Becoming Kitten Pt. 04

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This is a work of fiction and all characters are over the age of 18.

If you have not yet, we strongly recommend you read Chapters 1-3 to get a sense for the background and evolution of these characters.


In the late afternoon, Kitten lies out by the pool wearing only sunglasses. The midday heat has abated slightly, summer’s brutal punch giving way to the ambivalence of autumn, but it’s still very comfortably warm. Her eyes have drifted shut, lazily, the drifting of feathers on a breeze. She listens to the chittering music of the cicadas as it washes across the forest that wraps around the back yard. Cicadas are a rare treat this far north and the sound opens something in her, like a prayer.

She absently fingers the thick silver chain around her throat, smiling quietly as she notices the effect its weight has upon her. It’s among the collection of choker necklaces she bought for herself in town earlier, shopping for them with wicked delight. Moving her fingers over the solid metal from right to left, the chain feels smooth, solid. From left to right, it feels rough and textured. The back and forth motion calms her, pressing on her throat softly like her father’s fingers had in the kitchen.

It’s been a magical couple of days as the two of them have continued exploring their new selves, their new relationship. The sex has been mindblowing, and they have danced an incredible dance-her father moving in and out of his dark and magnetic dominant self, and Kitten finally unleashing herself and feeling free to embrace the slut that she is. She is beginning to appreciate this new sense of calm, now that she isn’t fighting against herself anymore. She feels as if she is watching herself walk, tall and proud, through the doors of her new temple.

Nick had to work today, so she spent the day working out, tidying the house, cooking dinner, and masturbating. While orgasms were an ordeal for Jessica, Kitten finds them easily and often, and masturbates almost constantly now. She is still becoming accustomed to the intense moments of delight seemingly always just below the surface, just needing a nudge to wash over her.

Her father’s body springs to mind: his strong frame, his intoxicating smell, his muscles, his cock. She squirms a bit, hand dropping away from her necklace to absently curl around her clit. The heat emanates from between her legs in rolling waves as images fill her mind. Nick has an amazing body. A man’s body. More like the bodies in the porn she likes to watch than the boys she’s played with at school. Without direction, her fingers begin to massage her clit and she moans aloud at the sensation.

Her mind drifts back to some porn she watched earlier in the day. She startles for a minute, feeling a momentary sense of amazement at the fact that this is her life and she can have these thoughts about her father. She can watch porn every day. It’s allowed. The movie was an incredibly hot threesome: an older couple with a man that looked like her father fucking a petite young blonde. One scene in particular had gotten under her skin and driven her quickly to orgasm: the older man pistoning into the young blonde from behind, while she perched on knees and elbows, her tongue working furiously on the older woman’s pussy. Even the memory of it gets her going again, and her fingers start moving faster.

The woman in that scene seemed so familiar. Her shiny black hair, her full breasts. . . Watching the movie, Kitten was reminded of her friend Stacey, a voluptuous and raven-haired beauty on the volleyball team. Stacey’s dark, flashing eyes, and the quirk of her mouth’s mischievous smile had enthralled Jessica, as had the roll of her hips when she walked slowly past in the locker room. In the last year, Stacey and Jessica has become pretty good friends, hanging out after practice, doing homework together, shopping, gossipping, giggling. There was something smoky and smooth about Stacey’s voice that Jessica had wanted to get close to, dissolve into, and those feelings had been so confusing—she had been unsure what to do with the fact that she constantly caught herself laughing maybe a bit too loud at Stacey’s jokes and stealing glances at her in the shower. Jessica had been very anxious and embarrassed by those feelings, left somewhat adrift by the way her body was affected, but Kitten has no such anxieties. She lets her mind take her back in time, her stomach tightening slightly as she imagines Stacey’s long, wet hair, her glistening skin.

Distantly, she hears the patio door open and close with a breathy sigh. She’s aware that she’s out in the open, naked and touching herself, eyes closed as she dives deeper into her own experience. She thinks maybe she should care or worry about being seen, but she doesn’t. The last two days have been an evolution. A new version of her has been unleashed, and she feels driven to be her full sexual self, in all ways, at all times in her father’s house.

