Becoming Fred’s Pig Pt. 06

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As I came to my senses, I could feel warm rays of morning sunshine shining on my eyelids. I was comfily tucked beneath a down blanket on a memory foam mattress that felt like it was eating me. I could faintly hear an episode of 30 Rock quietly playing on the TV. I turned towards my left side where the window had rudely allowed the sun’s rays to wake me from slumber. Squinting my eyes open I realized that the blinds were in fact down, but they weren’t my blackout blinds that let me sleep late into the day.

Suddenly the events from the night before started to come flooding back to my memory one by one. I had moved in with Fred. He prepared a massive welcoming feast for me consisting of all my favorite foods. Most importantly, I finally got to behold his massive hog after all these years. All the nights I had jerked off to my mind’s image of it hadn’t prepared me for what he was packing. It was bigger than anything my meager imagination could ever whip up. His glorious member put even the juiciest of kielbasa to shame. Just reminding myself of it was starting to cause my own nether region to flow with blood.

Turning to my right, I was now gazing at Fred slightly propped up in bed with a tea in his hands. He was intently watching the tv, but almost as if sensing my gaze upon him he turned his head to return it. “Good morning sleepy head. I was wondering how long you’d be in a food coma for.”

I brought my hands up to my face and attempted to rub the sleep from my eyes. Pushing myself up into a sitting position, I yawned loudly and shook the last few cobwebs out of my brain. I had never been a morning person, always instead choosing to sleep in late on my off days. However I was more groggy this morning than I had been since my college year’s morning hangovers. I guess when engorging yourself on large (borderline excessive) amounts of food your body just naturally wants to go into hibernation mode. “What time is it?” I mumbled while reclining backwards onto the pillows and lazily affixing my attention to the sitcom that was playing.

“It’s almost noon. We ended up falling asleep shortly after midnight. You’ve been out of it for a while. Not that it really matters, animals spend most of their days sleeping anyways. Luckily I didn’t make you a big breakfast because I figured you’d be out of commission.”

He reached his hand over towards my chest and gently caressed my mildly flabby pec. Looking down, I saw the inception of slight man boobs growing on my previously muscular pectorals. I was still a ways off from having them back in full force, but I could feel the beginnings of them developing their own gravitational pull. Pulling the blanket down further to inspect my tummy, I ran my hands over the small dense knoll that our feeding session we had created. I massaged my bloated belly to try and relieve some of the pressure that was making my skin taut. Suddenly I felt a movement within my bowels and I let out a long, rumbling fart that was only slightly muffled by the bed.

I was simultaneously embarrassed at my excessive flatulence and relieved that some of the pressure I had been enduring was dissipated. I glanced over at Fred out of the corner of my eye to gauge his reaction to my disgusting behavior. He was smirking as he turned and got up out of bed to clear the room before the noxious gas could hit his nostrils. “Seems like my little piggy has cleared up some room for lunch. Feel free to use my restroom and try to free up some more space. I’ll call you down when it’s ready.”

He exited the room and turned the corner to quickly saunter down the steps. I relaxed back into my slouched position and closed my eyes, enjoying the extremely comfortable bed. I didn’t feel the porcelain throne calling my name just yet so I decided to relax in bed and rest my eyes a bit longer.

As my mind drifted boundlessly, I found myself pondering a myriad of questions related to the journey I was now embarked on. Is this truly what I want for my future? A rekindled relationship with the man I had been longing for for years had me abruptly moved across the country. Now I was living with him in the middle of the vast Vermont forest with no neighbors for miles. Maybe fantasies aren’t meant to be acted upon, but merely left in our heads to titillate us in our alone times. The constant state of arousal I had been in since arriving contradicts this theory though. Deep down I wanted to go along with Fred’s plans, whatever they may be. And my body knew this. I wanted to live out these carnal pleasures that until now had just been perverted fetishes to jack off to.

In the heat of the moment Fred has started to display a more domineering side of himself. I had never known him to be controlling growing up with him. It’s possible that in the years since talking to him last he had changed for the worse and was no longer the good natured person I remembered. If I were to be honest with myself though, I don’t think his moral compass has shifted. I firmly believe everything he has planned for me is purely for my own pleasure and to satiate my lustful desires. At the end of the day, life eryaman escort is about the journey not the destination. Even if I could see what the future holds, I would rather be blissfully unaware of what’s in store for me and simply enjoy the ride. Every day will bring new surprises and experiences, and I am open to all the changes yet to come.

