Beauty and the Nerd

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The building was twenty five stories tall, in the shape of an octagon, with each floor divided into four ‘sides’, lettered A, B, C, and D. Built in the sixties or something like that, it had housed students here at the states flagship university ever since, and was now used as a freshman dorm, a sort of incubator for all the things that made college great, and allowed for all the great stories later in life starting with, “remember when we lived in the tower of terror…”

The actual name was Snodde Tower, named after one of the schools more serious benefactors, and he had to admit that his parents had shared their first kiss in the lobby, a story his two little sisters never grew tired of hearing. But here recently, he had, not that he would ever say that.

Instead, he looked around his room one more time, then faced his parents, who were standing in the door, beaming. They had bathrooms at home that were bigger then the room he would be sharing with a guy named Dave for the next year. He and his family had come, done the introduction and move in, and were now at dinner, which his own family had already knocked out. He knew his parents wanted to get on the road back to home, and he knew it was time to let go. But damn it, this was apparently the opening stage of being homesick.

“Thanks for everything.” It was all he could think of saying, and they both smiled at him. The sisters hugged first, followed by mom, and then dad, somewhat reluctantly. His father was not a big hugger. But he did reach into his pocket, and handed his son a wad of green, shrugging his shoulders.

“College can get expensive. But spend it wisely, you never know how long it will be before your mother breaks down and sends you more money.” All his life his father had threatened that when he left his house, he wasn’t getting shit. So much for that. They were gone within minutes.

Chris took a second to look around his room, then set to the task of putting away the rest of his clothes. He was freshman in college now, and he had serious tasks ahead, he told himself. For starters, he had to make new friends. Well, not really, he could name about twenty people from his high school two hours away now in attendance here, three even in this building, but that would defeat the purpose of the whole college experience he told himself.

So new people. Next, and probably a bit more important, he had never actually been to campus before, so he had to explore it and figure out where things were before class started in two days. And then finally, and in the near future most importantly, he had to get his ID card activated so he could eat in the as of yet undiscovered cafeterias sprinkled across campus. But he had a map so…

“Hi! How ya doin?”

His very well structured though process (he would here shortly begin studying to be an engineer, chemical no less), was interrupted by the sudden introduction of a rather perky voice into his life. Poking his head past the open closet door, he came face to face with a girl that had wandered into his room.

She was a bit shorter then him, and he judged her around 5’5″ or so, at about one hundred and thirty pounds, plus or minus a bit. Dressed in denim shorts, white sneakers, and a white tube top, her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. But it was her big green eyes, dominating a face otherwise inhabited by a small nose, and pouty lips that really drew his attention.


“I’m Megan. Just move in?” Her eyes were roaming the room, surveying the variety of boxes and bags. She had moved in only a couple of hours earlier, but her family had flown in, so their return flight had taken them from her already. No problem, home sickness was as foreign to her as the far side of the moon, and she could count on one hand with no fingers the amount of people she had encountered in life she did not like.

“I’m Chris, and yeah, can you tell?” They both smiled, and he pushed some stuff of his chair, offering it to her. She slid into it more then sat, leaning against the wall, and pulling her legs close.

The verbal dance that followed was the standard college fare, home town, general idea of major to come in the near future, reason for attending here, and other things that college freshman share as they prepare for the uncertain future. Finally she told him what room she was in, and bound of in search of more fun people, telling him to stop by later.

Well, later turned into late. First Dave came back, and the two sat down to get acquainted. Matched up by the university based on their answers to the ten page survey that got sent out to all incoming freshman, they determined easily what they had in common (which was a lot), and that they would probably have few problems.

Then they had a B Side meeting, where their Resident Advisor, a junior by the name of Kent, introduce himself and lined out the basic rules of the road for living in the building, passed out some papers they had to fill out, and answered casino siteleri some questions before leading them downstairs. The basement of the building was a cavernous multi purpose room, and right now it held well over eight hundred freshmen, and the roar was tremendous.

