Becoming a Sissy Pt. 02

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Becoming a Sissy

Pt 2

He didn’t wait more than a few seconds before he tightened his hold of me with his manly rough hands on my hips and began pumping my tight asshole with his still hard cock. Pounding my ass so hard that anyone near would be able to hear the slapping of his balls and gut hitting my ass cheeks.

“Take it. Take it you little bitch”, Gary grunted through clenched teeth, “I’m gonna show you how a real man fucks. You’re gonna see how much of a sissy boy you are.”

I was being fucked like a five dollar whore with my body bouncing around, back and forth as I was in the dirt on all fours. It hurt so much but at the same time I did not want it to end due to the immense pleasure I was feeling.

“Oh my god yes”, I moaned out, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard with that big cock”, I continued to plead out. Hearing myself say the words was like having an out of body experience. Apparently getting unexpectedly dicked in the ass was bringing out the true cock slut inside me.

Gary pounded me Burdur Escort like my tight little hole was the last piece of ass on the face of the Earth and his survival depended on stretching it out. Relentlessly his fat cock ripped back and forth causing my hole to burn from the intense feeling of being torn beyond it’s designed intent.

I had not expected or prepared to be in this position. To be naked in the wooded area of a park on all fours getting pounded raw and hard like a stupid little cock whore, but I quickly found myself in sexual depraved heaven. I was loving every painful minute.

For countless minutes which blissfully felt like hours Gary worked my ass rough and steady. After a minute to where his thrusts became slightly even more quicker, he once again through clenched teeth grunted out ; “UHHH FUUUUCK, I’m cumming.”

A few seconds later he stopped pounded with cock buried balls deep in my dark hole and I felt the hottest sensation fill me up. I felt the pressure of his seed sand blast my rectum Burdur Escort Bayan and warm me from stomach to my lungs.

“Ohh God” I exclaimed with a deep sigh and closed eyes which felt were rolling back into my head from the enormous amount of pleasure I was experiencing. Feeling my limbs weaken and a strange complete vibration type of trembling course all throughout my body as I dropped my head down with labored breathing.

With deep low moans Gary slowly pulled back. His thick siftening cock exiting my destroyed asshole inch my snug inch. As soon as the head popped free, my hole tightened up with a sudden sting while cum began to slowly ooze out.

As I heard him stand up and fix his pants, Gary looked down at my used naked body and once again spoke; “That was very nice, boy. I’ll message you soon and we can find a more accomodating spot for you to show me what else you’re able to do.”

And with that I looked to my side to watch him walk out of the secluded area and into the light of the lamp post Escort Burdur and then disappear into the dark of the night.

I took a few moments to catch my breath and my barrings as I shifted from all fours to sitting in the dirt and leaves with legs half crossed and stretched out. With those moments also cam the reality of my situation, being completely naked in a public area in the middle of the night freshly fucked and sweaty.

Getting dressed took a bit longer than one should take in such a situation seeing as how my body felt weak and drained of all strength and energy. Once I was dressed I calmly exited the wooded area and started my walk back home in a daze. My whole aspect of my lifestyle and limits completely altered in a new fun and exciting way.

For the next few days all I could think about was how amazing it was to be a man’s complete bottom submissive bitch in public and wondered if Gary would message me again to teach me more. I also tried desperately to see if any other of the men I chatted with onine locally sounded like they would want to dominate me in much the same fashion.

It would not be too long before I would learn just how easy it is tostay occupied when one is willing to be an on call submissive sissy to older men with needs they will make sure are completely met.

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