Becoming George’s Bitch

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Although this story is under the genre Gay Male please be aware that it also encompasses others. There are BDSM elements to the story and also Fetish elements and if these are likely to be offensive please be aware they are there before reading. Really if there was a genre for ‘humiliation’ it would be in it.

This features the characters Marcia, Stewart and Lee from a previous story of mine, “Becoming Marcia’s Bitch”. You can read it if you like but don’t need to fully understand this story. Marcia is an older woman who dominates the men in an office, Stewart is myself who fell foul of Marcia’s methods and Lee was a sexy girl I worked alongside…


I had been with the company for over a year when this happened and was settling in very nicely. Marcia had turned her dominant initiations onto newer recruits and had seemed to have left me alone (though she did on occasion check to make sure that I was complying with her instructions to wear my pink panties to work. I was, through a mixture of fear and enjoyment! I used to watch the other guys as they went about their business in the office and wonder if Mistress Marcia made them wear them too.

In the time I had been working there I had got really close to the girl I was sitting across from, Lee. I had realised she was good looking immediately (how could I miss, she was a couple of years younger than me, had a stunningly trim figure, had short, dark brown hair and her wardrobe seemed to consist of a collection of the tightest blouses and shortest skirts imaginable) but I soon cottoned on to the fact that she had a great attitude and was a load of fun as well. I set my sights on wooing her and it wasn’t too long before the charm worked and we were dating (and fucking like rabbits!). Still as happy as I was with Lee the spectre of Marcia loomed over me at all times at work.

So when I got a phone call late one Monday night at the start of December to be in her office at five o’clock sharp for an important meeting I was immediately on edge. I told Lee about it and she tried to re-assure me that it was probably just a work issue and that I shouldn’t worry. Marcia had had her fun with me, proved her point and wouldn’t do anything further to or with me. But she was hardly convincing, either to me or herself, we both knew how vindictive and nasty Marcia could be.

At five I knocked and waited for her to call for me to enter, she had her glasses on and looked very school mistress like as she read through a paper as I nervously entered and stood before her desk. She kept me like that for a couple of minutes before settling her hawk like eyes upon me. I knew from the look she gave me that this was going to be bad for me. She took off her glasses and appraised me with ill-disguised contempt and disgust.

“Well if it isn’t my little bitch. I wonder if you’ve been a good little boy since I took you under instruction. Well come on, answer me!”

“Yes Mistress.”

I replied, slipping immediately back into the submissive shell I inhabited in the presence of this ultra-dominant woman.

“Well get your pathetic clothes off so I can see if you are still wearing your panties to work as I instructed. You’d better be!””

Feeling like a naughty school boy as I peeled off my suit, tie and trousers to stand before her in the glory of just my pink, frilly panties. Marcia smirked at the sight and stood up to come in front of me and meet my eyes with hers challengingly. I was unable to match her stare for long.

“Hmmm. Good, you’re my little bitch aren’t you? You’ll do exactly as I instruct you, won’t you? Tell me!”

I submissively admitted that I was and was her humble servant who would obey her every word without question. It was as if I were a different person in her presence. With anyone else I was a confident, brash man of the world. With her I was a trembling, pathetic specimen. It turned me on so much that I can barely describe.

Marcia traced the sharp fingernail of her index finger on her right hand down my hairless chest and then up to my left nipple and nipped it tightly with her thumbnail as well. It took all my control not to scream out at the sudden sharp pain.

“Well bitch, it’s come to my attention that you’ve been irritating a friend of mine recently and you need to be shown your true place in the scheme of things, so they’ve come to me to help assert that. I was only too happy to help.”

Who was she on about? I had hardly had a cross word with any of the women in the office since she had first so completely dominated and humiliated me nearly a year ago.

“Yes, it seems you’ve really got under George’s skin of late!”