An overweight black man stood on the stage at the front of the room, and led them through a series of group building exercises before introducing himself as Walt, the building director. More rules followed, then some more group building shit, and finally they were dismissed to begin college. Everybody was streaming out towards the elevators, and apparently only those that lived on the first two or three floors were willing to walk.

Chris sighed, realizing that he lived on 17, which did not bode well for when they had the promised fire drills.

“Well hello there again!” Suddenly Megan was at his side, grasping his arm and surging him forward with the wave of people she was riding. “Have fun in there?”

“Loads.” He smiled at her again, wondering where she got all her energy. She quickly introduced him to several other people he had meet, and despite his best intentions he knew fully well that he would never remember all their names. He was terrible with names, and surprised that he remembered hers.

“So what ya doing tonight?” She was smiling again, and he could not help but smile back. Well, maybe it was her still holding his arm that did that.

“No plans, really. Why, you got an idea?”

“My roommate Katie and I are throwing a welcome party on our floor, you should come by. Bring your roommate. We live on an all girl floor, it’ll be fun!” She winked at him, several times, and they both laughed out loud.

He did go to the party, and he did have a good time. It seemed like half the building was crammed into the big 15th floor D side lounge, and finally a swarm of RA’s arrived to break things up. Running two flights of stairs to hide in your room seemed somewhat juvenile, but it was his first college adventure, and when Dave asked him latter what was up between him and Megan, he only smiled.

Six weeks later, that smile had turned into a soft sigh. College reality had taken its firm grip on the young man, and an 18 hour work load had dug its claws deep into his psyche. He started everyday at eight, which meant he was up at six forty five to be able to shower, eat in the cafeteria downstairs, and walk to class. Dave didn’t have to get up until nine, but Chris discovered early that his roommate slept like the dead.

He also had discovered that only about half of all college students seemed to actually be actively working towards their degree at any given point. While the 17th floor was an engineer floor, and so basically full of geeks and nerds like himself, most of the rest of the freshman building seemed to be on a continuous quest to party. He did attend some of the various bashes thrown, but he knew that he would never be able to face his parents with bad grades, a problem that most students in Snodde Tower seemed blissfully without.

He had what one might call a date with Megan one night, when they shared a pizza in her room, and he enjoyed the time they shared alone with each other, listening to her gush about all the dance classes she was taking (it was her major), or all the fun she was having. He responded with a weak smile, but then the door was basically beat down by a bunch of people looking for a party, and he slunk away to study for a calculus test the next day.

“Mid terms?” Dave did disbelief better then anybody, Chris had discovered, and he did it especially well when sitting in front of his XBOX, blasting alien space critters with laser rays.

“Ain’t that some bullshit.” They were having a very deep conversation about the academic value of the upcoming midterm exams, which promised to be brutal in their engineering classes and a total joke in their liberal arts ones. Additionally, at the last building meeting Walt had revealed to them that 30% of freshmen don’t return to the university after the first semester due to grades, and by the end of the first year, one out of two freshmen would be gone, not because it got hard, but because they did not work. That would not happen to either of them, but it did suck all the life out of the party.

The knocking on the door temporarily interrupted the alien killing spree, as Dave yelled for whoever was at the door to come in already. Megan pushed open the door, and slowly walked into the room, looking around for a second, and then plopping down on Chris’ bed.

Chris looked at her, saw her smile, and gave up on the equation he had been trying to solve for the last fifteen minutes, turning towards her instead. “What’s up?”

“Just wanted to come by and talk to you for a second…” She cast a surreptious glance towards Chris, then leaned her head against the wall mounted shelves holding a variety of school books. Dave heard her comment, hit pause, and threw his hands up slot oyna in frustration.

“FINE! I’ll just go get a smoke!” He grinned on the way out, shooting Chris knowing glances. Everybody in the room knew that his asthma would never allow him to survive inhaling a cigarette.

“That’s special.” Chris slid of the chair, and onto his bed, next to her. “You never before asked to talk to me alone before.”

“I didn’t.”

