Becoming a Cum Dump Ch. 05

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“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

I opened my eyes seeing Thomas on top of me wearing only a pair of trunks. I’d love to wake up to that sight every time if I could.

His lips were on my abs, slowly kissing each one. His tongue dragged between each muscle lightly teasing me. My cock was hard, back in my jock. Thomas must have put it on me when I was asleep. I wish I had woken up in his arms, but this might have been way better.

“Good morning there Sleeping Beauty,” Thomas said. “Oh, I like the ring of that. How about I call you Sleeping Beauty?”

I sat straight up, “Morning?” I was wide awake and started looking around.

“Sorry, not actually morning my Sleeping Beauty,” Thomas said smiling at me.

“Oh, and about the name -” I started.

“What about it? You like it?” Thomas asked mockingly.

“Uh, I don’t know,” I said nervously.

“Really, you don’t know? Then maybe I’ll keep calling you that and we’ll see if it sticks,” Thomas said smiling at me.

Thomas climbed back on top of me. He placed his hand on my chest pushing me back down.

“Don’t worry hon, it’s only 4:15,” Thomas said, his face directly above mine. Man, he looked so sexy, I thought staring into his eyes.

“So, do you think you’re ready for round two?” Thomas asked.

“Round two?” I asked. Suddenly, I felt the soreness from my ass. I moaned.

“Maybe you need a little help getting ready,” Thomas suggested. He moved his hand to under my shoulder and helped turn me over.

Thomas repositioned me so my head was in the pillows and my ass in the air on my knees.

I felt Thomas’s hands on my ass cheeks slowly spreading them apart.

Suddenly, something wet and firm touched my asshole. I jumped a little.

The wet and firm thing moved away as Thomas said, “Calm down babe. Have you heard of a rimjob?”

“Um, yeah,” I lied.

“Oh, really? You’re not a good liar. Anyway though, let me teach you,” Thomas said.

The wet and firm object returned to my ass. This time, though, it started on the inside of my left cheek. I finally figured out it was his tongue. Thomas’s tongue felt amazing as it alternated between the inside of each cheek.

Thomas tongue felt amazing. It kept licking all around my hole, driving me crazy. It alternated pressures, from hard to light. His tongue kept dancing around my hole, avoiding it completely. The pleasure from Thomas’s tongue was starting to ease the soreness from my ass. It felt wonderful and distracted my mind.

Thomas continued to dance around my hole. My moans filled my head as Thomas continued to work. I was quick to realize that I loved rimjobs. I let my mind go blank just enjoying the pleasure of Thomas’s tongue. I felt his tongue touch all over my hole. He never actually touched my hole, but went all around it.

This continued for I don’t know how long. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for.

Thomas’s tongue finally touched my hole. Although, more like tickled it. Thomas’s tongue brushed over my hole barely grazing it. It sent a shiver up my spine that even cause my head to shake as I let out a low moan.

His tongue kept brushing my hole. It was always a slight pressure, barely touching it. My moan continued barely stopping when I had to suck in a new breath.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue slipping deeper in my ass. It was involuntary, but my ass was relaxing even more. My ass slowly allowed Thomas’s tongue deeper and deeper access.

Thomas’s tongue had reached deeper into my ass. It was thick but narrow. It had snaked its way in without me consciously knowing. All of the sudden, Thomas flared out his tongue, pushing my hole apart.

I let out another moan. Holy shit his tongue is strong, I thought to myself. It felt so good having his rough tongue slip in and out of my ass. His tongue even rolled around inside of me, the tip exploring the inside of my hole.

I moaned as Thomas explored my hole. My ass loosened up from his amazing tongue.

Finally, Thomas moved his tongue away. He repositioned me so that I was facing the mirror across from his bed. Two pillows were placed under my chest so that I was propped up staring at myself in the mirror. I definitely looked like a bottom in this position.

I watched Thomas walk to his bedside table and pick up the canlı bahis şirketleri bottle of lube. Thomas climbed onto the bed and knelt behind me. He squirted some lube into his hand and spread it over his cock.

Thomas lined up his cock to my hole. I felt the tip rest gently against my hole. It was still fairly relaxed from the rimjob, but feeling Thomas’s huge cock, made my ass immediately close up again. Although, I definitely felt my ass being a little looser from earlier.

Thomas pushed gently against my hole. His tip pushed into me, slowly spreading me open. Thomas went slowly. He eased into me pushing a little inside before pulling out again. The motion continued with Thomas gently getting more and more in me.

I watched myself in the mirror. My reflection stared back at me with pleasure and contentment in its eyes. I realized my reflection started to look a little funny. It was shifting, slightly, but I could see it moving forward and back.

Then I felt the pillows on my chest. I was propped up on my elbows and felt the fabric of the pillows rubbing my chest. I was helping Thomas by pushing back against his cock.

I continued to slide back and forth on Thomas’s cock.

