Becky Wilson

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Way out in the country, along a little one lane road, was Wilson’s Farm. They raised a few chickens and cattle for market, and cared for other peoples horses.

Farmer Wilson ran it with the help of his daughter, Becky. Mrs. Wilson caught a bad case of pneumonia one winter, shortly after the birth of Becky, and she passed away. This left Farmer Wilson the job of running a farm, and raising his baby girl all by himself. Thing’s weren’t all that bad though, somehow it made them closer to one another.

Once in a while Becky would catch him crying, thinking about her mom. She would walk over to him, and sit down beside him on a hay bale. Putting her am around him, and pulling his head to her chest, comforting him.

He was always right there for her no matter what, she was his pride and joy. Becky felt the same about her Daddy. She watched over the years how he got up every morning before daybreak, and worked past sundown. She knew how much he loved her, working this hard to raise and provide for her.

Becky started helping her Daddy tend to the chores around the farm at an early age. Partly because her mother was no longer alive, and because living way out in the boon docks on a farm didn’t leave much to do.

As the years gone by, Becky and her Daddy became closer. He loved the way she wasn’t afraid to help out. Every morning, before that damn rooster announced it was sun up, her Daddy was already up and eating breakfast with Becky, who now just turned eighteen.

Farmer Wilson was a big burly guy, over six foot tall, with broad shoulders. He had rough hands, that were hard as steel. Becky knew that very well, from the spankings that she received if her chores weren’t done.

She was about 5’8′ and very petite, except for her big melon sized tits. She also had long blonde hair, that she always kept in pigtails.

After breakfast, Becky’s Daddy headed outside to start his day. He went over and climbed up onto the tractor and drove off into the corn field. Becky started to wash the dishes clean the house.

Her Daddy was out in the field, driving the harvester up down the rows. The sun was beating down and a light breeze was blowing. Today was the hottest day of the summer. Every so often, he would stop and take a drink of spring water, from his cooler.

Inside the old farm house, the ceiling fans were turning, and all the windows were open. Becky had just finished dusting and mopping, you could smell a hint of cleaner in the air. She placed the mop and bucket in the closet and started the laundry.

Becky carried out a big weaved basket, full of freshly washed clothes to be hung. She set it down, and one by one, she hung up each piece of clothing on the line. It was just about lunch time when she finished, so she went back inside to fix her Daddy something to eat.

Becky placed a small picnic basket on the kitchen counter and started to pack her Daddy’s lunch. A big cold cut sandwich, chips and an ice cold beer. She closed the lid and walked out of the house.

She hopped up inside of her Daddy’s old flatbed truck, and drove out to the field. Becky parked at the edge of it, and got out with the basket, walking over to the tractor where he was.

“Hi Daddy. I brought you some lunch.”

“Thank you, Becky. I’m starving out here, and this heat is killing me.”

As she bent over to place the basket down, he was able to see her cleavage and upper portions of her big tits. Her light pink, babydoll style tank top, didn’t do much good hiding them.

Her Daddy was starting to get more of those thoughts in his head, the kind that he has been getting for quite some time now.

“Good Lord! I’d give anything to be able to just touch those. I wonder what they must look like? What size are they?”

Becky straightened back up, with a smile on her face. Her Daddy’s eyes were still at that same level, but now looking at her flat, tight tummy. Small beads of sweat, glistened on in the hot sun.

“Do you need anything else Daddy? Daddy?”

He was lost in the thought of his own daughter, not hearing her at first.

“Ah, no. No Becky, this is fine. It must just be the sun getting to me. Thank you, baby.”

Becky tuned to walk away, heading back to the truck. As she did, he eyed up his daughter some more. He could see the lower portions of both ass cheeks from her faded blue cut offs, swaying as she walked away. Her long firmly toned legs, just begged to be touched. All the while he watched her, Thoughts raced through this head.

“My God, does she have a nice ass. And those legs, mmmm. Oh, if only she knew just how bad that I want her.”

Becky hopped up into the truck, smiled and waved as she pulled out. Her Daddy sat down beside the tractor in the shade, and enjoyed his lunch, still thinking about Becky.

She decided to drive down by the big pond. It’s such a hot day, maybe a quick dip would cool her off.

When she got there, Becky took a nice slow walk down the path. She picked off a flower that grown, spinning illegal bahis in between her thumb and fingers. As she strolled along the path to the pond, the usual thoughts of her Daddy, entered her head.

“I wonder if he’s attracted to me? He’s a good man, I can take care of him better then any other woman. Oh, I love him so much. If only he knew. What could I do to make him want me?”