“Sure you didn’t.” He smiled at her again, and she smiled back. “So what’s up?”

“I wanted to ask you the same thing. You haven’t been coming around lately. Anything wrong? We had a kickass party on Tuesday, and I know I invited you up, but you were nowhere to be found.” She had grabbed his oversized pillow, and was hugging it tight to her body, something he found rather endearing. She was holding it just so, and her tits were pressed into her chest, spilling over the top in the tight blue t-shirt she was wearing. He wanted to drool, but that would probably not go over well.

“Nothing’s wrong, just school. Studying and shit. I’m trying to get good grades, you know.” It was a running joke between them that he wanted good grades, and she wanted to party. But tonight it didn’t go over all that well.

“Well, I do to, you know. But I want to have fun while doing it!” She instantly regretted saying it like that.

“Meg, wow, I’m sorry. But I just needed to study. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it meant that much to you for me to come, I’ll come to the next one, I promise.” He raised his hands defensively, leaning back.

“It is not even about that. Whatever. Are you seeing somebody?”

That one pretty much took the wind out of his sails. Seeing somebody? What the hell was that supposed to mean? And who would he be seeing? “No I’m not seeing anybody, that’s crazy!”

“Christy said she saw you on a date with a girl last Friday.”

“Are you having me followed now? I was studying in the library, I had a static test on Monday, and Emily is in my class. I don’t really know why I have to explain this to you, but…”

“Fine, you know what, forget it. I thought, never mind, forget it. Whatever Chris, whatever.” She suddenly jumped up, threw down the pillow, and stormed out of the room. Dave returned several minutes later from down the hall, took one look at his roommate and left it alone.

The next week passed in a whirlwind of testing, studying, occasional eating, and every once in a while even sleeping. Chris had discovered that Dave had a strict rule of sleeping a full seven hours a night. He would decide what time he needed to get up the next day, count back seven hours, and that was deadline time. No matter what was going on at that point, he was going to bed. And while he knew fully well that his roommate was a stone when asleep, Chris felt bad and would sneak out into the common area, to study with others enjoying the view through the large windows. The city below was lit up with lights, and every night somebody mentioned about all the kids down there partying. They studied on.

But in the end the both pulled out straight A’s, and that was something definitely worth celebrating. Overall the whole floor did very well, so Kent together with the other RA’s sprung for a stack of pizza’s and several hundred wings, along with a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Others in the building had not done as well, but it seemed that each floor was having a party, and so soon enough the flow of people was moving up and down the stairs and elevators, sampling the wares available on each floor.

So it was no surprise that Chris found himself wandering around Megan’s floor, finally encountering her roommate Allison, who was very evasive on where her friend actually was. That only discouraged Chris temporarily, who wandered around a bit more, then simply knocked on his friends door.

There were some noises, some shuffling, a muffled laugh/scream, then the door opened, and Ronnie was standing in front of him. They had meet briefly on several occasions, and he lived somewhere in the building. At this very moment, it looked like he had moved in here, with half his clothes all over the place, the only items of clothing still attached to his body being his jeans (unzipped and open), and his boxers (red, with little white clouds). Megan was behind him, on her bed, covered by her blanket except for her head.

Chris locked eyes with her for a second, mumbled something about being sorry to interrupt, then turned and headed back down the stairs. Walking down the hallway to his own room, he unlocked the door, and sat down on the bed, the light still off. Well, that was a shock, he told himself. Not really, another part of him responded. Ok, not really, the first part agreed. Then a third component of his psyche chimed in, with the simple opinion of fuck it, let’s drink. That sounded good.

The door opened again, and he looked up. Allison had slipped into the room.

“Hey, you ok?”

“Yeah, yeah. ‘sup?” He slid canlı casino siteleri aside as she sat on the bed next to him, handing the boy a red plastic cup.

“Just wanted to see if things were cool.” She smiled at him in the semi darkness, and for the first time he took a closer look at Megan’s roommate. It was probably partial rebound psychology, partial drunkenness, partial freshman horniness, and a large chunk of Allison cuteness.