George! My mind raced at the mention of his name. He was an older guy, about mid fifties, at work who I had not got on with since I had arrived. He was so pompous and full of his own importance and had quickly struck me as being an imbecile and an asshole. I hadn’t done too good a job of hiding my feelings on him and we had bahis siteleri had a simmering feud for the past few months that had definitely escalated to the point where we could not speak civilly to each other. The problem stemmed from our contrasting attitudes, I think, he was stickler for accuracy and doing a job just right while I was more concerned with the ends justifying the means. He was in accounts, I was in sales and we clashed a number of times, starting out professionally but soon degenerating into a series of one-upmanship. I think the age thing bothered him as well, it obviously irked him that at 30 I had the same level of importance as an old fart like him and our characters just clashed constantly. He was gay as well and I’m ashamed to admit I had goaded him with some comments that had used that as a means of annoying him during our arguments. This was bad. How could George be friends with Marcia?

Marcia seemed to derive untold pleasure from the confused and worried look on my face as I took in the information that she was ‘friends’ with George.

“So I’ve got some real bad news for you bitch. As of next week you and Lee and going to be sacked. I’ve got the evidence of those adult websites you were visiting earlier in the year and upon investigation I’ve found you are on them again and so is your little girlfriend!”

The crocodile smile she flashed at me left me in no doubt that she had been at the machines herself and laid all the evidence there. I swallowed hard.

“So the question is bitch, how badly do you want to keep your and Lee’s jobs?”

I should have risen up then, tossed off the mental shackles this old cow had draped me in. How I wish I had now. But at the time I just mumbled my desire to do what ever she demanded of me and at that she ordered me to my knees before her. And as I trembled pathetically at her feet she outlined her horrible plan that I would have to carry out to keep our jobs.

“Tomorrow at four you will go to the Interview room where George will be waiting for you. Believe me you will not answer back to him from now on, if you do he will inform me and I will crush you and destroy you and your girlfriends lives, understand?”

I nodded feebly.

“Until he’s finished with you, you will do exactly as he tells you (I believe he’s got some really interesting things for you to do!). If you do that I guarantee I’ll safeguard you two lovebirds jobs and careers (who would want to employ either of you again if you lose your jobs for that?), if you don’t, well, you know what happens, don’t you?”

Again I nodded, my mind racing. If it was just me then maybe I would have had more of a backbone and tried to stand up to my Mistress but it wasn’t and I couldn’t allow a sweet girl like Lee to be dragged into my problems and suffer like that.

“That’s a good bitch! You just be sure to be that at four sharp. Now close your eyes, put your arms behind you back and spread those thighs a bit more. I knew what was coming, she had done it to me before. I was about to be kicked hard in my balls! I knelt there for what seemed an age, she kept me waiting until in my mind maybe she wouldn’t do it and then she kicked me full force in the nuts! I gave out a loud groan and toppled over, tears coming to my eyes as I gasped for breath. Through blurring eyes I watched Marcia take up a thick permanent marker pen from her desk and squat over me and I was powerless to prevent her writing the words “GEORGE’S SLUT” right across my chest in large letters.

“That better still be there tomorrow bitch and be sure to be wearing your pink panties and stockings for George as well” she spat at me , “Now get dressed and get out of here, I’m finished with you wimp!”

I made my way home in a daze and contemplated my day. I phoned Lee to tell her that it had been nothing that Marcia had wanted and not to worry. How could I tell her the truth? I hatred lying to her but it was for the best, but I could sense Lee could tell something was wrong and was even less happy when I cried off from going out with her that night, claimed to ‘not be feeling well’. In actual fact I was pretty sick, after all I had to cope with the fact that tomorrow I was going to submit to my greatest enemy and allow him to do what he wanted with me. The two words staring up from my chest seemed to give a fair indication of what I was to become. It was not a pleasant thought.

Whether it was deliberate or not, I don’t know but as I parked my car the next morning and got out George pulled up and parked right behind me. He got out of his car and looked at me with a wicked smile across his face. He held up his leather briefcase for me to see and said.

“Morning Stewart, got some things in here just for you!”

He strutted off whistling, very happy with himself and I worried what he had in there and what he would do with it. I was a mess all day. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and was barely communicative. Lee asked what was wrong and I gave various excuses that canlı bahis siteleri I doubt she believed. Fortunately, I had worn a dark shirt that day so that the words emblazoned on my chest could not be seen through it. Inexorably the clock ticked around towards four and I seemed to sweat more and more as it advanced. My fate would soon be upon me.