“I thought I was going to be in control this time,” Thomas said with a laugh. I realized he had stopped moving and it was only me. I was back to fucking myself on Thomas’s huge cock. I hadn’t even realized it, but I was bumping against Thomas’s thighs.

I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror again. I looked so small compared to Thomas. His large form above mine. I only saw my spread legs, only to the knees, and my head, shoulders, and arms. Thomas knelt tall above me. His chest looked incredible above my head. His arms gripped my hips, and he looked at me in the mirror.

My ass squeezed over Thomas’s cock. It felt incredible inside. The cock forced my insides open; thankfully though, they were still a little stretched out. My ass felt full and satisfied.

“Ready?” Thomas asked. I nodded my head.

Thomas smiled down at me. He bit his lower lip as he stared longingly at me.

Thomas didn’t wait long though. He started pulling out. Again, just a little, before pushing back in. He did the same motion going in as going out. He pulled out a little before pushing all the way back in.

Thomas kept up the motion until his huge dick was sliding almost all the way out, then all the way in. His long strokes felt amazing. But he was going agonizingly slow. I felt the pleasure and pressure build. But the long strokes kept me in check. My pleasure was never too strong but always there. I moved my hips to Thomas’s motions, careful not to cause him to pull out though.

I watched in the mirror seeing the concentration on Thomas’s face. His eyes seemed laser focused on me shifting from my ass to my face in the mirror.

Thomas’s face scrunched up as he started moving faster. His grip tightened. I tried to keep up, but I quickly gave up. Thomas held me firm. His thrusts becoming faster and shorter. His thighs pounded into mine. His balls bounced against my own increasing the pleasure of each thrust.

I tried to keep my eyes open as Thomas pounded into me. Soon my head was buried into the bed. I didn’t have to focus on relaxing my ass because Thomas’s large cock forced it open, and it didn’t matter what I did. This time was truly all for Thomas. Any pleasure I received was just a byproduct of Thomas’s pleasure. And I think this heightened my own pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” Thomas moaned. His eyes were laser focused on me. His thrusts came faster and faster. His grip tightened on my hips. I moaned loudly into the bed my ass on fire from pleasure.

“Here it comes!” Thomas roared.

A whole new feeling flooded my ass. Thomas slammed his cock deep inside me. His balls tightened up as cum filled his cock. His cock enlarged before the first shot of cum exploded out. A warm pressure pressed against the walls of my ass.

I moaned as his shooting cock made me cum.

After Thomas’s first shot, his cock started pumping the rest out. Each thrust brought a new shot of cum. Thomas filled my ass with his load. I could feel it slipping out as Thomas continued to fuck me.

When he finally stopped, my hole felt so sloppy and wet. It was incredible. The afterglow canlı kaçak iddaa from my orgasm mixed with his load still inside me was incredible.

I could feel him pull out leaving my ass empty and gaping for more. I watched as he laid back admiring his work.

Suddenly he hopped off the bed and grabbed a camera. I continued to lay there, exhausted. Thomas snapped a few pictures.

First my face and the look of content I had. He pointed his cock at me right at my mouth. Without being told, I opened my mouth and let the slime covered cock into my mouth. He snapped more pictures of me cleaning his cock. I cleaned all the cum off his cock. The taste was interesting. It was salty from the cum, but there was something else from my ass, a little bitter. The texture was a little weird but I swallowed it all down. I loved the taste.

Then he moved to my back and snapped a couple of pictures of my back side.

“Damn that’s sexy. You want to see?”

The picture Thomas showed me made me moan. My ass was spread open and my home looked gaping with white cum dripping from it and covered all over it. I would have gotten hard again if I wasn’t so exhausted.

Thomas leaned down and kissed me again letting me drift off to sleep.


I slowly awoke again feeling warm and cozy. I felt wonderful and extremely content. I didn’t want to move.

“Well hello there sleepyhead,” came Thomas’s voice. “Are you ready to get up? It’s time for dinner.”

I felt a hand pat my stomach which was under some blankets. My body felt so content I didn’t want to move.

The hand moved from my stomach to my face. It gently patted me.

“Come on. It’s getting late,” Thomas said pulling the sheets off me.

“How late is it?” I asked.

“About 7:30,” he answered moving into the bathroom. I heard the shower start.

Shit! 7:30, I thought to myself. I looked around the room but didn’t see anything resembling my clothes.

“Come and take a shower unless you want to go home with dried cum all over you. I mean that would be an option,” Thomas started to muse.

I didn’t give him time for the thought to solidify. I hopped out of the bed and went straight to the shower. I quickly washed and dried myself before wandering out, still naked, until I found Thomas in the kitchen.

There was a simple meal of grilled chicken, broccoli, rice, and milk. I quickly ate it all down.

“You’re hungry aren’t you? I hope I didn’t wear you down too much,” Thomas said. He handed me my phone.

Where did I even have it last? I opened it up seeing five missed calls from my girlfriend, two missed calls from my mom, and 11 missed text messages. Shit.