Becky reached the pond, and stood there next to it. She looked down at the flower, thinking of her Daddy, then smiled and tossed it onto the water.

She pulled her top up over her head. next she kicked off her sneakers and socks. Becky unbuttoned her tight cut offs and wiggled her ass, sliding them down off of her ass and down her legs. Her little pink panties followed.

Becky set her clothes in a little pile on a rock, and walked out into the pond. The water felt cool on her heated body, as she swam. As she floated in the pond, her Daddy came to mind. She put her head back and closed her eyes, as her arms waved through the water.

Her Daddy was back at the field, and thought it might be nice get out of the sun for a while also. He saddled one of the horses, and tossed two beers into one saddle bag then rode off.

He had a lot of trails for riding, on his spread of land. As the horse slowly made its way around a heavily wooded area, Farmer Wilson could see his daughter over by the pond.

She was out of the pond and lying back on the grass. Becky was sunbathing in the nude. No one was around for miles to catch her.

Her Daddy slowly climbed down off of the horse, not wanting to make a sound. He tied the reins to a thick branch, and quietly stepped closer toward Becky, he needed a closer look. She lie there, with the hot sun beating down on her naked body. A few beads of sweat, ran down from her big tits. Her body covered with moisture, some from the pond, and some from becoming excited.

Becky cupped both of her tits, and massaged them.


One hand slid down her stomach, as her legs slowly parted. Becky’s hand went over her bald mount and rubbed her pink pussy lips. Easing a finger only part way into her pussy, she was still a virgin. The breeze that blown over body, caused her gumdrop sized nipples to harden. the perfect size to suck on.

“Oh, oh, oh. Mmmm, oh yes! Yes!”

Her Daddy was hiding behind a tree. His silhouette covered by thick overgrown brush, and a few blueberry bushes. He opened up his work pants and slid them down, pulling his cock out. He stood there stroking his cock while looking at his naked daughter. Her moans and words, turned him on so much.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! Please Daddy, fuck your babygirl? Fuck me hard, Daddy! Fuck my virgin pussy! Oh Daddy, take my cherry! Take it Daddy! Pop my hot fucking cherry!”

Becky’s body was shaking as her hand rubbed her pussy faster. Her Daddy was stroking his cock hard, dreaming of what it would be like, to shove his thick hard cock deep inside of his babygirl’s virgin cunt. The thought of turning her into a woman, and taking her sweet pussy to another level, turned him on.

Becky’s chest arched up, her hips were humping her hand, as she reached an intense orgasm.

“Oh Yes! Yes Daddy! Yes! Oh, oh, oh Daddy. Mmmmmm.”

Her Daddy closed his eyes, as he felt his cock spasm. Whispering to himself as his cock shot out rope after rope of his hot cum, onto the bush.

“Oh, oh Becky! Take Daddy’s cum, babygirl! Daddy wants you so bad. Oh baby, Daddy wants to fuck your little virgin pussy so bad.”

Becky was still sprawled out on the grass, exhausted, but thought she heard the sound of a horses mouth. Her Daddy quickly pulled up his pants and walked back over to the horse. He climbed up on to it, and rode back to the corral.

Becky calmed herself down, still thinking about how she wishes that her Daddy would just fuck her already.

She stood up from the grass and pulled her little pink panties up, then she wiggled back into those faded blue cut offs. Becky put her socks and sneakers on, then her light pink babydoll tank top.

Before leaving, she put her pigtails back in, now that her long blonde hair is dry. As she walked back to the truck on that same trail, she noticed an empty beer can that wasn’t there before.

Becky had a rush go through her body, thoughts went through her head, as her pussy became wet again.

“Oh my God. Was Daddy here watching me? This is the kind of beer he drinks! I thought that I heard a horse! Did he enjoy watching me?”

Becky made her way to the truck, and drove back home. When she pulled in front of the barn, she seen her Daddy pouring feed out for the cows. Becky got out of the truck, and walked over to him.

“Hi Daddy. How was your lunch that I fixed you?”

He stood there staring at her, everything by the pond was replaying in his head.

“Um, yes. Yes Becky, it was good. Thank you. I brought the picnic basket back and put on the kitchen counter for you.”

“Okay Daddy, I’ll take care of it illegal bahis siteleri when I go in. Is there anything else that I can do for you, Daddy? Anything?”

Becky stood in front of him, arching her back a little to put those melon size tits out even further. Her shirt was very tight, especially in that area.