The smell of fried bacon had snapped me from my inner monologue. Lifting the bed sheets off of me I slowly stood up and walked to the attached bathroom. When I went to remove my underwear I realized that I was still naked. I turned and sat on the toilet and quickly emptied my bowels of all the food waste from the day prior. It was weird to think that I would never need to wear clothes again. I hadn’t fancied myself to be an exhibitionist and it still felt odd to feel the draft of the A/C above the toilet blowing on my bare skin, giving me goosebumps. As with a lot of things in the past couple of weeks though I was open to the idea. Before long I would probably forget I was even naked to begin with. After wiping, I flushed and washed my hands then followed the scent of the delicious brunch Fred cooked for me.

As I walked into the dining room I beheld another feast that could feed a small family laid out on the table. A generous helping of crispy bacon, nutella and peanut butter crepes, some cinnamon rolls, and a small stack of pancakes drizzled in chocolate and maple syrup. Doing some rough calculations in my head I figured the meal to be at least twenty five hundred calories. “This looks and smells amazing Fred… but I don’t know if I can finish it all in one sitting. I’m still stuffed to the brim from yesterday.”

Holding out his hand to me I saw a pill that I assumed to be an appetite stimulant. I grabbed it and quickly swallowed it dry. “Stuffed will be your new normal from now on, in more ways than one. With a little help from that pill I think you’ll scarf down this meal in no time.”

He reached down to caress my ass and prodded my anus with his finger to help get his nerdy double entendre across. With a fresh wave of lust surging through me I eagerly sat down and started greedily devouring the assortment in front of me. In my fervor I quickly became erect, and Fred took notice. He pulled up a chair next to me, reached under the table and firmly wrapped his hand around my dick. I moaned through a mouthful of food as the euphoric sensation of eating the deliciously fattening meal combined with Fred slowly stroking my cock brought me to new heights of stimulation.

As I ate he would stroke me until I was close to cumming, then slow down so as to just keep me perched on the edge. Nearing the end of the spread all I had left was the pancakes. I pulled the plate in front me and decided to give Fred a display of my true inner glutton. Foregoing utensils, I grabbed the three stack of pancakes with both of my hands and began to feverishly gorge them down. I could feel the mix of syrups dripping down my hands and oozing out of my mouth as I gave into my animalistic desires.

My sudden voracity had clearly pleased Fred as he climbed under the table to reward me with a blowjob. I stuffed my face with the buttery sweet deliciousness, abandoning manners and any sense of dignity. He began to expertly work his tongue around the head of my cock and I let out a guttural sound of pleasure muffled by my mouthful of food. This forbidden combination of stimuli made me wish I could stay in this fleeting moment forever. I made quick work of the pancakes, impassioned by the raw eroticism of the moment.

With the last of bites of my breakfast being chewed in my mouth I leaned back in the chair as Fred brought me to a climactic orgasm. It felt as if I was ascending into heaven, my body’s faculties overloading in ecstacy before I came crashing back down to Earth. Fred climbed out from under the table and stood up next to me before leaning over to give me a fervent French kiss. As our tongues mingled I felt my ejaculate pouring into my mouth. He pulled back and wiped his mouth as I dazedly swallowed my own salty sperm. There was a fire burning behind his eyes, the intensity that I had just displayed clearly impressing him.

After walking to the sink he cleaned himself off with a paper towel and ambled back to his chair to survey me. “That was a truly amazing performance. Look at you, your face covered in chocolate syrup and grease. You just let your inner animal take over and proved to me this is what you were meant to be. You were made to be a porker. You’ve been trapped inside a man’s body this whole time and I’m finally here to free you.”

Awash in post orgasmic bliss I was at a loss for words. He was right. My true nature had taken over and it was the most freeing feeling in the world. This was my destiny, to become an obese swine who endlessly chases the carnal pleasures of eating and sex. Having realized my newfound purpose I eagerly wanted to take the next steps. Any apprehension that I had earlier was gone, replaced by my need to get fatter. I wanted to esat escort feel my flabby body shake with every subtle movement. Pounds of beautiful cellulite piling onto my once toned physique until I was just an unrecognizable blob of lard. “I can’t wait to be so fat, Fred. Nothing I have experienced in life up to this point compares to the sublime blending of sensations I just experienced. I want to live in that moment forever. Eating and fucking all day everyday, just floating in an endless sea of gluttonous intoxication.”