She hears his footsteps approaching, illegal bahis and doesn’t open her eyes, doesn’t stop touching herself. She feels shameless and exposed. Delicious. “Hi Daddy. . .” she pants, blindly, her mind playing a patchwork movie of the people in the porn video, herself, her father, and Stacey.

She feels him touch her then, his tongue curling over her nipple, licking, lips nibbling on the hardening nub of skin. “Hey baby girl. . .” he breathes quietly, moist heat blooming across her skin, deep voice floating into her ears. He bites down gently, and the shivers spread across her body from ears to ankles. His tongue disappears, then its warmth embraces her other nipple, playing the same delightful game. “What’re ya thinking about?”

Eyes still closed, she sighs as she feels that very gentle pressure of his one hand against her throat, holding her still. It thrills and calms her in equal measure, reminding her of their beautiful fuck in the kitchen, after he first invited her to embrace her true nature. When she began to love herself as the slut she is.

“Mmmm… Fucking, Daddy. Of course.” Kitten feels breathless, her fingers flying in an electric dance over her most sensitive places.

“And?” He questions, probing for details. He’s asking for more of her. He has marched her to the edge and beyond so many times, and now here they are together, another edge so very far in the rearview. Suddenly she feels the fingers of his other hand at her pussy. They stroke next to hers and move in a circle, and then two fingers plunge deep inside. She struggles to breathe at the sensation of his fingers, gentle yet demanding, at at the knowledge of how well he knows her inside and out.

Their combined breath blooms humid between their faces. She will give him everything. She finally whispers, “Girls,” her voice sounding small and broken.

Surprise litters his voice as his fingers pick up their pace “Oh? You like playing with girls? Eating pussy?”

He sounds pleased, like he wants this as much as she does. Her body is a vortex of energy-her fingers dancing on her clit, her father’s deep inside her pushing rhythmically up and back, spinning around the volcano of her G-spot, warming her up to the inevitable eruption..

“I don’t know, Daddy,” she breathes. “I’ve never done it.”

“But you want to?”

She imagines Stacey then, and what she would have done if she had been Kitten in the shower with Stacey instead of Jessica. She imagines her friend from top to bottom: Stacey’s deep, beautiful eyes, full lips, round breasts, flat belly and muscular legs . . . Kitten lets herself feel what it would have been like to press Stacey up against the shower wall and run her tongue across the wet, full curve of Stacey’s hipbone. Her heart pummels the inside of her chest at the thought.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, I really do.” Her orgasm approaching, she lets the scene in her mind play out: herself on her knees in front of Stacey, tongue pressed flat on the other woman’s clit, shower beating down hot and wet on them both.

“Anyone in particular?”

Images of Stacey keep flowing like liquid across her mind. A wave of shyness returns briefly, and she whispers again, “My friend Stacey. From the team. She’s so. . . pretty. She’s so hot, Daddy. I’d love to. . . fuck her.” She imagines her fingers pushing deep inside the other woman, and imagines her whole hand glistening with cum.

She’s surprised and excited by her own words, and the ease with which they find voice. Jessica would never have said anything like that. But Kitten wants it and isn’t afraid to say so.

Nick speaks again, “Daddy will take care of you, baby. You can have all the fun you want. We can find girls to play with together, and you’ll eat Daddy’s cum out of all of them.”

Kitten thinks she should be shocked-the idea of her Daddy being with another woman should be a bit jarring. It shouldn’t feel crazy-hot, like that threesome video. Except that it does. She imagines seeing him take another woman like he takes her, watching him pin her down and pound himself into her. . . and then triumphantly eating his cum out of that woman’s pussy and realizes that she would feel so. . . Proud. Proud to be with such a man, a man who has many women but she’s the one he takes home. Like being the queen of a king with his own harem. Like having her cake and eating it too.

She opens her eyes, and sees him squatting down in front of her, still in his suit and tie. The contrast between them is a shocking turn on. He is a powerful businessman dressed to walk right into commanding a boardroom, but instead he’s got his fingers buried deep in his naked daughter’s pussy like his incestuous concubine, his hand around her throat, telling her that he wants her to eat his cum out of another woman. She erupts like a volcano.

