Beautiful Gifts, Small Packages Ch. 05

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Riley’s Pov:

I gazed up at Thomas, eyes full of lust, as I placed my hand on his rough cheek.

“Kneel for me,” I ordered, feeling a thrill of delight go through me when the older man obeyed. I moved my hand to his head, threading my fingers through his gorgeous locks as I tilted his head up, “You look good like that, on your knees, ready to serve me.”

Thomas blushed and I watched as his chest began to rise and fall rapidly with his quickened breath. He looked beautiful. His tanned skin glowed in the soft light of the room and his neck bore a leather collar with an o-ring. As I looked down at him, I smiled, admiring how his nipples were slightly swollen, due to the nipple clamps he was wearing.

“Open your legs and show me your perfect cock,” I ordered, giving him a pat on the head in approval when he immediately obeyed.

I pressed my naked foot to his cock, putting a little pressure on his balls as I pushed his cock against his stomach. I watched, fascinated, as dribbles of precum began to leak out, dripping onto my toes.

“You’re making a mess,” I warned, giving him a stern look.

“I’m sorry Sir… would you like me to clean you?” He asked, begging for permission with coquettish, blue eyes.

“If you must,” I approved, acting disinterested, even though I only agreed because I knew it would make him happy.

The man whimpered while he lifted my foot to his lips, as I watched his cock throb in anticipation.

“Not like that!” I ordered, loving how he froze instantly, perfectly obedient. “Get on all fours and lower your face to my foot, ass high in air.”

Thomas moaned, shaking a little as he put himself into position, then he slowly lowered his face to my feet, ass high just like he was told. For a moment, there was no movement, and then Thomas spoke, his voice muffled from the way his lips were pressed to my skin.

“Do I have permission to clean your foot with my tongue, Daddy?” He asked, softly.

“Yes, thank you for being such a good boy,” I answered, pushing his head even lower with my other foot so that his cheek was pressed against the ground as he stuck his tongue out, dutifully cleaning his spunk from my toes.

As he cleaned, I grabbed hold of a flogger. The toy consisted of a black wooden handle with sharp, thin strips of leather attached to it. I knew that if I hit him hard enough, for long enough, that I could probably get him to bleed or at least leave permanent scars. I knew that and I loved it. I loved the power he allowed me to have over him. His submission was a gift and I loved him for it. So, even though I knew I could hurt him with this toy, I chose not to. Knowing I could was enough and I refused to push him with pain.

I brought my arm back and then carefully released, hitting the center of his back. Thomas moaned softly beneath me, letting me know that the force was pleasurable for him. I quickly hit him again, this time on his ass, and was rewarded by another moan, louder this time.

The third time I hit him, Thomas stopped his licking long enough to beg, “Please hit my cock Master!”

I hesitated for a moment, considering. I didn’t know if Thomas actually liked being hurt or not but what he was asking for, could hurt him… with this toy anyways. I didn’t have enough control of all the strands. What if one hit him in an especially painful way? Would I be able to accept if that ended up being too much for him?

“Not with this toy love,” I answered gently but when he seemed unhappy I continued with, “You can pick one of the others,” wanting to know what he thought he could tolerate.

“The riding crop, Sir,” he answered almost immediately.

“Good choice baby,” I replied, causing the man to blush happily. “Now, spread your legs wide and sit back for me so I have total access to your beautiful cock.”

Thomas obeyed, looking up at me with huge, puppy dog eyes as he bit his lip.

“Fuck… that look…” I sighed, “You’re perfect, you know that?” I asked, earning myself a bashful smile in return.

I knelt down so that I was level with him and then carefully brought the riding crop down on his cock.

“Thank you,” he breathed, knowing that’s what was expected of him.

I hit him again, this time on his balls, “Thank you Daddy,” he whispered, wincing slightly.

Finally, I hit his cock once more, watching as more precum escaped.

“Thank you,” Thomas repeated once more.

“I think that’s enough for now,” I told him, not ready to push him harder.

He nodded and then said, “Daddy, may I suck your cock?”

I froze. “W-what?” I asked, suddenly filled with dread.

“Please Daddy, I want to taste you,” he begged.

I didn’t want to.. but, with shaky hands, I slowly pushed my pants and underwear down.

“What’s that?” He asked, his voice suddenly going cold.

“What do you mean?” I timidly asked in return, feeling my sense of power over him waning.