Looking at me, the expression on his face could only be described as smug. “I have some weight gain shakes in the fridge that could serve as a nice dessert to satiate your piggish appetite.”

I eagerly nodded my head yes. As he walked to retrieve the drink I sat up a little straighter and looked down at my bloated stomach. Despite my body looking stuffed to capacity, the appetite stimulant was working wonders as I felt like I could do it all again. Streaks of chocolate ran down my hairy chest. I absentmindedly rubbed my tight tummy before realizing I was spreading the mixture of grease, butter and syrup on my hands all over it.

Fred returned and laughed as he saw the mess I had made of myself. He handed me a large shaker bottle and I began to graciously chug it. “Once you finish that shake we’re gonna you’re going to take your last shower for a while. Afterwards I am going to use an electrolysis machine I purchased last week to remove all the hair on your body. I think you’d look pretty cute as a baldy.”

I had never been bald before nor had I manscaped much outside of trimming my pubic hair occasionally. The excitement of taking the first permanent steps towards my transformation was turning me on again. I quickly finished off the shake and gave a loud belch before handing the empty bottle back to him.

“Go upstairs and enjoy a nice hot shower while I clean up this mess you’ve made and get prepared for the procedure.”

He smiled warmly at me before getting up and gathering all the plates from the table. I stood, feeling stiff from the unreasonable amount of food I just ate, and started laboriously trudging up the stairs.

After I had finished in the shower, I used a towel to aggressively dry myself off. I knew little about the process of electrolysis, but I knew water and electricity were never a good combination. Once downstairs I saw that Fred had a plastic couch cover over the futon. I sat down on the now slightly uncomfortable seat and shortly after he arrived with a bottle of Jameson in one hand and what looked like a taser in the other. “You’re gonna wanna down as much of this as possible. This is gonna hurt a little bit and you have a ton of hair on that body of yours.”

He handed me the bottle. I quickly unscrewed the cap and took as many chugs as I could until my insides felt like they were on fire. “Uuuuugh…” I exclaimed while shaking my head to try and get the disgusting taste out of my mouth.

Looking at the bottle I noted that I had downed almost half of it. The effects of the copious amount of alcohol I had just consumed had already started to hit me. I put the bottle on the floor and laid down. “Ready when you are capt’n” I slurred.

Closing my eyes I could feel the room slowly starting to spin around me. Fred forcefully rubbed my chest with a towel before I heard the bzzz of the device being turned on. The machine felt as if it was stabbing me with a thousand small needles at once and I was immediately greeted with the mild scent of burning hair. I imagined the pain might be more severe had I not just downed almost a dozen shots worth of whiskey.

At some point during the painful process I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up the first thing I noticed was my sweaty naked back being stuck to the plastic lining beneath me. Sitting up I looked around me to see that I was alone and it was now dusk. I tried to look down at my body but the lights in the room were shut off. I wandered around the first floor of the house looking for my new roommate. After failing to find him, I resorted to climbing the stairs to continue my search. Upon reaching the landing I heard the sound of the TV in his bedroom. He must have heard me plodding up the steps as he hollered at me from his bedroom: “C’mere Mikey, let me admire my handiwork.”

Stepping into the room I could see his outline lying under the covers, the television illuminating his face in the dark room. He reached over to turn on his bedside lamp then peered at me through tired eyes. “Not too shabby if I say so myself. I might even be enticed to say you look hotter than ever. It took a lot longer than I had initially expected. However it was well worth the effort because now you’ll never have to shave again. Go ahead into the bathroom so you can see for yourself.”

Once in the bathroom I was staring in the mirror at something that looked vaguely alien to me. The most shocking and instantly noticeable part was my head. I had always kept a fairly short-cropped hairstyle, but now all I saw was etimesgut escort a shiny bald scalp. I still had my eyebrows thankfully so I didn’t look entirely inhuman yet. Scanning downwards on my body there was not a hair to be seen. I lifted up my arm to inspect my armpit and sure enough all that there was to behold was my reddened blotchy skin. I had bright red and pink splotches all over my body from my dermis being electrocuted for hours on end. Looking down I saw not a trace of pubic hair. Even my leg and foot hair had been eviscerated. I ran my hands up and down my now eerily smooth body admiring how silky it felt.