She had dark eyes, which went well with her dark complexion and black hair, which reached down past her shoulders, curling slightly. Where Megan was curvy and filled out, Allison was the classical hourglass with tits on top, and ass on the bottom. Her tight black t-shirt hinted at what lay beneath, and he had admired her ass once before when she had been dancing on a table uncomfortably close to his face.

“Yeah, everything is cool. I’m not very good with the girl thing, in case you couldn’t tell.”

“How many girlfriends did you have in high school?”

“Getting personal now, aren’t we?” He smiled, while taking a sip of whatever concoction she had brought him. Girl drink, all fruity, and slushy with crushed ice. “Three, across all four years. Not a big dater.”

“I only had two real boyfriends.”

“Everybody else was busy fighting over you.” They smiled at each other, then she leaned even closer. He could smell her shampoo now, fresh and light in the air. They stayed like that, still, both breathing quietly, and he grew very conscious of how much he could actually see in the moonlight creeping through the window. Like the definition and tone of her arm. The three earrings in her right ear. The tip of the tattoo peeking out of her shorts. The stud in her belly button.

But he felt the moment ebb, and he knew he had to do something. Instinct told him that he was at a fork, a place few guys find themselves fully aware of where they are, and that gave him a fleeting advantage. So he did the only thing he could think to do.

He kissed her.

Not softly, in the way those romantic movies would have taught him had he ever watched any. Not the teasing, probing, ‘hey-my-lips-just-came-by-to-say-hi’ kinda kiss. He laid it on her. All or nothing, going for gold, gamble against the house kind of kiss.

The sweet sensation of her lips pressed against his, the taste of lipstick, alcohol, and sexy, sexy girl sitting on his bed overwhelmed his sense, and the world faded to just that kiss. There was nothing else, just that connection he felt. Then suddenly there was something else, a movement, and then a stinging pain on the side of his face, and the sound of her smacking him ringing in his ear.

“OWW!” Reeling back he grabbed his face, body tucking into a protective position to prevent further damage to non-tough organs. She was pulling back as well, her hand still open, weaving like a snake about to strike, ready to deploy again if he made another move.

“How could you! My roommate wanted to be your girl, and here you are kissing me!” She rocked forward again when the words flew out of her mouth. They were within inches, and he shrank backwards in the face of the sudden assault, not really sure what to say.


Apparently she did not have that problem, as she grabbed his arms, pushed them apart, and launched herself at him. Her body pressed into his, weight and momentum carrying her forward, and pushing him down. Mashing her lips to his, she grabbed his hair, lips locked once more, until they had to break for air. The kiss was hard, furious, a tongue battle to rival such epic struggles as Marathon. It was one for the books.

Whaap! She smacked him again, and again he curled up, this time actually grabbing her hand. “STOP doing that!”

She pulled free, pushing him down on his own bed, and pushing in again. This time the kiss was linked with her going for his belt, and within seconds, she had stripped it away, opened up his pants, and was working to pull them down. But her own body was in the way, so it resembled more a wrestling match in a phone booth, him not really sure what she was doing, and her in a crazy feeding frenzy of kissing, groping, and trying to undress him.

“What is going on…” He tried to push her off him for a second, catch his breath, get his bearing on the situation, but she was not having any of that. Her clothes went flying, and in an instant, he was confronted with a naked Allison on a rampage. She had clearly been an athlete in high school, and while he was loath to actually admit it, she was stronger then him. He fought it, but with her naked body sliding through his hands, her tits bouncing around his face, and her taunt body teasing him relentlessly, his clothes were no match for her onslaught.

“Wow. You been working out?” She had him naked, on his back, sitting astride his stomach, hands roaming his body. He had to admit, somewhat uncomfortably, that the sensation of being wrestled down by this hottie had turned him on, and his hard cock was standing straight up, smacking her in the ass every time she moved. She was moving a lot.

“Not really…good nutrition.” He smiled at her, his teeth gleaming in the darkness.

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