He flicked my small, hard cock and I stepped back, wincing at the treatment, for I couldn’t handle pain in any capacity.

“I çankaya escort don’t want that,” he chuckled. “It’s disgusting! I can’t believe I wasted all this time on you. Why would you ever think I’d kneel before that? Why would I serve that… thing? What a loser.”

“T-Thomas pl-” I protested, tears running down my cheeks.

“Get lost,” he interrupted.

“Thomas!” I cried out in agony, feeling completely and utterly repulsive.


I quickly sat up in bed, shivering and covered in a cold sweat.

“What the fuck was that?” I whispered to myself, breathing rapidly as I slowly registered things that looked familiar. My laptop, my lamp, my bedspread… I was in my room. Thomas wasn’t here. I was in bed… I was safe… and alone.

It took me longer than it should have to realize that I’d only been dreaming but once I did, I was finally able to breath a sigh of relief.

I wasn’t sure if it was because of the short heart to heart I’d had with Thomas or not but for the past two weeks I’d been having increasingly twisted fantasies, that always ended with me being thoroughly humiliated by my crush. Some dreams were worse than others. Thankfully, this one had been on the more tame side.

I sighed in frustration over that fact that my pathetic cock was rock hard. No matter how badly my dreams ended, I always woke up like this, hard and wanting. Despite this, I never tried to masturbate. Instead, I usually took a cold shower to make it go away. I hadn’t even made an attempt to touch myself since my mistake with Fred and the dreams only made me feel even more unworthy of pleasure.

A knock sounded at the door. “Ugh… no…” I groaned, realizing just now that I’d slept in a little too much.

Thomas had taken me seriously when I’d asked him to train me. For the past two weeks I’d seen the gym twice as much due to work and then weight lifting. Saturday mornings were reserved for cardio and it was fucking hell. I hated running. It was a form of torture to me and if it wasn’t for the fact that it was Thomas training me, I’d have quit by now. I was sore and worn out and I hated getting up so early.

My phone buzzed and I picked up instantly, knowing who it would be.

“You awake?” Thomas chirped cheerfully.

“I can hear you through the door,” I grumbled, smiling at the sound of his voice.

“I didn’t think I was talking that loud,” he protested, pretending to sound offended.

“The walls are just super thin- oh my god just give me a second,” I finally said, realizing that it was pointless to continue talking on the phone.

I hung up and then quickly rolled out of bed and threw on a pair of loose gym shorts over my boxers, hoping the baggy material would hide my, still hard, cock and grabbed an old t-shirt.

“Hey, enjoy your run,” my roommate suddenly said, causing me to jump in surprise. I hadn’t realized that he was awake and I quickly prayed that I hadn’t made any… sounds while I’d been dreaming and that he hadn’t noticed me dressing.

“O-oh… uh, thanks,” I muttered, still a tad taken off guard. Scott and I had slowly begun to talk more since the night we’d all watched his movie but I wouldn’t call us friends. At least not yet.

“Here,” he said, offering me a bottle of cold water from his mini fridge. “You forgot water last week.. I.. um.. heard you mention it. I wasn’t spying or anything I just… thought I’d be a good roomie and share since I… yeah, just, here,” he finished awkwardly, handing me the water.

“Thanks,” I replied again, unsure as to what else I should say.

“So… that guy you’re always hanging out with-“

As if you punctuate who he was speaking of, Thomas chose that moment to impatiently knock on the door, “Come on Riley, I know yesterday sucked but walk it off.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I grumbled, knowing there was no way he’d let me walk for long.

“Hey, mind if we talk later? I’m coming back here for lunch… it’s dry cereal for me since I’m broke for another two days but it’ll be easier to listen when Thomas isn’t breathing down my neck to “run faster”,” I said to Scott.

“Oh ok.. yeah I’ll be here,” he muttered looking slightly disappointed.

“Thanks again for the water!” I told him as I opened the door to leave.

He simply smiled and nodded in acknowledgment so I smiled back as I shut the door.


“Stop! I’m going to die!” I gasped, panting for breath as I slowed my jog to a pathetically slow walk.

“Aww come on Riley, this is nothing,” Thomas jeered, elbowing me playfully in the side.

“Coming from a fucking soccer player!” I argued.

“I’m not even the fastest guy on my team,” he protested with a cheeky grin but he slowed down to a walk, allowing me to catch my breath. “Hey so I was wondering, I know you’re not big on parties and that you might not love the idea of going to greek row-“

“Thomas,” I warned, feeling like he was wasting his breath as I began to jog again.