Adjusting myself to look back at the mirror in front of me I could also see the effects that my new diet was having on my body more clearly. With the hair on my chest and stomach removed I could see the small fat folds on my stomach and my mini man boobs seemed more pronounced. I was startled out of my self inspection when I noticed Fred leaning against the doorframe. “Five long hours of work paid off. You’re beginning to look the part already. And none of that hair will ever grow back. I have to admit you impressed me with how deep of a slumber you were in. I had to turn you over myself to do your back half and you still snored like a bear.”

He stepped behind me and tightly grabbed my ass, a cheek in each hand. “I even shaved off the hair in your crack” he whispered lustily in my ear.

He kneaded my ass like he was preparing dough for bread, enjoying the softness that had accumulated there. I felt his thumb begin to prod me and I stifled a wail. “It’s time to begin stretching out this tight little asshole of yours piggy. I know you and I are both looking forward to when I can finally give you that ride you’ve long been craving.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist allowing his fingers to sink into my love handles and guided me back into the bedroom. “Lay down and make yourself comfortable” he told me before opening one of the drawers in his nightstand.

He pulled out several dildos of varying colors and sizes before reaching back in and retrieving a buttplug. Although this wasn’t just an ordinary buttplug. This one had a spiraling pigtail sticking out the end of it. Finally he found some lube before shutting the drawer. “Depending how far you push yourself with these dildos, you might be ready for my monster in no time at all. And seeing how quickly you’ve applied yourself to my new diet regimen for you it’s safe to say my hopes are high. Anytime you’re not using the restroom I want this plug in to keep you nice and loose.” He held up the pig-tailed sex toy in his hand and gave me a goofy grin. “Quite fitting isn’t it?”

Next he grabbed the smallest of the three dildos and examined it. “I have five, seven, and nine inch dildos for you to progress through. They also increase in girth. Of course my cock is nearly eleven inches, but I still wanted to get some of the asshole stretching in myself.”

He crawled onto the bed and pulled my legs apart to spread them out. Squirting the lube into his hand, he leaned in to slowly begin to massage the cold liquid onto my puckered anus. He then unceremoniously inserted his index finger into me and curled it upwards towards my prostate. It was as if he had pressed a secret button inside me that I had never known existed. My dick quickly hardened as a swell of euphoric pleasure enraptured me, the anticipation of my first anal experience coming to fruition. I closed my eyes and forced my head back into the pillows as I felt him add a second finger. He began to move his fingers in and out, always curling upwards at the end to give me an endless influx of ecstacy.

At first my orifice had gripped his fingers tightly, but over time I had started to loosen up and give in to his willful fingering. Once he realized I had relaxed enough he removed his digits and started lubing up the smallest of the dildos. Coming back to reality momentarily I inclined my head forward to get a look at the rubber phallus that would soon take my anal virginity. It was bright pink and semi transparent. It was not even half the size of Fred’s schlong, but it still mildly intimidated me. If popping a female’s cherry had taught me anything though, I knew once I adjusted to the newfound intrusion I would be on cloud nine.

Satisfied with his lube job he placed the head of the dildo onto my awaiting bottom. He pushed gradually into me, but at first my anus not giving way. I leaned back again, relaxing my abdominal muscles as much as I could. Suddenly I felt the artificial penis enter into me. Fred eagerly began pushing it further as my breath caught in my throat. My voice finally came back to me and I whispered out a quiet “oh fuck” in response to the indescribable feeling of fullness that overtook me.

He continued to advance the dildo further as I felt my own dick pulsating. Once it was entirely inserted he let it sit there for a minute as I panted and muttered obscenities under my breath. The sensuality of being imbued by a foreign object in my ass, a feeling of fullness that I had only experienced within my stomach previously. I was on the edge of cumming, a tidal wave of bliss engulfing my entire body. I had never felt such pleasure from any sexual endeavors previously, especially without even touching my cock. Fred sensed how close I was and began pumping the dildo to and fro. Quite quickly I ejaculated, squirting semen all over my now clean shaven torso.

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