He pushes her G-spot, hooking his fingers, pressing in and pulsing while lifting her pelvis with his palm—moving her hips the way he wants illegal bahis siteleri to move them. It’s too much: the orgasm seizes her and shakes her like a locomotive as she surrenders to it. Back arching and eyes slamming back shut, she keens loudly as she comes, the song of her delight mixing with the song of the cicadas, in the reddening light of the approaching sunset.


Later, in the kitchen, Nick attends to a beef and pineapple stir fry, humming along to the sexy music that Kitten seems to always have floating throughout the house these days. He hears her heels approaching down the hall.

“You getting hungry?” he asks, glancing up. She’s showered and dressed now, standing at the kitchen island in tight black leggings and a blue crop-top that showcases her flat belly and athletic shoulders. Some form of this combination has become her usual hanging-around-the-house wear, paired of course with heels and assorted choker necklaces and collars. He is surprised at how well heels and leggings work together. They position her athletic ass so perfectly, and show off the muscles in her legs. He smiles, content, already beginning to forget the gloomy days of hoodies and sweats.

“Mmmmmm, super hungry, Dad,” she answers, going through the day’s mail that lay stacked on the kitchen island. She pulls out a thick brochure from the State College on the other side of town and begins flipping through it. He watches her face as he stacks dirty pans by the sink and pulls plates from a cupboard. She’s seriously looking at that college brochure, with an intensity sparking in her eyes. It’s an intensity that he finds both sexy as a man and also encouraging as a father. She’s 19, and she needs to keep moving with her life.

“Thinking about college?” He tries to ask lightly. It’s a big subject. Commitment and change. But something like fear tugs in his chest and realizes he’s a bit conflicted. He likes things the way they are right now. He enjoys dominating his daughter and using her sexually, but he also cares about her future. He knows she can be whatever she chooses. He decides to wait and see, and support whatever direction she decides. He can’t keep her like a pet, but he can’t push college on her either. Something like college, she has to want for herself.

She flips another page. “Maybe. . .” she says quietly, not looking up.

Turning away to pull out plates to set the table, Nick asks “Any idea what you might study?”

“I don’t know. . .”

“You’ve always had a head for working with people. You could combine that with your athletics and do Sports Management or something.”

“Well. . . ”

Then silence. A long stretch of it.

He looks over at her and is surprised to see a storm in her eyes. “I don’t want to go back, Daddy.” Her voice is quiet, but intense.

He puts the plates down. “What, honey?”

She looks down at the catalog and speaks with a tone that says she’s just feeling her way through the thoughts. “I don’t want to go back to. . . Jessica. And school-she did that.”

She lifts her eyes again, meeting his with something that isn’t pleading but definitely needy, swirled with anxiety. “I love this,” she sweeps her arms, indicating the house around them. Pausing, “I love this,” she says, softly touching the silver-and-sapphire choker tight around her throat.

She steps around the island to stand before him.

In one fluid movement, she is on her knees, submissive, staring up at him with wide blue eyes. She reaches out and rests her palm lightly on his cock, which stirs from the heat of her touch through his pants. She strokes the fabric lightly with her thumb.

Her eyes seem to deepen as she looks up at him, thoughts swirling behind them like a congress of ravens. Nick waits as finds her way through them.

His breath catches in his throat. (What is she doing?)

He watches, silent, as she takes a deep breath, then rises to stand before him, moving her hand from his cock to rest on his chest.

“Daddy, I love being your slut and I want to be forever.” Her eyes flicker to the college brochure, and she nods almost imperceptibly. “And I think. . . yeah, I think I do want to go to school. But I don’t want to lose. . . . this. I don’t want to lose us.” Her voice is trembling now, as the emotions flood through her, “I don’t want to lose. . . ”

He whispers “Kitten.”

She exhales deeply, nodding with force. “I don’t want to lose Kitten, Daddy. I’m a slut now, and I love it. I can’t go back. . . I won’t go back.”

“Oh baby,” he breathes, his heart lifting in a surge of happiness. He tries to keep the happiness to himself, careful not to open that door too wide just yet. He can tell she is scared and he doesn’t want her to think he’s happy about that, about the idea of her leaving.

