew, dad.” Sophie starts. I resolutely don’t watch as her breasts jiggle as she moves. A familiar heat pools in my gut and I hate that I enjoy it. I want more. “Besides, it’s not like I’ve not done… other things-before.”

Sophie stammers out the words and her cheeks colour as though they embarrass her. But I’m already moving closer again until I’m standing directly in front of her, and I bring my hands up to rest on either side of her waist.

The image of an innocent young girl that I had thought my daughter was shatters as fast as my restraint. I’m suddenly imagining her spread out on her bed, skin bare, fingers inside of herself? Or maybe she would tease herself first, pretend that it was a real cock that was entering her, taking her from behind. My cock presses uncomfortably against my jeans, and I’m unable to ignore it any longer.

Damn the consequences. I want to fuck her more than anything.

“It’s okay, Sophie. You don’t Hatay Escort have to be embarrassed about saying things like that to me. It’s perfectly normal. I’m just surprised.”

My daughter flushes but she doesn’t protest my words or my touches. Encouraged, I take her hand in mine and place it onto where my cock was tenting so that she could see for herself what she did to me. “You’re so beautiful. I just want to take care of you.”

She gasps at the feel and the heat of my cock through the material. She gives its length a tentative squeeze that has me moaning, and then she surprises me: she giggles.

“You’re big, dad.”

“Mmhmm. All for you.” God, even her light touches feel amazing. My head swims. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah.” My daughter breathes out the word like she can’t believe that she does. Her daddy’s cock is forbidden, but she can’t help herself anymore than I can. Her touch slowly becomes more sure. “I want to see it. Can I?”

Thanking whatever deity that I got this lucky, I nod and pull back slightly so that I could unbutton my jeans and pull my cock out. It’s easily 8 inches from root to tip, and hairy at its base. It throbs red under Sophie’s hungry gaze.

“Touch it.” I say firmly. Sophie reaches over and the first touch of her hand onto my throbbing member makes me groan. She wraps her hand around it and I fuck her fist gently.

“God, you’re doing so well.” I groan again. I look at her, at how edible she looks, and I swallow hard. I take myself out of her hold.

“Let me take care of you.”

Sophie looks torn. She bites at her plush bottom lip but her cheeks are red, hinting at her own delicious arousal. “I don’t know if this is a good idea…”

“C’mon, honey. Do this for Daddy.” I say instead, and my other hand slides up her inner thigh. “You don’t have to tell nobody.”

My fingertips gently brush against the soft material of her panties. Sophie’s breath hitches.

“Please.” She whimpers. I press my fingers a little harder against her covered pussy in reward.

“What do you want, honey? You want your daddy to touch you?”

Sophie nods, moaning softly, and she can’t resist bucking her hips into my hand so that her covered pussy presses into my palm. Her juices have soaked the thin material. My cock swells even further, almost painfully. I reach up under the thin fabric of her shirt and cup her breast in my hand, squeeze it roughly, play with the soft ball of her nipple until it pebbles and Sophie is gasping against me.

“Need it.” She pants.

I eagerly oblige, moving her panties aside with a low groan and drifting towards her sopping hole. Her Hatay Escort Bayan pussy is clean shaven. I stay there for a second, circling her folds, before gently pressing against her pussy hole. She gasps at the intrusion but I shush her. I fuck her with a single finger. Slowly. In and out while I imagine my cock replacing that and finally sinking inside of my daughter. My hips stutter against her, cock trapped with nowhere to go. It leaves a dirty trail of precum against her skin.

“I’m gonna fuck you.” I moan roughly.

Sophie hiccups. “Please.”

“Are you sure?” I have to check.

She nods, and I tell her to stand up against the wall so that her hands are braced in front of her and her ass is bent out in front of me. My hands cup it, squeezing the firm globes that are revealed under the lip of her skirt and marvelling at the sight of her skin beneath her panties. I push the skirt out of the way and rub at her clothed pussy.