Her Daddy could help think about her young virgin body, with his above it, sliding his cock into her.

“Ah, no. No, Becky. Not right now, baby.”

She left her chest relax as she turned to walk away. Her feelings were hurt, as thoughts went through her mind.

“Doesn’t he love me? Doesn’t he think that I’m attractive? What can I do? I love him so much. I wish that he felt the same about me.”

As Becky turned to walk away, her Daddy watched her long legs and her ass sway.

“Fuck! She’s my own daughter, but I love her. I know it’s wrong, but who will know? I want that sweet little thing so bad. Am I sick? What would Becky do if she found out how much she turns me on? I want make her my wife.”

Becky walked up on the porch and went inside the house. Her Daddy went back to the chores of taking care of the cows.

She needed to start getting the food in the over, if it were to be ready for supper tonight. While she was in the kitchen putting the roast in the over and mashing potatoes, Her Daddy went to hop in the truck to haul hay over to the horse stalls. When he went to start it, the battery was dead, Becky left the key on.

“Becky! Becky get your ass out here!”

She heard his voice and it didn’t sound good. Becky took the potatoes off of the stove and went outside by her Daddy.

“Yes Daddy, what’s wrong?”

“You left the damn key on! The fucking battery is dead! How the hell am I suppose to finish this?”

He said as he pointed to the bales of hay that he just loaded on the flatbed.

“Daddy. Daddy, I’m sorry. I forgot.”

“Well, you know that you need to get punished now, don’t you?”

Becky bowed her head and headed for the barn.

“Yes daddy, I do.”

He followed her into the big old red barn. It was getting late, and the sun was beginning to set. Her Daddy walked over to a post, and lit a kerosene lantern for light.

Becky stood in front of a pile of hay and bales.

“Well lets get this over with, young lady!”

Becky unbuttoned her tight cut offs, and slowly wiggled her ass from side to side, as she slid them down. This made her Daddy start to forget about the truck, and think more about her body. Next she slid the little pink panties down and bent over.

“I’m ready for you, Daddy.”

His cock was throbbing as he watched her. The sight of her like that with the flickering light upon her body, and hearing those words, turned him on.


“Yes Becky. I was just trying to remember were that battery charger was.”

He walked over to her, and began to slap her ass. You could hear the slapping sound echoing in the barn, as his hand hit her firm ass cheeks. They were a bright shade of red.

Her daddy was remembering what Becky was doing earlier today, as he softly rubbed his hand over her ass. He stepped behind her, and could see the pink lips of her wet pussy. Unaware of what he was doing, he placed his hand on Becky’s mound. She was surprised and twitched little.

Her Daddy felt her wetness, as he very slowly slid his fingers up and down her lips. Parting them, to glide on her juices. Becky didn’t move, as she still was bent over. The way that she looked, with the flickering light from the lantern against her skin and the background of hay, was more then he could handle.

He knelt down between her feet, and stuck his tongue out, licking his daughter’s tender young pussy. She was in Heaven.

“Oh Daddy. Daddy, please don’t stop? I feel the same way. I didn’t know how to tell you. Oh, mmmm. Oh Daddy, I love you so much.”

He got up from his knees, and Becky stood upright. She turned to her Daddy, and their eyes locked. Becky reached with both hands, to the bottom hem of her top, and pulled it up over head, exposing her big tits. Standing before her Daddy, wearing only socks and sneakers.

“Daddy, take me. Please Daddy? I’ve wanted this for so long. Make me a woman. Make me your woman. Please, Daddy?”

“Becky, I’ve felt the same way, for some time now. I can’t help how I feel about you, I’m very attracted to you. Becky, I love you.”

Becky stood with open arms, as a tear ran down her face.

“I love you to, Daddy”

He embraced his naked daughter, hugging and kissing her. He pulled his shirt up over his head, tossing it onto the hay pile. Becky went to her knees, and opened his pants, pulling them down and off, along with his boots. As she pulled his underwear down, his hard cock sprang out. Becky couldn’t help be in awe over it, as she completely removed his underwear.

They both stood, completely naked in this old barn. The flickering light from the lantern, set a romantic mood, as they wrapped their arms canlı bahis siteleri around each other and kissed.

Their bodies fell to the hay pile. Her Daddy kissed her neck and slowly made his way to each of her tits. Sucking both of her hard nipples, one after the other. Moving down, he kissed her stomach, then eventually reached her pussy.