But the fact is that who he has become with her-who she has enabled him to become-is important to him too. As Kitten’s Daddy, he has felt a spaciousness canlı bahis siteleri inside of himself, an easy dominant posture that has made him proud. A pride in himself he hasn’t felt in a long time. He is as attached to being that man now as his daughter is to being Kitten. And these two new people are intertwined in their needs.

He has developed an appetite for gifting her with the freedom of her submission to him. But as his daughter’s father, he is also proud that she wants to improve herself, to grow as a person. And excited that she literally just stood up for herself-regardless of the fact that is scared and she is unsure exactly what that means.

He holds out his arms and she steps into them, “Baby we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out together.”

She hugs him tightly for a moment, murmuring “Thank you, Daddy,” into his chest. He feels his heart swell at the words.

They breathe together for a long moment, then he slowly disengages, bringing one hand up behind her to grab a fistful of hair and the other to gently squeeze her throat.

Controlling her, owning her, he tilts her head back so he can lock her gaze. He plunges his tongue into her mouth, taking it as his own. She moans in pleasure and her tongue meets his in a dance of sweet fierceness.

They both begin breathing deeply, but all at once Nick releases and leans away smiling.

“Now be a good little slut and make Daddy a drink.”

She grins, contentment radiating from her body and mischief twinkling in her eyes. She purrs, “Yes Daddy…”

After dinner, he leans against the kitchen counter, looking out into the living room at Kitten relaxing on the couch. Naked now but for a shiny silver collar, she is watching porn and slowly rubbing her pussy. Nick sighs contentedly. It’s a beautiful moment in their new home-she’s not urgently chasing an orgasm, but instead really watching the bodies on screen and almost unconsciously enjoying her own at the same time. It’s a softly-lit lesbian scene: two nubile young bodies with small breasts, sparkling eyes, easy smiles and talented tongues.

It’s been a big day-her decision about college of course is huge, and also telling him she wants to explore sex with other women. The lion inside him purrs with contentment at both of these thoughts, and he sips his drink in quiet celebration. The dishes are done, and he enjoys the calm of this “new normal”-the hyper-sexualized reality of Kitten and her Daddy: the new Nick.

While his daughter’s evolution has been more physically dramatic-new hair color, new name-his own evolution has not been unremarkable. He has watched himself move more slowly, breathe more deeply, even speak with a slightly deeper voice. He feels settled into the strength of his body. It’s helping him at work: certain relationships which had always been tense and political seem to have magically gotten simpler. He hears his own voice—commanding but not demanding-coming from a deep part of him and carrying the authority that finds in others their need to comply and touches it with firm attention.

He considers how he moves through life as the new Nick. He is pleased to notice that he has not become some domineering hard-headed bully, or anything worthy of fear. He has become more sensitive, but in a new and very specific way. What has awoken in him is a very intentional awareness of when others have a desire or even a need to be relieved of some burdensome choice in their life. He can’t quite put his finger on what it is that tells him, he just finds himself responding to it by enlarging his in-the-moment presence, his role in their life.

It all began with that moment on the couch when something in him saw that his daughter needed to leave Jessica behind, so he became the commanding force that made it possible. In much smaller ways, it comes effortlessly now but fills him with an overwhelming sense of being. . . more. More himself than he ever has before, and that gives him a feeling of power. Mix that feeling of being so fully present with the physical rush of sex, and the result is a powerfully addictive cocktail. He realizes with a bit of a shock that inhabiting this dominant role isn’t just something he’s become able to do, it has become something he needs. He can’t go back either.

He muses upon the symbiosis of their journeys. Jessica had been stuck, suffering, trapped in a traumatized loop of memory that was sucking the joy from her life. To break out, she had needed to become a new person, a free person. And to find that freedom, she had needed someone else to create the emotional container for it-a place for her to land when she leapt out of who she had been and find her way toward who and what she really needs to be.

The need for that container, that structure, called forth in Nick a version of himself that he’d never truly inhabited like he does now. A version that can recognize the submissive needs in another, but also just lets his own desires be known flat out, with no hand-wringing forethought about how they may be received. He smiles quietly, recognizing the paradox that in some ways he is definitely seizing more control, and in others he is just letting go-each act making the other possible.

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