“Just cebeci escort listen for a second,” he pleaded, catching up with me, and with how he looked at me, with those big blue eyes, I couldn’t object.

“Fine,” I mumbled, ready to hear him out but I did not slow down.

“As you know,” he continued, looking entirely too pleased with himself as he kept pace with me easily. “Halloween is coming up and that means everyone on greek row will have a party, as well as other festivities. Well, I thought since it’ll basically be a huge costume party and anyone can come.. maybe you’d feel like you could swing by?”

“Thomas.. I don’t know,” I started again, not liking my track record bad of things that had happened at his house.

“I wouldn’t make you look for me. I could wait out front and then you’d be with me… and the group,” he explained with a hopeful look. “I just thought, well we only really study and workout when we hang. I just thought we could do something else.”

When I didn’t look convinced he continued, looking a little deflated, “You don’t have to. I just thought it could be fun.”

Fuck me.. I didn’t like seeing that disappointed look on his face.

“I guess it might be okay,” I answered hesitantly.

He instantly smiled at me, “It’ll be great!” He insisted and then looked at his watch. “Aww shit I’m running late, see you around Ry, you did great today!” He encouraged before jogging off to wherever he was meant to be.

I slowed my pace down to a walk, now that my drill sergeant had departed, smiling to myself like an idiot. I’d made Thomas happy and he told me I did well! I grinned even more, letting the joyful little feeling carry me home and before I knew it, I was back in my dorm room.

As I opened the door I was shocked to find two waters, two chicken salad sandwiches and potato chips on a plate, on my bed, waiting for me.

“Oh good you’re here!” Scott said, looking pleased. “Although, you are about ten minutes later than usual,” he muttered, almost as if he were talking to himself.

“Yeah I got caught up talking, I think I even made Thomas late for something,” I answered still feeling very confused. “What’s with the food?”

“O-oh.. you said that you were only having cereal for lunch and I thought you might be hungrier than that. It’s made with greek yogurt, if you care about calories,” he told me looking a little awkward.

“Oh you didn’t have to do all that,” I replied feeling a little embarrassed. I was on a tight budget as it was and now I had to get a costume, there was no way I could repay Scott any time soon. “Maybe you could save it for yourself, I can’t pay you back for this.”

He waved me off, “It’s not a big deal,” he assured me. “Besides, it won’t keep til dinner without the bread going soggy and I couldn’t possibly eat all that in one go,” he mentioned, pointing out his own plate full of the same meal.

“Alright if you insist,” I surrendered as my stomach growled loudly. “Thanks by the way. That’s really great of you. I’m starving!”

Scott smiled and watched happily as I dug in to my food.

“Ok, this is really good! Where did you get it?” I asked, pointing to the sandwich.

He blushed, “I… I made it. My own recipe,” he murmured shyly.

“Seriously? That’s awesome! I can’t cook at all,” I admitted sheepishly before taking a huge bite.

Scott giggled a little and grabbed a napkin, “You got something on your cheek,” he told me as he sat down on my bed and leaned forward to wipe off my face.

I blushed at the intimate contact, secretly wishing Thomas could be the one to clean me off.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He suddenly asked, catching me completely off guard. I hadn’t even realized he’d caught on to the fact that I liked guys.

“I don’t date,” I answered, trying to make it sound like a life choice instead of a life sentence.

“Oh… ok,” he replied awkwardly and then remained silent for a while before continuing with, “So, Halloween is next weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to do something together… as roommates, to like, bond or whatever. I.. I’ve always wanted to be friends with my roommate. That’s how my dad met his best friend,” he continued before flushing. “Ah… that sounded a little desperate, didn’t it? Sorry! I’m not good at talking.”

I didn’t know what to do. I felt bad for Scott, I knew how hard it was to make friends and I sort of felt indebted to him because of the food but I’d just made plans with Thomas.

“Actually… I’m going to a party at Alpha Sigma Phi but I could ask if you could come too?” I suggested.

He looked down for a moment, “I don’t think you can just invited people to other peoples parties,” he stated.

“Well… Thomas knows you and he’s the one that initially stole your dvd so I think he owes you,” I assured, not wanting him to feel left out as I quickly shot a text to Thomas to ask him if he minded. “Look, he’s fine with it,” I told Scott as I showed him the text saying: The çukurambar escort more the merrier.