Marcia came to get me at five minutes to four. I felt like a school kid being led away for detention as I followed her, meekly from the office. I could barley bring myself to look and see if anyone else had noticed or paid attention to our leaving. She didn’t say a word as she led me along the corridor and led me into the interview room. I entered and immediately saw the grinning figure of George sitting calmly in a chair across the desk from me. Before she turned to leave, Marcia spoke to me in a low threatening voice.

“Do exactly as George tells you bitch, if you don’t for any reason you know what will happen!”

I looked up into George eyes and saw nothing there but a cruelly amused smile that seemed to convey his total disdain and contempt for me. Of course, the fact that I held him in similar levels of regard made my current predicament all the more unpalatable for me, but I was in no position to do anything so really just sat meekly in the chair across from him at his biding. As I squirmed in the chair I heard Marcia close the Interview room door behind her and the unmistakable click of the door being locked by key from the outside. George waited a moment then noisily scrapped his chair back and stood up.

Locked in this cooped up environment there was little I could do but look at him as he stood before me. He was quite short, maybe 5’9″ at most and was a bit overweight (which wasn’t helped by wearing a grey suit that was a couple of sizes too small), he was in his fifties, balding and just had nothing going for him as far as I could see. I couldn’t see what any man, never mind woman could ever see in him. Yet here I sat, waiting to find out what he would in store for me and with a horrible sinking feeling of what it could be. Perhaps worse still, my recent re-acquaintance with Mistress Marcia and her domineering ways had unsettled me enough and brought to the fore my submissive nature, to shatter my usual confidence around the man. He seemed to be able to sense that I was mentally at my weakest and he wasted no time in driving home the advantage.

“Well, well. Look who I is. Stewart, the cocky jack-the-lad, not your usual mouthy self today, are you? I wonder why that is?”

His voice was thick with sarcasm and enjoyment, every word was like a dagger to my psyche and I just sat there listening to him, wishing it would be over and convincing myself that I had to do it for Lee and my own futures.

“Come on, what’s wrong, cat got your tongue? You’ve usually got so much to say for yourself. What was it you called me just a few weeks ago? A ‘baldy, old fag’. Yes, that was it, wasn’t it? Want to call me that now?”

There was nothing I could say. I felt like standing up and either punching him or telling him to ‘fuck off!’

I felt so impotent as I allowed him to speak so condescendingly to me, but he had the power and we both knew it.

“Well why don’t we see exactly who the ‘fag’ is bitch (I winced at him using that word). I want you to undress to your underwear.”

This was it. This was the last point at which I could rebel and escape this fate. Images and voices of George, Marcia and Lee floated through my mind and I tried to muster the will power to stand up to this treatment. But when I stood up I found that my hands were reaching for my tie….

Before I realised what I was really doing my tie was off and on the table and I had unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it on the table. It was only after my shirt was on the table that I recalled what was written on my chest. How the fuck could I have forgotten that?

“What’s that written on your chest Stewart? Tell me.”

I froze, not willing or able to obey him.


He was so angry and dominant in that moment that I automatically did what he told me.

“George’s slut.”

“And are you? Are you my slut?”

Again I paused not sure what to say, this was all wrong, I couldn’t go through with this.


“Yes. OK, George, yes I am.”

“Good, but remember Stewart until we leave this room you call me Master, OK. I am Master and you are bitch or slut, OK?”

I could only manage to nod weakly, I was once more transformed into the sissy boy that Marcia had unearthed before, only this time I was at the mercy of my greatest enemy in the company. George came towards me and undid my belt and in seconds had my shoes and socks off and trousers around my ankles. He whistled and stood back to admire the view of my shaved legs encased in their pink stockings and my pink panties.

“Well, well bitch, aren’t you pretty in pink? And you call me a fag, eh? Well I’m going canlı bahis to enjoy showing you I’m gay but no fag and that you’re a pathetic, little homophobic bitch who had better learn his place in life! Now take off those pretty panties and show me how pathetic you are!”