“Feel good, honey?” I ask gently. My cock strains against my leg so I take the time to lose my jeans and underwear.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t.” Sophie laughs. “But yeah, it really does. Keep going. I’m ready.”

I take my cock and line it up with her pussy, stretched and wet from my earlier touches. I go to push fully into her but then stop.

“Condom?” I remember suddenly.

“No!” Sophie argues. “Don’t. You can come in me.”

I pull out, almost completely, so that my cock is barely inside her. The tip rests just inside of her pussy, and I can’t help but thrust shallowly into her warm, wet heat with a loud groan. My cock disappears inside of her, it’s long length completely filling her hole until I’m suddenly balls deep. My cock throbs at the feeling, spurting out a burst of precum. God, she’s tight. I barely even notice Sophie letting out a series of high moans as I fill her, but they only encourage me further. I start to pull out again and continue to fuck her with slow rolls of my hips. Each thrust is agonisingly slow. With every thrust now, my cock remains at her entrance, not going any deeper into her but fucking her pussy lips with enough pressure and enough presence that Sophie whimpers, wanting more. It’s not enough, not when everything is telling me to drive my cock deep inside of her as far as it will go and to fuck her rough and hard until she knows who she belongs to, but suddenly I can’t help but tease. Maybe she’ll start to beg.

“Oh god.” Sophie moans. Her hand clutches my leg as she gasps, desperate. “P-please-”

“Please what, honey?”

She looks up at me, and her eyes are dark with lust. “P-please Daddy, I need it. I need Escort Hatay your cock inside of me, filling me up. Fuck me!”

God, the filth from that pretty mouth. Heat pools in my gut at her words and I can’t resist any longer. She’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen as she lies beneath me: long bambi limbs and soft skin pinned in place by my hands. I let go long enough to give her breasts another squeeze, thumb working her nipple until it pebbles and she starts to squirm.

And then I take what’s mine.

I grip her harder, hands holding her down while I fuck into my baby girl’s pussy properly for the first time, sliding into her easily with how wet she had become. Her hole swallows up my cock like she was made for it, like the greedy bitch she is.

She gasps, and I can’t help but groan as her pussy walls squeeze my cock as I fuck into her. I speed up, thrusting hard and fast now, pistoning my hips into her and forcing my big cock into her tight pussy. With satisfaction, I note that I’m big enough to fill my daughter entirely, and she hung from the end of my cock as it split her open with every thrust.

“Yes! Just like that, daddy!” She screams suddenly.

I groan loudly, and can feel as an orgasm works its way from the depths of my being. My balls tighten. I know I’m going to cum, but I want my daughter to come first more than anything.

“Gonna breed you up.” I growl.

My daughter shudders beneath me, “Yes! Breed me!”

Faster and faster now, hips slamming forward and Sophie moaning under my hands as I held her down and took what I wanted from her. My cock was pulsing, squeezed by her tight pussy and tightening around it. I reach down and play with her clit.

The effect was almost instant.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Sophie screams.

Her pussy walls clamp down onto my cock and then suddenly I was coming hard into my daughter’s pussy. I moan, my orgasm hitting me full force as cum begins flooding into her from my hard cock and my eyes roll back into my head as sharp pleasure overwhelms me. My hips slam forward and quiver as I fill her, milking the last of my seed into her as deep as it will go. I groan again.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

I thrust into my daughter one final time, hips shaking, and cum into her again.

My cock slips out. Warm cum leaks out of Sophie’s pussy from where I had put it into her, milk white and thick, dripping down onto the backs of her legs and marking her up. It’s a delicious sight.

Eventually I look at Sophie who is laying there in a pool of our own juices, sticky with come and with a soft smile on her face. I had just come in my daughter without a condom, and for the first time the very real risk that she would now be carrying my baby inside of her shocked me back to reality.

But somehow, the thought of that just made me smile. We would deal with whatever came next together, and then that baby would be mine too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32