“What should we go as? Scott asked, finally accepting the invitation.

I looked around our room for inspiration and smiled when my eyes landed on a set of books before glancing at Scott’s hair. “Oh I think I have the perfect idea!” I took my glasses off to polish them before putting them back in place.

Scott looked over at his bookshelf and then mine and smiled when he caught what I was thinking.


Thomas’s Pov:

I really didn’t like Scott. I’d actually gotten Riley to agree to another party and now he wanted to tag along. I mean, yes, it was technically my fault that he was coming, I could have said no. However, if I did that then I knew I’d have to end up talking about why in therapy. I knew it would be pointed out that my not inviting Scott could be a gateway to more controlling behavior. Besides, I had no real reason not to. Lots of regular students came to the Halloween parties. So I invited him and Riley thanked me with a little smiley face. Did that mean he was glad Scott was coming with him?

I groaned aloud, feeling frustrated as my hand balled up into a fist. Riley had no idea how easily he could make me jealous and we weren’t even together! I’d done okay when it came to Fred. I knew nothing permanent would ever come of it when they had flirted, even if seeing it did grate on my nerves. Not to mention, Fred hadn’t spoken to Riley again after my little talk with him, so that helped. It also helped that I knew Riley found me attractive, as I noticed how he’d sometimes get lost looking at me, among other things. However, Scott was new territory and even though I didn’t think he was attractive, he probably had better things going for him than looks.

I could see a relationship between them form so easily. They were both nerds so they probably liked a lot of the same things. That was a perfect foundation for connection. What did Riley and I have in common… I mean really? We only studied because I always asked him too. We didn’t even have the same classes together, maybe they did? We didn’t have time to do much more than study and workout, especially because he never wanted to come by the house.

Which brought me to another concern, Scott and Riley lived together. I would probably have way more luck if I had the benefit of sharing his room and I jealously wondered if this made them closer. I mean, he had asked if Scott could come too… The worst part was how easily Scott had been able to win Riley over. Riley hadn’t even wanted to talk to me at first, I had to chase him down and that hurt my ego, just a bit. Maybe Scott was less threatening to him? He wasn’t a jock after all and I knew how my being one was a negative when it came to Riley.

I gave a frustrated sigh and tried to push self deprecating thoughts from my mind. “You are good enough,” I muttered to myself, repeating the words my therapist told me to say when I was beginning to feel like something was wrong with me.

Unfortunately, the mantra wasn’t working and I still felt the anxious pull to do something rash. Something to make Riley see that he should be interested in me, not his roommate. I knew I was probably being stupid, considering how self conscious Riley was about his body, but I still felt rushed for time. It felt as if not acting would be the reason he wouldn’t pick me, if it came to a choice between Scott and I.

That mindset was how I found myself drinking at my own party, for the first time in over a year. I wanted something to make me brave, and maybe a little stupid, so that I wouldn’t have to immediately deal with the consequences of what I planned to do. I knew it was ironic, perhaps even hypocritical, considering how I’d responded to Riley being drunk. Not to mention, neither of us had exactly changed our minds, as far as my wanting a relationship when he didn’t. However, I was becoming obsessed with the fear of Scott stealing him away. That made it easy to tell myself that if I didn’t act soon I’d miss my chance and I couldn’t be rational. Especially not with the alcohol in my system. I wasn’t even sure if he realized how much my feelings for him had grown. Maybe he thought they’d become completely platonic? Or… or maybe he just didn’t like me that way and was perfectly satisfied with just being friends? Fuck this could all go so wrong…


Riley’s Pov:

I nervously fidgeted with my black robes. I thought Scott and I looked great but I couldn’t be sure how people would react. I mean, I knew Harry Potter was pretty main stream but there was still a chance that we could be laughed out of the party.

“This is the best idea ever,” Scott excitedly said, as he helped me draw Harry’s signature lightning bolt scar onto my forehead.

I smiled at his excitement and let it chase away my nerves as we headed to the party.

The moment we arrived, things got weird and I took that as a bad omen. As we approached the door, Fred was exiting and as soon as he saw me, he pulled me aside, causing me to blush and my heart to thump loudly in my chest. Just being near him made me feel humiliated all over again and I didn’t like how he held onto my arm. “I fucked up,” he muttered as way of explanation for how he completely avoided me now, not that I minded. “I shouldn’t have ever talked to you.”

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