I was the fish on his barbed hook now and without thought reached my hands into the hem of the panties and slid them off. At least I wasn’t aroused, which was a relief of sorts to me. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had got off on being treated like this by George.

“Not much for a’ big’ man like you is it Stewart? Let’s see if I can get it any bigger so we can both enjoy ourselves.”

With that worrying idea I shuddered as I felt his grubby hand stretch forward and wrap itself around my limp dick and slowly move it along it’s length to gently finger my balls. I felt his fingertips gently scrape along the underside of my penis and encircled my testicles, then giving them a light squeeze, all the time maintaining a challenging eye contact with me. This was as uncomfortable as I had felt in my life and even more so because I could sense my cock beginning to respond to his ministrations. Not to say that I was excited by what he was doing and the whole situation, god forbid that, but his hands were stimulating my dick and it was reacting to it, much to my obvious distress!

“You see Stewart, you like it too, that must make you a ‘fag’ as well, mustn’t it? Tell me that you are. TELL ME!”

My lower lip quivered, my eyes blurred, suddenly I was broken, it was all too much for me and I admitted to the gloating bastard in front of me, what he wanted to hear from my lips. He just laughed at me and told me that he wanted to hear me say the words while on my knees before him. Now almost unable to meet his gaze, I sunk to my knees, and spoke.

“I’m a fag, Master.”

The Master part wasn’t even asked for and I still said it, George grinned all the more.

“As you’re down there…”

With those chilling words his hands moved southwards and with an unnecessary theatrical flourish he unzipped himself and pulled out his own cock. It wasn’t huge but was bigger than mine and at eye level was not a pretty sight for me.

“Suck me off, let’s see how well you can please me with that smart mouth of yours!”

Even then my rational mind tried to convince me that I did not have to do this, that I could force myself to walk away and still get out of this. I may have thought that but still I was eying his growing and rising penis with a dull inevitability and when finally he stepped forward so that it pressed against my lip, I found myself parting them and reluctantly allowing it entry!

In my thirty years of existence up to that point I had never had another mans cock in my mouth before and had never thought that I ever would. I felt dirty and nasty as I sensed the slimy, sticky member slide most of it’s seven or eight inch length into my mouth and actually touch the back of it. I was sure that I would be sick but managed to control myself but when I looked up to view the triumphant, smug look on George’s face I felt even worse. What had I done? But it was too late now, George had turned me into a cocksucker here in this pokey, sparsely furnished, cold interview room. He and Marcia had completely humiliated and embarrassed me to the point that I was their plaything. It hurt and disappointed me but I had no time to dwell on it as George seemed eager to feel his sweaty balls slapping on my chin. This was obviously turning the old man on as not only was he really hard in my mouth but his breathing was ragged and excitable and he kept up a running commentary of filth and insults as he fucked my face.

“That’s it, take it all. Take it like the bitch you are! Not so fucking cocky now are you? Let’s see you make a smart comment to me in the office now, eh? Pathetic bastard aren’t you? Pathetic cross dressing bastard!”

Even if I felt like firing back a comment right then (and I didn’t) I couldn’t because his cock was filling my mouth pretty much and as he plunged forward I just wanted to gag up my lunch. Then he started to jerk erratically back and forwards. No way was I going to have his seed in me and I found enough strength or respect to tear my head back and for his cock to pop out with it. Unfortunately for me it was just at that point that he ejaculated and I found my horrified face splattered and traced in a trail of his cum!

I reached up to wipe the vile load away but stopped immediately as his dominant voice barked out.

“Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it you little bastard! I want to enjoy seeing it on you. You, naked, on your knees covered in my sauce, my, what a sight!”

I couldn’t believe he had done this to me and worse that I hadn’t had the balls to fight back. When would the humiliation end? Not then, as it was about to get considerably worse.

His cock was now flaccid and limp and messy and he took the opportunity to pull off the remainder of his suit and I was faced with the nauseating prospect of a naked George.

“You know, I don’t think you’ve fully learned your lesson yet. Plus it really is a shame that you don’t seem to be getting any enjoyment out of this.”

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