He parted her eighteen year old pussy lips with his tongue, and licked. Her juices tasted very sweet, almost like honey. He took his time licking and sucking her clit. Becky played with her tits, as he ate her.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, eat me! Eat my sweet little pussy! It’s all for you, Daddy. Your little girl’s pussy is all for you. Oh, oh, mmmm Daddy.”

She was lying on her back, in the hay pile. Her body was moving in a slow passionate rhythm, Her Daddy’s,soft wet tongue, licking her virgin pussy. Becky wrapped her legs around his head, running her fingers through his hair. she pulled him into her. Her moaning filled the barn, as her body shook violently. Grinding her young pussy into her Daddy’s face, she came.

“Oh, yes! Yes, Daddy! Daddy, I’m cuming! I’m cuming for you, Daddy! Your fucking little girl is cuming for you, Daddy! Ahh, ahh!”

Becky released her legs from around her Daddy’s head, leaving them fall. Her tits were heaving up and down, as she continued to lie there panting. Her Daddy licked her pussy, with light strokes of his tongue, licking up his daughter’s juices.

“Mmmm, you taste so good, baby. Daddy loves the way your pussy tastes. Mmmm, so good.”

Her daddy licked up every drop of her, then sat back on a hay bale. Becky crawled over to him, taking his cock into her mouth. little by little, until she learned just how to to do it. Her blonde pigtails were swaying, as her head bobbed up and down, on her Daddy’s cock.

“Oh, that’s it baby. Just like that. Keep sucking Daddy’s cock, little girl. Mmmm, you’re making Daddy feel so fucking good.”

Becky made her Daddy’s cock very hard and wet, from sucking it. She now wanted him to fuck her. She lie back down on the bed of hay, and he crawled up between her legs. Her Daddy placed the head of his cock against Becky’s wet, virgin pussy.

“Are you sure, Becky? Are you sure this is what you want?”

Becky looked up at her Daddy, looking into his eyes.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Make me a woman. Make me your woman. I’m sure, Daddy. I’ve wanted you to pop my little cherry for so long. Do it, Daddy. Fuck my tight virgin pussy!”

Becky pulled her Daddy’s face down to hers. As their lips met, and their tongues met, he slid all the way into her. With one long and slow steady thrust, he broke through her hymen, and penetrated her.

Becky’s scream was muffled, by her Daddy’s lips pressing over hers. He waited for her pussy to relax, and then started to slide in and out, fucking his very own daughter.

“Oh daddy! Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me so good, Daddy! I love your cock! It’s so big, Daddy! Oh God, don’t stop! Please don’t stop, Daddy?”

He was thrusting into his daughter’s pussy, harder and harder. Becky’s big firm tits were pressed to his chest, as he kissed her. The lantern was casting an amber glow, over their naked bodies, as they fucked each other. The only sound that you could hear, other then their moans of passion, was the hoot of an owl off in the distance.

Her Daddys cock was so wet, covered with Becky’s pussy juice, as it slid in and out of her. They were finally becoming one. What both them have wanted for so long, is now becoming a reality.

The night air wasn’t much cooler then the days. Both of their bodies had beads of sweat, from the temperature, and their heat of passion.

Her Daddy felt his cock start to throb harder. He slammed into her faster.

“Baby? Daddy is going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

“Do it Daddy! Cum inside me! Cum inside me, Daddy! Fill me with your cum!”

He pushed all the way into her and held it there. His cock head was right up against her young womb, as his cum shot out in spurts.

“Ahh! Ahh! Oh babygirl, take Daddy’s cum! Ahh!”

After they recovered from their intimate moment, they got dressed. Grabbing the lantern, they walked out of the barn toward the house. Becky had her arm around her Daddy’s waist, as they walked.

After a late supper, her Daddy went back outside and loaded the hay bales in a small wagon. He used the tractor to take it to the horses. Becky took a very long and steamy shower, then headed off to bed.

A few months with their new relationship have gone by, and Becky started to feel sick. She made an appointment with Dr. Bentley.

She drove into town and entered his office. The nurse took her to one of his rooms, and told her to undress, and put a hospital gown on.

While Becky was sitting on the bed, Dr. Bentley walked in.

“Hello Becky. My, I haven’t seen you for a while. What seems to be the trouble?”

“Well Doc, I’m feeling sick. I get up in the mornings to start my chores on the farm, and I’m sick as soon as I wake up.”

“Uh huh. Let me give you a physical and we’ll take it from there. Alright, young lady?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Dr. Bentley and his nurse performed the physical. They marked everything in her chart and took samples for the lab.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32