I quickly scrolled through the messages. They all were just wondering where I was. Suddenly, I started feeling guilty for cheating on Chrissy. I quickly sent a reply back that I was hanging out with my gym friend still and I’d call her later. I also made sure to apologize profusely for ignoring her all day.

“Problems in paradise?” Thomas asked obviously reading my movements.

“Ah, no it’s fine,” I replied hesitantly.

“Great, well we’ll get you dressed then I’ll drop you off at the gym again. What do you want to wear?” Thomas asked.

I was a little thrown off but suddenly brought back into the world of Thomas. I was thrown off because Thomas kept making the decisions for me. With his question I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought for a second about what I had worn that day.

“Um, well I guess I’ll wear the clothes you gave me this afternoon,” I settled on.

“Great. Here you go,” Thomas said. He handed me a folded set of the clothes. They included the pink jock and the socks as well. I slipped back into each item still loving the feelings of each item tightly hugging my body.

“Ok, let’s go before your girlfriend gets too jealous of me,” Thomas said laughing. The feeling of guilt bubbled back to the top again.

We walked to his car and he quickly drove me to my car.

When we pulled up next to my car, the only one in the lot, I realized I forgot my gym bag.

“Oh I forgot my bag at your place,” I said breaking the silence.

“Don’t worry about it,” Thomas replied. “I’ll bring it on Monday for you. Anyway, I need you to do something for me. Tonight before midnight canlı kaçak bahis I need you to send me an email. In this email you’ll describe your feelings during the day. I want you to talk about your favorite part of the day too. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know your email,” I replied confused.

“I put it in your phone,” Thomas replied. “Now off you go.”

I paused. Confused. Thomas got me moving by pushing me towards the door. I stumbled out of the car. Thomas pulled the door shut and drove off before I could say anything.

I stumbled got into my car with the keys Thomas had given me before we left.

Opening up my phone, I surfed through my contacts. I immediately found my new contact. It was a simple “M”. I looked at the number: 667-7609. It also contained an email address: I wondered what the “MD” meant.

I checked the time again. Shit, 8:30. I quickly drove back to my house calling Chrissy on the way there.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” Chrissy answered the phone.

“Hey, it was good. Long but good,” I replied feeling guilty about my day.

“What all did you do?” Chrissy asked.

“Well, we went for a morning workout then just kind of hung out. Watched t.v., played video games. The usual guy stuff,” I replied.

“Sounds like fun. I assume you’re too tired to hang out tonight. Do you want to do something tomorrow?” Chrissy offered.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” I said a little noncommittally.

Chrissy waited a moment before answer, probably sensing my mood, “Ok, then I’ll check in with you tomorrow and see how you’re feeling.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

We hung up and I finished the drive. I said hello to my parents but went immediately up to my room.

I immediately turned on my computer and opened a new email. I stared at it trying to organize my ideas.

The words started to flow once my hands were on the keyboard.

My email practically wrote itself:


I am not sure where to begin but I’m still a little confused. I am not sure what all I am feeling. I know I enjoyed our time together but I can’t help but feel guilty for cheating on my girlfriend. I’m not even sure why I’m typing this email. I enjoyed the day though.

I thought getting fucked by you was amazing. I enjoyed the experience immensely. I really enjoyed the second time when you were fucking me. I found the experience wonderful. I’m not sure what else to put. I really like the afternoon and would definitely want to do it again. I still feel extremely guilty about Chrissy though.


I re-read the email and stared at it. It was short and sweet, but I felt like I should add more. I wondered what to do about it all. The email went unsent for a long while.

Thinking back to the afternoon got me horny again. Before jacking off I hit the send button.

I sat waiting for a reply while stroking my cock. I just teased myself, not getting too close to cuming.


I received an email from “M T” the name for the email address.

There was only a single line: What about this morning?

I totally forgot about the morning. The sex had totally blocked out the morning part of my day.

Hitting the reply button, I started typing. This time I let everything out. Something about being online was a little more freeing:

I thought the morning was fun. I hate to admit it but I was very turned on when I realized you had me in women’s workout clothes. I was totally embarrassed though being in public. But I think it added to my horniness. I really enjoy the clothes that you pick out for me. I’m starting to really like how tight the clothes are.

I also really like wearing the jocks. I feel really hot and slutty in them. I like feeling the straps pulling and lifting my cheeks. I like the outfit that you picked out for me. I liked showing off my ass and body for people. I thought the whole day was hot!


I immediately hit send.

My hand continued to move along my cock.

A couple of minutes passed until I got an email back.

Don’t jack off. You’ll receive an email tomorrow at 8:00am. More instructions to follow.


I immediately stopped my hand. I now regretted starting to rub my cock. Regret bubbled to the surface as I thought about Chrissy. How would I bring this up to her, if ever?

I checked the clock. It was only 9:20pm. What to do?

The best action was to just go to bed, which is exactly what I did.

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